Housing Case 2019 Part III

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UPDATE 3/24/2023

The Becker Corporation is mentioned as some of the culprits involved with the Silicon Valley Scam

My landlord had such direct dealings with them, they QUIT CLAIMED THEIR MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR BUILDING TO THEM, AND most likely other properties they own.  QUIT CLAIMS ARE for family members or close to family friends for housing - in COMMONLAW - NOT TO MAKE MONEY.  


I need to rush back home now, since my bank card is missing. 



As I dropped the letter off, the District Manager of Bozzuto Properties stopped in

AND MY BANK CARD WAS PROBABLY STOLEN BECAUSE IT WASN'T IN MY WALLET.  I returned to my apartment and get my jacket, leaving my cart in the doorway with my purse - and that's all it takes because they stalk me. 

I hope I am wrong but experience reflects I am right at least 90% of the time. 

I have to run back to my apartment since I just realized they stole my bank card probably.  

I had to go to Vivi Bubble Tea (which is always a pleasure anyway) to use their wifi because they caused their wifi to be down, which intercepts my efforts 

Anne Bradley

PO Box 206514

New Haven, CT 06520

March 24, 2023


360 State Street

c/o SOM Living



Attention:  Kyle Huckle


Dear Kyle,


As you know, currently there are work requests which have been issued as long ago as 8 months ago.  The filter on my dryer had not been changed, creating a mess - there is now the abuse of TECHNOCRATS as I type this letter - it will not align with the left.  I will try to fix it with editing after this letter is finished  because it will not repair itself now.  These psychopaths have inverted paragraphing - to extend where it is supposed to indent, and indent where it is supposed to extend.  


I have been greatly harmed by illegal intruders who vandalize, steal, all while I have lived here.  The  maintenance supervisor, by the first name of Victor, entered my apartment with an employee. I emphasized, “I reminded in the work order, to have only one person in here because my place is too small to keep track of both of you.”  Victor said, “I’m training him”  He did not even go in the bathroom to watch Victor. He seemed to be more interested in diverting his “job” to looking around my apartment.  I stayed where I could keep an eye on both of them - somewhat - yet Victor had the bathroom door half-closed - telling this worker to go get him a replacement for his screwdriver because “I lost my tip” - and as he was waiting, he deficated and urinated in my trash can.  I did not realize this until after they left.  I mentioned the sink had a slow drainage of water but I did not want to deal with that - that day, to just take care of the filter and also the water draining from the wall behind my kitchen sink.  He refused to do anything about the wall, which is probably because they turned the dehydrators off anyway.  It was explained to me in detail my first year living here, 2013, that they have dehydrators on at all times to ensure the windows and walls remain dry.  Victor denied that as well as a valve they use in the plumbing to control the water flow of drains, which can easily be adjusted.  Bill, a former and most proficient maintenance person here, explained to me that the valve was oftentimes turned off to work on other areas, and they forget to turn it back on.  The proficient team, other than Bill,  transferred over to the “twin” apartment building upon completion here in this city.  Yet David was hired and he was very proficient and reliable.  He left to work for a different company.   


What Victor did was illegal, disgusting, depraved - reflecting the overall social engineering that the technocrats are involved with, turning things inside-out and upside down.  They frame themselves with their depravity.  


Victor’s emphasis “I am a professional” when the water in my bathroom sink literally sprayed all over because the illegal intruders removed the washers and piece that is supposed to be on it to control the waterflow - having complete disregard over the water spraying all over and not offering to fix it, is another indication of why I do not want him in my apartment ever again.  Rather than cooperate and just send someone else to finish what he literally broke, they remotely turn off my washing machine while I was standing right in front of it!  I requested they remotely turn it back on yet they would not; I requested a work order, which was issued by Chris Robinson, yet they would not schedule a timeframe to enter my apartment since they do not have my permission ever to enter my apartment when I am not here.  


It has now been since January that my laundry remains in the washing machine, unfinished.  Using this building as a weapon is typical here as well as elsewhere in New Haven.  The Housing people only feed off crime; the city has fed off crime for decades.  They do not even publicize housing codes, so they can alter them and use it as a reason to evict people.  I confronted them on these tactics so they do something else to cause me harm, distress, etc.  As a peaceful person, I seek peaceful resolutions. I have been cleaning my clothes by hand and occasionally have spoken to Chris Robinson about this and he said the work order is still open.  Unfortunately, he could do no more, even though a normal Assistant Manager should have more power than that.  In fact, his duties were so administratively-restricted, that he was certainly constrained from being an assistant manager, which I am sure you, as manager have the same drawbacks.   It is really pathetic that the business structure of this building went from bad to worse - which doesn’t surprise me since Dragana LaCore apparently has an upper hand.  Yet when she left this company, as a paid Bozzuto employee, they said she was fired.  I realize this nefarious collaboration needs to be broken up and people should be held accountable for the crimes.

Yet what is happening is more attachment of more crimes, including FRAUDULENT BILLING of my Section 8 rent.  I pay $198 a month, which is at least $100 more than I should be paying since I have a federal poverty level income and the law specifies that my rent should be 10 percent of the fair use and value of the apartment.  I cited that law, I printed that law, in the RECERTIFICATION documents they had me complete LAST NOVEMBER, disrupting me, causing me to work day and night on this 60+ page of nonsense, and only giving me three days to complete OR I WOULD FACE AN EVICTION.  After all the other attempts in evicting me, including false arrest by stalking police, failed.  


MY PRIVACY IS VIOLATED ON A CONTINUOUS BASIS.  I CANNOT EVEN GET MAIL HERE; so I forwarded all my mail to take the peaceful way out.  Bozzutos obviously still hack my emails etc. And interfere by contacting the few companies I ordered from and having them change my shipping address!  Now that I am aware of it, I tell the companies so they are aware of this nefarious activity - all of which takes time, and what money is paying for them to hack my emails, contact companies, hack orders, invade my phone, and more?  As I have emphasized, this SUPERIMPERIALISM is designed to TAKE, not MAKE money.  


For the “owners” to not care about taking care of their own building, only tells me that they are also conspiring with the Technocracy, which was created by the secret society members who are traitors to this country.  


A decent attorney would sue this company for such lack of responsibility; using the building as a weapon.  Yet I have given up trying to find one in this corrupted state.  The consequences in harming me are all I experience.  


Two days ago, I took out what I thought to be leftover baked chicken, I thought I had already eaten, out of my freezer.  As it turns out, the bone was not a chicken bone and I did not eat it.  I did take pictures and also cooked it down to find out what the bone actually looked like since there was so many tendons and muscle attached to it - like a human bone, possibly a dog or cat but very likely a bone from a baby’s femur, based on my searching for images online.  A week prior to this, I had posted in one of my blogposts a sketch of a shark eating a baby, emphasizing it is okay to hate peadophiles, and they ruin lives.  They are also most likely to be murderers. ie, James Karr, the elementary school teacher that molested Jon Benet  Ramsey in the BASEMENT of the Ramsey home.  The window to the basement was opened when their security system was off!  He went to Thailand or a similar place, known for paedophilia, a separate government from China - controlled in part by the USA.  They switched to an “election System” and its first president turned over Karr to Barack Obama - because he was facing NUMEROUS paedophilia charges in that asian government and Obama assured him that he would face justice as the murderer of Jon Benet Ramsey.  He was transported FIRST CLASS on the plane to Los Angeles, and then to Colorado.  The District Attorney DROPPED ALL CHARGES!  





a) Repair the faucet that was broken by illegal intruders

b) Replace the defective plug in my tub that was illicitly replaced by illegal intruders when they knew I was gone for a long time, due to appointments in New York City. The plug I had was fine - they did this to harm me, including using a sensor to spy on me.  

c) Replace the filter in the dryer; never confirmed or proven as completed; and the front of the machine was taken off and just left without being installed back on.

d) Turn the washing machine back on, which was obviously remotely turned off

e) Repair the leaking wall behind my kitchen sink; most likley turn the dehydrator back on!


This concludes my letter/request.  Based on my experience here, the less I have to do with management, the better.  Don’t take it personally, but this building is run by very corrupted people at the top and the City of New Haven cater to them.  I realize it could have been worse if good people like you and Chris Robinson were not here.  Nevertheless, they are breaking laws deliberately.  If I had the money, I would leave this state.  Yet I have done nothing wrong, paid my rent, and only demand my rights, which results in little or no response.  The false arrest cost me $3,000 to bail myself out without the judge going over PROBABLE CAUSE - COMPLETELY ILLEGAL.  It took me months to get the corrupted attorney removed from my case, who actually wanted me to stay in prison, which was false inprisonment for 6 days - in a cell I was not scheduled to be in - across from the cell I was supposed to be in, which a woman was murdered in.  So it was obvious they made a deal for the two woman to kill whoever was put in their cell because they expected it would be me, I was lined up for it.  A good person intervened to make sure I was not going to be killed; most likely the FBI agent I had contacted when I was falsely arrested.  


Now my computer is being invaded more by Microsoft.  Yet they seemed to have been forced to fix the reversal of the document settings.  


I am not changing this - this has taken a lot of my time as it is.  


Thank you for your attention.  This letter is 5 pages long.




Anne M. Bradley

Apt 719

360 State Street

New Haven, CT





Facts to point out: The documents on record are NOT the original documents, they were frauded.  I never use CALIBRI FONT - Bill Gates created it to fraud records.  Now, they fraud records using any font!  Nevertheless, I never use calibri, I use Times Roman or Arial for typing court documents, unless it is for higher court, at which time I've use Century.  This state is so corrupted, they just enjoy abusing power like NAZIS - the law does not matter.  And I see the CFR for calculating rent is altered.  Most importantly, the section which is supposed to provide the step-by-step calculations of rent is missing.  My appendix had everything there.  I prepared so many pretrial documents - all of which were ignored!  IT IS TYPICAL CORRUPTION IN THIS STATE.  

RATHER THAN provide me a copy of the OPINION, as requested to begin with, they only give me TWO copies of the Memo of Law!  I could not allow checking the documents over to be a distraction - they steal from me all the time - they must use professional thieves.  I truly cannot stand living here - they have harmed me so much over the years.  It is just as bad as Upstate NY, even worse.  DEPRAVITY IS THE STATE OF MIND BY BUREAUCRATS AND POLITICIANS.  THERE IS NO SOLUTION. THIS IS A NAZI-SOCIALIST STATE.  I created letters to send to places around the country, in attempt to find a solution for myself - the letters are all missing and these bastards stole my flashdrive!  They were obviously the ones who stole my flashdrives in NYC - I was returning from NYC one time and the MEDICAL EXAMINER , last name CARVER, grabbed a large bunch of my hair and yanked it out!  Then said, "Excuse me"  - he assaulted me and did it to steal my DNA, and most likely use it to plant in murder cases to entrap me!  I have to create yet another letter now because these useless scumbags that are nothing but crooks have stolen it all!  Additionally, I have to contend with their intercepting with my mail!  They not only vandalize, steal, but they create situations to make me get hurt in my own apartment!  There is no safe place in this hell-hole of a state!  


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