My Grandma Is Happy As She Can Be

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Hey Grandpa, what's for dinner?  Answer:  Economy Collapse!

URGENT Credit Suisse & Europe Banks Are Collapsing! More Banking Failure... via @YouTube

 I heard a few military cadences when I was a civilian staff member on base.  The one I recall, I cannot find.  

It went something like this: 

My Grandma Does PT

She is happy as can be....

So they may have locally changed the words because this one is strangely defining when someone should die: 

My Grandma – Army Running Cadence
When my grand mama was 91
She did PT just for fun
When my grand mama was 92
She did PT better than you
When my grand mama was 93
She did PT better than me
Hoo-rah grand mama
Whatcha doin grand mama
She loves to double time
She does it all the time
Left Left Lefty right-o left right
Left Left keep it in step now
When my grand mama was 94
She did PT more and more
When my grand mama was 95
She did PT to stay alive
When my grand mama was 96
She did PT just for kicks
Hoo-rah grand mama
Whatcha doin grand mama
She loves to double time
She does it all the time
Left Left Lefty right-o left right
Left Left keep it in step now
When my grand mama was 97
She up, she died, she went to heaven
When my grand mama was 98
She meet St. Peter at the Pearly Gate
She said “St. Peter, sorry I’m late”
She went side-straddle hoppin’ through the Pearly Gate 

ALEX MURDaugh MURder Trial


(The Satanists make it almost look like “Murder Laugh”)

 Link for video: 

Testimony of sister-in-law

Miriam Proctor

The attorney referred to Alex Murdaugh as  “Paul”


She grew up in Wilmington, NC.  Moved to SC.  They live in Charlston area. She is 5 years older than Maggie, wife of Alex, who was murdered.

They were the only ones in their family, besides parents.


They became closer as their lives became similar.  “Especially when we became ‘empty nesters’” (So the 22-yr old, Paul, did not live at their estate? And no confirmation of where Buster lived)


Buster and Paul were Maggie’s world.  She had two boys.


“My girls loved their aunt Maggie…” they would catch up on the latest fashions, styles when they spent time with her.  


Maggie was mainly a stay-at-home mom. She had a shop for a while, but discontinued it.  Paul, sweet boy, was misrepresented by the MEDIA.  Maggie was happy.  Money never was an issue but they didn’t live in luxury.  They had everything they would want, though.  Maggie didn’t manage the finances. She was not good at that.  Miss Libby had Alzheimers - no longer recognizes family.  


June 2021 conditions were bad.  Mr. Randolf was very sick and close to death.  


House in Hampton.  They also have a beach house too.  The property at Mosel was a hunting plantation.  The boys loved this new home.


The Boat crash.  Maggie was fearful.  It was a horrible accident.  The Community turned against them.  Paul was harassed at school.  He attended a public school.  


Maggie preferred to live in other property.  “They sold their house.” (no mention of what house, so it was probably one of many places they redacted info on the recording!) She was looking in Hilton Head. Found a house she loved.   At 12:28 “She called on me and my parents to take a look at it”

(so parents of Maggie and Miriam are still alive, thriving)


“I believe Alec was there too….Alec advised her timing was not right with the case going on”  Referring to the boat case, and said obviously before murders took place.  No mention of when she said that.  No doubt they probably redacted info.  In my opinion, that is frauding records.  


6/7/2021 - I thought it was in 2022; but I heard 2021 on the video


Bad prognosis is on Mr. Randolf. Alec wanted her to come home. Paul was gonna be there too.  Maggie was in Edistow, working on the house to prepare for summer. (yet she testified the family had spent Memorial Day Weekend at that house.)


Where was Buster?  13:49


“They were going to Almeda to see his parents”  14:02


(Apparently that was the nursing home both lived in)


Miriam encouraged her to go.  It was around 4 pm when they spoke.  She left after that.  


How she found out about the murders:  15:58


They were watching a movie.  Martin went into the kitchen.  He got a text from Randy - saying there had been a tragedy and could Bart please call him on his cell phone.  He had alled on Alex’s cell phone.  Most likely the text was sent by Alex.  I don’t know why she believed it was from Randy.  


16:32  They were then informed.  


No time of when they were informed, yet it was right on the phones an should have been testified, my opinion.


Miriam expressed her feelings of denial.  “We went to tell my parents.  Mom just had replacement surgery.  Mom went into shock.  We stayed with parents all night.”


Was her mother told she needed this surgery to help the organized crime plot?


Family came in from Kentucky.  They planned the funeral.  They were in Mosel every day until the funeral.  


She saw Alec in person; hugged and cried.  Not much conversation afterwards.  She said at 20:07, “I asked if Maggie suffered.  He assured me she did not.  And I asked if Paul had suffered and he said No.”


“We’ve got to find out who could do this and he said that he did not know who it was but he felt like whoever did it, thought about it for a really long time.”


No doubt Alex suspected the law firm he worked for and was a stooge for, stashing money away for God knows what - collapse of economy, probably, since CIA-man Obama has been working in the background since he left the Whitehouse.  So I am sure it was common knowledge what they were planning to force on this society.  




Let me explain, so you understand where I am coming from and don’t think I am a sensationalist or trying to money grab.  I live within my means.  And that means is only $13,000 a year!  Anyone “raising funds” in my name are FRAUDS, especially if they do it on the fraudulent website - which gave a million dollars to CIA psyop operative Christine Ford, for doing such a great job lying to build popularity for Skull and Bonesman, Coverup of the murder of Attorney Foster, Counsel to President Bill Clinton - Brett Kavanaugh for US Supreme Court.  


Notice that - the naugh, which is what MURDaugh’s last name is.  That is why Alex Murdaugh said they have been planning this for a long time.  Don’t think this would get him off the hook; unless there is proof he went to authorities to report the organized crime his law firm was in; and unfortunately it may have backfired because traitors to this country are greatly rewarded.  


This hits home to me because I was almost miurdered by a 20-ton sander truck on 1-5-78 after telling a local sex trafficker stalking me to leave me alone, he was a pig when he called me at my parents’ new home on the St. Lawrence River.  The stalker was son of the foster father my father had been abused by, made to sleep under the porch on straw, take showers in the barn, after having to leave the orphanage when his mother died of TB.  She had been in quarantine for 10 years.  My father “cheated”on his birth certificate like many did that day in the post - DEPRESSION era, with a very weak economy still, and became an MP and arrived at Hiroshima three days after the bomb dropped.  Yet he was told to just tell people he fell off a truck or Uncle Sam would do bad things since the war was supposed to be over and “Thank God the USA ended WW2” WHICH THEY ACTUALLY INCITED!  Japan would have never dropped bombs on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii if US Gov had just responded to them!  Japan warned them they would!  Yet US Gov didn’t even care about the lost off military lives and let it all play out!  They wanted war to profit for their own elite selves.  This is SUPERIMPERIALSM, NOT CAPITALISM. My father nearly lost his leg.  His knee was filled with shrapnel and he walked with a limp.  He visited the Blind Association in Buffalo 25 years after leaving that position and they recognized him by his walk - the old-timers who knew him back then!  My father was Business Manager there.  The shrapnel from a bomb caused his injury, yet he was told to just tell people he fell off a truck. The other bomb in Nagasaki may or may not have been dropped.  Supposedly they said they lied and they did drop it; but they may have lied about lying and dropped some other nuke bomb. USA killed millions of civilians and military in Japan alone.  That missing atomic bomb may have been dropped on the Tonga volcano.  They may have used Tonga to get rid of it finally - just like when the WOMD that Saddam Hussein made for CIA were finally confiscated, which really pissed off Obama.  Colin Powell was a counsel to the President and was able to meander through the military and develop a special Operation, I presume.  Obama would not allow it to be aired, but Colin Powell had 5min of air time on PBS in a newsflash.  Fortunately, my TV was on and I heard it.  I was elated!  They placed all the nukes in a sealed multi-ton container and then on a retired navy ship and sunk it in an undisclosed part of the ocean.  We have geologists working on so many things to reflect love for the land we live on!  The volcano and bomb may have been opposite forces, cancelling eachother out.  There was little effect from a tsunami, when conceivably, had that thing blown on its own, a mega tsunami was predicted by experts.  The Tonga Vulcano no longer exists in the ocean.  It was that desemated….Is there another atomic bomb out there?  I don’t know.  Russia has had to put progress on the back burner to build protection.  Who can blame them!  As they watch an wait for USA to financially implode on itself - no more parasitic financing - taking money, not making money - the USD is plumetting and top, trustable financial experts claim it literally has no more value than a fiat.  Countries are bound to gravitate to healthier trade practices and USA will have to stop all nefarious DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD engines, so to speak.  My opinion, the only peaceful and successful solution is for USA to make a plea to His Majesty King Charles III to become part of the Commonwealth.  The crooked politicians in USA are trying incite war - like Bush, et al did on September 11, and he could not even declare war because Colin Powell would not go along with it, as I recall.  And Bush used a media campaign of propaganda against Colin Powell to claim we didn’t need the War on Kuwait, that it was failed intelligence.  No it wasn’t!  The CIA took down the factor and transported the WOMD to Syria!  Colin Powell’s death was a very, very tragic thing!  He was living proof that the only magic in life is what you work for, and keeping your principles.  He worked in the belly of the beast!  He was Commanding General of 60,000 forces in the SovietUnion.  His son was almost killed in Germany - most likely the jeep was rigged, the brakes were cut!  I know the brakes were probably cut on my car too, in 1978.  My attorney to keep harassing me about “Why didn’t you get out of the way, the roads were bare, it was  sunny day out” I said, “Why did the sander truck get filled with sand, and the driver was working a second shift and he had a spotter to let him know I was coming over the hill so he could slam into me on my side of the road? Was he trying to murder me?”  I got no answer.  So now you have an idea why I am doing this.  Someone has to.  And I hope the notes are useful to make public aware of the NAZI-style corruption all around us, which on some levels may have existed since the American Revolution, since that was crafted by Freemasons, lead by Ben Franklin, et al.  All to feed greed.  Go to Kurimeo Ahau’s channel on YouTube.  He is informative, as a professional, who graduated from Harvard University. Hewas born in Columbia, I thought - but it is really Costa Rica. Oops.  And that really burned holes in the massive psyop BS plan for the organized crime to implant names and words and facts to events I follow, to maybe confuse the hell out of  me.  When you know what the enemy is, that is half the battle.  



I will resume now with my notes.  


20:42  She didn’t know what it meant about whoever did it must have thought about it a long time.  


Atty:  Did he say he went to the kennels that night?

Miriam:  He told my mom that he had dinner with Maggie and Paul and took a nap.  Never went to the kennel.  


So they had dinner probably around 7, I presume.  There was mention on other dialogue that he went to see his mother and returned home.  Yet Sgt Green of the Sheriff Dept Claimed “I could tell the bodies had been there a long time”  - so he “eyeballed it” which is nonreflective of professionalism and that’s why he has that position.  Most likely a CIA plant!  No mention of even touching the bodies and those who testified they touched the bodies were not asked if the bodies were still warm, even!  


Atty:  Did you think Maggie was planning to see Mr. Randolf too?  

Miriam:  I didn’t realize Mr. Randolf wasn’t there at the time.


Atty:  Days and weeks following Maggie and Paul’s murder…22:35

Did Alec ever say anything about the boat case?

Miriam: He was very intent to clearing Paul’s name; Number One goal


Video says:  “And I thought that was strange because my number one goal was to find out who killed my sister and Paul”


Consider the alterations of the court recording as not only a factor, but fact it is taking place.  


Atty: And wasn’t that Alec’s concern?  

Miriam: I know he must wanted that too; I just don’t know how he could have thought about anything else.  


Atty:  He talked about the boat case.

Miriam:  Shakes head yes.


Atty:  Did he act really scared the killer was out there somewhere - or was he concerned with the boat case?

Miriam: We were afraid..we didn’t know what was going on…23:57..I was scared for Alec and Buster…


When Alex got the shotgun from the house for protection, I am not convinced he leaned it up on the truck.  Maybe he did that when police arrived.  


“I think everybody was afraid” different tone of voice which is probably reflecting this was pasted into the recorded video, using text to voice - btw, the movie makers do that all the time!  The videos can be altered too, to make it seem like that person really said something that was artificially pasted.  “Alec didn’t seem to be afraid”


Atty: Did he also talk about getting Buster into law school?

Miriam:  Yes

Atty:  After the murders?

Miriam: Shakes head yes


Atty: Maggie loved those dogs, Didn’t she?

Miriam:  She did


Atty:  She loved going down there and playing with them?

Miriam: She did


Did she say this two different times or did they repeat what she said?

My point is, Did he really ask that question?  Was he helping prosecution?


Atty:  Did she tend to walk down there or did she take another way to get down there?

Miram: She was dieting.  She would walk…Sometimes she would ride her bicycle and she’d go whenever…take her car…golf cart…


25:27 Atty: asks something with “hire” in it…very inaudible. Probably pasted in.  


Atty:  ….AR styly guns the boys have…

Miriam:  She seeme to be fine with those.  I remember when she wanted to give them those for Christmas….you give those boys those guns?  And Maggie said, “They love to shoot hogs - which I understand because hogs were tearing up their property….


Does this make you think of David Hogg?  Understand the psyopping is deep!  If you don’t think this all rigged by organized crime, think again!



(so the prior attorney was prosecutor, not defense)


Atty: I’m sorry, this is hard for me, too.  Maggie was a very special person, wasn’t she?  

Miriam: She was (crying)  27:38

?Atty:  She and Alec had a special relationship - special family -

parents were part of the family - “Papa T” and “Grandmar” …Paul and Buster were mixed in part of your family…vacation together…Did things as a family…Alec considered your dad as one of his best friends…

Miriam: Confirmed all those statements


Atty:  Maggie learned to be a mother of two rambunctious sons

Miriam: Correct

Atty:  ….sporting events

Miriam:  Alec Coached…


Atty:  Weeks leading up to 6/7…Family get together at Kiwi?

Miriam:  Right


Atty:  …baby shower for your grand-daughter to be born?  Grandmother first time?…

Miriam:  right…my daughter lives in Greenville


Atty:  Weekend of May 21?

Miriam:  Weekend before Memorial Day weekend.  Photo of family picture, of Maggie, Paul, the two sons.  Buster is one on the furthest left, then Paul, Maggie Alex.


Atty: Did you see Maggie after Greenville get-together?

Miriam: I did not.  They were at Edestow for Memorial Day and the next weekend was my birthday and we were gonna be back upstate….


Atty:  The weekend before Memorial Day. Maggie went to Columbia with Buster and his girlfriend’s birthday?

Miriam:  right


Atty:  Maggie and Alec were big Carolina fans?

Miriam:  They both graduated from there




Atty: And they went to a lot of Carolina sporting events as a couple?

Miriam:  Yes


Atty: Leading up to 6/7, let me back up…Maggie did a lot for Alex for his mom and dad but didn’t it make her sad because of his mother’s condition?

Miriam: Maggie was there a lot.  She just didn’t feel like she had to go every day.


Atty:  And Alex would go every day; as much as more than once a day?

Miriam:  As much as he could, he did


Atty: Maggie cared for Mr. Randolf - prepared food for him. No salt…

Miriam:  No salt diet, right.


Atty:  On 6/7 around 4 - 4:30, Mr. Randolf got admitted back into the hospital in Savanna  36:10 of 1 hr 20 min

Miriam:  I know that now


Atty: Maggie was going to Almeda to see his parents on the 7th.  But, you found it odd afterwards that she didn’t?  

Miriam: Correct


WTF - Maggie was not even home!  She didn’t get home until around 5-6 I presume because she said at 4 that “I convinced Maggie it was best she go home right away”  There is a term for this when the attorney actually nefariously uses questioning to allude to a falsehood.


Atty:  But knowing Alex’s dad was not there, and back in the hospital, it doesn’t really seem that odd any more, does it?

Miriam:  Probably not


This was frauded.  Miriam said that she knew the father was back in the hospital.  


Atty:  ….phone call about Maggie and Paul’s death, right?   27:42

Miriam:  Yes


Atty:  …you embarked to tell your parents in person, right?

Miriam:  I don’t know they had requested it, but I knew we had to do that in person  38:10


So the atty said something about them requesting it but it was redacted…the testimonies are tampered with!  


Atty:  Then the next day you came to Mosel with your parents?

Miriam:  Correct


Atty:  Alex, was he grieving greatly?  

Miriam:  Terribly!  


Atty: His life being destroyed…would you agree with that assessment?

Miriam:  Yes


Atty:  Maggie enjoyed being at Mosel in the summertime   39:11

He should have said the cottage in Edistow

stay in Mosel because his work was right there in Hampton, Correct?

Miriam:  Right

Atty: Alex was constantly wanting Maggie back at Mosel to stay with him, wasn’t he?  39:28

Miriam: Perhaps, I’m not sure. I don’t think he really liked being by himself.


That doesn’t make sense.  His wife would not stay alone in that cottage overnight ever, based on her and his profiles.  


Wouldn’t he want her home to protect his wife due to death threats? His wife wasn’t protection for him, he was protection for her.


39:33 Atty: When he asked Maggie to come back on the 7th, you didn’t think that was unusual because he really needed to be with Maggie, correct?

Miriam:  right

Rigged dialogue there! She made a full dinner for them - she didn’t click her fingers and do that!  

I did not think it was unusual and that’s why I encouraged her to do so 39:59


Earlier she said she suggested Maggie to leave early and go back home because his father was in the hospital.


Atty:  From your conversation with Maggie, you knew that Paul was going to be there

Miriam:  Correct


Atty:  Did you know why Paul was gonna be there?

Miriam: I didn’t know at the time; I know now  40:27


See what I mean about them altering the recordings? Over and over and they end up framing themselves!


Atty: And you encouraged Maggie to be with Alec because his dad was in bad shape?

Miriam:  Right


Atty:  After Maggie and Paul were murdered, Mr. Randolf died 2 days later, I believe, even 3 days, so it was a very difficult time for everyone, wasn’t it?

Miriam:  Very


Attorney:  Two Funerals? One on Saturday, for Maggie and Paul, and one on Sunday for Mr. Randolf, right?

Miriam:  shakes head yes


Atty:  After a day or so, did Alex and Buster come to Summerville to stay with your parents? 41:20


This shaping makes me think of Dr. Petit and Cheshire Murders


Miriam:  Yes, espeially Alec sounds like she says Elly there …Ellensburg is where Nick Zentner is and I watch his geology videos as frequently as I can…Elly or Ellen is what was on the proof of service of the UPS letter sent to Storquest; even though I requested and paid for proof of signature - only this first name was entered in the system by the driver.  No signature! My letter was to Storquest, for CEASE & DESIST….Understand how damn manipulative they use Artificial Intelligence for, programming, manipulating, spying!


41:33 Atty: To your knowledge, did Alex spend another night at Mosel?

Miriam:  He did not


Atty: He stayed with your parents, he stayed with your family at Key West in FL sometime end of July?  Is that right?

Miriam:  He did


July 17, 2022: Charley Schell

Founder of Forge

Dies in Plane crash with his wife

Location:  Florida Key West



Atty: And he and Buster ended up at Greenville at one point in time

Miriam:  He did


Atty:  He was staying with his brother Randy at times -- he was all over the place

Miriam: He was


Atty: After the murders, Alec was intent on clearing Paul’s name for the boating accident?


WTF - why does he repeat questions?  To help the dirty Techs have opportunity to manipulate?


Miriam: shakes her head yes


Atty:  And you knew that Maggie felt very strongly that Paul was not driving the boat when the beautiful ---- came to a tragic death, correct?

Miriam: Correct


Atty:  And Maggie was adimant - she was on a mission to clear Paul’s name, was he not?

Miriam:  sort of


WTF - there is dialogue missing and mucked up!  Alex would NEED TO CLEAR HIS SON’S NAME BECAUSE THE LAWSUIT IS ACTIVE!  


Miriam: I’m not critical about that at all.  I think that was his way of honoring Paul after he was gone.  I just thought his priority should have been focused on who killed Maggie and Paul.


Very likely Miriam was socially engineered through her church especially


Atty:  How do you know that wasn’t a priority for him?

Miriam:  We never talked about it.  We never talked about finding the person who could have done it. It was just odd and we sort of are living in fear….mostly afraid for Alec and Buster…something to do with the boat case…up until September, yet things started to change a little bit.


Atty: Were you aware that Alec started carrying a gun after Maggie’s death?

Miriam: He always carried a gun…at least in his car


Atty:  Bubba was Maggie…

Miriam:  Bubba could be a handful


I presume that was one of their pets


Atty: ….like to control Bubba pretty well?

Miriam:  Yes


Atty:  And Maggie, in general, would go down to the kennels and play with dogs?

Miriam:  She did


Atty: She was a dog lover?

Miriam:  She was


Atty:  You’re a dog lover?

Miriam:  I am


1.  Did Maggie and Paul get forced by a gunman to go to the kennel/shed?

2. Their positions were execution style

3. Evidence they were shot, fell on faces with arms tucked in is completely illogical!  That Sgt Green is obviously a CIA operative!


Ever notice the magnifying glass on your computer screen looks like a Q?


Colin Powell did not like Bill Gates and considered him a bitter pill. The military changed from Word Perfect to Word, which was Bill Gates’ program.  He was very suttle yet it was obvious to me he did not trust Bill Gates.  That was in 1989.  All computers were destroyed, except Apple.  Most likely Colin Powell suspected Bill Gates. The one who did it was Robert T Morris; and the CIA changed his identity to MARK ZUCKERBURG.  #DecideForYourself.


Man, it is 2:17 am and I know that these videos can be texted quite easily with the programs that are available now.  I am hopeful I have shared enough to give probable cause to the overall dynamics:  ORGANIZED CRIME.  My theory, Alex Murdaugh didn’t kill anybody.  Yet he got deep in the criminal activity of that law firm and may have wanted out.  That pissed them off and they started killing off family, making his father very ill, killing a chicken at the crime scene to allude to something to do with his wanting out of that criminal organization.  I will watch the rest of this video. Yet most likely not devote so much time to typing.  I have personal issues.  That is why.  Keep checking back.  I may surprise you.   I am that eager for justice and I know the clock is ticking.  


Be careful who you share this particular link to.  Yet, I know it isn’t like I am not posting it on a blogpost.  They hack, alter damage my devices.  When you see this, I suggest you copy it asap.  


Dogs were not allowed at Mosel because Maggie was allergic to them.  


Both sons loved the Mosel residence.


So even though she said she and Maggie were empty nesters, they still lived at the nest

49:06 The plan was for Paul to take over Mosel


Atty:  What came out in September that changed everything?  

Miriam:  We were at a football game…..


Jury was recessed by the judge before she could finish 51:58


Atty:  She was about to testify on the roadside shooting…

Certainly we object to any evidence of the roadside shooting


Prosecutor argues 53:20


The relevance of an incident which is not related to the case seems conceivable to argue; but I do not know about what they mean about the roadside shooting.  


The clerk relayed what the discussion was word for word 58min YET she did not relay when Miriam referenced “what happened in September”


Judge:  What changed in September?

Miriam:  Call came into my husband Bart…we stopped on the road ….I thought someone shot Alec….Buster said his dad was shot….But he will be okay….Alec was fired from the law firm because he was caught stealing money….


See my point about organized crime?  They fire him and shoot him?  If Alec had someone shoot him to get sympathy, it would have served no real purpose…the evidence would eventually come out.  If anything the circumstancial evidence.  

Why didn’t Alex shoot back?  Did he shoot back?  Was it a miss, that he was intended to be killed?  That incident would be a factor on this case.  

Miriam said We felt like someone was after them; but then we found out other things going on in Alex’s life.  

Alec was shot and recovered. No mention of circumstances

Alec’s wife thought he had an affair 15 years before that

His wife had him leave the house for a time (2007)

Opioid use/rehab did take place apparently after he was fired, so it is a current factor described by defense as “pill use”


Def atty argues it is unfair prejudice; inflammatory information


What occurred September 4 - Alex was shot when they went to a football game.  Alex was shot in the head.  Miriam felt like the family was being targeted.  Information leaked about Alex, which she admitted they had no  idea about.  The shooting was perceived by her as an event in itself.  Prosecutor asked her if other info came out to changer her perception of the shooting.  Maggie referred to her husband as “little detective”  because he would locate pills hidden in the house, belonging to Paul (no mention of Buster living there)….mentions pill use….up to the murder of Maggie and Paul….this video ended with kind of cliff hanger; she said that what Alex relayed was not true about the murders, something like that.

Well, I had to watch the rest of it.  It is now 3:04 am.  

2:23 am 2/27/2023 3:04

  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++

 Testimony of Alex Richard Murdaugh II

“Buster” Murdaugh


Channel:  News 19 WLTX


The home in Hampton is referred to as “The Talons” in this testimony; yet they always referred to home in “Edistow” by Miriam, Maggie’s sister


Hampton was primary residence until weather disaster damaged it, so they moved to Mosell. Never transitioned back to Hampton.


Also had a home in Edistow.  Frequently lived there in summer.


2014 - he went to college.  Family moved to Mosell, which had 1700 acres.  20 deer stands, duck ponds, etc. Used for hunting and gaming. Cabin on property.  Summer of his sophmore year he and buddies lived in that cabin.  7:20


Atty:  …. hogs and pigs…


Buster:  We frequently hunt hogs to cut numbers down.  They are destructive.  …We had several shotguns (12?); several rifles (He lists the models). Guns were kept in the gunroom with pool table.  Randomly leave guns in shed, on golf cart, etc.  Paul left guns on property more than anyone. He carried guns in his truck. #300 blackout guns were given to him and Paul for Christmas.  His was black, Paul’s was black and tan.


Paul’s black and tan gun was stolen.  Buster’s brother would use his gun instead and Buster would be angry because he wouldn’t put it back.


Mojo - was a brand of gun with decoy.  Rings are motorized like a duck.  It was loaded when seized.  Kept safety on it.  


Loading Guns

Buckshot followed by birdshot? No

Buckshot followed by waterpellet? No


Two entrances to Mosell
One by the kennels - deliveries from Amazon were placed there

Main Entrance was other entrance



Summer. Mother stayed at Edistow

Buster stayed at Mosell in Spring


2021 - he had an apartment in Columbia with his girlfriend.  

Her mother lived in Rock Hill


Paul had an apartment in Columbia also


Buster Moved to (uncle) John Marvin’s home/rental business


Paul worked in Ogatee location


BRANDstedders/Mother’s family.  Very active, close.  Family trips


Lake Kiwi (photo) for oldest cousin’s baby shower.  He said that was typical of the family.  

The photo appears to be from his teenage years.  Parents both have white hair.


Grandfather had a camping “trip” “location”

His father, Alex Sr,  would spend time there, go golfing, etc.


Grandfather knicknamed “Handsom”

Randolf and Libby were his grandparents on his father’s side

John, Marvin, Randy, Lynn - siblings of Alex Sr.


Vacation house in Okatee


Randolf had cancer.  Battle with it was severe.  Grandmother had Alzheimer’s Disease.  Alex Sr frequently checked on them. Had lunch - went there evenings.  

Mother/Maggie went too, not as frequently


Paul would check on them too.


They parked in carport usually.  But also parked in the backside.  I thought he described a drive-in garage with entrance but shortly after saw picture of house entrances, stairs, no driveway at all.  Just grass.


GPS Evidence/General Motors

Grandparents lived in Almeda.  28:23  Actually shown on screen (photos #130, #136) Photos of Almeda

#133 - picture of back entrance - no garage, just drive up

#134 different angle - grandparents’ bedroom was at right corner.  They have to call to get in the house.


Picture of house - yard.  They would park in the grass, near the satellite dish.


Cook shed was for family cookouts.  It had furniture, TV, etc.

Second Shed - apparently the sheds were 20 yards apart from where they would park.


Buster spoke to parents every day.  Same with brother.  Family called each other frequently.  


Phone call history printed

6/7/2021 - day of murders


Questions on call records


Buster took Dupixent injection shots for “prurigo Nodularis” which oddly has side effect of CAUSING the same eye condition.


40:45 - more notes but I need a nap.  




5:28 pm - resuming


The calls are frequent in the family on June 7th, day of the murder.  Even during 4pm-6pm on Buster’s phone.  No mention of him having dinner with the family.  Yet Maggie went home to make dinner and supposedly Alex Sr fell asleep in his chair.  Why would Alex Jr. Be calling Alex Sr. Across from the dinner table?


9:10:47pm on the call history

Atty:  Alec Murdock calls Buster; one min long.  Topic?

Buster: “Hey, howya doin?”

Buster said his father was going to Almeda


Buster scratches his eyebrow very strangely and I thought it was a code to someone 45:50

Yet, I found out that Dupixent side effects include itchy eyes.  Oddly, a side effect is the same damn thing it supposed to be treating!  Prurigio Nodularis - eye inflammation

Alex Jr obviously had a drug problem too, seems like - no mention of any birth defects


Buster:  Cell phone service was spotty around the whole property.  Roof was metal and interfered with coverage.


Atty: 46:32  Would it be unusual for your father to leave his cell phone in the house when he was going down to the shed?

Buster:  No


I don’t know what this hand-written note means now:  Brother - sam


No mention of walkie talkies


They frequently replaced phones


Buster/Alex Jr: The yellow lab was our dog probably house pet, not clearly defined here More behaved when we kept a gun dog shock collar on him.


Father took showers frequently.  At 6’4” he weighed about 250-260


Buster said he didn’t know much about his father’s addiction. He wasn’t living there when he went to rehab first time.


At that point I couldn’t help but wonder why this attorney firm did not do an overhaul/audit of his work activity.  It leaves me even more suspicious they were using him for a stooge and may have been planning to get rid of him when they were ready to; on the other hand, he may have wanted out and they were on to his plans to leave the firm, expose the corruption.  So they set up the boat accident….yet why on God’s earth would Alex Sr allow his underage son use his boat, not knowing what they would be doing?  His son’s drink may have been spiked with drugs, too.  Did his son steal the boat?   For a joy ride? My father wouldn’t even let me use my Honda 90 after I let my sister Kathy ride it and she crashed it.  She had superficial wounds but my father said she could have had serious ones; he was angry that she kept egging me on to let her drive it; I wouldn’t get on behind her, though I was giving her a ride.  She was on the seat behind me. Decided it was a cinch to drive and I told her exactly what to do, as my father told me.  I never had an accident.  I was cautious until I had more confidence, yet was not driving it on dirt roads. I used it as a motor bike to get places in the country.  

I only had it about 2 months because of Kathy.  My father sold it.  Rightfully so.  


Atty:  mentions 2018 detox after Christmas, also rehab

Buster: Confirmed but emphasized he wasn’t there


Atty:  How do you handle family disputes?

Buster: Talked them out; no violence


Atty:  Feb 2018 Boating Accident…your brother was criminally charged..Was Paul threatened, bullied?

Buster:  He would go out in a bar and they would make scuff about it…


His brother was underage!  How would he be going out to a bar?



Mother was upset - she distanced herself from Hampton - she moved over to 54:02 Waterbury/Waterburra…Paul wasn’t sued.  


Mark Tinsley wanted $40 million, the media reported


Was that the attorney?  Family name of victim was not that…

Why didn’t they argue that his kids chose to go on this joy ride? Too many variables regarding why their son did what he did, and can they prove he was driving the boat?  There may be laws about liability; most likely his insurance would not pay and may have cancelled him as a customer.  


Atty:  Was your father over-anxious?

Buster:  No The family didn’t believe that Paul was driving when the accident occurred.  57:40 Buster oddly scratches his eyebrow again, same way as before


Exhibit 123 - picture of family on boat ? Memorial Day weekend

Picture shows both father and mother with white hair - didn’t even look like his mother; and he looked like he was in his teens, slouched on the chair.  Who took the picture?  Probably Paul.  And he was posing to humor his younger brother.  That’s my impression.


I will resume when I have more notes finished.  It was hard to do anything, I felt so exhausted today.  I have some energy now, since I got up and had some ovaltine….now watch, an illegal intruder will poison it next time I leave!


There were two windows open for this same document, so I am going to print it now incase this is being hacked.  I closed one of the windows and the other closed at the same time.  I selected Restore, to note this and print these six pages.  













58:35 Resume taking notes at 6:36 pm


Atty:  Defense Exhibit 61…video of birthday for Alex Sr.  Person hugging him is no longer a “block man” first time this video was seen by me that man hugging him was black but now is white…block/black = wtf


SC hosting baseball tournament in Columbia - Sat and Sun

Parents stayed on Sat, Sun

Fun weekend

Sunday was June 6, 2021

Buster:  (confirmed)


Atty:  June 7. Phone calls mentioned as if this was the first time mentioned….


Next evening - murders…


Buster:  My dad called me, I can’t remember exact time.  But it was later. He called me on the phone.


I think according to sister in law testimony, or other testimony, Buster drove to the house because his grandfather was dying.  


Buster:  he called me on the phone when? He asked me if I was sitting down and I was like - yeah - then he sounded odd and then he told me that my mom and brother had been shot


Atty:  What did you do?

Buster:  Well, Brooklyn 1:01:45 my girlfriend, was with me and I think she heard - she could hear my conversations over the phone and she just started packing stuff. I kind of just sat there for a minute.  I was in shock.  But eventually we got ourselves together and drove down to Mosell.


Atty:  Do you remember what time you got to Mosell?

Buster: It was early in the morning - late in the morning - apparently both were injected so the cyber criminals could take out their preference based on what they wanted to manipulate - you know - if we left around 1:02:19 10:30-11:00 - I got there some time around 2 in the mornin.

So the drive was 3 hours. Could he have eaten dinner with them, do the shooting, and drove back to Columbia?  I would conclude NO.

Buster: Yes


Atty:  What kind of condition was he in? What was his demeanor?

Buster: He was destroyed.  Heartbroken.  I walked in the door and saw his mom.  Wtf - his mother was house-bound due to having Alzheimers and not understanding anything.  Gave him a hug. Just broken down.


Atty:  Did he speak?

Buster:  Not really


Atty:  Cry?

Buster:  Yes, Sir


Atty:  Who else was in the house. Do you remember?

Buster:  Yeah, my girlfriend, Brooklyn, and I got there - my uncle Randy and Uncle John were out there.  Chris Wilson and Corey Flemming had just gotten there - pulled in behind us.  And when I walked in several other partners were there -- was there, Lee Cope was there, Mark Ball was there, Austin Crosby was there, William Barnes, my buddy Noah was there - and I’m sure…I’m leaving some out, but -


Atty: Do you remember how long you stayed there?

Buster: I stayed there several hours, itching face and eyes..Yeah, probably 3-4 hours  1:03:41 Till about 4-5 in the morning

And what were they doing?  Tampering with evidence?  Why wasn’t the house taped off as part of the crime scene?  Probably thank SGT Green for that.


Atty:  And where did you go?

Buster: And then we left Mosell and went to Almeda


Atty:  When you say, “we”, who are you talking about?

Buster:  My girlfriend, my dad, and my Uncle John

Not his uncle Randy, I notice



Atty: I know this seems kinda trivial, but what was your dad wearing? When you first saw him?

Buster: Shorts, T-shirt


Atty:  Did you help him pack?

Buster: I did, yes Sir


Atty: What did you do to help him pack?

Buster: Got his bag, went into the closet, grabbed some T-shirts, grabbed some shorts, grabbed a toilet kit, put it in the bag and left.


Atty: Why were you doing the packing?

Buster: Just trying to help him.  He was so upset.  We were all upset.  Just trying to expedite the process of getting out.  


Something that crossed my mind, when Alex Sr came across his wife and son shot, is it reasonable he would run to the house to get a shotgun as a first reaction?  Did he get the gun when calling 911?


Atty: When you went in to pack your dad,  was there a T-shirt laying on the floor?  1:04:48

Buster:  I couldn’t remember


Atty:  Did you get shirts from above the … where did you get the T-shirts?

Buster: Got them from the closet.  There’s like wooden shelves above the-- I was getting the T-shirts from there.


Atty: Were there a lot of T-shirts on the shelf?

Buster:  Yes, Sir

Atty:  Do you know whether or not one of the T-shirts fell on the floor?  When you were packing?

Buster: I don’t know whether one of them fell on the floor but it certainly could have happened 1:05:29


Atty:  When -- got to Mosell, were you able to get some sleep?

Buster: No, Sir


Atty: Did you come back to Mosell the next morning?

Buster:  Yes, Sir

No mention where they went to sleep - maybe grandparent’s home where was grandmother with Alzheimers? How did they get in? Did they call first?


Atty: And who went with you?

Buster: Me, my girlfriend, Brooklyn, and my dad and maybe John Marvin…he was somewhere in the mix

Was John Marvin his uncle John, referred to previously?


Atty:  Do you remember what time?

Buster: Early in the morning when the sun comes up. No one really slept.


Atty: Did you and Brooklyn take a shower at Almeda or did you do it over at Mosell?

Buster: No Sir. We tried to sleep at Almeda and then we took everything back with us to Mosell and we showered there.


Atty: Do you know where your dad took a shower that morning?

Buster: Mosell



Atty: And when you went back over in the morning, do you know what your dad was wearing?

Buster: No, not specifically, but I know what I packed.  It could have been any of that - athletic shorts and T-shirts and stuff



Atty: After you got to Mosell--carrying the days forward--were you with your dad? How often were you with your dad once you got back to Mosell on the 8th?

Buster:  Every day


Atty: For how many days?

Buster: For a good while



Atty: Let’s talk about where you stayed on the night of the 8th - do you remember?


This was altered, my impression.  Cyber Crime. He just said he stayed at Almeda.



Buster:  Night of the 8th…I would have stayed back at Almeda or that’s potentially when we made the transition over to

 John Marvin’s Hunting Lodge.


Did they quit claim the property to Uncle John to keep it out of the lawsuit against them?  That seemed pre-planned.


The mother Maggie would not have minded that, I presume.  She preferred the prior house yet moved out there due to public scrutiny.


Was John Marvin a partner in the law firm?  I just made a search on Google; John Marvin is brother to Alex Murdaugh.  They may have already planned to quit claim the estate to him.  


Atty:  When you say, we, are you including your father?

Buster: Yes Sir


Atty: Was it pretty much in your “eyesight” for the last few days?

Buster: Yes



Atty: So right after the 8th, you come up with the 9th, a Wednesday - do you know whether you were at Almeda or spending the night at your Uncle John Martin’s place?

Were they now referring to Mosell as Uncle John Martin’s place?


Buster: I think at that point we - had switched over to his place in Greenfield.


Atty: You call it Greenfield, that’s the name of the hunting property?

Buster:  Yes, that’s the name of the property


WTF - did they decide not to call it his hunting lodge?  


Atty:  Close by

Buster: Right down ---


Atty: And you remember how long you stayed at Greenfield? With your dad?

Buster:  Yeah, I mean, several days. Anywhere from the 9th to probably through the rest of that weekend.


Atty: On Thursday, June 10, what happened?

Buster:  My grandfather died


Atty: So the family was together and stayed together?

Buster:  Yes, Sir


Atty: You ever remember your dad disappearing for any periods of time?

Buster: No, Sir


Atty: Were you physically close to him almost all the time?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty: Except when you were sleeping?

Buster: That’s right  1:09:56


Atty: I believe the funeral for your mom and brother were that Saturday?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty: And Sunday was the funeral for your father?  Grandfather?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty: Did you go to Summerville at some point in time?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Sometimes when I stop and restart typing,the video backs up: other times it doesn’t repeat a sentence - this inconsistency also leads me to believe the video was frauded.  


Atty: Do you remember when you went to Summerville?

Buster: Right at the beginning of that next week


Atty:  Def Exhibit 129. I’m offering it to the witness to refresh his recollection.  Marked for identification purposes.

Buster: It’s a text thread between my girlfriend and I

Atty: When did you leave to go to Summerville?

Buster:  June 14th


Atty:  How long did you stay in Summerville?

Buster: We stayed in Summerville until the 17th


Atty: And what do you remember doing after Summerville?

Buster: On the 17th, we left to go to Lake KiWi


Atty: And when you were in Summerville from 14th to 17th, who were you staying with?

Buster: My grandparents

Note, Charly Schell and his wife were killed in a plane crash in Florida on the 17th.  Charly was the owner of Forge Consulting, the SECOND company which the lawfirm CPA said was fake and set up by Alex Sr.  My curiosity would be Who called Alex Sr that day; was it a quick decision to leave that very day, and what time in relation to the plane crash was it?



Atty: And when you went to Kiwi, who did you go with?

Buster: I went with my dad and I, my grandparents, my uncle, their children, their children’s boyfriends. That was it.


Atty: You’re with your dad the night of June 7 through the Kiwi trip - correct?

Buster:  Yes, Sir



Atty:  You remember what you did after Lake Kiwi Trip?

Buster:  No


Atty:  At some point in time, did you decide I gotta go back to “Rock Hill”?

Buster:  Yes


Atty:  Do you remember roughly when that was?

Buster:  No, I think it was some time following all this but I couldn’t -- I can’t tell you exactly when I went back to work.


WTF - his employee records and pay should show that, unless they just paid him freely.  Why didn’t defense have that information beforehand?


Atty: You had a job in Charlott, is that right?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty:  Did you have any discussions with your father about your personal safety?

Buster: Yes, Sir




Atty:  Did he make any offers to you?

Buster: Well, yeah, he did.


Atty:  What offers?


Objected as heresay. Argued:  An offer is not heresay.  Judge sustained objection


Atty:  Did hyou take any security precautions?

Buster: No


Atty: Did you want any Security Protection?

Buster: No, Sir.  I didn’t.  I didn’t want to carry a gun or anything like that. And also I didn’t want like a private security detail following me around…and the places I was staying and going..Rock girlfriend’s house -- you know--she has an alarm system, security cameras, and what not -- I’m staying at hotels…


Atty: Did at some point in time did you and your father announce a reward?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty: Defendant’s Exhibit 126--

Buster: Yes, this is the $100,000 reward -- call SLED, crime stoppers

Admitted as evidence


Atty:  There is an expiration date of 9/21/2021

Buster:  Yes, Sir--I’m not sure why


EARLY SEPTEMBER 2021   1:18:01


Atty: -- dad went to detox…..

Buster: ---

No mention of Alex Sr being shot in the head.

Atty:  Did he ever come home after detox?

Buster: No, Sir


Atty: Clothes everywhere: Mosell, Greefield, Edistow, Almeda, Relatives, Car, Chessy, Okitee…

Buster:  agreed to each


Atty: How many times did you spend nights at Mosell after 6/7?

Buster: 9 (for both Alex Sr and Alex Jr)


They said they never went back there - plus the place was “sold” on the day after to convert to a hunting lodge.  


Snapchat video Exhibit 1:20:11

Who is in the video? Someone was crying in the garden…


Atty: Questions on clothes again…emphasis on one brand, Vineyard Line or Vine…1:21:47


August; Golf Tournament at Lake KiWi

Buster:  Yes…Summerville..friends get together.  Last week in August 2021. Alex Sr joined to watch only.


Atty:  Is there a house that your dad kept stuff in?

I find it pretty strange he knew what he was talking about!

Buster: Yes, Sir. There’s a small house in between Johnny Parker’s makes me think of the Sandy Hook fraud, Robby Parker

And my uncle Randy’s house.  I think Mr. Johnny built it for his mom or mother in law or something. Two bedroom house.


Atty: Did your dad stay there?

Buster: Yeah, that’s where he also had clothes.  That’d be another one.


Atty: So there were a lot of places…

Buster: Yes


Atty: Were you there - did you observe your dad talk about “block” or anything -- getting ready to go on the golf trip?

Buster: No, Sir




Atty: Any other outings with your dad?

Buster:  Yes, Early August.  Early Hilton Head…


Atty: 1:13:35 Do you know when you went back to work?

Buster:  No, I can’t tell you when I did, after all this, when I went back to work.  

But he sure as hell remembered when he golfed and where! 1:13:38


Atty: When you decided to go back to Rock Hill, you had a job in Charlotte, is that right?

Buster:  Yes Sir


Atty: 1:13:53 Did you have any discussions with your father about your personal safety?


Something went haywire here…I went to 1:24:38….


Atty: You’ve been sitting this courtroom since Day 1

Buster:  Yes, Sir


Atty: --Interview with your father on June 10?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty:  --questioned about your father saying “I did him so bad”/”they did him so bad”


Buster:  Yes, Sir 1:24:39


Atty:  You recognize your dad’s voice?

Buster:  I do


Atty: If you listen to it, would you be able to tell the jury whether it’s “I” or “they” …

Buster: Yes


How would he know?  He should have said, “I will try”


EXHIBIT 153 (clip of video)

Buster: He said “they did them so bad”


Atty: Is that the first tine you heard him say they did them so bad?

Buster:  No


Atty: When was the first time you heard them say they did them so bad?

Buster:  First time I heard that was the night I went to down to Mosell, June 7th

Though he testified they didn’t talk, just hugged.  Though I realize they must have for the number of hours they were there.


Atty: Did he say that more than one time?

Buster:  He did



Atty: Buster, you’ve heard from this trial that your dad was stealing money from clients…do you know anything about that?

Buster:  No, Sir


Atty: Roughly, how long would it take to clean a dog run down at ---inaudible--for example

Maybe he referred to it as John’s Hunting Lodge or Greenfield…

Buster: Roughly ten minutes or so


Atty: What do you have to do?

Buster: Turn the hose on, spray out the dog kennels, put the bed on top of the wooden box so the bed is not wet.


Atty: What are you spraying?  Dog manure?

Buster: Yeah, spraying dog poo.  Make sure it’s all out of there.



Break for 15 min





Atty: I’m sorry about his mother.  I’m sorry about your brother.  Same thing said by defense attorney when questioning Miriam

Buster: Thank you


Atty: And I’m sorry about your grandfather

Buster: Thank you


Atty: He was nice to me when I was Assistant Solicitor.  Sorry for your loss.

Buster: Thank you, I appreciate it

Was he actually assistant solicitor general; how did he get moved as Prosecutor? Solicitor General defends the Constitution; not prosecute.


Atty: I don’t have any questions for you, Buster.

Buster: OK




Atty: 1:28:00 When you are leaving the main house you told Mr. Griffin that the main entrance was the brick entrance?

Buster:  Yes, Sir


Atty: But there’s also a side entrance about the kennels -- entrance/exit

Buster: Yes, Sir 1:28:12


Atty: And the mailbox is at the side of the kennel?

Buster: Yes


Atty: Why was that - do you know?

Obviously to get a lower tax on the property! The mailbox reflects facing the road that their legal address is on


Buster: I don’t know.


Atty: I don’t either. But the packages would come to the shed?

Buster:  Yes


Atty: And a lot of times you would use that kennel exit just like you would use the main one, right?

Maggie could apparently go to the shed by leaving the house on the other side of it. She didn’t need to ride a bike or golf cart to it - so why did they ask that? Why didn’t the sister in law say she could go through the house when she was interviewed?


Buster: I’d say I tended to use the main one more….but certainly you could leave either way.  1:28:52


Atty: If you were leaving the main entrance, you’re leaving the house and going toward the brick and you know it kind of cuts off the to the kennel (sure, he says) So you go straight to Left.  If you were leaving at night going straight and if you were looking out to the left and the lights were on, you’d be able to see the light on the kennel for just a little light, couldn’t ya?

Buster: Maybe, depending on what lights were on and what-not.  If it was fully lit up. Maybe

How could that have been the original dialogue?


Atty:  repeats question

Buster:  Yes, Sir


Atty:  --Almeda, where your Grandma and Grand-daddy were…that’s close to the law firm, isn’t it?

Buster: Anywhere in Hampton is close to the law firm…It’s a 10 minute - 12 minute drive out to almeda, I would think from the law firm.



Atty: Is this kinda …where you’d see everyone would park?  (no verbal description of exhibit showing on screen)

Buster: It’s right, so if you look, No Sir, you can’t…

WTF If you look right off this point. (shown on screen)…back corner of the house…stop your car in that corner of the house.


Atty: --not many tracks…the grass looks good here.

Buster ---



Atty: When did you first mention -- in the hard there?

Buster:  What do you mean?


Atty: When did you first discuss with anybody where the car is parked? 1:32:23

Buster: A couple days ago


Atty:  That would have been after Shelly Smith testified?

Buster:  I don’t remember


Atty: Did you bring that to somebody’s attention or did somebody ask you about it?

Buster: I couldn’t -- I’m not sure.



Atty: I think you …How many times had you been there with your dad?

Buster: Several times


Atty: Did you always call?  Must be referring to Almeda now

Buster:  the ladies get nervous if you hadn’t called them and you see a car pulling in the driveway - it’s easier to call and let them know. 1:33:57

‘Hey, we’re going to be pulling around - you know, please unlock the door. We’d like to come in’


Atty: Had you ever been there at 6:30 in the morning?

Buster: Have I ever been out there at 6:30 in the mornin? ..I’ve been out there at 6:30 in the morning before going home.


Atty: You called them --

Buster:  yeah, yeah


Atty: Epecially since it’s 6:30 in the morning, going hunting and what not…

Buster: Sure

Hunting on grandparents premisis?  



Atty: Your mom loved Edistow, Didn’t she?

Buster:  Yes, Sir


Atty: She was actually getting some work done there, wasn’t she?

Buster: Yes, Sir, she did


Atty:  I love Edistow. She was actually getting some work done there, wasn’t she?

Buster:  Yes, Sir, she was getting work done on the house


WTF - repeated dialogue - was it to cover up a spot they couldn’t delete?


Atty: And this day June 7 - they were working on the house?

Buster: Yes


Atty: And her plan was staying down there, wasn’t it?

Buster:  I don’t know.  I don’t know what her plan was


Atty: You had…I think the last time you had been to Mosell was Spring, a few months prior to this?

Buster:  Yes


Atty:  And you talked to your mom that day, June 7?

Buster:  Yes, Sir

So he should have known if she intended to stay in Edistow

They seemed to avoid the truth about it; they could have asked the sister in law….


Atty: I think the last time you talked to Paul was June 5 - you told in one of your interviews

Buster: Sure


Atty: 1:35:49 Mr. Griffith, talked about your financial trouble…You had no idea of your father’s financial difficulties, did you?

Buster: No, Sir


Atty:  As far as you knew, the family was financially sound?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty: --- get a waffer?---

Buster: I did get a waffer. Thank you.



Atty: But everything that you knew everthing was financially okay and when did you learn it wasn’t?

Buster: I guess September; whatever that day in September was…

Sister in law testified he was shot on September 4 - media reported he was shot in the head…


Atty: So back on the birthday of your dad, Memorial Day at Edistow…1:36:60

Buster:  Sure


Atty: Defense Exhibit…I don’t remember what number…The judge would have ordered him to find out, I presume..this was probable frauded by cyber crime..I believe Chris Wilson was helping your dad?

Buster:  Yes, Sir


Atty: He’s a family friend?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty: You didn’t know then that your dad owed Chris Wilson or stole the $192,000 from him, did you?

Buster: I did not


Atty: I’m not saying it to be mean, but you didn’t really know that?

Buster:  Yes



Atty: The boating accident - Mr. Griffin asked you about - that was pressure on the family, wasn’t it?

Buster: I don’t know that pressure is the right word.  It’s definitely an uneasy feeling, you know - your brother is criminally charged and then you/myself and my father have civil charges - I mean, definitely unsettling.


Atty: I mean it caused stress within the family, didn’t it?

Buster: It was stressful.  I wouldn’t say it was within the family. We supported each other.  


Atty: I’m not questioning that but did your mom feel ostracized?

Buster: Yes, Sir


Atty: Even more so--stuff?

Buster:  Yes, Sir 1:38:04


Atty:  I mean, you were a little frustrated with your brother using your ID and …that case is over, okay?

Buster: Sure


Atty: You didn’t like it when he used your ID; you said---I’m not trying to go anywhere with this--He’d used your ID sometimes even when you didn’t want him to


WTF - an attorney saying “even when you didn’t want him to” in court, about committing a crime?


Judge:  --questions…you gonna ask…Questions, comments --what’s the question?  


Atty: He used your ID, didn’t he?  

Judge: the---is overwith


Buster: I’m sorry. Can you say that again?


Atty:  Did Paul use your ID?

Buster: Yep


Atty:  Did that frustrate you?

Buster: Sometimes



Atty: You were shown the video with the T-shirt and pants? When you saw your dad the night of June 7, what did your dad have on?

Buster:  When I last made my way up  to the house he was wearing shorts and a T-shirt


Atty: Sho laundered his clothes?

Buster: At that period of time--”block up” and my mom did also sometimes


Atty: Every day they took care of your laundry - clothes - laundry, clean, and folding?

Buster: Yes, Sir 1:39:51


Atty:  Mr. Griffin asked you about your never went back to Mosell after this incident?

Buster: Well, I mean after - if you take June 7th - I mean I’ve been back to Mosell since June 7 but I never slept another night at Mosell


He said earlier that he and his father spent 9 nights there


Atty:  Did your dad …pauses 1:40:43

Did your dad try to get you to go hunting out there one time, or suggest it?

Buster:  He asked if I wanted to and if I wanted to I could, but --

Atty: You didn’t want to

Buster: No, Sir. I didn’t wanna go.


Atty:  That’s all I have.  Thank you, Buster.




Atty: Buster when your mother went to Edistone multiple nights, would she take Bubba with her?

Buster: Yeah, she would take Bubba and may be another dog, Grady. She would take dogs with her, yes.


Atty: And you understand, Bubba and Grady were at the Mosell the night of June 7?

Buster: Yes, Sir

WTF - she was encouraged to return home because his father was dying. Of course she wouldn’t abandon her dogs there. She could have taken them back with her.  They should have looked for evidence that she had brought them with her and brought them back.  Who would know?  Alex Sr. Not sure what the point would be as far as murder investigation, though.




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