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My Grandma Is Happy As She Can Be

Link For This blog: Hey Grandpa, what's for dinner?  Answer:  Economy Collapse! URGENT Credit Suisse & Europe Banks Are Collapsing! More Banking Failure... via @YouTube  I heard a few military cadences when I was a civilian staff member on base.  The one I recall, I cannot find.   It went something like this:  My Grandma Does PT She is happy as can be.... So they may have locally changed the words because this one is strangely defining when someone should die:  My Grandma – Army Running Cadence When my grand mama was 91 She did PT just for fun When my grand mama was 92 She did PT better than you When my grand mama was 93 She did PT better than me Hoo-rah grand mama Whatcha doin grand mama She loves to double time She does it all the time Left Left Lefty right-o left right Left Left keep it in step now When my grand mama was 94 She did PT more and more When my grand mama w