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They're Coming After Me Again

Busy as a thimble bee; the law doesn't matter; they do what they want..... I wasn't planning on putting a picture up here, but the hackers on my laptop right now added a picture to rub it in how they don't have to lift a finger , target people and send them to ruins - all contrary to law.             This is the symbol they put on this blog; I left it blank.  THEY WANTED TO RUB IT IN.  IF I DON'T PLACE AN IMAGE IN THE BLOGPOST, IT REMAINS BLANK - UNLESS A HACKER COMES ALONG.   NOTE:   This blogpost needs some editing although generally, it is informative, should anyone care to read it.  EDITS necessary were caused by hackers.   Posted 1/28/2023 - I will get to this when I can.  Hopefully soon, in a few days. NOTE, The lettering is BLACK in color; yet when I viewed this, they made it a light blue to make it harder to read!  My landlord has been conspiring with Storquest since the illicit billing by Storquest, which they refused to remedy....and hopefully ALL of my posses

January 2023

 1/25/2023.  Note, a hacker deleted this note from many blogposts and I just noticed.  The hacker was either someone affiliated with the owner of this 32 floor apt bldg or a TECHNOCRAT.  There have been several incidences because of dishonest employees here.  The ultimate was when the maintenance supervisor took a dump in my trash can in my bathroom.  Even now, they remotely turn the washer on and off to humor themselves.   It is filled with clothes I am washing and I can't access it because the ba$tards take control of it when they use remote.  This is what I think has caused several plane crashes over the years also.   REMEMBER THE CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE?  Try this link:   Some blogposts are altered; for the most part they deleted information.  Either to puff themselves up for discovering something or just to be a menace, or both.  I have a hard time creating backup notes on this laptop.  Microsoft Word alters