Economy is ME

  1/25/2023.  Note, a hacker deleted this note from many blogposts and I just noticed.  The hacker was either someone affiliated with the owner of this 32 floor apt bldg or a TECHNOCRAT.  There have been several incidences because of dishonest employees here.  The ultimate was when the maintenance supervisor took a dump in my trash can in my bathroom.  Even now, they remotely turn the washer on and off to humor themselves.   It is filled with clothes I am washing and I can't access it because the ba$tards take control of it when they use remote.  This is what I think has caused several plane crashes over the years also.  

Some blogposts are altered; for the most part they deleted information.  Either to puff themselves up for discovering something or just to be a menace, or both.  I have a hard time creating backup notes on this laptop.  Microsoft Word alters the notes.  

COMBINED TABLE OF CONTENTS are not monitized or monitored; copy what you want. This is a hobby. Make it your own statement. Thank you for taking part in being a patriot. I am not up to date with this TOC. I had some personal setbacks to take the time, but you can navigate on the blogs by using the back arrow at the top left inside the blog.

Economy is ME

Forget about YOU

Forget about WE


It’s just ME

I climb to the TOP

After making everyone POP


Deception is my conception!

Oh - and it’s SWEET!

Sweet as stinky feet!


My train gains brains

And then becomes a runaway

That’s okay! I’m all through with Play!


YOU is the new curse

It makes life worse

Jus to say - so I put YOU in a tube


That tube is a train cart

And as I use my distorted art

I say how you become strong - Life is an art--

YOU make it up as you go along!



The only correction is what’s your confection

The business sweet spot is NOT

It’s now GotIT - TikTok/koTkiT


Take your money and run - kind of fun!

The only ONE is ME



You fools - cruelty is our specialty!

We practice on Red Riding Hood

And Go on to other hoods!


Our “good” is only shallow - DEEP is for CREEPS

Unless we undress the hidden

Like Snowden did!


AlphaBay then became the CIA craze

To make money - fund it - the “GotIT” way!

No Way Points - just cracking joints by FORCE


 Ahhhh - yes - FORCE

Our favorite word!  Our favorite activity!

Because MONEY isn’t real and I don’t feel -

I can only ultimately reel in ME!  

HOUSING MARKET CRASH - 12 min video (Speaker is either Australian or British) 

Tweeted: And what do we have to thank for this debacle? #Superimperialism 100% - the only solution is to join the Commonwealth to preserve &protect individual rights!  

ALL Indicators Are Flashing Code RED & Worse Than 2008 For The Housing M... via @YouTube

The YT channel REDACTED interviewed WHITNEY WEBB, and surely she gave them a good face; they do not do their homework and are totally ignorant.  Most likely this Dr. Malone paid them off to have him as a guest!  

Just from watching, I did not believe him, I figured he was a CIA psyop!  And lo and behold, there is a lot out there that says he's fake as hell.  

I need to close this up, but let me just say, he is probably born from the NAZIs who were allowed to live in USA rather than get death sentences for being mass murderers.  There were thousands of them, 750 of which were doctors/scientists - all mass murderers!  

                             Anything to mess with our heads!

posted 1/29/2023


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