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@InkTechnologies #NativePeoples #history #Ohio by @Kurimeo_Ahau - special guest Anu Breed @AnuBreed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjW4IYUj8Q8

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjW4IYUj8Q8

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Omg I think I know how most of the natives died by diseases and not just small pox “hear me out” when I was fasting for 21 days I broke it with a grape fruit and I was fine…. But when I ate chicken soup I broke out in “hives” bumps like an allergic reaction…. That’s how i found out chicken was unclean after more research too cus it was like the same reaction as leaven except kinda worse cus I just cleaned my body with pure water basically…. But the grape fruit never gave me a problem even hours later…. We know the native Americans practiced fasting and had a robust very extremely levitical herbal diet….. the gentiles of the time period ate pig/ swine and other unclean things like leavened bread….. I believe when the natives switched there diets and also some were enslaved when they ate the new diet many died and the “small pox” was like an allergic reaction they had similar to the one I had and eventually the new diet contributed to many diseases….. causing them to get sick and be susceptible to it…. I believe this was the true “small pox” I know it sounds crazy but it kinda came over my mind today… thinking about my experiences after fasting and accidentally eating unclean things and breaking out in hives and how maybe that’s what the gentiles of the time period thought was “small pox” an external disease brought by the Europeans but maybe it was actually an internal disease…. Similar to how Spanish flu was actually a regular strain of flu because in documentaries they dug up old bones and determined the Spanish flu to be a normal strain of flu even around today…. So maybe likewise similar to how that disease was made bigger than what it was that was the true small pox but then it’s hard to explain the disease in Africa but then again there was many vaccinations that probably caused it too and the breaking out in boils and hives is the bodies immune system reacting violently ……. Makes me think of the mark of the beast too knowing it’s a spiritual mark as well as physical…. Does this include the diet in some form or way??????? Not saying in a soul bound way but maybe in a judgement of the nation as a whole or on a health level….. just makes me think because surely the native Americans who accepted the gentile diet probably broke out in hives like I did after I fasted….. (I was tryna make it to 40 days and failed so no gloating there)…..



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