September 2022

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Who owns TikTok?  

No doubt the TECHNOCRACY have  a plan to pool their money together in alliances...

To keep their damn wealth and kill off as many people as they can!  

By The way:

GOT IT is bullshit!  

What is TikTok backwards?  Kotkit!  Sounds like Gotit!  



definition of Vector:
    a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another.
  2. 2.
    an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.
  1. direct (an aircraft in flight) to a desired point.
    "two Hurricanes were vectored towards the Stukas"
Don't agree to their shit!  It just hit me like a ton of bricks!  
NOTICE how they titled this pdf as CORE:

I didn't mean to rhyme
The underworld is a CULT  I wonder what is going on with Phil Giordano/CEO of CIGNA 
And where is Warren Jeffs?  Is he really in prison?  How many more are hiding in plain sight?  Getting the society to think that we have aliens - demons - what not - as scare tacticts!  
They are assholes!  We need to get them out of society!
I am sorry I am not mincing words but it just hit me like a ton of bricks and I can't even think of who else to send this email to, I am so overwhelmed with realizing this.
The fact is, good investigators already have a lot more figured out.  But are they small in number?  Yet the NAZIS took over Germany when they were only 10% of the population.  The Russians outsmarted the NAZIS, yet paid a heavy price, losing over a million in their population!  Fighting to the bitter end!  
I will tweet this now.  I was watching a film, EMP333.  Look it up.  It was created as a "what if" and not as predicted programming, which I think the film "Pandemic" was about.  
Thank you for your time and attention.  I don't know many people.  Consider it and if you think it is worthy, please share!  
KamalaHarris spelled backwards means she-god in translation.....

NEXT,.....9/7/2022 ....Notes on a 3 hr film about Freemasonry

I have a blogpost on Freemasons somewhere but have no time to locate it. I need a nap. Then I will finish these notes and go about my business for the day.

At 44 min they claimed Morgan, a freemason, was murdered by Freemasons. Considering what a satanist JP Morgan was, mass murdering thousands from the Titanic, and being enriched from it, that Morgan either had a fake death or was murdered by Freemasons because, like the mafia, they weed out the ones they consider not compliant with their nefarious orders, such as failing to murder someone! And maybe Morgan was paid off not to murder a certain person, enriched himself and let them escape. Last time I knew, Britain did not recognize the Freemasons in USA as an alliance to Britain. They are too nefarious. The derelicts in Britain came to USA to start freemasonry. Ben Franklin was not a genius inventor of so many things. His name was given credit for other's works. He was a polygamist and God knows what other sexcapades he had, along with being a massive DECEIVER, who incited the American Revolution, which was a sham.

Dr. Stan Monteith, author of Brother of Darkness - on evils of Freemasonry
"Freemasons were acting as their own government...they would execute those they wanted to execute"

William T Still - knowledgeable on Freemasons as bad for society

Ian Taylor, British, also knowledgeable on harm by Freemasons. He said that George Washington's denial to be a Freemason was an affirmation he was against their secrecy and being like organized crime...What is curious to me is if he will mention Adam Weishaupt, who many have said looked like George Washington and even replaced George Washington after Freemasons murdered him. Did that really occur?

Benjamin Franklin was a Freemason, but he was involved with many secret societies, such as Luciferian (Satanist), Rosecrutian, belonged to the Hellfire Club (sex cultists) 17th and 18th century in New England....later "forced" to go underground in England and New England....They used caves to gather....Ben Franklin would go in those caves.....Witchcraft and Occult was another involvement of Franklin (Francis Dashwood - Lion's Paw hand symbol was a satanist ritual) Hellfire Club hated Christians; they mocked religion, referring them to man's desire NOT to follow his own will, "Do what thou wilt"

Aleister Crowley reared his ugly head 100 years later..."the beast of the apocalypse" from the book of Revelation...L. John Hubbard and John Lenin were both endorsers of Crowley

Greater Agenda? Francis Dashwood was a member of Parliament. Did they seek to defeat British/Britain/Monarchy?

Book: The Secret of British Secret Service, by Richard Deacon

Franklin may have become a COVERT spy for British build the NEW ATLANTIS....They gave him the name "Moses"....Most likely a secret code with Freemasons....Red Sea story likened to what Franklin was involved with....Franklin considered himself as the Destiny of US/New Atlantis?

Pro Iranian terror groups mentioned: President Reagan
Frankly, Iran and Iraq were manipulated by CIA. No mention of this in the film!

GHW Bush was a Skull & Bonesman, so is/was GW mention about Bill Clinton being his illegit son and Crowley the father of Barbara Bush.....

Dr. Stan Monteith, expert researcher on Freemasons, Secret Societies, active in social reform

England forced USA to base their money on gold; this created an economic collapse since they used FIAT; the American Revolution was result to feed the greed

Thomas Paine's book: Common Sense, to spur revolution

A secret European Society are known to have funded the Freemasons to create the New Atlantis

Sir Francis Bacon was dubbed as Father of Modern Science

The Royal Society was created in 1662 and they made Francis Bacon the leader
Thomas Jefferson, John Locke, and Isac Newton endorsed Bacon

All-seeing eye of Horace mentioned sporadically in this film.  Not Phoenix, so I wonder how they weaved Phoenix into this ...

Bacon laid out the plan for the New Atlantis and the new Freemasonry 

Author, Peter Dawkins, wrote about Bacon, described it as "fascinating" 

Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent was placed as leader of Freemasonry... 

Bacon equated himself as Elijah from the Bible

Pathagrian Triangle....Masculine and feminine were bases; Offspring was the hypotenuse aka "Christ Child"  ....argument was:  We should imitate what God does. He considered himself god-like 

Teachings of Caballa was interest of Bacon. Rooted in Enoch. "Jewish version of the ancient mystery religion" - many transgendered celebrities follow this.  Excusing this as a concept of building Paradise on Earth (I wonder why they burned Paradise, CA to the ground using laser weapons...Donald Trump is an obvious Caballist) 

The church was in control up to the 1800's.  Bacon was able to disrupt this power.  Book of Acts: Gospel was preached to the whole world....yet Freemasons said, "They were NOT in the whole world" ...Bacon created a light to represent his acclaimed enlightenment....
This recent author excuses Bacon as "wanting to create prosperity for all" (which was a BIG LIE, typical of Luciferianism!) 

Hidden Teachings were considered profane by the church...transmutation of base metals to gold...angels to demons (which they consider opportunity for enlightenment...which the church was against) 

Mary Tudor, daughter of King Henry VIII, became Queen after his death.  Known as Bloody Mary.  Married Prince Phillip, a Catholic from Spain... She had many Protestants put to death.  Elizabeth Tudor was also a daughter and replaced Mary, who was put in jail, the Tower of London. Mary befriended Dr. John D - was 34 years older than Francis Bacon.  D began in Mary's service.  Imprisoned under suspicion of sorcery - as an accultist. They did "magical invocations" which they claim was inspired by the Book of Enoch. He claimed to communicate with Angels..yet apparently preferred to communicate with the demons.  "Caller and conjurer of wicked and damning spirits" 
Some consider him to have inspired the Rosecrutian Movement.  

Dr D worked with a medium named Edward Kelly...who made a claim that Jesus was not God....Angels provided Dr. D with gifts of knowledge" ...accredited with Brittania/Britain, which began the British empire...and the New World agenda began...John D was considered the one who spurred it...Dr. Foustas was involved (consider the Dr. Fauchi of today, wtf) is said that James Bond was intended to be a modern day Dr. D....

Advancement of Learning was a concept that John D and Francis Bacon emphasized  

Dream of colonizing the New Atlantis became a new reality when Queen Elizabeth took the throne.

Once Mary died (false pregnancy story) Elizabeth was able to be crowned.

MODERN WORLD WOULD BE CHANGED FOREVER - caused by Queen Elizabeth, a Protestant 

She was excommunicated by the Pope...a message to world leaders to attack her "in the name of God"....the Queen's spymaster was created to circumventing an assassination.  Yet the spymaster had an esoteric agenda .... described as "raising consciousness of society" yet really serving themselves.  
   LAND OF THE ROSECRUTIA - used.  Rose and Cross symbol was interpreted in a variety of ways, as the film explains.  1 hr 57 min 

Paganism and Christianity mixed, produced the DARK AGES (Rosecrutianism; Bacon's Program to "transform the world through knowledge" reforming the English Language to break down the dialects to have a common language for the country)

Yipes.  I am getting so sleepy!  I have about 30-40 min left to take notes on but I am sending this now, taking a nap and will finish before going to Milford.  I hope this can be useful.  

I will finish this but need a nap.  


They seem like really nice people and I had always enjoyed finding them on social media, usually Facebook - but I haven't used Facebook for a few years.  

Resume notes

Bacon's plan was not by chance but by design.  He and his helpers perfected the English language, supposedly.  Bacon surrounded himself with likeminded individuals to unify the language. 

 A Scriptorium, group of scribes, wrote for Bacon.  There was an explosion in literature. Bacon had his own printing press, made of brass.  His literary society was to prepare people of the old world for the new world.   Inspiration by French Poets resulted thereafter.  Bacon spent several years in the French Court.  

Bacon formed the beginnings of his Knights of the Helmet, a secret group/society.  To get a job as a lawyer, minister, etc. only occurred if they were a member of this society. The name Shakespeare was taken on as a symbol of secrecy.  "One who wears the helmet becomes invisible" .  They claim that a spiritual encounter with Goddess Athena influenced Bacon. Shakespeare is a synonom of Apollo or Athena - apparently used interchangeably. Athena seemed to dominate Bacon's imagination.  She was the spear-shaker, which "gave birth" to the playwright name, Shakespeare.  Well over 200 books, pamphlets, and essays were supposedly really Bacon's works.  The more we can find out about the life of the actor, the merkier/more complicated it gets. The workings of the court were known by this secret society, particularly Bacon.  Some contain flawless legal work.     

The main artist or author is perhaps, Bacon himself.  

People in Stratford have memorialized Bacon as the greatest writer ever lived.  Despite the fact it is highly unlikely the works they appreciate were written by Bacon.  

A vicor was reported to have burned papers written by Bacon....later, she was reported to have gone mad.  (I wonder if they poisoned her.  This same thing was reported about King George)

"it was only 2-3 years after his death that Shakespeare was memorialized" I am confused since Shakespeare was a fake name.  Dr. Edmonson's tributes were not public until years after Shakespeare's death.  Article: Phantom Shakespeare, the Rosecrutian Mask.  {allusion:  the face was a mask} 

Shakespearian Trust:  William Shakespeare as author vs "Looking Into It" This code system of writing was used almost all of Francis Bacon's life....

They developed some 20,000 words 

Manly P. Hall:  The Secret Teachings Of All Ages.  He claims Francis Bacon wrote the code, etc.  MENTIONS ANCIENT ATLANTIS ...Is this the key to understanding Shakespeare? Christianity vs Pagan themes? Blending religions?  Knights Templar:  left Holy Land and increased in numbers.  Became the dominant financial force in Europe.  Templars were accused of embracing religious doctrines.  Many Templars were tortured - many escaped in Scotland.  They are the real falcron developing Freemasonry. Edinborough, Scotland:  Roseland Chapel 
Profound relationship among Templars, Freemasons, Church .  Chapel was built by William St. Clair, Knight Templar (1446-1492)  William St. Clair was uniquely old.  He started the building when 50; still alive when it was finished.  Then they say he was in his 90's when it was finished.  

Roseland Chapel is Masonry and Rosecrutionism merged.  

Includes Pagan icons - 110 green men in the design of the building

"It's like having a VCR; you know what you are expected to do but can't operate it according to instructions" 

What was his intent of design?
   Messages conveyed.  Universalism:  all religions are the same.  

Author, William Schnoebelen:  Masonry, Beyond the light 
    (he is a former Mason) 

He explains they pushed toward a ONE WORLD RELIGION 

ARGUMENT:  Christian religion should be held distinct from all other religions.  CHAPEL WAS FINISHED IN 1492, WHEN COLUMBUS CAME TO AMERICA
      But Columbus did NOT arrive in America.  He went to the Carribean Island, I think.  
     This film repeats, emphasizes Columbus came to America...
I suspect the importance of alligning with the Knights of Columbus was an important social factor.  

                                   1985 PLANE HIJACKING ALMOST LEAD TO WAR 
                                                           NATO INVOLVEMENT 
                                                        THE HISTORY GUY CHANNEL
1. Oliver North was a CIA operative
2. Oliver North helped the Clintons make $100million a MONTH trafficking cocaine!
Years Bill Clinton was Governor
He previously served as governor of Arkansas from 1979 to 1981 and again from 1983 to 1992, and as attorney general of Arkansas from 1977 to 1979. A member of the Democratic Party, Clinton became known as a New Democrat, as many of his policies reflected a centrist "Third Way" political philosophy.

Bill Clinton ordered a custom made helicopter that opened the whole side - to obviously make the drug drop easier! Ed Bradley of 60 Minutes aske him about that. I saw the original filming in the 1980's! Ed Bradley was obviously medically murdered!
I'm doing all I can to make this link work so you can tap on it but the widgets disappear to keep me from actually accomplishing that!

Even Wikipedia lies about the boys smoking marijuana, no mention of their dead bodies placed on the train tracks to cover up the fact they were stabbed and beaten to death! They did not go public about this, since it was obviously the state helicopter.

The state's attorney investigating was murdered!

OLIVER NORTH SHOULD HAVE BEEN SENTENCED TO DEATH FOR TREASON AND CAUSING THE DEATHS OF MANY! He got public support from Jimmy and Tammy Bakr, the 700 Club, Rex Humbolt, etc!

And Clintons continued to make all that money and divvy it up into overseas bank accounts using the Hubbell-Rose Law firm, which is where Hillary Clinton "worked".

Consider the leader of China back then was focused on #WhateverItTakes to make profit for China and USA had them eating out of their hand. Were these special version planes involved in the #September11 agenda involving #PublicDeception #AmericansMassMurderedAmericans and it was all covered up by thousands of #WashingtonDC co-conspirators in #PayToPlay and #MindControl Schemes through CIA!

@history_yt - Consider these things:
#NikolaTesla #MormonChurch #JamesSmithFraud #TheocracySociety #Illuminati #NewWorldOrder
The 1831 City Bank of New York Robbery via @YouTube

#CityBank #NashvilleTN #Robbery $240,000? with 6 as #gematria value - No proof of illegal entry - what were they conjuring up? #1831 @Scottymechanic #jimmyfallon
The 1831 City Bank of New York Robbery via @YouTube

I think Queen Elizabeth II was poisoned!
See my Pictures blogpost. Just back-arrow and it is one of the recent blogposts. Blogger removed my task bar so I cannot add her picture here.
She was not so small just a few days before that, greeting people, shaking hands! It appears she was poisoned with arsenic! Bleeding internally. Her right hand looks like she was bleeding internally. That is where they probably had an IV to treat poisoning, flush her system out - coumadin is related to arsenic. Coumadin can actually make a pt bleed internally when overdosed on it.



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