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  WHO MOTIONS THE COURT FOR STAY OF PROCEEDINGS?  THE DEFENDANT, OF COURSE - UNLESS THERE IS A No.  I SURE AS HELL WOULDN'T APPEAL MY OWN CASE!  I may post more notes here.  The Federal Court claimed that the Anti Injunction Act Applied because I wanted to Stay my Proceedings.  WTF     No, the court was staying the proceedings nefariously, lacking DUE PROCESS.   THE CONCERN I HAVE IS THEY WON'T GIVE A RAT'S PATOOTIE OVER THE FACT THE BILLING WAS FRAUDED AND THE COMPANY IS A FRAUD. THEY WILL JUST PLAY RING AROUND THE ROSIE WITH WHETHER THE PROCEEDINGS WERE STAYED OR NOT, COMPLETELY FORGOING THE FACT THAT THE 14TH AMENDMENT WAS VIOLATED SEVERAL TIMES.  AND THEY FRAUDED RECORDS TO SEAL THE DEAL.  an appeal usually stays proceedings in the court below. In  Long v. Robinson , 432 F.2d 977 (4th Circuit, 1970) the court held that a party seeking a stay must show: (1) that he will likely prevail on the merits of the appeal; (2) that he will suffer irreparable injury if the stay is