Shinzo Abe Murdered by Whom

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Shinzo Abe, Japan's most popular leader who was gunned down through obvious MIND CONTROL #DecideForYourself 

Update 2Nov2022:  I am sorry I cannot spend more time with this.  I do hope there are others this may spark the interest of and can do their own research - particularly grads who have access to a lot more resources.  

We Need Justice!  The man who says he did it was obviously mind-controlled, saying he was mad at the Unitarian Church....WTF 


Shinzo Abe was the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history.

He resigned due to health problems 

Note, the Health Industry is weaponized 

    This does not mean all medical staff are evil. It makes it difficult for those in their careers to enjoy helping and treating patients to promote good health.  

Who is Shinzo Abe:

                                  What was he up against?  

Consider the propaganda that the US Foreign Policy push, with US Presidents who prove organized crime is an integral part of their holding office.  This link only proves my point:

WW2 was declared because the US ignored the messages from Japan, warning US if they do not respond, they will attack.  JAPAN DID NOT JUST ATTACK WITHOUT WARNING.  USA INCITED IT - anxious to "play war" because citizens were expendable and they loved the profits. They also completely altered Japan's economy, turning it into a controlled CENTRAL BANK SYSTEM.  

Picking Up The Pieces

Post WW2

Abe became the first former prime minister to return to the office since Shigeru Yoshida in 1948. 

This is what Shinzo Abe said in 2016, At Pearl Harbor.

He did not mention that the USA ignored Japan's messages.  He focused on making the world a better place, a safer tomorrow.  

Obama enjoyed bombing the Middle East so many times he ran out of bombs at one point - bombing Afghanistan so much!  There was no negotiating, diplomacy, etc.  The CIA had their illegal drug farms they wanted to protect to help their drug trafficking business.  

This is what Hon. Abe said: 

PRIME MINISTER ABE:  (As interpreted.)  President Obama, Commander Harris, ladies and gentlemen, and all American citizens:  I stand here at Pearl Harbor as the Prime Minister of Japan. 

If we listen closely, we can make out the sound of restless waves breaking and then retreating again.  The calm inlet of brilliant blue is radiant with the gentle sparkle of the warm sun.  Behind me, a striking white form atop the azure, is the  USS Arizona Memorial.

Together, with President Obama, I paid a visit to that memorial, the resting place for many souls.  It’s a place which brought utter silence to me.  Inscribed there are the names of the servicemen who lost their lives.  Sailors and Marines hailing from California and New York, Michigan and Texas, and various other places, serving to uphold their noble duty of protecting the homeland they loved, lost their lives amidst searing flames that day, when aerial bombing tore the USS Arizona in two.

Even 75 years later, the USS Arizona, now at rest atop the seabed, is the final resting place for a tremendous number of sailors and Marines.  Listening again as I focus my senses, alongside the song of the breeze and the rumble of the rolling waves, I can almost discern the voices of those crewmen.  Voices of lively conversation, upbeat and at ease, on that day, on a Sunday morning.  Voices of young servicemen talking to each other about their future and dreams; voices calling out names of loved ones in their very final moments; voices praying for the happiness of children still unborn.  And every one of those servicemen had a mother and a father anxious about his safety.  Many had wives and girlfriends they loved, and many must have had children they would have loved watch grow up.  All of that was brought to an end.  When I contemplate that solemn reality I am rendered entirely speechless. 

“Rest in peace, precious souls of the fallen.”  With that overwhelming sentiment, I cast flowers, on behalf of Japanese people, upon the waters where those sailors and Marines sleep.

President Obama, the people of the United States of America, and the people around the world, as the Prime Minister of Japan, I offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here, as well as to the spirits of all the brave men and women whose lives were taken by a war that commenced in this very place, and also to the souls of the countless innocent people who became the victims of the war.

We must never repeat the horrors of war again. 

A man of honor, leadership, and confidence in his country 

This puts him on the CIA hate list!  Public TV and Public Radio are no longer decent organizations because of the Obama Administration - because of OBAMA.  

They are part of the mass propaganda to incite shame on USA, and flip-flop by inciting hate for other countries.  This article is an example of their propaganda.  

The MAJORITY in the USA have no voice.  They are manipulated, ignored.  And the less qualified one is, the more likely they are to end up working in the USGov.  Need I remind you what happend to Colin Powell this year!  What happened to Prince Phillip this year!  What happened to ambassadors - murdered in cold blood to serve crooked politicians.  Including US citizens - the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Lybia was a shot to the head, a CIA job.  Yet Hillary Clinton promoted the propaganda rigged to LIE to the public about how he died, spreading a picture of a serial rapist in India, who was tortured by the public, to death.  Justifiably so!  Journalists who do all they can to inform the truth to the public are oftentimes murdered in USA.  Examples would be Michael Rupert and Andrew Breitbart.  And there have been really good professionals fighting the worst of corruption on their own time, such as retired FBI Section Chief, Ted Gunderson, PhD,  who was particularly appalled at the numerous paedophilia rings that kidnap and molest the most defenseless and precious population in any society.  A MOST HEINOUS CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.  He got Attorney John DeCamp to represent Johnny Gosh and won the $million lawsuit yet DeCamp (a secret CIA man) did not even collect the money, nor did he refer the case to another attorney to collect the money!  And Ted Gunderson was poisoned with arsenic and died a few months later from the harm caused to his system (Andrew Breitbart was also poisoned with arsenic; and another case where this was obviously used was when Bill Clinton had Attorney  Vincent Foster murdered because he was "in the way" - blood flowing out of his mouth yet there was no gunshot wound, no exit wound when his body was observed placed in the park.  The gun was in the wrong hand also, not the hand he wrote with. And when I addressed these issues and more regarding Brett Kavanaugh frauding records to cover it up, sending tweets to each Judiciary Committee Member of the Senate, they in turn shut down my blog!  For similar reasons I cannot view my blog now!  The domain was on autopay, so they could not say I didn't pay.  I also kept my billpay current AND it was not even due at the time my blog was shut down by the Senate, yet they did not even have the decency to respond to my tweets in a letter or in public, referring to my questions.  Instead, it was all about bullying and covering up! I would have welcomed to be wrong, yet they obviously proved I was right!) 

Here is more likely propaganda and unfortunately Washington Post will not allow anyone to read it unless they pay. Titling it as if they care about the truth, yet I am sure the article will be crafted otherwise:

And here is another capitalizing on the murder of Shinzo Abe.  You can't read unless you pay: 

There are unfortunately many more articles to twist the facts.  If anyone has time to look up the companies in as a starter, they will most likely see a pattern of ownership and malicious and vexatious intent to push their own political agenda.  

This one shares good information:

This picture makes his death even more real and I share it only to emphasize the depravity.  

Regretably, the technocrats are manipulating this blogpost and my device - to keep me from sharing FACTS, even though I emphasize to make their own conclusions, decide for yourself. 


           I figured out a way to make the picture not be the heading, by adding a comment and using that comment to add a picture before and after.  Then the widgets are removed by artificial intelligence - rigged by technocrats.  It was not doing that UNTIL I downloaded the picture just a few minutes ago.   I left the main picture here only to show the shuffling I did to not allow the picture of him being shot to be placed as a main picture  Indeed, 

Truthstream's MINDS OF MEN video

well-depicts this type of depravity.  This is nothing conjured  up by a thinkless computer system, as the TECHNOCRATIC ELITES try to get the public to believe.    I will remove the extra picture in the near future.   

I will try one more time to see if I can post the picture.  The Blogpost widgets are literally removed only AFTER the picture of Shinzo Abe - to try to make me add the picture at the beginning, as if to emphasize the VIOLENCE.  Needless to say, this country is run by many very violent people who, when push comes to shove, are actual cowards like Hitler or worse.  I am sorry for ranting about this but using internet in USA has great consequences, for it is run by so many criminals who support other criminals, like PHIL GIORDANO - sentenced to life, reduced to 37 years without parole and the judge PUTS ON AN ACT, TO ALLUDE HE REALLY CARES ABOUT JUSTICE - while all along they covered up for him to help him become the CEO of CIGNA.  And when I searched for him in prison, I found TWO (both claiming he was there at the same time and obviously "raising money" for him - to do what?  And where was the money coming from?  CIA, most likely - just like the supposed "professional" psychiatric professor Christine Ford, for lying about Brett Kavanaugh raping her, changing it to assault, and leaving out the minor detail she had Devil's Triangle sex sessions with two men as part of the depraved underworld way of life.  

......I wanted to search more on Shinzo Abe, to hopefully give tribute to his causes, his accomplishments, and life in Japan as one of peace with law and order despite the outside interferences, especially, as Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar emphasize, SUPERINDUSTRIALISM.  I will be back.   


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