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Shinzo Abe Murdered by Whom

  Shinzo Abe, Japan's most popular leader who was gunned down through obvious MIND CONTROL #DecideForYourself  We Need Justice!  The man who says he did it was obviously mind-controlled, saying he was mad at the Unitarian Church....WTF                              #DecideForYourself  Shinzo Abe was the  longest-serving prime minister  in Japanese history. He resigned due to health problems  Note, the Health Industry is weaponized      This does not mean all medical staff are evil. It makes it difficult for those in their careers to enjoy helping and treating patients to promote good health.    Who is Shinzo Abe:                                   What was he up against?   Consider the propaganda that the US Foreign Policy push, with US Presidents who prove organized crime is an integral part of their holding office.  This link only proves my point: WW2 was declared be


  MY RESPECTS TO SHINZO ABE, SYMPATHY TO HIS FAMILY AND ASSOCIATES!   715/2022:  Note, I am replacing this blog with this one: Just when I posted this, a side-popup flashes across my screen!  I do not consider it a feature of the weather!  I consider it a subapp to harm me!  To trespass on my IP! I cannot add anything to this blogpost because the end is blocked now.  I tried and tried.  Hopefully I will not be hacked now that I removed my gmail account from a device I DID NOT EVEN PUT IT ON and changed my password.   I will delete this one when I finish.    7/15/2022 THIS BLOGPOST IS IN HONOR OF HIS LIFE Send your condolence letters/cards to - online  or through the mail:  OFFICE OF PRIME MINISTER  Kishida Fumio Located at 2-3-1 Nagata-chō, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100–89 - 68, it is diagonally adjacent to the National Diet Building. I will be downloading the informa

July 2022

 July 2022 - This month is brought to you by TRUTHSTREAM MEDIA  CUZ I LOVE THEM LIKE MILLIONS OF OTHERS SHOULD!   TABLE OF CONTENTS OF ALL BLOGPOSTS (excuse me for not being up to date as of 7/18/2022.   Lots of Technical difficulties, but you can scroll on each blog and find out what is missing because they are in reverse chronological order.  First to last.) I cannot link this now because my widget bar is missing. You can copy and paste.           Suggested Search:  COVID, COVIDOCRACY, CORONAVIRUS, PANDEMIC SHMANDEMIC           Share what you want!  It's okay.  This is a hobby.  No strings attached!  It is 2:30 am and I need to get some sleep.  Terrible habit I have..... For Starters:      There was a professional who listed all the main emails of Hillary Clinton's Emails in social media.  I printed each one and posted everything in a