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Storquest Lawsuit 2022

  THEY BRAG ABOUT HAVING  NO TOUCH RENTALS YET PRODUCED FRAUDULENT ADD-ONS TO MY ORIGINAL ONE-PAGE LEASE I HAD ENTERED INTO WITH NEW HAVEN SELF STORAGE "We can enter your unit whenever the hell we want to and too bad" - NOT THEM.  THEY ARE OBLIGATED TO CONTINUE IT AS THE NEW OWNERS OR PAY ME FOR TAKING MY BELONGINGS ELSEWHERE!   I will try to scan and enter those documents but I am really tired right now from all the work I have had to do moppimg up the frauded records THEY caused using TECHNOCRATIC CRIMES!   CLAIMING THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO ENTER MY UNIT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE WHENEVER THEY DAMN WELL WANT!  I HAD TO ENTER A LAWSUIT INTO COURT ON THURSDAY, 6/16/2022  They have the audacity to have an "ambassador" who is disabled to give them a clean image!   This blog is being manipulated to enter anything The court clerk's office stole my flashdrive case the day I entered the lawsuit - distracting me from my th