The Marcos Family Are Back in Phillipines

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 Though I have had to take care of personal emergencies, including a very illegal situation caused by my storage facility (of almost 10 years!) with BILLING FRAUD, 

and one of my blogs was compromised and my domain was taken, a trick the Senate Judiciary did to me because they resented my CONCERN AS A CITIZEN - how dare me - because the information I was finding about Brett Kavanaugh was specifically on his CONSPIRING WITH CLINTONS AND BUSHES, including cover-up of Attorney Vincent Foster - and Christine Ford was having sex threesomes with Kavanaugh and his college roommate - as part of the Secret Society DEVIL'S TRIANGLE ...Yet she humored herself by claiming they sexually assaulted her!  I certainly had good reason to be a CONCERNED CITIZEN and EVERYONE SHOULD BE.  OUR US GOV IS RUN BY TRAITORS FOR THE MOST PART! 

I am creating this to see what resources I can find.  For those old enough to recall, Imelda Marcos was "made famous" for her shoes by the media.  An obvious deviation, in my opinion.  

Her husband was forced out of the Phillipines wrongfully.  What is particular curious is the wealth of the Phillipines vs wealth of the Marcos family - and how much was stolen from them.  Apparently they provided Ft Knox with 20 tons of gold.  Most likely Fort Knox is empty.  Richard Nixon was known for emptying it or draining it to almost nothing - taking the money to pay government debt and allowing a whole lot more parasitic contractors, etc to "make money"  

Nixon converted the USD to the Petro Dollar, so it was no longer based on gold.  Insiders thought he was useful because he was doing what he was told by the ELITES.  

I don't have time to say or search anymore and don't expect to have time for weeks, to be honest.  Maybe this may be of interest to researchers to check out since the new leader of Phillipines is a Marcos. This  could be a really good thing, but standing up to USA is a difficult task.  Look what the USA is doing to Russia from funding NAZI terrorists in Ukraine!  

I have a few more notes...

Virgil .Marcos, President

Marcos gave Ft Knox 20 tons of gold 

  That's all I know so far .. 😬


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