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The Marcos Family Are Back in Phillipines

  I am creating this to see what resources I can find.  For those old enough to recall, Imelda Marcos was "made famous" for her shoes by the media.  An obvious deviation, in my opinion.   Her husband was forced out of the Phillipines wrongfully.  What is particular curious is the wealth of the Phillipines vs wealth of the Marcos family - and how much was stolen from them.  Apparently they provided Ft Knox with 20 tons of gold.  Most likely Fort Knox is empty.  Richard Nixon was known for emptying it or draining it to almost nothing - taking the money to pay government debt and allowing a whole lot more parasitic contractors, etc to "make money"   Nixon converted the USD to the Petro Dollar, so it was no longer based on gold.  Insiders thought he was useful because he was doing what he was told by the ELITES.   I don't have time to say or search anymore and don't expect to have time for weeks, to be honest.  Maybe this may be of interest to researchers to che

You Want Pictures I'll Give You Pictures

 You Want Pictures I'll Give You Pictures Fabian Salazar of Wuauquikuna Brothers Paul McCartney on Tour 2022 πŸš‚  Beautiful colors of the sky he's wearing πŸ’ž #RIP BRITTANY INFANGER, airplane pilot  See Dan Clyder of Probable Cause Channel for her story.  It wasn't her fault.  I'm making an afghan to send them c/o Ray's Heating And Plumbing, Salmon, Idaho  Here's the link on what happened 1hr video I'll be back.... MODUS OPERANDI This  Lesley @BirdsNerd photo  You'd love her channel I'm looking, I'm looking... As long as bastards don't steal your sky pictures, that is!  Then it's time to sing  🎹🎼🎸 You suck🎹🎡🎢😬 NAZIS ARE EVIL!  I'll be back... Remember when clowns were mainly fun characters that children loved? THEN CaME EVIL OBAMA!  6/24/2022 UNFILTERED....😬😜