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  @USCCA How many terrorist cells are in the USA? Colin Powell developed a graph with defined measurements of intelligence ." I am NO, measurements of terrorism! Someone altered this! - watching this video on #SEIGE - FUNDED by WHO? Formed during Obama reign of terror-yet people are being so dishonest in media. "Stop the NAZIS"  The Ukraine NAZIS were trained by CIA!  #OperationGladio           I STOPPED FOLLOWING RYAN HALL Y'ALL channel  My conlusions #DecideForYourself  1.  He is Rand Paul's son William - why the social mask?  I don't have time to finish editing this due to hackers - I'll be back 7/14/2022 2.  Rand Paul is a CIA Man  3.  Ron Paul is a lifetime CIA agent - Russia kicked him out of their country because he was deceiving them.  4.  So what caused him to come up with the name "Hall" - a common name among American NAZIS!  - JEFF HALL,