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Nick Zentner, PhD
Professor of Geology
817 E 3rd Avenue4
Ellensburg, WA 98926-2451

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I am sure there is other information but I hope this helps

My Weather and Geo blogpost was nefariously removed, so I am creating this one and singling out just the geology aspects taught by Professor Nick Zetner  3/18/2022 I will be back!  Well, I added more notes but I think you will appreciate them.  Static In The Attic is quite an interesting Channel.  Check him out. 

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Michael Shainblum, Astrophotographer 

@MikeDNelsonTwit is a oceanphotographer - last time I knew he worked for Sammy's Camera in California - check him out too!  Both guys should be on Facebook, fyi.  Frankly, I have almost parted ways with FB - Zuckface is probably Robert T Morris, CIA operative who destroyed all computer hard drives except for Apple Computers in 1989.  CIA enjoyed throwing tons of business to Bill Gates and more.  This is what made Gates a billionarie.  

CIA are terrorists!  #DecideForYourself 
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    (1) I created THIS blogpost which does not cure the other loss but helps me move foreward

    (2)  Funny coincident: Take a look about the turtle imagery, LOL since Professor Nick uses turtle imagery in his teaching about certain rock layers.  I got the turtle image from TMobile's website.  Ha!



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I've been playing hooky; Anyway, I have some show-and-tell:  But I can show it and don't know what to make of it, so there is nothing for me to tell: 

Posted 3/21/2022

I'm not feeling so well about this blogpost. Too much TMI...I also need to provide basic information on Professor Zentner... I'll be back ..

I went to Afghanistan

OMG, I just got a geo bomb from Static In The Attic and have to share this! 

@BovierDon provides a 15-min mini lecture regarding our current magnetic and seasonal overview and why. See the comments as well.
Do You Realize Where the Pole (Shift) Is? Cycles of Catastrophe. GSM via @YouTube

30.1K subscribers
2 actual scientists on yt both have predictions of a pole migration (at minimum) to a full pole reversal within the next 30 years. Hell, one say in TEN MONTHS it could accelerate exponentially. That coupled with the grand solar minimum we appear to to beginning isn't it strange that the "managers" seem to be doing a lot to sabotage the food supply and supply chains right at a critical point of change? Seems almost like they WANT a famine, but that's just tin foil hat stuff, right?

Huge Comment:

W Aw I don't know what happened here.....
For those wanting more examples: Note: The smaller the cycle, the lower the destruction. The smaller the cycle, the more it is overshadowed by larger cycles, hence little is known. ±77,760 years ago (12,960-Year Cycle): Toba Excursion, known as the greatest bottleneck in human history. Caused 1,000 years of volcanic winter. It is estimated that less than 10,000 people survived on the entire planet. ±64,800 years ago (12,960-Year Cycle): Norwegian Greenland Sea/Gaotai Excursion. Unknown effects. ±51,840 years ago (12,960-Year Cycle): Leschamp/Napoli Excursion: Global Mega-Faunal Extinction. ±39,880 years ago (12,960-Year Cycle): Mono Lake Excursion: Mega-Faunal Extinction mainly in North America. anatomically modern humans replace Neanderthals (40,000 years ago). ±25,920 years ago (12,960-Year Cycle): Lake Mungo/Last Glacial Max Excursion: Mega-Faunal Extinction mainly in Australia/Eurasia/Africa. ±12,960 years ago (12,960-Year Cycle): Gothenburg/Younger Dryas Excursion: Global Mega-Faunal Extinction (remember the frozen Mammoths?). Following the event: Beginnings of agriculture (9500BC), beginning of domestication through millennia of plants and animals, earliest monumental ritual art (9500BC), earliest use of brick architecture (9500BC), earliest continuous settlements (9000BC). Also, by 8000BC continental icesheets withdraw from Europe and North America. Note that all this sound more like "rediscoveries" rather than "beginnings/earliest", which gives an idea of how powerful the destruction was. ±6480 years ago (6480-Year Cycle): Solovki/Noah/Sumerian Excursion: Nothing to do with religion, instead massive floods all over the world. Çatalhöyük Civilization collapse (5700BC), Jiahu Culture Collapse (5700BC), Ain Ghazal Collapse (5000BC). From survivors, multiple great civilizations appear (Around 3000BC) like Ancient Greek Civilization, Mayan Civilization, Ancient Egyptian Civilization, Norte Chico Civilization, Indus Valley Civilization. ±3240 years ago (3240-Year Cycle): Sterno Etrussia Excursion. Late Bronze Age collapse (Hittites in 1178 BC, Mycenaean Greece in 1050 BC, the collapse affected a large area covering much of Southeast Europe, West Asia and North Africa, 300-year drought event), Indus Civilization collapse (1000 BC, experts don’t know why but think it was climate change and famine) ±1620 years ago (1620-Year Cycle): "The worst year to be alive" (536): A volcanic winter (possibly by eruption in Iceland) caused climate cooling, resulting in crop failures, then famine (weakening people), then the Plague of Justinian (541-549) which was a bubonic plague. The Roman Civilization Collapse (476). Beginning of central Europe’s 300-year Migration Period (300) ±1215 years ago (405-Year Cycle): Medieval Warm Period (900-1300) made climate wet in Europe, arid in North America, may have depopulated the Great Plains of North America, then The Crusades (1095-1291), The Khmer Civilization collapse (1000-1200, experts don’t know why), The Maya Civilization collapse (900, severe drought killed millions of Maya people due to famine and lack of water), The Tang Dynasty collapse (907, crop failure and famine associated with drought), The Tiwanaku Empire (1000, drought, 10-meter drop in lake level at this time), Anasazi Collapse (1150, North America experienced a 300-year drought called the Great Drought). All these collapses may have allowed an easier invasion by the Mongol Empire (started in 1206) ±810 years ago (810-year cycle): Volcanic event (1315-1320) caused damaged crops and mass cattle death, resulting in the Great Famine (1315-1322), resulting in mass death and malnourished/weakened people, resulting in the spread of the Plague (1331-1353) which was a bubonic plague, resulting in the weakening of empires, resulting in wars like the 100-year war (1337-1453). Mongol Empire Collapse (1368) ±405 years ago (405-Year Cycle): "Maunders Minimum" mini-ice age (1645 to 1715). The Ming Dynasty collapse (1644, severe drought). The Thirty Years' War (1618–1648) ended near the start of the mini ice age (maybe it disrupted the war) ±202.5 years ago (202.5-Years Cycle): “Year without summer” (1816). Great Tartary Collapse (1801, last seen on the 1801 Mappemonde by Guillaume Delisle and Philippe Buache, it breaks into three pieces: Russian Tartary which becomes the Russian Empire, Chinese Tartary which becomes China and Independent Tartary which becomes Turkestan around 1850). Destabilization and mayor wars all over the world (early 1800s, possibly following the collapse of the Great Tartary, creating a power vacuum), most notably the “War of 1812” in North America (1812-1815) and “Napoleonic Wars” (1803-1815).
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Actually, as always, there are multiple functions to what they are doing to the world. For example, crashing the economy to rebuild the society will give them more power, but it is also useful to, for example, force logistics to be more localized, so that when climate goes berserk, countries won't depend on logistic chains that spam the entire world. You can see this by how suddenly many countries started building microchip factories, and how countries are investing into being more selfsufficient (if you wonder why not simply force each country to do it instead of causing so much chaos, it is beause it is easier to convince like this). Also, interestingly, the world wide refugee crisis coud server two purposes, one to destabilize countries and smultaneously to spread worldwide the genetic material so that when a portion of the planet is most affected, the world won't lose the genetic characteristics of the people located there. And many more examples with multiple simultaneous purposes.

Wow! Great information!

Here is another comment:

Oofta - that's deep! I hope we find out.
faithisme speaks
Huge fan of your channel, I have an alternate theory just for fun. The supposed pole shift is not a pole shift at all but the weakening of the magnetosphere due to geo engineering and weather control devices. What we live in is actually one or more torus fields, thus explained by the Fibanacci spiral, or golden means spiral. Tides, weather, currents, shells, all spirals thus confirming these spirals in nature. The Sun then is entering higher or lower in the torus field which looks like a wandering Sun, which is not a tilt of the Earth at all, but just the Sun entering higher or lower on said torus field. Since we have no accurate photos of what we actually are living in, or on, depending on what you believe, it could be anything. Assuming Occam's Razor is correct and governments (all of them) lie about virtually everything. Why would what we live in, or on, be any different, why would everything be allowed to be questioned except this one subject. Which brings me to ask this question of anyone, would you rather have questions you can not answer, or would you rather have answers you are not allowed to question. Your entire channel is built on asking questions, why wouldn't we question all the big lies, like big bang, or evolution, since all the evidence you have suggested, and all the facts show, that most of what we were taught via Tell A Vision is programming to a large extent. What if our Sun or Moon was not exactly like science fiction states it is, and what if there were portals we were unaware of which would explain many of these anomalies. I believe they don't go anywhere at all because they can't, which would explain why they have all this constant media theater circus and siphon off all these funds for black projects. Most likely in theory, space is electrical, and magnetic, and is frequency, and so called "space" is not at all like it is presented by science fiction, but like water, or fluidic space, which would explain why all these things enter and exit from portals. Time as we know it, and even the speed of light for example would then not be a speed but mainly a reference point. Natural frequency for example for most living things should be around 7.8 cycles a second, but they have us saturated currently ( no pun intended ) at over 2.4 billion cycles a second. This looks like some sort of electronic prison with no bars, or a control matrix of some type. I know that was a bit much for the average person, but you never struck me as average.


Well, well, well:  
What I can tell you for a fact is that there is no such thing as the South Pole! There is no magnetic south!!! There is never been a magnetic south!!! Sure the North Pole can move as far as the magnetic compass readers are concerned, But there has never been and never will be a magnetic South Pole to migrate anywhere!!! Even on a stupid ball there isn’t it’s not like the compass needle point south all of a sudden when you’re close to the South Pole because the magnetic is drawn that way no! Again there is no magnetic south pole to move at all or shift!
Richland-based geochemist Nicole Rocco visited CWU Geology yesterday. Click below to hear her talk about returning to college after years in the customer service industry. Inspiring! The Life of a Dark Matter (Geo) Chemist - Nicole Rocco via My response tweet: I enjoyed this video with Nicole as guest. I didn't realize the #ManhattanProject is now a reputable lab working on the advancement of technology and safety. Where I live, I bet an EMF meter would jump out of its box! Are building and housing inspectors checking this? ******************(Pictures)

@GeologyNick @N8_Snyder - I got this tweet fed in my email from @RealDutchsinse - &it is taken down. That tells me #AnotherOneBitesTheDust, or should I say #AnotherOneBitesTheDutch - the only clickbait that works for me is from @Scottymechanic bc it is all in fun, not to FRAUD
posted 11/29/2022
Livestreaming 11/30/2022 - in a few minutes #JoinChat at the classroom of @GeologyNick Guests:
D. Nanaimo Group ... with Jerome Lesemann via @YouTube

posted 11/30/2022

Well, Happy New Year. It is 1/6/2023 and Prof Nick just gave us a treat with Hanna, guest lecturer, on volcanoes. I took some screenshots which I hope I can upload here, bing , bing bing. But I have to close out and go back in this blogpost because my widgets disappear and I can't do anything without those.
hello, clipboard, where the blankety blank are you? ......
I just selected pictures and I will be back later to sort them out. My butt's asleep. I had to get a large document scanned and and sent to the court, which finally came to fruition and now I need a break.

@GeologyNick - #OurPresentIsAPresent today! Thank you! Thank you Hanna! Excellent Lecture on Volcanoes!
sorry I can't activate the link right now so you can just tap on it.
Pictures from today's surprise livestreaming are here, but they are shabby. I did what I could. Need to take a break now. 1/6/2023

Today is Saturday, 1/14/2023
I will share screenshots later.  I am on the livestreaming with Nick Zentner now....
Listening to Prof Jane Wynne 
     Interesting visit! 


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