An Open Letter

4/6/ 2022 - This has been altered.  I don't have time to edit it now.  For the most part, I see spelling alterations, and words changed.  

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@gpovanman - this is how well US has control: Who killed #JohnFKennedy? His transgender wife #JackieKennedy and CIA got #LeeHarveyOswald to kill #JDTippit claiming he wanted to kill JFK when all they wanted to do was change bodies for autopsy bc #Tippit looked like #JFK

War is Hell


I thought about mailing a letter yet none of you know me personally and what I have to say is not regartding a personal matter.  

Consider what Russia has had to endure, particularly since Obama took office.  He considers himself  like God, which is characteristic of Extreme Narcissism, as Dr. Sam Vaknin has relayed as a teacher; and a damn good one I must say.  At one point I felt sorry for him, for his upbringing but his corruption goes so deep and depraved, and he enjoys being a part of the organized crime that manipulates this country.   

USA sent 2,000 troops on the Russian border to do what?  Incite War, obviously!  Ukraine was not the problem; terrorism was.  USA has harbored the biggest group of terrorists and could care less about who lives and who dies, as long as it isn’t them, the Elites.  The mafia would even kill off their own, not trusting them anymore, considering them a leak, etc. And they would go to their funerals and cry as if they had nothing to do with murdering them!  

Operation Gladio was CIA, training terrorists and it is still going on today!  Many Ukrainians became NAZIS in WW2.  The country is split!  Obama has sent actors to cause riots and the breakout of civil war!  He tried to incite war wherever he could.  It was the agenda of the criminal underground - the Illuminati, et al.  


Putin’s Right to Eradicate Terrorists, protect Ukraine


USA would have only made it worse.  The military were probably attacking Russia and yet there is no sense telling the media that because media lie anyway.  And the speeches are not circulated so you don’t know what they are saying, which is really the only trustable sources.  I found a professor of political science, at Long Island University, who has a channel and has posted President Putin’s speech from February 21.  He has also cordially posted President Putin’s speech today.  He also does not consider the actions of Russia to warrant a war.  I was particularly impressed he said this.  

Anyone who reads or watches President Putin's speech will understand the longstanding hardship of Russia having to contend with such evil infiltration and abuse - caused by USA!  This inhuman activity certainly is against my personal beliefs and that includes I claim it to be an act of war, and therefore criminal.  Both Obama and Trump and now Biden are up to no good.  And Obama is in the background with Biden, conspiring with Biden!  

Many would  and do get harmed if they speak their opinion.  They do not threaten, they do not slander, neither of which YouTube cares about controlling anyway.  Only their "community standards" which they fail to define.  AFTER ALL, SOCIALISM IS ILLEGAL YET RAMPANT IN THIS COUNTRY.  A Solution to this is just have the laws in place and they can cite them as being followed.  None of this contractural set up as if we have to contract with every Tom, Dick and Harry on internet!  Abide by the same damn laws we even have in place now - and that includes FREEDOM OF SPEECH!  IT IS ILLEGAL TO HARASS.  IT IS ILLEGAL TO SLANDER.  IT IS ILLEGAL LIE. Internet is a service, not a separate place!   I have been lied about and my life has been compromised to the point where I have  not been able to enjoy any activities.  Last time I attended church, hoping nothing bad would happen, I said I was not interested in going to the Yale Art Museum with them. I said not to expect me to be there.  They called the police using the excuse I did not show up!  Even if I did not show up, they could have called me - if they misunderstood what I said or whatever. I was prettly clear with my intentions.  Nevertheless, I refused to let police in my apartment and told them to leave me alone.  They had no right to invade!  I had no health issue, they clearly knew that!  It wasn’t like I was being poisoned by a paedophile priest like my father was, in November 1999.  And my siblings completely ignored him, could have cared less about him and he almost died!  He had two transfusions and much other work was performed by a doctor who happened to be Islamic.  I had the opportunity to speak to him and he was very caring and said he could not understand why no one from the family was helping him.  I made the mistake of telling my older sister that I was leaving my job to go down.  I was disappointed that she wasn’t and she said she had to take care of her 16 year old son because he could not care for himself.  I was 14 and took my mother’s place in the kitchen and with housework for two months, when she went to see my newly married sister in Germany!  There were five of us at home.  

This society rewards the wicked!  Very few of the wealthy people are good people who believe in an honest day’s work.  

The United States is incompetent as a whole to have the ability to even manage its own affairs.  They have primarily obsessed about the powers of internet and how much money can be made, committing crimes that they figure they can get away with.  


Foreign Policy requires Organized Crime


To be “in” with the United States, for many years one had to be involved with organized crime - or it was a gamble negotiating anything.  Remember the $400 million in cash that Obama sneaked to Iran and claimed it was “hostage money” for the release of people who were in Iran’s prisons, charged with crimes?  That money was obviously to pay off court officials to help Babak Zanjani, no doubt a longtime affiliate of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, the Bush Crime Syndicate, and most recent the Obama Crime Syndicate.  They had to take care of their own.  I hope that money was traced and then-President Hassan Rouhani’s administration was able to remove people who were just part of the CIA’s  Devil’s Chessboard.  

It was quite shameful that John Kerry got his daughter to entice the son of the man they made the Iran Dial with, and even marry him.  Supposedly he later attained a physician’s degree at Harvard, specializing in BRAIN CANCER.  How convenient for Joe Biden to report his son, (real name) Joe Biden III, who he called BEAU since Obama wanted him to change his son’s names so they could use that in cyphers and codes obviously

(Bowe Burgdhal, BO meaning Barack Obama and his dog’s name - and notice they promoted a movie called DOG and only people who were jabbed could see it - and of course DOG backwards is GOD..these people are outright psychopaths!)  BOJO was the acclaimed “bromance” with Biden and Obama - all drama, all hype, and complete BS, to cover up their incompetency in running the government.  


Using Jobs as Weapons


Example: We all know the Medical Industry uses their jobs as weapons.  The setting is no longer one of assurance.  A person always has to be on the guard and alert to be sure they are not being harmed.  It isn’t like all victims get their rights, either.  The justice system is very imbalanced and right now, if the feds are even able to successfully prosecute a murderer, that is quite an accomplishment!  It takes more than dedication and perseverence to serve this country as a federal agent in the FBI.  There are so many other security organizations which literally undermine their efforts, all waiting for the Big Day of mass murder, which is really why they are infiltrating USA.  For Bush to create the Homeland Security when he-himself took a main part in the mass murder of thousands of people on September 11, is just how depraved this country has become!  Obviously many surrounding him protected him as he committed crime after crime and no doubt they were also. Colin Powell resigned.  There was just so much “heading off at the pass” he could manage to do and they slandered him day and night.  Additionally, he was well aware that Bush and about 125 designated planners caused September 11 massacre.  Thousands others were co-conspirators, covering up and lying about everything.  $19 million was wasted funding the 9/11 Commission.  Not one of them cared about justice or relaying the truth.  They used their jobs as weapons instead.  


The Great World Reset

As Apposed to

New World Order


Not one of the Technocracy have proven to be good leaders.  In fact, they are depraved. They cheat, lie and enjoy fantasizing about their mass murder plans, which so far have been unsuccessful.


The Director of Housing Authority which administers the Section 8 government subsidy (ignoring laws and regulations set forth by HUD, of course) now calls herself  the “President” as if we are now our own little government and SHE is the law.  Many voicemails are set up to refer to the company and even government representatives as “agents” when all they are - are representatives.  An agent is one who holds an attorney’s license.  Hollywood agents have to be attorneys, for instance.  

They are rolling out their own delusional dreamworld of mass murder, population decrease, terror!  

 It is tragic that most attorneys consider their licenses as a license tp lie or break law.  That is the main reason why this country got this bad.  DERLELICTION OF DUTIES.  NO CHECKS AND BALANCES.  

Recently I was just supposed to have crownwork on my structured tooth and instead this dentist pounded things up into my jaw, and shaved my tooth down to half its size to excuse why he “needed” to pound this material up into my jaw.  There was no mirror and I was on novacain and did not realize what he was doing.  They obviously knew I had several crowns and never had material pounded in my jaw, nor did they request my permission to do so!  What is that material?  Is it weaponized?  Will it be that will cause me to die?  I have relatives that only come around if there is money to be had,  and they only satisfy the corrupted, even defending a paedophile priest even after I told them he was obviously a paedophile.  No big deal, after all!  Society rewards them for that!  


 Few people actually stand up to the corruption in society.  In some circumstances, they have their videos taken down for no good reason except “it does not meet our community standards” which is SOCIALISM, NAZIISM. This “teaches” people that they cannot stand up for the truth because the TECHNOCRACY is manipulating our every move!  


It is now 5 a.m. and I have not slept all night and have much to do because of corruption in my life.  I am particularly afraid that they will be successful killing me soon.  I have been poisoned here.  I have had terrible leg injuries and was harmed by medical malpractice.  This material in my mouth could be just the thing for them to use to harm me.  It seems that is used now as far as using internet goes, because the AI is aggressively manipulating what I see.  It tends to piss me off so much I change devices, which helps for a while and it happens again. Whatever they put in my mouth may help artificial intelligence to basically rape my head, my thoughts more!  They are indeed raping us on an intellectual level!  Don’t be surprised if the Grid is taken down and all these TECHNOCRATS lose all their magic and hopefully melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West on the Wizard of Oz!  


If I say I love you all, I wouldn’t really mean it.  I have been greatly harmed by people who got away with their evil acts and crimes.  And no, I am not trying to make a name for myself. I just like anyone elsIt is really pathestic how Obama wasted vast amounts of money to have a “Robin Hood” image and it certainly harmed the economy all the more. That is why they planned the sams of “Hurricane Sandy” and “Shandy Hook Shooting Hoax” - to obscund funds, to embezzle, to cheat and probably circulate more illegal money printed by Timothy Geitner, who still holds that position to this day even though he has committed fraud at a very high level.  THERE ARE NO CHECKS AND BALANCES!  




To say, “only God  judges us” is completely false, delusional.  And both criminals and law abiding citizens judge.  That is part of who we are.  This world has become so complecated and chaotic from the use of internet and technology wiuch has arose out of  it.  And unfortunatley, is used more as weapon than for prosperity, for industirialism, etc.  James Corbett and James Evan Pilato spoke on the great wonders of technology, defending population growth as an opportunity fior human beings to invent cures, solutions.  Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  Yet I was greatly disappointed hearing them incite war with Russia and Ukraine.  Others I have followed have done the same thing and I just stopped following them.  I am keeping my center and those who violate what I stand for on big issues, I am blocking.  It is okay if we disagree on matters, that is how we grow and even change our opinions.  But what is going on with Ukraine and Russia was definitely incited by USA for years! An they gave them billions of dollars - the money that should have gone to Iran in the Iran Deal, which Obama had no intgention of following through with anyway.  Did he publically appose Trump for violating the Deal?  Of course not!  And John Kerry’s son-in-law is a political :wild card” who they can target as causing “Beau”Biden’s death of BRAIN CANCER, when the organized crime obviously murdered him.  When one keeps their center, they can think on these things and it can become clear that the Devil’s Chessboard is doing all it can to take over our very existence, like they consider themselves as God.  




It is easier said than done when bad things happen on a daily basis and we can be so overwhelmed that we don’t know what to do, oftentimes freezing us in our tracks.  It is because you care probably. Hopefully the ones who are literally causing the trouble and crimes WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SHAKE IT OFF. Nevertheless, for us to take care of our goals, reassess our needs and take some kind of part in being part of the solution to this society’s need to correct itself - do not react.  ACT. Shake it off

Stay away from toxic people.  Andc if you cannot decide about someone, keep your distance until you are sure.  There is transhumanism, transgenderism, beehive technology and more - watch Truthstream’s recent video posted on YouTube.  We do not need synthetic relationships or people!  But they are trying to infiltrate our society with them and then get us to believe they are aliens from outerspace.  Do we really want that?  I certainly don’t!   


Remember the phrase, “How’s it shaking?”  Let that be a reminder to you it is okay to shake it off!  I was forced in an auto accident that changed my whole body and nobody really cared - I was just treated as a good f*k for someone and I hated that feeling so much I didn’t miss dating for a long time, putting all my efforts into a business that only I really supported. Not having any help from siblings and my father was chastized on a continuous basis for even supporting my career path. It can wear a father down having that treatment day in and day out, particularly when he felt like a failure because my siblings were rewarded if they called him a failure in public.  That was reality.  Shake off the fake rewards, people.  They don’t last and are fake.  


That’s it.  I didn’t edit this.  The lighting in my apartment is horrible.  I do the best I can.  



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