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Geology Nick Zetner

                                  Professor Nick Zetner at Washington State University Geology Class This blog's link is: REMEMBER, YOU CAN COPY THIS - NO RESTRICTIONS ON MY BLOGPOSTS.  BUT I DON'T TAKE COMMENTS, SORRY.  I AM NOT THAT SOCIABLE.  😆  ADDRESS/CONTACT INFORMATION Nick Zentner, PhD Professor of Geology 817 E 3rd Avenue4 Ellensburg, WA 98926-2451 GMAIL:  I THINK it is      I will verify and return here - website @GeologyNick - Twitter  I am sure there is other information but I hope this helps My Weather and Geo blogpost was nefariously removed, so I am creating this one and singling out just the geology aspects taught by Professor Nick Zetner  3/18/2022 I will be back!  Well, I added more notes but I think you will appreciate them.  Static In The Attic is quite an interesting Channel.  Check him out.  HOMEMADE ADVERTISEMENT :  If you need a carpet cleaner, I swear (