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Geology Nick Zetner

                                  Professor Nick Zetner at Washington State University Geology Class This blog's link is: REMEMBER, YOU CAN COPY THIS - NO RESTRICTIONS ON MY BLOGPOSTS.  BUT I DON'T TAKE COMMENTS, SORRY.  I AM NOT THAT SOCIABLE.  😆  ADDRESS/CONTACT INFORMATION Nick Zentner, PhD Professor of Geology 817 E 3rd Avenue4 Ellensburg, WA 98926-2451 GMAIL:  I THINK it is      I will verify and return here - website @GeologyNick - Twitter  I am sure there is other information but I hope this helps My Weather and Geo blogpost was nefariously removed, so I am creating this one and singling out just the geology aspects taught by Professor Nick Zetner  3/18/2022 I will be back!  Well, I added more notes but I think you will appreciate them.  Static In The Attic is quite an interesting Channel.  Check him out.  HOMEMADE ADVERTISEMENT :  If you need a carpet cleaner, I swear (

Ukraine On Fire

  Ukraine on Fire Notes Insert 4/26/2022:  After I created this blogpost and shared it, the Russian ship MOSKOVA  was destroyed by the psychopaths who are INFILTRATING, who CAUSED THE CIVIL WAR IN UKRIANE IN 2014, AND ARE NOW COMMITTING INTERNATIONAL CRIMES BY INCITING MORE WAR!   They were supposed to allow President Putin to take the military action and be done with it!  INSTEAD THEY ARE INFILTRATING!  YET THEY WOULD NOT INTERCEDE FOR OVER SEVEN YEARS, SINCE THE USA used CIA and other Black Operatives, to incite an ongoing civil war in Ukraine - CIA bombed the building whith the President of the Russian Federation was publicly speaking in - and killed him!  CIA BOMBS!  My first consideration when I discovered the MOSKOVA was destroyed - was CIA!  They are terrorists!   Russia began with destroying the weapons which USA paid for and gave to Ukraine - USA HAS REPEATEDLY FUNDED TERRORISM AND CIA HAS BEEN CREATED TO BE THE WORST TERRORIST ORGANIZATION IN THE WORLD.  #KnowTheEnemy Robert