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So this is an informal blogpost which will be rooted with Dutchsinse topics to the best of my ability....will see how it goes.  I will take it down if I can't find material from Dutch.  There is another blogpost I created, "Dear Dutch" which I plan to unpublish.  I will take portions from that and put it here.  



APRIL 21, 2022


Putin has given us the last early warning we're going to get....

Replying to @Researchlight
No cooperation leaves @KremlinRussia_E to their own solutions! @RealPepeEscobar has emphasized the liars are saturating the world at full force! All to feed #WallStreet with a War! #Superimperialism is full-throttle and it is discusting! Get the psychopaths out of DC!
I would post this on my February blogpost but they are hacking it to keep me from adding more notes!
Vladimir Putin's Speech
February 21, 2022


Dutchsinse had over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube!  And it was still growing!  

Dutchinse considers every day is a school day because we learn.  

He reports primarily on Seismic Activity

He has not been so active on YouTube - due to wrongful blocking his channel - most likely caused by the Secret Societies that peoplescape who they want to be on YouTube.  Pathetic, isn't it?   

Good news! I made twitch partner! Watch live here 24/7 for current earthquake information! https://twitch.tv ...
YouTube · dutchsinse · Nov 17, 2021   https://m.twitch.tv/dutchsinseofficial/home 

Dutch has REAL friends!  He does not consider deception to be productive ever.  He makes sense about morals, about ethics.  So listen up.  Enjoy life.  Understand the logic.  

I will use this blogpost to add curiosities incase Dutch may want to discuss them....

1/31/2022 -- New Seismic Unrest brewing -- 3 Sisters volcano in Oregon is inflating
The video plays right off Twitter, or you can access through YouTube. FYI.

I need to get to Twitch to share his videos, I guess.
He doesn't post them on Twitter from what I see.

The Story of Atoms

309K subscribers

The world around us is made of atoms. Did you ever wonder where these atoms came from? How was the gold in our jewelry, the carbon in our bodies, and the iron in our cars made? In this lecture, we will trace the origin of a gold atom from the Big Bang to the present day, and beyond. You will learn how the elements were forged in the nuclear furnaces inside stars, and how, when they die, these massive stars spread the elements into space. You will learn about the origin of the building blocks of matter in the Big Bang, and we will speculate on the future of the atoms around us today. Speaker: Dr. Edward Murphy, University of Virginia Date: November 13, 2012 You can download a copy of the Table of Elements from this page:

My comment - bypass if you want, I don't care

They posted the video when Hurricane Sandy was geo-engineered, a month before SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SHOOTING HOAX
Before that mayor became a mayor, he was a nasty attorney.  He came to my apartment unannounced, just like Attorney Barber did.  In both cases, I did not respond to their knocking. Neither one called me, either.  Before or after that.  Additionally, he said he would be able to represent me in a workers comp case.  My shoulder was locked from having a bad case of tendonitis.  I said I wasn't going to pay for the medical bill! They wouldn't cooperate filing a WC case because the manager got docked $25000 from the total sales for each WC case.  

Minor detail: The current mayor actually worked for my employer's lawfirm and was DECEIVING.  It backfired when he tried to go to my apartment unannounced.  

Thereafter, they enjoyed seeing me get erroneously arrested at the Univ of New Haven on Trumped-up charge which they first referred to as "Risk of Injury" which is a charge on a chile (that is how much they know their job!) to "Reckless Endangerment" which requires a public appearance and I mailed a harmless package to the university president, thanking him for helping expedite my processing!  They said the University President of the Univ of New Haven (who frequented trips to Germany) was the victim!  THAT WOULD BE ASSAULT, THEN.  Additionally, there was no letter of complaint and many other elements of the case were not met!  I learned from the court services clerk - who I have considered a public friend over the years and yet years later they falsely arrested me again using Her as the victim, saying SHE called the state police, etc. etc.  which were all lies - and I told the prosecutor that!  She would never call state police without checking with her supervisor, for one thing!  She would also request the marshall, I am sure.  And the Marshall's office is right next to her work area!  LOL  If it wasn't near her work area at that time, it was near the prosecutor's ...which frankly left for bad, even dishonest associations. In fact, the chief marshall, Sperigno or something like that, appeared at one of my pretrial hearings and said he was an attorney.  They removed my comments about the marshall having no business being there! He was obviously part of the organized crime that helped Lawrence Mark Hurley steal money on a regular basis from the courthouse.  he used a chemical to remove people's signatures on checks and endorsed them himself and put them in accounts sent up fraudulently, through credit cards he got from stores. Hundreds of thousands stolen in three years.  He was there 19 years and yet the judge refused to allow State Police to further audit! AND - even though my first case should have been dismissed because of STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS IS ONE YEAR, I WAS ILLICITLY ARRESTED IN 2006 AND IT WAS ALREADY 2008!  AND I MOTIONED FOR IT TO BE DISMISSED MANY TIMES!  THEY WOULD NOT RESPOND BY PAPER AND ONLY SAID NO AT THE BENCH SO THEY COULD COVER UP THEIR DISHONEST PRACTICES. 

No letter from the victim!  They have to have a letter unless the victim was incompetent!  The university president was not incompetent!  They caused me so much trauma in my life and held onto the case expecting their efforts to get me evicted would prevail.  COWARDS ABUSE POWER.  

On the second illicit arrest, the court PAID a private attorney to represent me without my request!  And this attorney had obviously sold drugs for CIA in Afghanistan for three years, claiming to be a hero on return!  Secretary James Mattis had that opium factory shut down since Mike Pompeo refused to do it when he was CIA Director - facing military criminal charges, Trump abrupty sent a tweet to Rex Tillerson, telling him he was fired as SECRETARY OF STATE (wtf) AND HANDED THE JOB OVER TO POMPEO FOR EMERGENCY IMMUNITY.  #YouCantTouchThis  How much of a slimeball was this CT Attorney Walter Bansely?  He was paid to lobby for ending the death penalty when they put RAYMOND CLARK on the noose!  INNOCENT YALE GRAD, RAYMOND CLARK.  So much for God, for Country, for Yale!  I have mentioned this in other blogposts.  I  consider it just horrible that he is still at Cheshire, CT prison and they locked him up and threw away the key!  He did not kill his co-worker Annie Le! The Satanists did - probably a Skull & Bonesman murder.  She was chopped up, decapitated.  And the police did not find her body for five days yet left the building open!  Using cadaver dogs! Everything about the case showed conspiracy, organized crime, and Satanism!  They drain the blood and use it for adrenachrome.  She was getting married the next day and her adrenaline was high!  I had a conversation with a close frined of the best of man for the wedding!  His fiance was a Russian woman who worked in the administration of Yale University!  They used her as a political wild card, since they also had Joshua Komisarjevsky in prison.  Joshua was an American who was adapoted by a nice Russian couple, who over the years felt that he was always controlled by public people and taught to treat them badly.  Mr. Komisarjevsky was in tears testifying.  In my opinion, it was obvious that Joshua was a mind-controlled CIA operative.  Steven Hayes may have been also.   Yet Joshua  obvious hitman -- hired, contracted!  He and Steven Hayes.  I also shared more on blogposts about that -Petit Murders) 

I thought this video provided a balanced overview of what elements are and more
The Origin of the Elements https://youtu.be/ZJQjjBR6PbY via @YouTube

I wonder if there is a relationship:  He and O-2 were the first gases.  Are they reliant to cause volcanic eruptions?  The even number of elements are much more existent on earth than the odd number.  Silicone is even.  To determine types of magma, it is all centered on how much silicone is in it.  I wonder why.  I wonder if it is because of its properties, that it is slippery in particular. 

I will be back.....


Was my thinking stinking? 

@Scottymechanic @scotty_kilmer
@TruthStream @mediamonarchy @GeologyNick the #JeffersonLab that is #DeptofEnergy, which controls formation of #AtomicBombs #NuclearWeapons
I thought this video provided a balanced overview of what elements are and more
The Origin of the Elements https://youtu.be/ZJQjjBR6PbY via @YouTube

My final tweet was this: @Scottymechanic @scotty_kilmer
@TruthStream @mediamonarchy @GeologyNick the #JeffersonLab that is #DeptofEnergy, which controls formation of #AtomicBombs #NuclearWeapons
NOT the elementary school in MA #WhatsInAName
The Origin of the Elements https://youtu.be/ZJQjjBR6PbY via @YT


Kelly Rek
Insecticides work similarly. Evolutionary pressures encourage vaccine-resistant crickets to multiply. When I used insecticides, I had a population explosion of mutant crickets b/c it was killing their predators. When I quit that, toads & lizards survived to eat those crickets. twitter.com/P_McCulloughMD…
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Peter McCullough, MD MPH
Wang et al, non-sterilizing evolutionary pressures among prevalent strains. Long lasting induced Spike protein creates the antibody ecosystem to encourage dominant and more infectious strains to move forward. The more is forced the worse it gets. pic.twitter.com/mfAsH1Hopd
Replying to @KellyRek
- Are vaccine resistent crickets not tasty to the toads and lizards? Are they poisonous? How can just a vaccine-resistant poison a predator? Do they have superpowers? Do you propose to vaccine every cricket on earth? For what supposed disease?

I had a WTF seizure over that one, so I am sharing it here. This person actually and rudely claimed that @GeologyNick was abusive to his guests on his recent livestream Saturday. This person wants everyone to agree like they are on drugs, my impression. #StnkingThinking

#JeffersonLabs of #DeptOfEnergy
16min video on #StaticElectricity - how Electrons and Protons behave in a simple experiment; how #Lightning and #Thunder are created https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3tauzN6-Uk

Tonga Volcano eruption video, shared by Dutchsinse

@RealDutchsinse #SunriseCT #TongaEruption #WasItBombed #Ruger4Life #TheyTriedButTheyCouldntDoIt @mediamonarchy @Truthstream @Scottymechanic @bobforgovernor @BovierDon

Posted 2/22/2022

What do you think of this? WEAPONIZED WEATHER? right in plain sight?

Posted 3/21/2022


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