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Dutch and Much Friends

  So this is an informal blogpost which will be rooted with Dutchsinse topics to the best of my ability....will see how it goes.  I will take it down if I can't find material from Dutch.  There is another blogpost I created, "Dear Dutch" which I plan to unpublish.  I will take portions from that and put it here.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II APRIL 21, 2022 2/28/2022 SM #FTEU @Researchlight · 16h Putin has given us the last early warning we're going to get.... Replying to @Researchlight No cooperation leaves @KremlinRussia_E to their own solutions! @RealPepeEscobar has emphasized the liars are saturating the world at full force! All to feed #WallStreet with a War! #Superimperialism is full-throttle and it is discusting! Get the psychopaths out of DC! I would post this on my February blogpost but they are hacking it to keep me from adding more notes! Vladimir Putin's Speech February 21, 2022 I NEVER GOT IT! YOUTUBE BLOCKS RUSSIA M