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I had to create a new domain because the crooked politicians disabled my blog when I tweeted each member of the judiciary committee my blogpost on Brett Kavanaugh - facts which they obviously wanted to shove under the rug!

It took me at least 18 months to recover my blog and I had to create a new domain. Thanks to good people in high places who helped me obviously.  

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Those who claim it is the end of the world and it is God's Will, give their lazy asses to promote the evil, do nothing and consider themselves to have a free ticket to heaven!  WTF 

I have a right to be fed up!  I have gone through so much hell, and my own sibling murdered my father and bragged about it.  Saying it was a religious experience!  And none of my other siblings even cared!  That is what happens when you allow the world to brain wash you, which is all centered on money being the rewarder!  

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

It's a quote routinely attributed to Edmund Burke.


#33 LaPalma 

13 min of explaining more secret codes, cyphers.  Use of the sceptor-appearing object is really a weapon. This profiling is on-point and no matter what your religious affiliation, understand that this is a warning for what is probably ahead unless we stop it.  

Many events have been thwarted by the patriots in our country, and it is indeed tragic that so many sociopaths enjoy - even salivate over mass killing, takeover of the government, etc.  September 11 was probably the worst event when Americans mass murdered Americans.  Yet Paradise, CA was another!  

Nevertheless, in either case, they did not succeed inciting war.  If you recall, there was no war with the Middle East while Hon. Colin Powell was Secretary of State.  He would not approve Bush's agenda.  So Bush spread dirt about Colin Powell and failed intelligence regarding the Kuwait War, claiming Hon. Powell wanted the war, which was a lie, even though THERE WERE WOMD MADE BY SADDAM HUSSEIN.  REASON HE DID NOT WANT WAR:

     1.  Saddam Hussein was a CIA=paid asset!  

      2.  The WOMD were made at the request of CIA!  

       3. Many other reasons.....

Bush should have been impeached and arrested for TREASON.  

There were about 125 people directly involved with the mass murder on September 11, 2001.  THOSE PEOPLE ALL COMMITTED TREASON.  

The other shills who aided and abetted, who refused to get involved even though they were paid politicians, etc - reflect just how pathetic the social climate is in this country!  

This nation needs to be fixed!  Though the NWO's are trying to create THEIR NWO, they are up against much higher intelligent people, who do not need buttons to push to prove leadership.  They are smart, forthright, and are patriots to the USA.  The Shanghai Corp is going full speed ahead because their structure is based on just those morals.  I would not be surprised if they do become the WORLD POWER.  And they will hold the bastards accountable!  

CONSEQUENCES are the result of every action we take.  They may be good, they may be bad.  Walk with your higher power.  Be moral.  Humanity is a good thing.  Defend yourself.  

Truthstream Media have created a great series of videos, over 11 hours in total, and they only charge $11 or $12 -  watch them, they are uplifting on any of their videos.  They are also very informative.  My blog is created to give attention to those who truly work tirelessly in resisting the evil that exists in this nation.  They are satanists, deliberate deceivers, liars.  They are organized crime.  Nobody died at Sandy Hook Elementary School either.  Yet Obama through a lot of money dog biscuits to ones who do not deserve it and abuse their power.  




Aaron and Melissa Dykes

PO Bos 29372

Kerrville, TX 78029

     just highlight and copy this, it is not encrypted.  

JP Morgan was born in Connecticut!  Need I say more?  

Posted 1/3/2022

I am watching a video titled: The Internet's Own Boy; The story of Aaron Swartz...  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vz06QO3UkQ

     Note, Aaron Swartz was co-founder of REDDIT, the online news magazine. 

      My assumption is that he had his dirty little hands in THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE as well.  Additionally, my assumption is, Aaron Swartz was programmed to fit this particular role in life; probably even through mind control techniques by ORGANIZED CRIME.  And typical of organized crime, they will use people and throw them away.  

Own is what the title has in it....which I perceive as play on words, I expect!  Since "home boy" is more like it.  (But OWN is the Satanic chant - especially prosyletized by Oprah publishing her magazine OWN.  it is all SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Notice how often your "I" is changed to an "O" when you type it?  They obviously spread a virus on internet to do that)  But he like others are just used as faces.  A 14 year old kid was supposed to  be the creator of a mind-blowing internet strategy....which they named RSS, like the RSS Titanic!  

The depravity of the secret sociopaths is nothing that we can wrap our heads around.  It is based on having so much money and using it like a game - becoming organized crime in plain sight!  

His father says, "He was born in Hyde Park and grew up here" ... Hyde Park is in NEW YORK!  Aaron Swartz was sent to a Day School in Massachusetts or Chicago!  

If you listen to this video expecting the truth, forget it!  It is very dishonest!  

These are the notes on the YouTube video:

This is the FULL MOVIE! - The Internet's Own Boy depicts the life of American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist Aaron Swartz. It features interviews with his family and friends as well as the internet luminaries who worked with him. The film tells his story up to his eventual suicide after a legal battle, and explores the questions of access to information and civil liberties that drove his work. Director / Producer: Brian Knappenberger Contact Information: http://www.takepart.com/internets-own... This movie is made available under the Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Remix, transform and build upon the material as you like Please support the creators of this movie! Rent it on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Instant, XBox Video, Vudu, Sony Entertainment Network or other platforms or see it in the cinema. http://www.takepart.com/internets-own... you can also load the full movie here: https://archive.org/details/TheIntern...

At 10-12 min they talk about Aaron only eating steamed rice when he was 14.  WTF - he is Jewish.  He is white!  Swartz is a Jewish name!  

An acclaimed attorney in the comments quoted Thoreau, who was neither a scholar or attorney - he was a Transcendentalist whose religion was Freemasonry.  I will add more notes here after I watch the video.  Copy what you want, share what you want.  

That acclaimed attorney said he practiced in Seattle in the 1980's.  I looked up his name and found that an attorney with his name was in DALLAS, TEXAS - and he was entered in the bar in 2004, I think.  Maybe it is his son.  It is only when someone claims to be a professional of some sort that I wonder who they are.  He may have used a fake name on YouTube.  



Taken from the above source:   


Ironically, although Concord is known today for its Transcendentalist writers, most townspeople never embraced that radical faith. Well over 150 men passed through the Corinthian Lodge between 1797 and 1832; spiritual rebels like Thoreau can be counted on two hands. Even more to the point, Freemasonry was the faith of the Transcendentalists’ fathers. The Rev. Ezra Ripley, member of both the Corinthian Lodge and the Royal Chapter and forceful defender of the fraternity in its time of woe, was the step-grandfather of Emerson. His generational counterpart was the erstwhile minister and clergyman Asa Dunbar, maternal grandfather of Thoreau. Tracing the lineage from Freemason to Transcendentalist is surely as crucial to our intellectual history as following the path from Jonathan Edwards to Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  At the same time, Concord has a good deal to teach students of Freemasonry. When the Corinthian Lodge was organized in 1797, it was one of a handful of voluntary associations, all closely connected to church or state. In the decades that followed, independent groups dedicated to a host of public and private purposes proliferated in the Bay State. “This is the age of benevolent institutions,” the Rev. Noah Worcester declared in 1817. A dozen years later the Unitarian leader William Ellery Channing repeated the point: “Every thing is done now by societies. . . . Would men spread one set of opinions and crush another? They make a society.” At the time  these observant ministers wrote, New England was generating a multiplicity of groups for “the diffusion of useful knowledge” and “to excite and cherish sympathetic, humane, and benevolent affections.” Agricultural societies and mechanics’ institutes, libraries and lyceums, female charitable societies, moral reform and temperance societies, missionary groups and tract and Bible societies, anti-slavery and non-resistance societies: these and many more sprang up in the decades after 1815 alongside the numerous lodges and chapters in town and country alike. 

I will further my notes in the Religion And More blogpost 

Send your support to Djokovic, the Tennis player, world class, who refused to take the jab in Australia!

@DjokerNole You did the right thing and you are a world-class winner because of it! #COVIDisFake #WorldTennis https://thunderflower2021.blogspot.com/2021/10/table-of-contents.html?m=1

Posted 1/6/2022

Find out who Sean Hughes is! He is a dirtbag Harvard Technocrat who buddied with Zuckerberg at Harvard and thereafter, all alligned with each other and no doubt THE TECHNOCRATS PLAN TO POOL ALL THEIR MONEY TOGETHER, WHICH IS WHY THEY DON'T CARE WHO MAKES THE MONEY NOW, AS LONG AS THEY HAVE OUR DATA AND ACCESS TO OUR WEALTH!  

Sean Hughes ran for Congress a couple times and lost - because people like myself outed him, for one of many reasons.  It isn't like Washington DC only has good people there, not by a longshot.  But some of us do all we can to head more scumbags off at the pass!  They don't care about making money, they take money! 

This is obviously his Twitter Account.  He reinvented himself as a security official - any opportunity to case a joint makes it easier to plunge!  

Comment just entered on YouTube
Refer to blogpost titled: Internet Rant II for more comments

fyi - I just tried opening the above CORRECT link I shared and it does not open! MORE CORRUPTION ON INTERNET! The blog is titled Publius Roots, aka publiusroot.com - the technocrats are depriving my rights , what I paid for. The domain worked when I purchased it and thereafter. Right now, though, it is only important to push their criminal agendas of taking over the USA - despite the obvious fact they cannot even take control of their own damn, useless lives!


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