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  HERE IS WHAT WAS SENT TO THE FEDERAL COURT, ALONG WITH AN APPENDIX.  TOTAL 277 PAGES IN APPENDIX.   PLEASE TREAT THIS AS AN EMERGENCY APPLICATION      8/29/2022   UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT For the District of New Haven   Connecticut Division   TAKE PAPERS ONLY                            ) Case No.              ANNE M. BRADLEY        )        )   V.        )        ) SUPERIOR COURT OF                  )      NEW HAVEN        )        ) IN THE MATTER OF        ) Anne M. Bradley, Pro Se        ) V        ) Storquest Storage Association      )   COMPLAINT AND REQUEST FOR INJUNCTION APPLICATION FOR INJUNCTIVE ORDER August 29, 2022   I.  The Parties To This Complaint A.  The Plaintiff(s) Anne M. Bradley   Residence:   360 State Street #719 New Haven, CT 06510 Note, page numbers had to be manually written due to Microsoft BLOCKING auto-entry of page numbers (please redact above on public record)  


    link for this blogpost:  I don't have it highlighted so you can copy it easier  UPDATE 29SEP 2022: I read through this on my phone last night. The fonts were changed - to mix things up - I think a reasonable person will realize what my notes are and the what the ruling was.  I will fix it asap but my big goal is to get this mailed tomorrow, Friday.   I posted a copy of the  Law on one of my blogposts.  I will try to find it now and type it.  It is short.  28 U.S.C. 2283 28 U.S. Code § 2283 - Stay of State court proceedings   A court of the United States may not grant an injunction to stay proceedings in a State court except as expressly authorized by Act of   Congress , or where necessary in aid of its jurisdiction, or to protect or effectuate its judgments.            NOTE!  STAY OF PROCEEDINGS IS MOTIONED/REQUESTED BY THE ACCUSED, DEFENDANT! Stay of Proceedings I WAS SEEKING THE OPPOSITE!  TO PROCEED!