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You Want Pictures I'll Give You Pictures

 You Want Pictures I'll Give You Pictures I'll be back....

May 2022

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY  PITSTOP OF INFORMATION MAY 2022  TABLE OF CONTENTS OF ALL BLOGPOSTS: RUSSIA IS JUSTIFIED IS THERE A RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR? RUSSIA ONLY STATED THEY WERE TAKING A MILITARY ACTION. BUT NATO AND UN JUMPED IN FOR GOOD OL' USA - TO MAKE IT A WAR! WHITE HOUSE JEN PATAKI FROM STAMFORD, CT - SAYS, GROWELING "WE'RE GOING TO CRUSH RUSSIA!" SNL SKIT/MY UNDERSTANDING: Biden fingering his son Robert who he changed to Hunter - yeah, I understand Biden. His boys failed to die when his wife (who he was cheating on) was obviously poisoned and saved the boys by getting the boys to curl up under the front seat when she felt the poison working, worried they would crash. That is where they were really found. And it wasn't hillarious. THIS IS A TOUGH SUBJECT TO BE FUNNY WITH, BUT SNL DID A GREAT JOB TRYING TO DO JU