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Pitstop December 2021

  BEFORE..... AFTER!  COURTESY OF My Combined Table of Contents, Alphabetized. I do my best to keep it current, but there may be a few problems.  These blogposts are ad-free, not monitized or monitored.  Copy what you want. Table of Contents, Alphabetized, for all blogposts: LUIS AND CRISTOFER PLAY SILENT NIGHT HERE IS MORE OF LUIS SALAZAR'S MUSIC:   I love his terracotta outfit! I did a few more searches:  Quechua translated (Luis and Cristofer oftentimes sing in their native language, which is  Kichwapanikuna, I think.  So do all the Wuauquikuna brothers - I think I created a blog recently reflecting Native Music - I will check later)   "I am raising a fly with wings of