Thunder Flower

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 Thunder Flower

Thunder from the sun

Comes rain

As Carl Jung depicts

Archetypes chrysanthemums

Longevity and Joy

Solar emblem – Emperial emblem

Blooming in autumn

Then winter – even winter

Thundering their way through

Kiku, a crest for Japan

Unshaken by Wind

Water falls like drops

Dripping – tearing into Joy

Colors so rich

Variety vanquishes

Solitudinal silence

Progressing strength

Promising substance

Thunder-like globular blooms

Boom into medicinal blossoms

Composing ray petals

Disposing life – longevity

And the pursuit to be Free.

You have the power!

Life on earth has been changed

1. Stay away from traditional media - their power is beyond comprehension

2. Treat others with respect

3. Eliminate Illuminatis

4. Return moral values

5. Inform, educate. Traditional school system is a brain-washing machine

6. Deprogram the wrong info: History of Humanity, Religion, Sex

7. Spirituality: Find harmony, love, energy in each one of us. Stop looking for substitutes in others or objects

8. Live in Harmony with the Planet (Prince Charles is emphasising a need for Green Tax, to right wrongs)

9. Stop sawing the branch on which We Are The World has

A new cycle is coming

"We are the product of genetic engineering"

Prince Nakumora of Japan

Special hello to HAPPY SUZUKI
     from chat with Wuauquikuna Music channels 

Special hello to JAMES CORBETT, who lives in Japan and loves it

Special hello to Scotty Kilmer, who loves Japan 

Special hello to 
Robert Mirabal,
 he as been to Japan many times. He is now Chief of Pueblo Tribe (the oldest Native American Tribe in USA) located in New Mexico - he is a musician, poet, writer, philosopher, and more  


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