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 .   These blogposts are ad-free, not monitized or monitored.  Copy what you want. Table of Contents, Alphabetized, for all blogposts: FRAUDULENT COLLECTIONS AGAIN  They don't stop.  They are addicted to their own crimes and will claim mental health as a defense.  It is certainly pathetic these sociopathic, delusional career criminals just keep on wearing their  MODUS OPERANDI UNDERWEAR.   I broke my toe from a rigged coffee cup, for the handle to break when I picked it up with coffee in it.  This time when they did it to me, it fell on my toe.   The Housing Authority has been conspiring with the "landlord" which wears a mask of MEPT Chapel Street (which is registered as a nonprofit, WTF) is trying to evict me again.   Very aggressive in October. I posted my Housing Rant.   THE POINT IS, THIS COUNTRY IS SO DAMN LAWLESS, ANY LAW-ABIDING CITIZEN SHOULD BE STANDING UP TO THIS CORRUPTION!  MANY ARE AP

Thunder Flower

 Table of Contents, Alphabetized, Combined: I will be adding this to it once it is finished: HAPPY BIRTHDAY        TO HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II APRIL 21, 2022   Thunder Flower Thunder from the sun Comes rain As Carl Jung depicts Archetypes chrysanthemums Longevity and Joy Solar emblem – Emperial emblem Blooming in autumn Then winter – even winter Thundering their way through Kiku, a crest for Japan Unshaken by Wind Water falls like drops Dripping – tearing into Joy Colors so rich Variety vanquishes Solitudinal silence Progressing strength Promising substance Thunder-like globular blooms Boom into medicinal blossoms Composing ray petals Disposing life – longevity And the pursuit to be Free. You have the power! Life on earth has been changed 1. Stay away from traditional media -

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  I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:   I'm just pasting all my notes that haven't been shared yet, as far as I know. Copy for your own use.  1969 NWO - Illuminati Notes Secret War - NWO    16 min video Zeitgeist The Movie Zeitgeist - Addendum 2hr video Zeitgeist - Moving Forward 💥 💥 Secret War- NWO 2019 and more 1969 NWO - Illuminati Notes Secret War - NWO    16 min video Watch "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" on YouTube Zeitgeist - Addendum 2hr video Notes from 16 min video Secret War - NWO    Revised notes: appended comme