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Internet Rant II

  COMBINED TABLE OF CONTENTS , UPDATED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE:   #WhatsWrongWithInternet  TWITTER SUSPENDED MY ACCOUNT On or about October 25  I thought, WTF, waited the 7 hr suspension  But they locked it for no reason!   They block me from Appealing!  Could it be a YouTube account enjoys manipulating who follows them by submitting fake complaints on their own followers?   I will add a picture or two or more... The flash on  my camera was off to avoid glare. The picture should be very clear but they attach subapps to your apps to manipulate. NO TRESPASSING! Yet Washington shills get their pockets lined and don't do anything, or FAKE they are doing something!    They are powering down my phone so I don't know how much more I can share ...It's powered down to 9% now. I plugged it in.   I'm obviously already logged into Twitter - or I wouldn't be ble to get their bogus message - yet they tell me