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Internet Rant II

  COMBINED TABLE OF CONTENTS, UPDATED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE:   TWITTER SUSPENDED MY ACCOUNT On or about October 25  I thought, WTF, waited the 7 hr suspension  But they locked it for no reason!   They block me from Appealing!  Could it be a YouTube account enjoys manipulating who follows them by submitting fake complaints on their own followers?   I will add a picture or two or more... The flash on  my camera was off to avoid glare. The picture should be very clear but they attach subapps to your apps to manipulate. NO TRESPASSING! Yet Washington shills get their pockets lined and don't do anything, or FAKE they are doing something!    They are powering down my phone so I don't know how much more I can share ...It's powered down to 9% now. I plugged it in.   I'm obviously already logged into Twitter - or I wouldn't be ble to get their bogus message - yet they tell me to log in - obviously to s

November 2021

 WINDOWS 11?  TO BE OR NOT TO BE...I'm feeling like just jumping off the Diving Board.....and I's downloading.....             The Diving Board Elton John Took a high dive arcing out wide Into the crowd Out to the sound of their wild applause But you've heard it all before And you've seen it all From up there on the diving board You'd free fall into either Above the people Out on a limb fragile and adored But who below knows that You're still a mystery Way up on the diving board Sink or swim I can't recall Who said that to me? When I was sixteen And full of the world and its noise But you beat the drum You fell in love with it all The planets alight Those dizzy heights And the view from the diving board Took the grand prize you and your eyes Butterfly light Escaping the reach of their fangs and their claws Such a pale little thing In your lily-white skin High up on the diving board Sink or swim I can't

Housing Rant II

Housing Rant 11 This was altered and I had to fix it 11/6/2021 courtesy of                                                                                                                                                       Update 10/27/2021                                                                                                                                                     Article:                                                                                                                                                     Flaws in the Section 8 program leave poor people trapped in ‘monstrous, depressing places’ (      Comment :   There are not flaws in the program!  Crooks run the program!  Very little that MSM reports is true!  And they are not flaws in reporting - they are lies!  You just want to disqualify more by getting HUD to rig laws which they don't even follow now!   42 US Code Section 1437f is referenced to Section 8 Law 24CFR - this