Child Trafficking

 Child Trafficking





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Child Trafficking 

    Men who were sex victims as boys

Movie: The Day After 1983 - WWIII 
   Fictional War between NATO and Warsaw Pact  

    Nuclear Holocaust is believed will bring on the Second Coming of Jesus so many sit on their hands expecting miracles. 

    Ministry of Defense is pro-Nuclear War

     USA promotes Nuclear War 

Trained soldiers prepared to create mass graves in Europe! 

Regan claimed Russia was a threat

CIA hush report - Soviets spent Lower money on nukes
     Lies by then all 

CIA "rediscover" - this film is supporting CIA, it seems, which are traitors to USA.

Britain is heavily armed with nukes

British - USA - France alliance 

Sex Trafficking
Satanic Ritual

#CIA are the largest #SexCult #SexTraffickers #ChildAbductors in the world!

  NOTES On #SatanicRitual #SexTrafficking  #ChildTrafficking
First 50 minutes:

Revised notes on this video
Names in documentary

I thought witness is a child abductor, but it was just a bad first impression. 

      Tom Peilpott: I've been studying this phenomenon since 1979 
      "Most Predators are NOT gay. They consider it exotic and forbidden"

350 children die a year as VICTIMS. More die of drug and alcohol abuse, malnutrition, suicide

National toll of these deaths is THOUSANDS

This is an adjunct of clean business

(I bet Ben Franklin was a child molester) 

Mark McKennon 

Thomas Philpott
    Tells of Houston boy 16:04 min . Dad and mom failed to pick up their kids, 12 and 6 at the bus terminal. Mother killed in car wreck. Father died of alcohol poisoning. Choked on his vomit. Jimmy was introduced to child sex trafficking to make money. Men would offer quarters to boys who hung out at arcade, a signal for child sex. Jimmy survived this "farm league" till he was 14. His brother was killed in a car wreck. Jimmy used his last dollar to pay for his funeral. Jimmy disappeared. His body was found, mutilated. Whole family died. 

Houston was very active with child sex trafficking. 

Anonymous boys share their experiences. 

     "The main institutions of society, THE ELITE, are involved - not mafia. New Orleans Boys Boyscout political posts...senators,  congressmen....Robert Bauman (arrested 1980-kept secret he was a paedophile....William F Buckley, close friend (yet said Bauman should resign WHEN he was exposed: Bauman just went through alcohol abuse treatment as a cover) William Wyatt (raped a boy), Representative Henson of Mississippi (charges dropped. Went through alcohol abuse treatment) Legislators - Congressmen - Senators ... High-powered professions (Medicine, Law included)

" John Gaycee" - had sex with 1500  boys. MADE 33 captives and killed them.
Was in the President's Club. Had dinner with Rosslyn Carter. 

    Women (gay or straight) are not known to be paedophiles  - the word PAEDOPHILE  is never used in this wasn't a word then! They invented it here in USA, using Greek words to infer it came from Greece. 

     Law Professor in Washington DC : "Children do it for money" apparently a police chief agreed to that as well (40min) He denies boys are harmed. 

1/2 million boys are thrown out of their homes. 

   Presidents Commission on Obscenity (Nixon apparently was against one)

    Boys hussle more than women

Austin - group of homosexual boys - involving a pharmacist who pimped them 

    Abuse of boy in halfway house
Robert Anderson was an agent, abused boys and used muscle relaxants on them. He got off in court. 

Organized Crime is involved when they have callboy operations

Boys Homes - established to prostitute boys (Dallas, Houston - very common. Fr Bruce Ritter  started Covenant House in NYC - a CLEAN Boys' home but was accused of being a child trafficking org, (to distract public)

Reagan, Bush - alluded the boys were asking for it ...quotes from media helped push the Reagan-Bush agenda..child pornography ignored....

Clergy are susceptible of being involved with child Trafficking

Filmmaker sold child porn - even child was  murdered - not prosecuted yet

Illegal books like "Boy Scout Sex Manual"

Jimmy in Houston 12 yrs
   Parents  were partiers,parties, died but no mention who takes care of the boys.
Wayne Hanley Jt

"BOYS FOR SALE"  documentary Channel 11

Alternate Views News Magazine

Fr. Jack McGinness

   They sell/rent children

    Mafia relies on sex trafficking as a main business? Not known to do that.

    Senate and House STOPPED investigations.

    They cover for the Elite paedophiles. They may be requested to go through alcohol treatment. 38 min 

Campaign Contributions - pay to play money

Dept of HUMAN RESOURCES, DALLAS (Parker) was asked to step down - known paedophile

     Parker used psychiatrists to cover for his "rehabilitation " then returned to work

    Robin Lloyd says the boys that get into this want adult affection

   Boys get beaten, robbed, murdered,  etc

In all high-powered professions - men are susceptible to these deviations 

Boy who is prostituted is interviewed. 

17yr olds can legally have sex in Austin.

Illegal drugs are sold at book stores

Cubicles used to have sex with boys 

Bar-friend cut him off when discussing paedophile business. 

Robert Anderson had a student's name in his wallet. That boy's father was a bank President. Dallas police flexed muscles. He backed off. 

Budgets chopped to hault investigations on abuse of children. 

Paid business - organized crime - run by people in high positions. 

(Alternative Views Show)

Boys For Sale, Part 2 
Recorded 1981 
 This program is enhanced by the Documentary "Boys For Sale" 
Produced by: 
Channel 11 in Houston
Channel 13 in Atlanta

Language may seem offensive

Men seek boys to torture and kill. 

Over half of these kids in this life don't survive. 

Tom Philpott, District professor, Univ of Texas 
Mark McKinnon, Journalist 

This is very widespread, violent - kids are totutured, murdered. 

President's Commission on Obscenity 

Was it created by LBJ to invade homes? 
In 1969, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Stanley v. Georgia that people could view whatever they wished in the privacy of their own homes. In response, the United States Congress funded the President's Commission on Obscenity and Pornography, set up by President Lyndon B. Johnson to study pornography.

Other videos with Tom Philpott are on a change of subject: nutrition,  water

Tom Philpott wrote: Perilous Bounty; the looming farm - food shortage - what we can do to prevent it. 

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