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October 2021

  I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:   This is an early start due to the ducking-fup they did to my September Blogpost.  You can't see almost ALL of my notes!   @RepublicWorld  - Sit up and TAKE NOTICE, please. Try to listen more, yell less. Thank you. The Pentagon is closely linked to CIA - many in Pentagon are recruited as CIA operatives!   #   @bIackobject   @Xi_TheLeader   @xijinping_xi  You want to liberate what is already liberated by  @MFA_ China  ?  USA Gov have been using it to set up a battleground AGAINST China  bc   #WarIsMoney . Listen to  #PepeEscobar  and  #MichaelHudsonPhd  - global economists  #SuperImperialism   #   @Jamesmattis18  Sir, he  says  US Politicians are closing our ports & we're in danger   @jeffsessions   @RexxTillerson   @ElizabethUKRPG   #

Joe Biden

  I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:   No Hidin' Biden  My blogpost on Joe Biden, aka #NoBiden was removed by some internet scumbag so I have to create another IF I want to share information.   1972   =19 / Gematria number  Biden "won" election for senator despite not being an accomplished attorney. He was a first term city councilman. No accomplishments.  Wife was obviously poisoned    ShecTook kids to the mall to go Christmas shopping    She Felt the poison working. Saved the boys by telling them to unlatch seatbelts and curl up under car seat Original news reports indicated the boys were found under the car seat. Joe Biden told people repeatedly one son was on his wife, one son on his baby. WTF My CONCLUSION was shared. I will try to recreate this asap  9/15/2021 The resources are gone. I hoped they were in my flash drive but are not.  I creat

Child Trafficking

 Child Trafficking    END CHILD TRAFFICKING NOW!  TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG:      html://     This may work for computer: COMBINED TABLE OF CONTENTS, UPDATED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: Copy these notes, share  The blog is ad-free and not monitored - copy whatever you want. The notes are there to save you time.  Child Trafficking  CHOSEN BAFTA      Men who were sex victims as boys   Movie: The Day After 1983 - WWIII     Fictional War between NATO and Warsaw Pact     Nuclear Holocaust is believed will bring on the Second Coming of Jesus so many sit on their hands expecting miracles.      Ministry of Defense is pro-Nuclear War      USA promotes Nuclear War  Trained soldiers prepared to create mass graves in Europe!  Regan claimed Russia was

Pitstop September 2021

   This is what the weather was like on 9/11/2001 I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE: TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG:     html://     This may work for computer: Notes on pitstops on internet   And FIRST, my Letter To Google 9/4/2021  👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀   9/5/2021 - I revised it on the Google blogpost. This one will be deleted since the Google Blog post has my letter now. ############## September 2021 Letter To Google 9/4/2021 Posted on my blog and tweeted link to Sundar Pichai and @Google on 9/4/2021 1.  There is No setting to change my password! Yes, I'm pissed! Someone changed my passwords and removed password change in my settings! 2.  You can't use this SERVICE as a weapon! I have a