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  I DO MY BEST TO KEEP THIS UP TO DATE:   ALL BLOGPOSTS ARE IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER HERE:   TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG:  ALPHEBETIZED  You can toggle back and forth this way. U Update 9/18/2021 I am blocked from attaching my letter to this. I will try something else. m There was NOT a shadow like this and the picture was clear.  Thank the crooked TECHNOCRACY - the ones who cover up Americans murdered Americans on 9/11; the ones who cover up the constant Washington DC crimes; including FAKE PANDEMIC - the word itself means world-wide, not disease and if you look up the medical coding, you will notice they play by their own rules, there is no structure - not any more!  Making an adjective into a noun, changing the name of the SAME alleged disease over and over - to mess with people's heads as a way to justify their FAKE agenda - since the rea