RIP Eddie Davis


Eat your greens! 
Eddie would say that, recalling what his aunt Margie would say. ..
Almost all my personal property has been stolen from me
I have no memories but what I recall. 


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7/20/2021 : please see my notes on COVID19. Other blog posts are shown, which you can click on. Most recent is: Vaccinations Are Dangerous. Sofia Smallstorm discusses at length what these vaccines are really doing to those who get one: They are a biosoftware to quickly force us to be
enslaved transhumans! 

My brother-in-law was a war victim. Like many, he struggled with a dysfunctional family,and was raised by his aunt Margie. She loved him alot and was a stickler for cleanliness. And Eddie was  like that also. I'm sure his daughter's home was immaculate because he was there. 

Eddie struggled greatly with PTSD from Vietnam. He was awarded multiple times, including 2 bronze stars. They were often awarded for killing and he shut off the senseless of USA politics through his behavior. 

Because I think an uncle was a CIA operative,I can't say anything more. Eddie relied on him, even though I had told my sister that this uncle flatlined my credit by feeding his poor little rich pocket by using my social security number when he purchased a second luxury car, a Mercedes Benz, for his wife. I had perfect credit the honest way. How dare me. I couldn't even get a loan for apartment furniture because of what he did. They bent the rules telling me. My rich uncle is a typical CIA jigalo. He may have passed way, I don't know..  

This blogpost was hacked twice and this second time my work was deleted. The spineless scumbags are winning becayse they can push buttons and only care for themselves unless there's something in it for them. How dare mevto believe that people should earn, not steal and allow even rampant corruption at their doorstep. 

Eddie died a loved man, I hope. And I hope the ones involved blowing up my niece's home will face justice. 

Update 7/26/2021

No response from the family 


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