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 TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG, ALPHEBETIZED  You can toggle back and forth this way. BEAR WITH ME AS I TRY TO FIND TIME TO UPDATE IT..  7/26/20 - I will get back to this very soon  Sorry I haven't finished. I just created two blog posts  SUPERIMPERIALISM  BEHOLD A PALE HORSE I Hope To create one on Fallon Taylor in the near future  24Aug2021 ZEITGEIST - MOVING FORWARD 2 1/2 HR MOVIE   OR     YouTube      The following contributed to the making of this documentary and consider finding them in social media, etc.   Directed by  Peter Joseph Writing Credits   Peter Joseph ... (written by) Cast  (in credits order)    Peter Joseph ... Narrator  /  Animation Voices  (voice) Robert Sapolsky ... Self Gabor Maté ... Self Richard Wilkinson ... Self James Gilligan ... Self John McMurtry ... Self Michael Ru