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  TOC should  work now:    TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;   This blogpost will probably be deleted - 24Aug2021 Update 6Aug2021        This was overall, not a really good experience.  More stressful than good, even.  I will think 3 times before purchasing from them again.  I deleted the app. ONLINE purchasing is the last thing I will do right now.  There is too much corruption!  Artificial Intelligence is used as a WEAPON by the spineless scumbags who never earned, they took!   I will post some of many current deals only with date and time because they go fast ... It is now 6/6/2021 - I have not even searched anything in the app or even this phone  for 2-3 days.  I have not received even one of my orders placed in April - and it appears they are a ripoff.  They don't answer their phone yet claim they have 24 hr service  tel:+1-800-266-0172  Supposedly they have an email address, 👿  Check your wish emai

Fraudulent Collections Hearing

Hello, Baby Face    (TOC Needs updating for this past year but I recently found this working since Blumenthal, et al abused power and disabled it)   TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;   Refer to: AFFIDAVIT and PRO HAC VICE blog posts   This blogpost has been updated 5/27/ replacement MOTION TO OPEN is pasted here after the Document  descriptions on the Docket Sheet - FYI  It is now 6/11/2021. I prepared a separate blogpost on my Affidavit because it was long.  I wanted to copy and paste the Small Claims Law, Chapter 24 of the Connecticut Practice Book - yet it is devised now to distort copying using the columns as opportunity to erroneously interfere with it.  If I can find time, I will type the whole damn thing, 6 pages.  They cannot get away with this illegal activity!     I need to get my affidavit to the courthouse yet. I made some changes to the Appendix and fi


  (Needs updating for this past year but I recently found this working since Blumenthal, et al abused power and disabled it)  TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR THIS BLOG;      *USA is imploding      *Yet political cowards try to incite war because they don't have to put their lives on the line!          **Understand #TheEnemyWithin!  #ILoveRussia #TakeDownCorruption! Moss Mountain in Arkansas - with P. Allen Smith? Not quite! Ron Moss visits Hazel The Donkey, who slobbers all over his hat because he 💋😘 kissed her. Ha! Scotty Kilmer His friend's BMW is #TheBomb bc the technology checks out! #CollectorsItem #GoodInvestment Robert E Fuller The Red badge of courteousness ❤️ Saving baby orphan badgers 9 min of Guess Whoooo's Coming To Dinner Fallon Taylor Baby Flo New Goats