Trump Impeachment Trial



Trump Impeachment February 2021 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 THERE IS NO PANDEMIC! #PresidentPenceNow Probabilities AND Realities 1. Fake deaths to coverage a$$es of the main planners 

 2. Capital police without a scratch or wrinkle gives testimony how they JUST crushed him, beat him with a bat - which made his head bleed?  Closed-head injuries do not bleed! Standing there with no bandage, nothing to show he was traumatized! This is JUST one example of all This FAKE incident!  Note, I had to fix these sentences because someone altered them.  3/2/2022

 3. Newscaster interviews senator who mentions a Cheney voting. Dick Cheney was a main planner and player of mass murder of September 11!

 4. This senator ends by claiming if Trump didn't win prior election, this wouldn't happen. GEORGE SOROS FUNDED BOTH HILLARY CLINTON AND TRUMP CAMPAIGNS! He wrote off $250Million financing the Trump Tower! Why do you think he moved his main address to Florida? 

 5. Mitt Romney is a Gov, yet this newscastor at the Capital, named Carry, said she'd been following him over 10 years, knows Mitt Romney VERY WELL, and yet claimed he was a senator! Great reporting!

 6. Mitt Romney impersonated police frequently in his younger days, even pulling people off the highway! See @ReallyGraceful 

 7. This False flag also may get Joe Biden increased security since he was a 2-bit city councilman, no achievements, cheating on his wife with Jill who cheated on her husband; needing Pay To Play money to pay for the mafia-rigged election; wife and baby killed in rigged car wreck but wife obviously saved the two boys by getting them to unlatch belts and hide under back of front seat, #Life Insurance #Donations #Charity #DoYoiGetItYet?

 8. Fake prosecutor claimed the riotor had a tazer that was 950,000 volts - WTF! 10,000 volts kills people! 

 9. These imbeciles use Mike Pence refusing to support Trump impeachment "like everybody else" is bull$hit! They wanted Pence to invoke an unconstitutional amendment by diagnosing Trump as mentally unfit!  Mike Pence wasn't letting them pull him into a coup! The law is  nefarious as most  of The dirtbags in Washington- involved with planning or covering up SEPTEMBER11! I could say more and more! Hold the liars accountable!  

 10. Favorite word:  STORM,  like Stormy Daniels, like Trump had said, "A storm is coming" and more. This is all cipher/code/soothing conscious so they don't look guilty! 

 11. Both Trump and Biden are EMBEDDED in ORGANIZED CRIME. Mike Pence isn't! He's grounded with morals, devotion to his family, friends, oath of office! #PresidentPenceNow They are adjourning now, to tomorrow 

 12. Trump wanted to be deemed incompetent, mentally ill! Just like he wanted his hired democrat Rod Rosenstein to cook up the Russian Collusion case against him! It is to distract from REAL issues! Atty General Jeff Sessions recommended Trump fire Rosenstein because of the fact the Russian Collusion case having no merit. TRUMP REFUSED! Then Trump complained Jeff Sessions wasn't defending him. WTF! Rosenstein's responsibility as Deputy AG was to administer the criminal cases! Trump erroneously fired Jeff Sessions yet gave him option to submit a resignation. Jeff Sessions submitted a FORCED resignation - THE BEST AG this country ever had! He collaborated with other countries and took down the largest crime ring in history: Alpha Bay! Bay-Bat....any wonder these sociopaths used "bat" for "Wuhan Virus" - and the Capital riotors used bats as attack weapons? See the Modus Operandi? Only a professional profiler could "love"!! OMG This is such depravity! 11Feb 2021 More of the same bullshit! Lies, Drama, Fraud! There is No professionalism, no structure in the #TrumpImpeachmentTrial! It's a trial! Do you see a trial taking place? Yet these moron ATTORNEY senators criticize the House of Representatives for not holding a trial before remanding the Trump IMPEACHMENT to the Senate! They should have BY LAW removed Trump from office when he was impeached the first time! #PresidentPenceNow. 2/12/2021. Nobody Motioned To Dismiss it, not even Trump! He wanted the Russian Collusion crap too! Jeff Sessions recommended that Trump fire his hired Democrat Rod Rosenstein but Trump refused, so Jeff Sessions recused himself! Then Trump fired Jeff Sessions! #StupidIsAWeapon. #TrumpImpeachmentTrial This is all Smoke And Mirrors! This idiot who spoke ended "And THAT is why he should be convicted AND acquitted" - revealing her and her cohorts' intent! Only a crook can be US President! That's why the elections have come down to Crook 1 or Crook 2 for office! Trump should have been REMOVED when he was impeached the first time! The Democrats didn't want Mike Pence as President - they wanted Nancy Pelosi to steal the position, since she and Trump conspire! Trump is a Democrat in Republican clothing! Wake up, people! This is all about the Devil's Chessboard! Another Senator gets up and emphasizes a two-prong process to "qualify" for removal, which is NOT legitimate due to the written law.
1. Vote on conviction of a crime and 
2. Vote on removal from office - that is unconstitutional! Impeachment is removal from office! Letting Bill Clinton the crook stay in allowed him to even get away with murdering Vincent Foster - and Ken Star got Brett Kavanaugh to FRAUD records! A video went viral and they created the fake Christine Ford accused him of rape when the actually had a sex trilogy on a regular basis because that's what secret societies do at Harvard, Yale! Ford's father is a CIA agent (probably retired, yet obviously still bonded to organized crime!) #TrumpImpeachmentTrial They CONCLUDE that the trial had no basis when that is supposed to be brought up first! And Motion To Dismiss! This is all theater! Facebook response:  They are not applying the law! You obviously don't know what the law is. Ra, ra, shish comm ba Keep cheating the crooks on! They even admitted they knew they would riot the day before! They could have stayed home! They could have locked all doors, ramp up security! They did nothing! Posted on blog 13Feb2021


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