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Note, editing is compromised in a number of these - all I can say is I encourage you to copy and save in your own files. Bear in mind, people who have greatly harmed me, nearly killed me, also see this. Because this country really isn't free. We have UNCONSTITUTIONAL POLITICIANS in Washington - most are.  

February 2021 I hope the Microsoft scumbags don’t delete this! Many of my documents have been stolen! Note, my blog had accessible links so you could just tap on them and easily see the resources and toggle back and forth, but the scumbag politicians disabled it to DESTROY THE TRUTH. I can only suggest you copy and paste and once that is accomplished, you can access the links. Hopefully they did not also encrypt my blog. I deliberately removed encryption to hold these crooks accountable! The Call: Catherine Austin Fitts & Rocco Galati Three Six Nine Media –www.threesixninemedia.com https://community.threesixninemedia.com Telegram: https://t.me/ThreeSixNineMedia Constitutional Rights Centre Inc. 1062 College Street Toronto ON M6H 1A9 Video on Rumble: CONTACT US | Constitutional Rights Law Centre (constitutionalrightscentre.ca) 4/19/2021 (insert) Use this resource..it just appeared out of nowhere when I was searching company info, so you may want to find out who and how it came to be: opencorporates.com 2/22/2021 

Note, the Monk School in Toronto throws support for the rich and depraved in USA! They are funded by them, obviously!  https://munkschool.utoronto.ca/

PUT YOUR BIG PANTS ON, PEOPLE! USE SOME CRITICAL THINKING AND RESEARCH! DON’T ALLOW THE DESTRUCTION OF THIS COUNTRY AND THEN SAY “IT’S ALL GOD’S PLAN” BECAUSE GOD MADE US CARETAKERS OF THE WORLD – AND WE ARE ALLOWING THE CORRUPTED TO TAKE CONTROL, DESTROY, AND RUIN ALL THAT IS GOOD – INCLUDING OUR FOOD! THERE ARE YET THOSE WHO ARE DOING THE OPPOSITE AND ARE SUPPRESSED AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Microsoft made the above information a header on my Word Document. They’ve done it before to me! WTF It has been very difficult to keep up with things due to demented sociopaths which allow themselves be controlled by Artificial Intelligence which all boils down to following the money and relying on the Government to keep them profitable NO MATTER HOW DAMNED DISHONEST AND CORRUPTED THEY ARE. As I was viewing my phone, I had a Twitter request to add Dahboo77. Funny thing about Justin whatever his name is. He recycles information he gets from people and never checks out anything. He is quite the regurgitator of news at times. JUSTIN KNIGHT (one of his many aliases) of Dahboo7, Dahboo77, Dahboo777 – is TOXIC at times. He not only recycles fake news but he believes it without any fact-checking. Most likely he is fed by crooked politicians nearby, like Senator Rand Paul, who Justin never called out as a liar when he first claimed his neighbor hit him in the face inside his home, then flip flopped and said the neighbor broke his ribs out in the front lawn, by apparently hitting him with a shovel! Did Rand Paul sue the media? Of course not! They are his tool and reported what he wanted! Otherwise, he would have stated this in his newsletters he emails out, which are nothing more than BS! God help the common public for being encouraged to think on their own, and because they are rewarded for being Sheeple, they continue saying whatever will satisfy the crooks who run this country to be traitors to this country! Dahboo77 said he was off YouTube FOREVER and only using DLive. Yet did he? NO! And he probably uses it as opportunity to troll and complain about people to get THEIR accounts taken off so he can nefariously help the crooked agenda! Dahboo is not the only one who misinforms, claiming to be a truther and against the lying media! For instance, he creates fear porn out of the Texas electrical outage. Not even logical information but because he throws around HARVARD names, he is allowed by the socialists in this country to keep hammering his BS. How logical is it to tell people that Texas was the only state that THOUGHT of ceceding from the USA? That is a lie on its face. Additionally, he refers to The House Committee On Oversight and Reform as be-all and end-all. It spells COAR – like apple core, and he probably has Apple products. These are sociopaths who develop names and THEN make the names fit as acronyms! He claims THEY are the ones who decided on a $350B to all the states, showing a graph from nowhere, not cited, and God help us if we tell him how foolish his information is, because he says, “I will come after you” – which caused me to get Twitter and YouTube to freeze my accounts! I may just end up relying on my blog to communicate – yet the Senate abused THEIR power and my blog domain was taken down and Mitt Romney’s Capital One reversed my annual payment for it, due on September 11 (I made it then, inspired by the fact that 
Americans murdered Americans on September 11 
and people fail to stand up for the Truth AND WOULD RATHER HOLD SERVICES ON THE DEAD RATHER THAN UPHOLD THE LIVELIHOODS OF THE LIVING) Dahboo supports Zerhohedge, which seems to have changed hands and probably was sold off at a pretty penny just because of their name. Their articles are for the most part tasteless anymore but used to be so good.(edit 4/19/2021) They have no bite, yet they show men shirtless with huge abs and torsos as if they are world wrestlers. On Feb 21, 2021, Dahboo also cites the LIBERAL CENTER FOR BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES (CBPP) Anyone who looks up this lobbyist organization will realize it is more political who’s sleeping with who! The Center for Budget And Policy, which notice, makes “for” silent and “And” a crucial letter for their acronym because they obviously created the word first, then made up the title. They fit with Apple, Inc. – a conglomerate that has enjoyed building a huge take down of the USA behind the curtain. 

          Put Your Big Pants on - not your bloombergs! 

In 1989, the CIA obviously paid Robert T Morris to destroy all computers EXCEPT for Apple, Inc computers. Apple is like the Satanic version of Johnny Appleseed, and the biggest victims can be the users because they are using AI to manipulate people anyway they can, building their giant interface of intelligence which will turn into a forced synthetic god, replacing the real God in people’s lives. The founder of this lobbying group calls himself Bob Greenstein Consider Greenspan, Bloomberg, and others with the Green agenda

insert 4/20/2022
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEo0_A0fLuM - Professor Sal Mercogliano explains EVERGREEN's shipwreck.  They apparently nick-named it EverGiven.  I do not know why, but I speculate they wanted the GREEN to be part of the secret society / Devil's Chessboard / Underground Organized Crime - to be their cypher/code/spell - "You can[t put the blocks under the damaged vessel" and he explained why.  This was a huge, costly problem.  WHO PROFITED FROM IT?  REMEMBER SILVERSTEIN PROFITED FROM THE WORLD TRADE CENTER BUILDINGS BEING IMPLODED BY CIA AND ALL THE OTHER PLANNERS WHICH GEORGE BUSH FULLY WAS AWARE OF AND CONSPIRED WITH!  


WHAT HAPPENED TO THE TITANIC?  It was hit on the side, as was reported - and this EverGiven shipwreck was probably rigged.  And here Dr. Mercogliano mentions the Titanic.  I have sent him tweets as I am able to bring attention to the VERY FACT TITANIC IS AND WAS A CRIME SCENE AND IT HAS BEEN USED FOR SPIN INSTEAD!  


Who's fault was it?  Indeed the Prime Minister's - the military!  And they were disrupting the Monarchy so much that it may be they were unable to investigate - or maybe they were getting death threats.  King George was a popular leader and his wife was a very good queen.  She became Queen Elizabeth's confidante during her reign for a few decades. 

DECEPTION is the prime tool used and those who deceive should be taken out of society!  

These are my blogposts on Titanic.  Copy what you want: 

(End) Posted 4/20/2022 

They are FAKE NAMES which are pushing their inside agendas to ruin this country, to mass murder billions of people throughout the world – maybe as a type of revenge from the Holocaust but even Hitler was part Jewish and hated his own people! Use some critical thinking! The founder is not just a Harvard kiss-ass but also Tufts University, Occidental College (which claimed Obama went to their school as a cover while Obama was helping Bin Laden community organize his Al Qaeda under the guise of being paid mercenaries! (insert 4/19/2021) and no doubt they use "al" in names to allign with AI - artificial intelligence .... 

This is social engineering, mass mind control - however you want to perceive it. Just be aware. (end of insert) And maybe he even claimed HE was Bin Laden since there is strong information that Bin Laden died in the early 80’s from kidney failure.) Yet Occidental College honored him (Obama) with an HONORARY DOCTORATE DEGREE. IN FACT, ALL THREE SCHOOLS DID. WHAT DID HE DO TO ACTUALLY EARN IT? GET MONEY THROWN TO THEIR SCHOOLS? MOST LIKELY! NOT MANY PEOPLE HAVE THE DESIRE TO EVEN REQUEST ACCOUNTABILITY FOR A FEW REASONS. One being that THEY would have to be accountable and they are nothing but liars themselves, spinning off a different axis of the ball to deceive people they are a truth-seeker when they are not. Another being that THEY want to take down the government, feed their pockets, and don’t give a crap who lives or dies because they are Satanists. And another is THEY are fed up with the corruption on internet – the manipulating of their very own efforts to communicate, and spend time for preparing themselves, including arming themselves for the worst economic collapse in history, which will result in desperate people doing desperate things and ALSO result in the planners rolling out more acts of crime, including taking money from people and companies when they do not even realize! The total on one of my store receipts was $20 more than the actual purchase! Be aware of this mismanagement of money because internet is a WEAPON and they will steal whatever they can from you! Speaking of stealing, the lawmakers steal laws, they twist laws and they allow the rich to promote the implementation of more lawless laws! The Patriot Act was NOT written by Joe Biden, as he claims to be the author of. In fact, the bill he tried to get passed after the USA bombed Oklahoma City’s Murrow building through CIA, was DENIED. The one who wrote the AntiTerrorism Act (which they had renamed as Patriot Act, since Americans were the ones who mass murdered Americans on September 11, 2001) was indeed a patriot, Jim Sensenbrenner in Wisconsin. Recently retired Hon. Sensenbrenner also had revised that Act to PREVENT WARANTLESS SEARCHES. THEY WERE EXPLOITING WHAT HE WROTE, AND HE MODIFIED IT TO BE MORE DIRECT! SO WARANTLESS SEARCHES ARE STILL ILLEGAL, PEOPLE AND MANY SOCIETIES IN THIS COUNTRY ARE BREAKING THE LAW! His wife had an untimely death, became ill even though she took care of herself and her family. She was not only devoted to her husband’s work, she independently worked on the rights of disabled individuals. God bless her for her achievements at a time that more people than ever were being disabled from Americans attacking Americans. (insert 4/19/2021) I recently found out a hero to me after I was almost killed, also passed away at an early age - Beryle Weaver of Watertown, NY. Such a fun and loving family. Mr. and Mrs. Weaver were inseparable and a model marriage. I wanted to become a church or nonprofit secretary like she was before the accident. I was friends with their kids, my age group - Marty, Melinda, and Tim. I went to their church and it was shaping me to be disciplined and loving. I made some significant decisions in my life and wanted to become a member just before I was slammed into by the sander truck. But the trauma from the car accident caused me to get terrified of that drive, since it was the same road I was slammed into by a sander truck driver obviously told to kill me because I so-dared to tell a town sex stalker to leave me alone, he was a pig! (end of insert) resume: I know all too well what that is like because just after I told a sex stalker to leave me alone, he was a pig, the sander truck of that town slammed into my lane of the highway yet was unsuccessful killing me like he was trying to do. The attorney who took over my case when I was in ICU, later harassed me for not getting out of his way, and said, “It was a clear day out, you had to have seen him!” I said, “I was driving in my lane of a double lane highway legitimately – how can you even consider this as my defense attorney? Why was the sander truck driver even sanding the roads on a clear day on a road that is visibly in these pictures bare?” Apparently they made oversights when rigging the photos. So this put the attorney in the hotseat, particularly since he made/supported my insurance case to be NO FAULT rather than AT FAULT and at the age of 18, I didn’t know the difference and my own siblings would not help me get this information! They cared nothing about getting the car inspected, either. 3 ½ months after being in traction, I was placed on crutches, not given physical therapy, and my father was refused to modify the house so I would not have to go up the stairs. My older brother even publically claimed “Dad is just trying to make money off her insurance” and then use the excuse “I was just kidding”. No he was not. He also told me he should get some of my lawsuit settlement for paying him for visiting me in ICU when I had a 50-50 chance to live and most likely he would have enjoyed profiting from my death more than my life. The only library available for legal information had many steps and my legs struggled going up steps. I did not want to be injured more. Yet my siblings only cared about how much money I would get. One even compromised her small children, one who had terrible allergies, to move from a nice home and nice job to a dilapidated house which for good reason had been abandoned. I was still on crutches and helping to clean up the house, scraping scum off walls so they could be painted, and the floors were a horrible mess too. “Jesus told us to move here” was her reasoning. With a young son with horrible allergies and another recovering from a 6month+ hospital stay from being severely burned by boiling water she set by him and turned her back to talk on the phone, and then pulled his clothes off even though his skin was coming with it. All pure “It’s not my fault” and “Your accident was like his, just an accident but you will get a lot of money from yours” – even though I was deliberately run into by a 20 ton sander truck and represented by a multi-millionaire crook whose brother paid a hitman to kill the President of Chile because he refused to sell Pepsi in his country! Don’t worry, the technocrats cover up these truths, alter past news on internet, and also create backdated news to frame people they want to get rid of – a fairly recent example is Mike Pence. Trump was angry that Mike Pence tactfully said that Trump did not fire Rex Tillerson in a fair manner. Just for saying this, Trump threatened Pence with charging him for paedophilia and got the depraved technocrats to create backdated media lies and put them on internet as if they had been there all along! Anyone with a brain would know that people would have seen it as they researched information about the people he got on his campaign to give him a nice image! He literally sabotaged Rex Tillerson in order to get Mike Pompeo emergency immunity since Pompeo was soon to be arrested as CIA director by the military! The USMC bombed the CIA opium factory/factories in Afghanistan! Afghanistan was being destroyed by the US Gov, as part of their 5-country plan to destroy Middle East Countries, Saudi Arabia was Not one of them. ATTACK – NOT DEFEND! THERE WAS NOTHING TO DEFEND! AMERICANS MURDERED AMERICANS ON SEPTEMBER 11, 2001! The bombing of CIA’s opium factories was nothing Trump ordered, yet Trump could not get in the way because they upheld him to his oath of office! Trump erroneously fired Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis! Yet Justin of Dahboo bla bla bla kept pushing Trump as the be-all and end-all even when people like myself stated how dumb that sounded due to the overwhelming facts at hand! And my computer was destroyed. Congratulations, corrupted scumbags in the Satanic Underground, aka Underworld – you frame yourselves! I have also emphasized that the NSA Mike Flynn had a large list of high-profile paedophiles he was planning to get prosecuted. Oh, no, Trump couldn’t have THAT – Trump protected the depraved crooks, just like Bushes, Obama and Clinton did! Because they are ALL depraved crooks and help each other in their secret underworld! There was no “Russian Collusion” which Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe cooked up for Trump! Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, requested Trump fire Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein – who Trump appointed. Trump refused yet kept lying that he was abused by the Russian Collusion Case! All to get rid of Mike Flynn, NSA who had a list of high profile paedophiles ready to prosecute – and no doubt these depraved scumbags would be willing to do plea negotiations as witnesses of the crimes Trump committed! It was all fake! Scripted! Used as a distraction! And Trump fired Jeff Sessions giving him the option to resign first! Jeff Sessions was the best Attorney General in this country’s history! He collaborated with other countries and took down Alpha Bay – which was created thanks to traitor Edward Snowden exposing a million top secret documents, to include how to access the Deep Web! If Vladimir Putin allowed Snowden to leave Russia, Snowden would be made a hero by the lying media – rather than be prosecuted for treason! Because Snowden, Bradley Manning, and Bowe Burgdahl were all doing what Obama wanted them to do! That is why Snowden’s passport was not pulled immediately following his treasonous act! Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and was enjoying hijacking the USA for years through the #ClintonCrimeSyndicate #ClintonDrugCartel and more hashtags created to expose their crimes but it doesn’t matter – they still get away with even murder! Whenever the two-bit fear mongering sheeple want to harm people, they do it through fake complaints and technocratic tricks such as hacking, and also capturing enough personal information that will hit you with fake bill notices which you don’t owe, claiming they will sue. What’s more, these fake companies will enjoy creating fake accounts receivables which they never have to be accountable for because the courts serve the crooks in most cases! The founder of this bogus Lobbying Group is an oligarch – of course Dahboo claims he hates the oligarchs but turns around and feeds the oligarchs. That is where the “360” concept is working – two-faced ignorant people who only want the same thing: MONEY through entertainment. Not truth, not news! THEY CHANGE DICTION TO CHANGE LAWS! PANDEMIC IS AN ADJECTIVE! Black’s Law Dictionary is being replaced by the internet – including Cornell University’s way of doing things – NOT THE LAW! They are crafting law rather than administering it! The one who destroyed all computers but Apples in 1989, Robert T. Morris, was a Cornell Grad. Understand the deception! Morris looked like Mark Zuckerberg – in the FACE. So his Facebook nefarious activities should blow up in his! Instead, he cuts his hair down and has work done to alter himself. He may as well as have admitted he was Robert T Morris, or maybe a twin. Don’t expect them to tell the truth, hold them accountable! This section posted on my blog 2/22/2021

I hope experts, grad students and any other student who is interested, can address this and the many other questions and concerns I have about the Titanic - because of MODUS OPERANDI ....more public crimes came down the pike, including SEPTEMBER 11! Boilers, 25 cylindrical Scotch (23 double ended, 2 single ended) in four boiler rooms; 192 furnaces with total heating surface 158 .. MOST LIKELY THE PRIME MINISTER AND HOUSES CENSURED HER FROM TALKING ABOUT THE EVILS OF TITANIC! The original designer left because they refused to put on the proper number of lifeboats, claiming they did not have a legal need to do so. YET - if history is correct, he got involved with politics and helped incite a civil war (Catholics vs Protestants) THE ULTIMATE MECHANISM; DEVIL'S CHESSBOARD! Posted 4/21/2022


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