January 2021


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January 2021 Abducted Boy FBI Files Missing from School in Kentucky Why weren't they taking attendance? The school nurse called parents to check on kids when I went to school! Now, they get paid more for doing less - with the luxury of a computer system! https://youtu.be/eOTSfeG9Sa8 Erik Tokar Organized Crime With Mafia? I smell a rat! I bet Prison Death was fake in May 2020! evil intent fbi files ERIK TOKAR - they changed his name to "Fred Tokars" WTF Evil Intent - Judge Erik Tokar was part of Organized Crime, probably Mafia. Convicted of murder AND conspiracy to commit murder - was this a tactic to get him out since his partner did the killing and was convincted? #BenjaminCardozo created this Devil's Chessboard play! Fred Tokars, the Atlanta lawyer who masterminded the murder of his wife, Sara, in 1992 has died in prison. Tokars had been a marked man behind bars, having testified in murder trials against a couple of fellow prisoners. But he died of natural causes over the weekend in a prison hospital in Pennsylvania having been suffering a fever for several days, said his attorney, Jerry Froelich. https://mersonlaw.com/jeffrey-epstein-victims-lawyers/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAlsv_BRDtARIsAHMGVSYlqvF167kES_si53l5ov3lDJn_kFc7rM5o8YAl4uqMK6vODLJwnkwaAuWaEALw_wcB Who knows if they are really sincere....They could be set up just to launder more money! Article: Notorious Atlanta convict turns prosecution witness Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 9:06 PM By Bill Torpy, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Fred Tokars helped win convictions from inside prison after sentencing for wife’s murder, lawyers say. Twenty years ago, Fred Tokars destroyed his family and turned Atlanta upside down when he had his wife shot to death in front of his two young sons. The sensational case dominated the headlines in 1992 and electrified Atlanta’s legal community: Tokars was a high-profile attorney who was a fixture inside the courtroom and a recognizable name outside of it, thanks to advertisements peddling his legal skills. Update: Fred Tokars died in a prison hospital, age 67 After his 1993 arrest, Tokars’ sons moved to Florida to live with relatives, never to speak with their father again. Tokars went to the bowels of the federal prison system, a marked man because he started his legal career as a prosecutor and part-time judge. WTF - HE'S ALIVE? Now, prosecutors say Tokars has deliberately, even courageously, acted to rewrite the end of his sordid story. Over the last decade, Tokars has helped solve six murders, providing testimony that sent one man to death row and another to prison for life. Tokars, said one prosecutor, testified so his sons would one day learn he was capable of good. “One of the reasons Fred said he did this was to leave a good legacy for his children,” said Noel Levy, an ex-Marine and retired Arizona prosecutor who, with Tokars as his star witness, convicted a man named Robert Ortloff in 2008, for the 1984 murder of a young woman. “He was critical to the prosecution,” said Levy. “If it wasn’t for him, that cold case wouldn’t have been filed.” WTF! Four years earlier, in Iowa, Tokars’ testimony helped send Dustin Lee Honken to death row. Honken, a large-scale methamphetamine manufacturer, was convicted of two separate killings of men who he feared would testify against him. One of those crimes was the nightmarish killings of a drug-dealing partner, that man’s girlfriend and her two young children. Honken, a vicious psychopath, justified killing the kids because “they were rats being raised by rats.” (BTW, we forgot to tell you, He's alive #NoDeath - WTF!) Posted on blog 2/14/2021 January 2021 #2 Tokar (Continued) Today, Tokars’ exact location is a closely guarded secret. He is in the federal government’s witness protection program and his name has been expunged from the prison database. He lives alone in a cell where he watches cable TV, reads the Wall Street Journal to keep up with current events and sometimes calls friends to reminisce on good times from long ago, according to one friend who has stayed in touch with him. He has become an observant Jew and his hair is said to be long, as is his beard. He is confined to a wheelchair due to a mysterious neurological disorder and spinal problems. Tokars, 59, also longs to re-connect with his two sons. Not surprisingly, they grew up resenting him. A double life Tokars landed in prison because he worried his wife would reveal his double life as a kind of consigliere to Atlanta drug lords. On on Nov. 29, 1992, Sara Tokars walked into her Cobb County home after driving back from Florida with her two young sons. She was immediately confronted by a shotgun-wielding man who ordered the family back into her car. A few miles away, the man ordered her to pull over and then fired a shot point blank into her head. Six-year-old Ricky Tokars reached across his mother’s body, turned off the engine, grabbed his 4-year-old brother, Michael, by the hand and then ran across a field to a house with lights on. The killing of a beautiful blond woman from an upscale suburban neighborhood in front of her two small boys fueled a media frenzy. Her husband was a lawyer who advertised on TV and had political connections in high places. The morning after the killing, a state Supreme Court judge who was a friend hugged the grieving Tokars in the driveway of his home as news crews arrived. But soon, it became apparent Tokars had a secret life filled with a host of unsavory characters. He represented drug dealers and helped them incorporate businesses that hid their earnings. Tokars was arrested after one of his business partners, Eddie Lawrence, told police Fred had him hire a hit man to kill his wife because he feared Sara would go the police with his secrets. Tokars was convicted in federal court in 1994 of racketeering charges and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Three years later, he sobbed with relief after a jury convicted him of the state murder charges but failed to give him the death penalty. But Tokars’ twisted belief that he had to silence his wife to save his own skin, a prominent detail in his trials, was to become a key reason other convicts were willing to unburden secrets of their own. Witness for the prosecution After his second conviction, Tokars went to the U.S. Penitentiary in Florence, Colo., the high-security facility. It was there he met Honken, who had been convicted on a meth distribution charge. Honken asked the former lawyer to help him appeal his case. Tokars, in a later interview with an investigator, said Florence was a dangerous place where prisoner attacks were frequent. He was no stranger to prison violence; he once was attacked with a Molotov cocktail in another prison. Despite the danger, prisoners in Florence looked up to him, he said. “They know I got a life sentence, they know I didn’t testify against anybody. They know I’m not a rat,” Tokars told the detective. “People think I’m a stand-up guy on the one side, who’d be willing to kill a witness. But then on the other side, they’d like to kill me because I’m a former prosecutor or a judge.” Honken was insistent Tokars help him. Honken was impressed that Tokars was convicted of killing his wife, who was a potential witness. During more than 100 conversations over several months, Tokars said Honken bragged to him about beating an earlier meth distribution case by eliminating his witnesses. During those conversations, Tokars later testified, Honken spelled out details of the murders, even describing his victims’ shallow graves. Honken’s attorney, Alfredo Parrish, said Tokars talked about his own wife’s murder to draw information from his client. Parrish repeatedly asked Tokars to admit he had his wife killed. “It goes to his candor as a witness,” Parrish told the judge. Repeatedly, Tokars evaded question. “Are you telling us, Mr. Tokars, that you were convicted of something you didn’t do?” an exacerbated Parrish asked. “I was convicted,” said Tokars, a response he gave time after time. The judge never demanded that Tokars answer the question. In 1999, Tokars was transferred to a prison in Wisconsin, where he immediately met Robert Ortloff, who was convicted of a mail bombing and had been long suspected of a 1984 murder. Ortloff knew of Tokars’ past and urged him to help appeal the bombing case, Tokars said. Ortloff claimed he was convicted in the bombing case because authorities couldn’t get him on the murder. Continued.... January 2021 #3 Posted on blog 2/14/2021 January 2021 #3 Tokars Continued Ortloff claimed he was convicted in the bombing case because authorities couldn’t get him on the murder. Tokars said he discovered that Ortloff lied to him several times and demanded he be honest with him. Then, Tokars said, Ortoff admitted he killed the woman. Tokars said Ortloff confided in him because he felt a kinship, because Tokars was convicted of killing his wife. Levy, the prosecutor, said Tokars simply outsmarted an inmate “who thought he was bulletproof.” Tokars made a fine witness who was unrattled during cross-examination, Levy said. “He displayed an inner strength,” he said. “His voice never weakened. Not only was he sincere but he was persuasive.” Tokars may have been persuasive, but not everyone saw him as sincere. One juror called Tokars “a real creepy crawler.” Paul Rubin, a private detective who covered the trial when he was a journalist, said Tokars manipulated Ortloff. “Fred was masterful in seducing Ortloff,” said Rubin. “Ortloff was a fine jailhouse lawyer himself but Tokars convinced him he needed help. He spun a great web and Ortloff fell right into it. I have no doubt if he has access to other prisoners, he’ll turn out more snitch cases.” Resigned to life in prison Alan Bell, who is Tokars’ best friend, said Tokars is rarely in contact with other prisoners and won’t testify again. Bell, who attended the University of Miami with Tokars, still talks with his old friend, making small talk about their alma mater’s football team, “the good old times” or maybe even current events. He said Tokars has not asked for any benefits from his testimony. It is difficult to know if he received anything. Tokars is not listed in the Bureau of Prisons roster of prisoners. A BOP spokesman said he doesn’t have the clearance to know where Tokars is being held. Neither his defense attorney in Atlanta, Jerry Froelich, nor his prosecutor, Buddy Parker, know where he is. Bell said all he knows is Tokars told him it gets cold during winters in his cell. Rick Tokars is 26, and Mike is 24. In an on-line posting, Mike complained his family can get no information about his father. Tokars’ sons were raised in Bradenton, Fla., by Sara’s parents and sisters. Rick went to San Diego State University and lives in California, studying to be a paramedic. Mike lives in New York and wants to become a journalist. Bell said Tokars has written to his sons several times but has gotten no response. Sara Tokars’ family said the boys never received any letters from their father. Bell said Tokars is also resigned he will die in prison. “He knows he’ll probably never get out,” said Bell. “He’s beaten up and ill. Life hasn’t gone his way. He’s hopeful, but not expectant.” FBI Files Silent Strike S3 Episode 11 - Bank robbers caught https://youtu.be/4CBHQVzZpYk "Deadly Mission: Tackling Domestic Terrorism | The FBI Files S2 EP16 | Real Crime" https://youtu.be/LE6jvNERFa8 Note, Before Robert Mueller became FBI Director for Trump, he was a partner in a law firm in Georgia, as I recall. Victim is William Mueller Family - brutal murders. I tried to copy link and MICROCRAP interfered, pushing me out to Microsoft account which is NOT even on the darn phone! It was on my computer - yet I'm told that Microsoft Word cannot be added to the laptop because it was on my Dell laptop and even though it was destroyed in a cyber attack - too bad - but Microsoft is hacking my devices and trying to force my Microsoft account on them! Total corruption! Ticks me off! Valley Of The Tennessee documentary https://youtu.be/SfJt-W7fwTY They need Scotty Kilmer to teach them how to blow out tires - I bet that alone would have staved off the firefight. Why were the 8 agents gunned down by these 2 dirtbags? That's quite an insult to FBI. Makes me wonder if an insider set them up! They knew what kind of weapons they needed! WTF Maybe some agents were jealous of agents and this was a chance to get them rubbed out! If there's one crook and one FBI agent - the odds should be so highly stacked against that crook, he wouldn't dare, yet if he dared, he'd be history. Plain and simple. FBI are trained to negotiate, communicate. Special agents HAVE to be attorneys first. Yet they have muscle support, no doubt! I see this and can only think WTF, pardon my French! Nevertheless, this wasn't the bloodiest shootout. Waco, TX with Janet Reno's help was bloodier. Two deputized agents were sent with a warrant to raid the Clinton library. Someone leaked it and they were buried alive in garbage bags 100 miles from the Clinton library. Trey Gowdy was involved with that project. This is what happens when #EnemiesWithin rear their ugly heads! https://youtu.be/WUHLEAVYe5E Who else is still celebrating the joy of Christmas Season? https://youtu.be/A5bDv4r_tqk More carols https://youtu.be/fCEfSnUx3fo Bromance Obama and Biden, Satanists n the Underworld of organized crime https://youtu.be/jPUpwGvsbzE Cont"d... January 2021 #4 My cats would do that and my black one always had the upper hand. I sure miss them. https://youtu.be/8R_7KCtShkU Watch how this kitten and German Shepard relate to each other! https://youtu.be/E2XCepwaYDc How much money was two-faced YouTube paid to let this video fly? Yet they take down channels from LESS dialogue which exposes Trump - dialogue that sticks with facts! https://youtu.be/31bC1IIQiPk Stinking liar! The boys were under the back seats - firefighters should have spoke up to tell him what a pisspoor excuse of a US President he is! Trump was impeached! #PresidentPenceNow Elections are rigged! https://youtu.be/HKLkRRYuUVA AND ANOTHER FAT LIE from SwampMouth! Curtis Dunn did not drink! They paid CBS to lie! No doubt he had an alcohol.test! Where was FBI? This was a homicide! Mr. Dunn had right of way! I bet his wife was attacked by a laser weapon. CIA could even remotely make people have heart attacks! Even back then just one spray in the face with cyanide would kill a person! https://youtu.be/d73E9umz58I Civil unrest, riots at Whitehouse 1/6/2021 https://youtu.be/iHSDjeepSUw I wouldn't follow The Young Turk - he plays the Us Against Them script! Anyone whose part of the script should be removed from the US Gov - at the least! Most should be prosecuted! Shared with Corbett Report 1/6/2021 Crochet afghan pattern https://oombawkadesigncrochet.com/2017/10/grandmas-textured-lap-blanket.html?fbclid=IwAR0jsT0SXLP1Tcw3F6YET5QdpQbqK1PPPYO7NM5EIOCEHDQ-2U6qNg-XuFo Posted On Blog 2/14/2021 January 2021 #5 Kai-Fu Lee, CEO of Sinovation Ventures - concerned that AI displaces so many jobs that it will literally displace society. "Wealthy getting wealthier, poor getting poorer" Trump - not belong to the President's Club? The only one who didn't qualify is Jimmy Carter because he didn't murder anyone, didn't cheat or lie, yet worked in a Washington DC swamp polluted with decades of corruption! https://youtu.be/227avFa8_xM This is why Trump REFUSED to take down corrupted Obamacare! To help his fellow Democrat buddy Biden to roll it back out! Nothing like stealing more government money, to collapse USA and issue Marshall Law! No Hidin' Biden. Let him kill, kill, kill right in plain sight! https://youtu.be/EmgE53hXEEo https://www.corbettreport.com/ How to create a backup currency and more So Chief Justice Roberts says he's too busy doing his nails to preside over the UNCONSTITUTIONAL impeachment trial, and doesn't care to address its unconstitutionality because that's too much like doing his freaking job! https://youtu.be/lpRwBDQr7HM Shared 2/14/2021 posted on blog There's more...Check later January 2021 Let's start with some Sweetness! Sweet Caroline Kennedy https://youtu.be/F8y9dojrjdE Happy New Year Geo Report DUTCHSINSE 2021 https://youtu.be/UMTtKj2ScXA Really Graceful 12/2020 Review in 11min The United States Of Bullies https://youtu.be/cfNGxcCS-1k 2. Red Pill Your Friends...The Human Farmers...Consider #Transhumanism #Transgenderism https://youtu.be/bwOQvZvmvb4 3. 6min video Children Of The Great Reset Photos shared by #JeffCensored https://youtu.be/8ncE5yYQvJY 4. Realities about Iran #EnemyWithin #1979 #ClintonCrimeSyndicate #IranIraqWar incited by USA #QueenElizabethShip was retired bc Prime Minister and representatives claimed #WeCantAffordIt yet nefariously take over Iran's oil trade to enrich themselves! https://youtu.be/xH9PVkdwjrg Jeff Censored The 33's are everywhere https://youtu.be/PRT2pvLLW_k Valuetaimment is FAKE - these guys are FAKES! Reverse psychology here! NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK! So many FRAUDS, so little time! https://youtu.be/BRoUWdVIrzM The God Debate Hitchens vs D'Souza 1 1/12 hr https://youtu.be/9V85OykSDT8     I was unimpressed with this talk involving political leaders who were dirtbags, INCITING war to make money at the very cost of orhers' lives. All for money! And Churchill was obviously a fake friend of the Monarchy and did what he could to destroy the Monarchy. I could say more! The God Debate II Harris vs Craig 2hrs https://youtu.be/yqaHXKLRKzg    The question. Of Morality being natural or superspiritual is baffling. If one believes we have a Creator, we then conclude that  naturally moral values exist because of our higher power. My question is, do they even care to make any point or are they demonstrating it's fun to be on stage performing? Jason Burmas He makes some good points but WTF- he uses GoFundMe, which was started by transhumanist Rod Solomon, who paid someone to do his work at StanFord univ- and speaking of Ford - Christine Ford was a so-called data researcher there (she's a CIA operative. Both father and brother are CIA agents) Rod Solomon claimed to be the writer of the useless MTW "Demonstration" in HUD Section 8 - an obvious way to launder money and probably embezzle money to pay for transgendering children. The swamp is very deep and Washington always demand a to have a crook for President. I can't Post this on YouTube because YouTube blocks my account. I hope someone shares these things on it. I don't expect YouTube will fix this because they don't want me to comment. The technocrats are spineless manipulators who almost got away with murdering billions of people but it was intercepted. https://youtu.be/EbruEnb2DF4 Facebook "We Love Crochet" My comment: I love the pattern! I thought my afghan was turning into an arrow but came out a square. I'm making another one with bulky Sierra yarn I get at Walmart​​ - I love her version here, too. Would make a great baby blanket. COMMON BLANKET SIZES: 1. Lovey - 12" x 12" 2. Stroller - 14" x 17" 3. Reeleving - 40" x 40" 4. Wheelchair Lapghan     86" x 48" 5. Toddler - 42" x 52" 6. Swaddle - 47" x 47" 7. Crib - 45" x 60" 8. Throw - 52" x 60" 9. Twin - 66" x 90" 10. Full/Queen - 90" x 90" 11. Super Queen - 90" x 108" 12. King - 108" x 108" 13. California King -       110" x 110"  #LittleJohnsYarn - nice review on craft supplies https://youtu.be/v0Dy0-_NcL8 She's back! Part 2 of review on craft supplies #LittleJohnsYarn https://youtu.be/OarIC53pv1o 3min secret: seemless crochet rounds https://youtu.be/jlbYbyjp78s 3min tip #TowerCrochet to keep edges straight on projects involving dc and tc https://youtu.be/dTxsvR7CUVM Feather Stitch for scarves https://youtu.be/Vm5PLtODZJs     See description-get your own haul! How resourceful! πŸ’₯πŸŒΊπŸŒ»πŸŒΉπŸ€πŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸ’ #OtissMachines - they must have had a lot of practice using building blocks as kids! LOL #MinuteMade #HomeBuild https://youtu.be/MIKJG-iMKwY I was expecting to hear this pastor to say "Obey, obey" and instead he starts sermon with, "Right now we have a 99.98% chance of NOT getting the virus. If you take the vaccine, they say you have a 94%...so why reduce your odds?" ha! #DataDabblingBackfires BTW, #ChristineFord, the fake Kavanaugh-rape victim, who was really having threesome sex orgies, is a data dabbler at StanFord University! Guess hat this is? REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY- just like they did at Kavanaugh's Senate hearing - get CIA operative Christine Ford to break away from her data fraud project at Stanford Univ and refer to the sexcapade thread ones she had as rape to get the public to stick up for Kavanaugh - but it backfired because we're sick and tired of being lied to! This BS story is to get us to rally around the Fauci FumDucks!  See more notes under CORONAVIRUS blog post PubliusRoots.com https://youtu.be/jrvrdBukIII John MacArthur of Grace Community Church makes his conclusions on the COVIDocracy 24min video https://youtu.be/RH-fNyJnr_Y CROCHET DREAMZ 5-hr afghan - wonderful pattern shows how following her directions really pays off! https://youtu.be/vrKAE8sxRMY Fast And Easy Crochet Afghan using hdc cross-stitch pattern and at 30 min she shows how to add more yarn and make an easy strong, invisible knot https://youtu.be/TTO8SHUaDvk This one also is hdc afghan. The yarn color scheme is adorable! https://youtu.be/8AiDU0S4rn8 3-hr crochet blanket using bulky yarn and making crochet clusters. Looks nice! https://youtu.be/4E1HoNvZrD8. Easy Crochet Slippers 26min tutorial https://youtu.be/DgaAM9g7YXI Crochet slippers with snug fit around ankles #EasyPeasy https://youtu.be/xSYQngLZFBI Squishy slippers, snug fit, using Bernat blanket yarn. Takes 1 1/2 hrs to make https://youtu.be/punz4BRsfMQ Size 7 in demo: crochet slippers from a rectangle! https://youtu.be/N0XK8661aUA Fancy Feet! This little boy taught him all he knew, LOL https://youtu.be/fPV1g05NMfE Fancy Feet 2 Grandfather and grandaughter! https://youtu.be/GQ_QgAjSO1g Holy Security! Surprise! Surprise! https://youtu.be/blcuwPlApLI Masked Dancers! https://youtu.be/7vrLrqpGgdo Drews News Introduces JONAH LARSON Crochet Prodigy! Here's his story:  https://youtu.be/6x3gOP0tLHM       Beanie Tutorial #HandsHigh #HighFive to #JonahsHands https://youtu.be/ibKV9yGME9M     Singing Contractors 4min video Mary Did You Know The holiday wouldn't be the same if I didn't hear this one again!  https://youtu.be/c-In6ZXYR1A 2 yr old #MovinAndGoovin #RegeMusic 2min video #StinkingCute https://youtu.be/21k7ZOWSgfI Sewing Repurpose your shirt #Arrows https://youtu.be/xSYQngLZFBI Kirsten Dirksen The Dome Dame! https://youtu.be/eek45AVW5BE Earth-integrated Home Created by very talented designers - interviewed by Kirsten Dirksen and her husband (I forgot to copy the link! This video was at least 1/2 he long) Underground Home https://youtu.be/_FyWYYAwQeo CONVICTION OF AN INNOCENT MAN? - guilty one is probably .... (The Satanic Underground is impressed when members murder! What's it look like to you?)... or a hired hitman! https://youtu.be/Bgjm6xPJeaA Speaking of "Drum Major Instinct" (Martin Luther King Speech)....       https://youtu.be/WmDB485uFaI 7 year old girl sings "Hallelujah" https://youtu.be/1ZoJ0FM0Dzw Who are the Billy Graham Family members connected to? The mafia boss had his son in law murdered for being unfaithful to his daughter. At 5min, Ruth Graham says she divorced husband of 18 years for being unfaithful, she says. And he died shortly after that. Was he terminally ill and it was time to get a new husband? Was he really unfaithful, like Jimmy Baker, etc and he got whacked since Billy Graham may have been considered the Christian boss.... https://youtu.be/fl_sL_WyiXE COVIDOCRACY update Perspective on the pandemic, Episode 4 #JourneymanPictures 1hr video which includes a lot of washed out BS - there's NO PANDEMIC! https://youtu.be/cwPqmLoZA4s 1/6/2020 Facebook comment But before I could post the YouTube link - it disappeared off YouTube and they don't allow me to keep a history of videos!     This so-called DOCTOR says 'pray, pray, pray' while he prey, prey, preys! There is no "inbetween'! He wants to make money, that's all! The MEDICAL INDUSTRY is an industry and the NWO scumbags like Bill Gates are going to rollout whatever they can! I believe they DID try to rollout a mass-killing bioweapon but it was intercepted by Chinese intelligence, and maybe others. The evil group of global organized crime has no nationality preference! When Jeff Sessions and his global collaborators took down Alpha Bay (the largest internet crime ring in history) they had an enormous data bank of info to indict tens of thousands of people right in USA alone! Those indictments were sealed and Jeff Sessions needed military support  make the largest arrest sting in history. TRUMP REFUSED!! Trump PROTECTS THE CROOKS! That's why Washington politicians sabatoged Jeff Sessions! They are passivist, spineless morons  or even part of the crime rings, profiting! Trump then fired Jeff Sessions and used "The Black community' to slander Jeff Sessions at the 7 hr Martin Luther King Memorial "Celebration" - I saw it myself! Complete lies! MLK was murdered by a black male sniper, probably a VietNam vet who was convinced by CIA psyop operatives that MLK hated the vets who were sent to Viet Nam, which was NOT the case - it was poor politics! And  wasn't even fingering any specific people, he promoted nonviolence AND unity! Yet the Devil's Chessboard is being played! The only "unity" they want is  NWO unity to take over the world! They are filthy rotten crooks!      I can't find the video to share - YouTube made it disappear! . 700 Club is BS! I had a sister who sat at her tv for 5+ hrs a day - at least 3 watching 700 Club! Jimmy and Tammy Baker were also her favorites! Wake up people! See through the BS!  They just want your money and will herd people for the NWO's! Like James Corbett said, we ARE experiencing a cold revolution and the NWO's are meeting their match! We will NOT have the kind of NWO THEY want! They are freaking sociopaths whose only NWO should be at Gitmo If they are not executed like GHW Bush, Barbara Bush, and John McCain were!   This COVIDIOT says "we're still in the beginning"- he could care less about the truth! And the ad on the damn video is pushing dianonds! Those are the kinds of ads in Las Vegas videos!   FAKES take the cake! And that's n a bad way! ("you take the cake" phrase means you're the worst of them all)  https://youtu.be/kwom8vryzMg Something. beautiful happened tonight" this Senator says. WTF Another #RiggedElection! https://youtu.be/-Xe42P8hrAg Fraudulent Caller. 203-772-4050 http://mah.jussanjuan.gov.ar/unmasticated Shared with Media Monarchy Sorry I don't have the wherewithal to weed out the silly stuff! 1/7/2021 Headband For when your hair is in a bun and you want to warm your head - or use it as a headress, depending on the yarn you use For a child's size, I suggest just using a little bit smaller hook and maybe less bulky yarn https://youtu.be/DsGBq9oe2ac Irish Dancing Contest 3-yr old cuts up the floor! But aie, yaie yaie - looks like a little competitor is jealous, or maybe just excited, lol https://youtu.be/b_fNGD5tCCI Comments Seth Meyers https://youtu.be/b_fNGD5tCCI Stephen Colbert https://youtu.be/JpUxQyLCBbk Jimmy Kimmel https://youtu.be/c6j1l-MICZk It is unfortunate that their comedy overflows into their reality, which turns to sarcasm All elections are rigged and 2020 was EXCEPTIONALLY RIGGED    It is a "Don't go there" topic because it is so commonplace! There is no transparency! We don't ven know the real identities of elected Presidents. Most or all are directly involved with organized crime and CIA-which is government-backed organized crime. There is much doubt anyone died at this rigged riotfest! Use your heads! It was obviously rigged to use as a distraction! So how do we confront the fajes, the frauds? ANSWER:  They frame themselves! All they need to do is use the Mirror of Accountability! #PresidentPenceNow!    BEST POINTS❤ "Today is not about Patriotism, but about Terrorism" said Jimmy Fallon https://youtu.be/511SdWsvE5U Yet, if this is the REAL Biden who made a deal with the Devil to have the election rigged for him in 1972 - then bury him alive in a hole somewhere and let him rot! His wife was probably hit with a laser weapon and that caused her to swerve into the tractor trailer. The mafia were probably not prepared to use the lasers on JFK in 1960's. And the CIA figured what better chance to stir chaos than by actually using a black man to murder JFK? He replaced the on duty officer, who  was ordered by their chief to patrol a different area that day! And who was he? Probably a VietNam Vet, Black Panther, convinced that MLK hates Vets, which could have den propaganda by Malcolm X because he was full of it! And that's probably why Malcolm X was executed, my opinion. MACRAME (She calls it hand crochet) Easy 1 hr blanket https://youtu.be/lNsp4WN7_2M 🌺 Great choice of media-minion words! He says "Trump Storms The Capitol" https://youtu.be/QOXs-zT5v64 This feeds the internet algorithm since Trump used "Storm" alot. ie, "A Storm is coming"..."Stormy Daniels" the hooker who claims to have had sex with over-sexed Trump, who is really a TRANSGENDER! There has been no transparency! Knowing one's identity is plain logic as a need, especially when they run for office! Biden has his blood and flesh family killed as an obvious Satanic Sacrifice to start his evil "career" as a RIGGED ELECTION senator and nobody holds him accountable! Or He was executed and replaced with a clone! Pretty tough shoes to wear with two family murders under his belt! #PresidentPenceNow!!! Or it will be #DeathToAmerica #ImplosionOfUSA #CountrySuicided     More StormersπŸ‘Ώ Below😠😫 And there are FumDuck minions pushing ideology for the Satanic Underground...ie, Trump made allies with Turkey's leader Erdogan who is. NOW declaring jihad WTF - to be a US President, you have. to be a traitor before they rig the election for you! https://youtu.be/az6c7negl6o 1/10/2021 Facebook comment Subscriber Giveaway 1/7/2021 Lots of YARN 75,000 goal https://youtu.be/K8j0FX6lBRM Huge production for Huge song They Don't Really Care About Us ❤ S A T A N I C  U N D E R G R O U N D O R G A N I Z E D. C R I.M E #PresidentPenceNow #NoBiden #DumpTrump RIP Michael Jackson https://youtu.be/mKtdTJP_GUI You Raised Me Up Performance video by BYU It's a pity they are so two-faced and fired Prof Steve Jones! AE911 Truth.org      https://youtu.be/rcLl0A-lXIc WUAUQUIKUNA 🌹🌻🌺🌸❤ HALLELUJAH 🎢🎡 https://youtu.be/Cxr8Qyd2t1E Sound Of Silence https://youtu.be/444JSd9tMkc I forgot the song they played! https://youtu.be/FQteKZ1PaBo The Power Of Love ❤ https://youtu.be/sTE91wlYJrU Abba-Chiquitita https://youtu.be/utwQsxX8yuk Scorpions-Winds Of Change https://youtu.be/zkx41tB_lqA Abba - I Have A Dream https://youtu.be/2TtqYvTLQ5I Tornero https://youtu.be/RqPOtfLvrPI DESPACITO - Daddy Yankee https://youtu.be/Vft6NSPbkmc Amazing Grace https://youtu.be/CRSn6kEiJIM The Lonely Sheperd https://youtu.be/GDKuT55-kkA Meditation Music https://youtu.be/D6MvsFgoeK8 Meditate and Rest https://youtu.be/yQ3_JoqJOWE Son Of The Inkas Meditation https://youtu.be/0cnVVl8wsfk White Arrows https://youtu.be/aKsrcMjiDsM Tribute to Children My Flower https://youtu.be/tbFXnvavaz0 Love Mountain Raimy Salazar - WUAUQUIKUNA https://youtu.be/CsuRiKUG_QQ La Paloma https://youtu.be/c_CubltbhVo Let's Enjoy The Music Livestream Dec2020 https://youtu.be/UCuDqS6BaeE Amazing Native Music Fabian Salazar 5min https://youtu.be/dWVXH2dMZpg https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2020/11/10148830/paula-white-trump-spiritual-advisor-prayer-video-black-history?fbclid=IwAR08hff3eegXhH5ziDkK9pcJJIP6CZOl0MWp8pEcA32cjrTwowU23b_dqoY https://m.timesofindia.com/us-election-results-trumps-spiritual-advisors-battle-with-demonic-confederacies/videoshow/79057575.cms?fbclid=IwAR2EiDTJ9ZDHKl6-pMABOpAgpZavRmiUOdDiyYOzwX1b-13vc74DHMC284Y JEFF CENSORED Passed Away? Gone Too Soon! 1/8/2021 I'm shocked! Devestated! He spent his days encouraging every one to live, thrive! To be alive! https://youtu.be/av69wctG4M8.      That was then, 2 yrs ago: https://hive.blog/jeffc/@fakenewsreport/what-happened-to-jeff-censored      Animals vs Drones, produced by Jeff C, 4min https://youtu.be/y0gSXxVZPFQ    The Beta Male is made popular by synthetic social engineering. WTF but True! https://youtu.be/Fy-VCneEZ7w Facebook Comment about "Trump Storms Capitol Hill" It's all fake! A distraction to probably make the biggest money heist against USA! Trump is a Democrat in Republican clothing! He hired Democrat Rod Rosenstein and refused to fire him when Jeff Sessions recommended it because Hon. Sessions knew there was no RUSSIAN COLLUSION! Trump WANTED it for distraction! Jeff Sessions takes down largest crime ring in history through collaborations (Alpha Bay) and Trump fires him before tens of thousands of arrests can be made! I hope the Chinese White Knights have the strength they need to implement Justice! Russia, Iran, China, and hopefully India have bonded enough to stand up to the corrupted officials in USA. Any war at this point is not worth fighting for. We need ACCOUNTABILITY IN WASHINGTON DC! ❤❤❤❤ Copied comment I hope and pray that Iran has strong backing of China, Russia, India, and even pressure Britain. I expect Queen Elizabeth is willing but will not say to preserve integrity of its government - which seem to be primarily all wrapped up  in their own greed. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-08/iraq-issues-arrest-warrant-for-us-trump-soleimani-killing/13040752?fbclid=IwAR3nuBVZ1psCcuKcka3u7KEVKanHh9qOdvYr8fy03Eey5cXcFdzkdRzeQFY Prayers for Hassan Rouhani, Iran! I believe John Kerry used his daughter as a social weapon more than anything else! And the Iranian who negotiated the Iran Deal is either "guilty" of trusting or part of a collaboration - possible coup against President Rouhani, so HE can take over. I don't believe Obama ever had any intent to follow through! The cash he brought to Iran, draining the Secret Service account - was probably to help his billionaire buddy Babak Zanjani - who was sentenced to death. That's what I suspect. Shared 1/8/2021 Warm Up America Squares needed to make Blankets https://youtu.be/wxU3NbCH5SM WUAUQUIKUNA 🎼🎡🎢 First livestream in 2021 https://youtu.be/RlJZ4WcytXg WUAUQUIKUNA 🎼🎡🎢 Second Livestream 2021 https://youtu.be/Km90A-sx-wo Meditation flute by Fabian Salazar - beautiful wolf picture in background https://youtu.be/5dyisWnCt5o Saturday Livestream 9January2021 #Wuauquikuna https://youtu.be/eX3w-1tuvJM Let's Enjoy The Music December 2020 https://youtu.be/UCuDqS6BaeE Let's enjoy The Music ❤ Together 😊 Happy Saturday 🎡🎼🎢 https://youtu.be/RUN2dM5yUts Lovely Sunday - Happy New Year https://youtu.be/RHDQFYjSvf4 Merry Christmas Music Livestream from Raimy Salazar https://youtu.be/BVaL41Bj_x4 The Farewell 2020 Party 2hr video https://youtu.be/dxSjsQRjfyw Christmas Day 2020 https://youtu.be/oPcR-NiWbYY. 1/10/2021 YouTube  is still blocking my account  still so  can't get on WUAUQUIKUNA Livestream https://youtu.be/xC41nmDLBvA Silent Night - 4min Raimy Salazar https://youtu.be/HMlOxliErDE Happy New Year Livestream Raimy Salazar https://youtu.be/a2e1dordsV4 Happy New Year too! Raimy Salazar https://youtu.be/P76ZYVMd51c Fabian Salazar Wind of Change 5min https://youtu.be/UeWvawuUYss La Rosa 4Min https://youtu.be/JiSVVcib-6k πŸ’˜ Romeo & Juliett πŸ’˜ 5min 15sec https://youtu.be/h6zOlm6xUZE Flutes by the river 5min https://youtu.be/fB2uGYz4nko #MyBreadMachineMatters Note to self: they say to use 1 tsp fast acting rising yeast. Use a Tblsp #TheyLie! Facebook comment About Kamala Harris MTW Tranny Of The Year - known for putting innocent people in prison so the guilty are free; and BTW how's that murder by car of the Bidens in 1972 working out for ya? While JoeBlob was having affair with Jill! #SatanicUndergroumd #TransparentIdentityMatters  #RiggedElections #PayToPlay #PresidentPenceNow PubliusRoots.com It's all scripted! #PresidentPenceNow Trump is a Democrat in Republican Clothing! He hired Democrat Rod Rosenstein and even though Rosenstein and McCabe cooked up the Russian Collusion case, Trump refused to fire him when Jeff Sessions requested it because Sessions considered it all bunk! Trump wanted the fake violin to keep playing as distraction and create chaos and confusion. The only ones elected as Presidents in these rigged elections are certified and approved traitors! #1972 #MurderByCar #BidenAffairWithJill #ProveLoyaltyToSatanicUnderground #Prostitution (favorite word of Biden bringing up at Senate meeting - not the way a widower with severely injured sons are supposed to talk! The video of Biden taking oath in the hospital at his son's room is FAKE! He took oath at the damn Senate! I read about it! We have another traitor in chief to be sworn in and keep wearing your muzzles because this country is imploding and is anyone even caring about a career criminal lined up to take oath like Trump, with his finger crossed behind his back? They are all part of the organized crime, secret societies, satanic cults, perverts, career criminals! They were involved with Sep 11, OK City bombing, WTC bombing in the 1990's, and the explosive riots and raids by paid actors - much of which was funded by the House Of Justice, run by one of the sabatoging friends of Martin Luther King, Jr! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ How to Make the Blanket Stitch Grandma's Crochet TRUTHSTREAM MEDIA She hit a homer like usual! #TruthstreamNews. Happy YOU Year ❤❤❤❤ https://youtu.be/H5Pj8J7QILE      My Favorite - not! (A Christmas Story) https://youtu.be/_DXXTiHPgYs She's describing Washington politics to a T! https://youtu.be/uVZKDJtz0ZM Crochet pentagons sewn into a purse. https://youtu.be/g5Em608RMZQ Do you want COVIDIOTS telling you what to do? https://youtu.be/peVq-KGIXZY RIP JEFF C Lowkey T spends an hour paying respects. BTW, Jeff C was in his 50's but healthy as a 25 yr old.  https://youtu.be/fLm6SjA7VMM CORBETT REPORT MEDIA MONARCHY    Send a donation check to James Evan Pilatto, not Media Monarchy; or do what I did - send a gift card. I purchased mine from my bank for record purposes. They may not get back to you but they read your messages! James has an all-day radio station. Check out his samples. Subscribe. MediaMonarchy.com = Raw Truth #LetsVentTogether #KeepCalm  #SnuggleWhileYouStruggle NEW WORLD NEXT WEEK This Week in Tyranny Social Engineering Music vs Truth Music Pake Your Tick 10/24/2000  https://youtu.be/5EtviRc7hp4 Goodbye #PropagandaWatch       Stop Watching "the bad wolf" Propaganda - feed "the Good Wolf" which is: Hello #SolutionsWatch   No, it's not liquor or beer, LOL Appreciate wine through Scott Jacobs Gallery GEORGE MONBIOT Rise Above the Invisible Ideology and DETERMINE the ideology that's good for Humankind! Part 1 https://youtu.be/t-cP1prsBIo Invisible Ideology with George Monbiot, Part 2 https://youtu.be/nN16yWvFcQ0 This storytime is about real restoring(of communities) https://youtu.be/v1-9zg0cgN0 "Celebrity Culture is the mask the machine wears" "...we allow psychopaths to govern us." - George Monbiot, on Mental Health Ideology https://youtu.be/CBjnO7teiSs Newest in Motorola Moto G style, play, power https://youtu.be/r9lWifHJkSQ Shared notes on email 1/8/2021 I started listening to THE LEAK PROJECT and found this to be absurd. He says "We went to the Middle East and didn't do what we planned" - something like that. This is BS. The USA had no valid reason to send military to the Middle East. The traitors running our country LIED. Saddam Hussein was a CIA operative. He was paid to make nuclear weapons. When Colin Powell found his factory and reported it, GW Bush had it taken down and transported to Syria by the terrorists HE paid, which later became the ISIS HQ - illegally occupying Syria and PROTECTED by USA...the USA has criminal foreign policy! Don't follow The Leak Project. It will just throw you off on reality. Decide for yourself. https://youtu.be/hzoZyiu44z4 CROCHET FALL AFGHAN Crochet Waves and Leaves Pattern  Now That's What I'm Talking About! Instructions are thorough, made simple! Cha-cha-cha!    https://youtu.be/2bV_rwZvNHk New World Order Agenda 21 Technocracy Agenda 201 We Shall Not Be Moved! https://youtu.be/8lzLdzNhsmE Note to self: Remove this second pasted link once this is shared online https://youtu.be/UMTtKj2ScXA New WORLD Order Commission #SecretSociety Top Tier of AMERICAN FreeMasons; Evil Takedown of US Gov, etc https://youtu.be/8lzLdzNhsmE Artificial Intelligence is just that: ARTIFICIAL, yet the Technocrats are making it SACRIFICIAL in the sense of New World Order gambling - winner take all. They want us to believe that everything that's going on and has gone on was planned and we can't stop it. YET IN REALITY, we HAVE stopped/suppressed their scheming! For example, WW2 and USA funding Hitler - that was obviously an attempt to create a NWO and Musalini and Stalin and even Churchill were cooking up depravity that was unimaginable, I'm sure. They tried to destroy Buckingham Palace, bombing a huge chunk- and remember the fires. Profiling these people takes experts. They are changing sexes of children and using them as social terrorists. This "method" resulted in many suicides because these people were basically raped inside-out. No one can change your inner self - and the rage these NWO criminals create in these child-victims will often turn on their own selves. Another  attack to Humanity is Mental Health - mind control. Perfectly fine people who even have strong careers are reduced to sawdust brains, so to speak. For instance, Oprah Winfrey paid a woman to write "Are You There Alone" - specifying its structure and intended meaning, which in this case was deliberately foregoing the TRUTH. This RN was socially worked on by a male neighbor who had some kind of contracting job. He obviously became very abusive and she submitted to the point that she no longer had control of her own mind and actions, drowning her children in the tub, which is obviously what he wanted her to do! Otherwise he would have been checking on her. Yet MTW tranny Oprah's intent was to make everyone think that post partum was so serious that women turn into shells like her. Having a baby is a natural drive for women and makes them fulfilled in a personal way. The NWO's have been trying to counteract this to completely disrupt society with their perverted depravity! I have been watching this πŸŽ₯ film. Though I hope the others I share here are useful, I guarantee this one is NOT a waste of your time. Watch it if you can. https://youtu.be/5dZ_lvDgevk      BTW, WTF happened to MYOB - #PayToPlay etc Is Supreme Court #benjamincardozo is a Justice Bozo and more #SexingUpTheLadder - Didn't matter who you knew, but who you screw! 17 min anxious discussion on being frugal with earth supplies. Yet note, oil is NOT a fossil fuel. This changes the data. https://youtu.be/u5fSkm9QDaA 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻 #PresidentPenceNow #NoBiden #RemoveTrumpNow https://youtu.be/m2dxqqOyaw8 Betsy Wetsy resigns after serving her already filthy rich Amway pocket and making her brother a billionaire through his company Blackwater, which he nefariously changed to ACADEMI ...who hooo...and speaking of WHO, don't worry. Biden will pick up where Trump left off, trying to incite martial law. Trump wasn't successful because e got pressure from insiders to appoint Mike Pence in charge of the Wu-Cor-COVID-19 BS, which he was obligated to allow pan out yet was able to restrict the intended mass murdering. If this person who claims to be former Senator Joe Biden and really is that person who obviously rigged the evil deaths of his wife and baby, then boldly spoke about prostitution at a Senate hearing, is US President, there is much hell we are facing and like Trump when thousands were burned alive to ashes at Paradise, CA - he won't bat an eyelash. No big deal. #PresidentPenceNow! https://youtu.be/e-IRoWEFTD8 Mike Pence thanks military https://youtu.be/5pqb0GDu2mw Gov Mike Pence opens up about family https://youtu.be/vClpC1PTexo REMINDER! Biden was a two-bit councilman, nothing exceptional, yet obviously made a deal with the satanic underground/underworld to rig the election for him and his family would die to show his loyalty, and probably use the life insurance to pay the election riggers! https://youtu.be/Upig68IsNC8 Woody Harrelson went to college with Mike Pence https://youtu.be/5LwdV3fOZSc So we have Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush available to set up another take-down USA attempt which will most likely be successful because of #FollowTheMoney Most of them are all fakes, frauds! https://youtu.be/5SUyoPoTLlY Abu Bakr al Baghdaddi was a Harvard school late of Barack Obama. And notice who was labeled "The Most Wanted man of the world" AFTER Pompeo and Trump conspire against General Soleimani AFTER Trump got Defense Secretary James Mattis out of the freaking way by ERRONEOUSLY firing him! Probably extorting him like he did to NSA Mike Flynn, since Flynn had strong paedophile cases against high-profile perverts, friends with Trump! https://youtu.be/Si0iNQAV82U General Soleimani was NOT even on the Terrorist list! I checked in several websites including Secretary Of State and NSA. CIA is just organized crime. Dick Cheney requested President Assad to let him have right of way to build an oil line and Assad said no! He would build their own line if it wasn't for USA bullying them, using military as a mafia! There is no defense there! It is ATTACK*ATTACK*ATTACK Ofcourse the interviewer doesn't care about Bill Gates, st al Technocratic  Plan to wipe out billions of people to reduce the population to 500,000,000 - and Agenda 201 was a satanic mockery of Agenda 21 - planning to mass murder on a much larger scale than Hitler. No Big Deal  to at least consider, when by now, we 'll know is fact!  Hoover Institute 40 min interview with Mike Pence https://youtu.be/aaDW3bZCvvA Extortion by Trump is so obvious! 1. The economy is booming?     Only if that boom refers to "blowing up" 2. We trade with countries; Trump makes deals.. Trump ruined the Huawei business in USA but the technocrats can take their products to other countries and swindle the public. Huawei made a great tablet equal to the iPad. They Don't charge half the price that Apple does. 3. It's okay to cheat and use Mike Pence as the honest face for image. ... The Great Society Notice comment by "Kirk Bowyer", probably a secret society member, AND the response made by an unk #AsiansRock - right on! https://youtu.be/0pqvrE3K9jY MAFIA Posted 1/10/2021 This multimillionaire in Qatar probably got some or all of those Feraris from the mafia. They trafficked 5,000+ stolen high price cars to Kuwait every week! Demeo, mafia made man, was in charge of this car theft operation. If Customs and Insurance auditors did their jobs, they could have stopped it.  https://youtu.be/Z9zT-4mNpaE And there are FumDuck minions pushing ideology for the Satanic Underground...ie, Trump made allies with Turkey's leader Erdogan who is. NOW decorating jihad WTF - to be a US President, you have. to be a traitor before they rig the election for you! https://youtu.be/az6c7negl6o Facebook Comment 1/10/2021     (Note to self: Remove this copy after sharing on internet bc it's in with earlier notes on this) Her picture showed a hood on the cardigan but video doesn't. This Mosaic cardigan still looks so cute and  great early Spring garment to wear outside or warmer for inside home or office. https://youtu.be/pjzBQxKQWB4 Face cover and headband! Fits like a glove! https://youtu.be/0cejKWk_bH0 Dainty scarf and facemask - Two in one https://youtu.be/tk1wp3Fwmqg Easy slouchy hat crochet tutorial 30 min https://youtu.be/R-1T5xKD0OA Funky Hat Crochet https://youtu.be/Xu3yBZ7TOVA This face mask has tight stitches - works up fast https://youtu.be/fyofmYqqcVU Crochet ski mask https://youtu.be/RUiE2zDiUWA Gladiator Knight In Shining Armor Hat https://youtu.be/o1stQ-MHGwY Another headband/mask tutorial https://youtu.be/85u_fIg1X-Y Celtic Mandela Throw - beautiful! https://youtu.be/ljHXzxh3CH8 Summer rose Afghan Fabulous! Part one https://youtu.be/zOEk6NC3oqg Seed Stitch 1sc, 1dc.... I use this pattern and alternate colors with each row and dc in sc, etc throughout- the colors pop!  https://youtu.be/abpQmbyMYkk Tunisian Crochet resulting n gingham pattern blanket https://youtu.be/0Tm0G_BE6Ho πŸŒΈπŸ’πŸ’₯❤🌺🌻❤πŸ€πŸŒΉπŸŒ»❤ . Totally scripted, paid actors - both Obama and Trump have had FAKES incite riots at demonstrations caused by other paid actors. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! #OperationBullShit 4min video https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrEnWoR732-BHrPp_Pm8_VleD68f9s14- Facebook moment Noel Kreutzmann WTF Trump AND Obama interfered with elections to make Bibi lose as Prime Minister. The MSM will completely reverse stories without explaining why....Obama talked about Abu Bakr al Baghdaddi (who was Obama's Harvard schoolmate, WTF) being alive when he knew he was dead and  Seb Gorka, PhD tweeted he was killed. I said "Hooray!" and tweeted it alot. Obama withheld that from the public but Deb Gorka didn't know. As an antiterrorism expert, teaching at Quantico, certainly it would be great to share this! Was it a fake death or did Obama want to cover it up? Facebook comment to Noel Kruetzmann 1/10/2021 Both Trump and Biden are directly hooked to The Mob, speaking of Mob. Biden is Italian. The BS about him being Irish is only a small example of how much manure will spread if he takes oath with his finger crossed behind his back since his oaths to secret organized crime would take precedence. Facebook response to post claiming Capitol police officer was beaten to a pulp and nobody defended him: It's FAKE! They could have shot the attackers to defend their come as if they refused to put their hands on their head and face forward on the ground! Use some sense! BLACKOUT NEWS 1. This guy weaves in and out of reality https://youtu.be/y6DYBUNO-Us 2. He uses SONY Podcast as his channel name but seems two shakes from establishing residency on a nutfarm if you ask me so I'm going to keep searching. https://youtu.be/h3vrypWTSug 3. 10 min video reassuring Blackouts are difficult to happen dye to safety measures. #Practical Engineering channel further explains power grid etc in other videos https://youtu.be/R_HGnc63QKU 4. Is there another setup of domestic terrorists to attack their own country USA via laser weapons?  https://youtu.be/jMx1-yaRLyQ 5. How  does he know? The Bible tells him so...WTF https://youtu.be/TmF8yiQSipA 6. Major Seismic Increase coming says Dutchsinse*** 1hr20min video https://youtu.be/W3DqcyAYvaM 7.  Consider the source.  His fear porn is 9 months old. Will Technocrats do something just to make him "right"? Could be! https://youtu.be/ZGan5NwJ-LM George Monibot explains just what BoJo is #NoKidding https://youtu.be/RlxiYVEzK5s Pastor Calvin Hill Blackfeet United Methodist Church Montana I hope Wuaquikuna sees this as well as others. I kept in touch with Robert Mirabal in Taos Pueblo, NM but apparently he stopped livestreaming....Here is an inspirational story of Pastor Calvin Hill: https://vimeo.com/311822772      Alternative To Amazon Watch “A New Day” on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/307573692?ref=em-share https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/house-democrats-introduce-impeachment-trump-163242416.html 11Jan2021     WTF- Trump was already impeached! This is BS distraction to help Trump, stall or time! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/house-democrats-introduce-impeachment-trump-163242416.html Posted  on Facebook 1/11/2021 Impeachment-shmapeachment! Trump was already impeached! Senate is supposed to come up with conviction, which was expected to be, among other things, LEAVE. But did they? NO! Now they will say after 10 days or so, oh, BTW, Double Jeapardy applies. We already tried him....WASHINGTON DC IS JUST A PLAYGROUND FOR ORGANIZED CRIME! The nefarious NWO's want the Capitol moved to Denver, CO since that is where their NWO HQTRS is! I am so fed up with this corruption, which has trailed my whole life - I told an obvious stalking sex trafficker to leave me alone, he was a pig - then almost get murdered by their town 20 ton sander truck  driver, being hospitalized 3 1/2 months, on crutches for another 3, not even getting physical therapy thanks to Attorney Frederick Kendall who made my case No Fault instead of At Fault, deceiving me by first telling me that it meant it was not my fault. His brother hired a hit man to kill the President of Chile because he refused to sell Pepsi in his country. My father told me later when he found out, saying he didn't blame me for settling out of court- which Kendall documented as dropping the charges! No I did not drop the charges! The sander truck hit me head on AND he had  spotter to let him know when I was driving over the small hill on Rt 12E, Three Mile Bay. The driver was issued a ticket for failure to yield right of way. A paramedic at the scene told me he saw it . Yet my attorney would denied it! They also erected a restaurant there, naming it "Pig's Ear" to muse themselves! My blog is provided on my facebook page and below. Twitter and YouTube are blocking my accounts! @BaiAnNa2014 (Twitter) and I think my YouTube account is just "Anne Bradley"    I share what I can, state my opinion. I have included people I guess would care about my comment. I could not add more because the ones I selected were getting removed! Neither Biden  or Trump are fit to be Presidents. Yet the Washington DC swamp wants them because they are proven liars, career riminals! Anyone in their circles who challenges it are on their hit list! The car accident that Biden's wife had just after he won the election was caused by a distraction! Like a man with a a weapon! Her boys were saved because they were hunched under the back seat! She obviously told them to  that, in match their seatbelts. Yet Joe Biden changes the facts every time he tells the story! Recently  claimed one son landed  on top  of his wife (who  he was cheating on, affair with Jill who still lived with her husband) - and the other son landed on top of his baby sister on the seat! How neat and tidy it all is! And makes absolutely no sense! I'm sure an accident expert would claim it  be a lie. His boys were almost murdered too but the plan foiled! Did Joe Biden III discover more facts about that when he became Attorney General in Delaware? John Kerry's daughter married an Iranian who became supposedly a medical expert on brain cancer- was he turned into a transhuman and desired medical records so they could murder Joe III and get away with it? Why was it important o Obama to change their names to Hunter and Beau? Ciphers/codes obviously! I can't share anymore here because my typing is being interfered with on  phone. https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/house-democrats-introduce-impeachment-trump-163242416.html Shared notes 1/11/2021 George Monibot Neoliberalism. - how it destroys from inside-out https://youtu.be/Z7MFJ4EFezQ George Monbiot 1hr 17 min A New Politics https://youtu.be/uE63Y7srr_Y ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ WUAUQUIKUNA  Twin Brothers Raimy and Carlos Raimy❤ and Carlos❤ Salazar Livestreaming December 2020 https://youtu.be/x6eU-bQp5_Q 4min video. The mobster look! LOL πŸ˜† https://youtu.be/YcjGmGgtu6Y Tu Mirada 5min 17sec Music video https://youtu.be/YYs6k3u5cMA Raimy Salazar Beautiful sunset on the water. The Sacred reed. https://youtu.be/zbzkLkCFc7o Return To My Land 5min - appreciate wildlife Luis and Fabian https://youtu.be/_PmjZGwIqd0 Carlos Salazar Abba - Chiquitita https://youtu.be/jB4mcqiMa50 Instrumental Songs Carlos and Raimy ❤ 1 hr  https://youtu.be/JRse1l3BayA Happy Weekend! Raimy Salazar 1/10/2021 https://youtu.be/G4rV4Prx5LQ Dutchsinse Large 6.8 mh earthquake hits China (probably geoengineered. These evil scientists have wiped out whole towns in China. Now that the White Knights are aggressively taking out the Illuminati/Satanic Underground, they are probably attacking China. They frame themselves!) https://youtu.be/Y3EL3qFBTYc BEST BUY Quick tutorial on how to set up your "smart thing" https://youtu.be/5iJMdJp2I0k Nice Thoughts  face it. I have no idea How high the Sincerity Meter would go. https://youtu.be/qywokA6otns George Monbiot The need to restore wildlife https://youtu.be/SYdm6k1tg3Y George Monbiot 1hr 17 min A New Politics https://youtu.be/uE63Y7srr_Y Crochet Grandma This stitch is great for potholders https://youtu.be/0ckCHc0gvt0 6  hr of Tibeten natural healing sounds https://youtu.be/4cVzkokc5n0 Facebook comment on Charles Schiavo page: Trump tried  invoke the Insurrection Act, aka Martial Law, but the reason he wasn't successful is because MIKE PENCE was in charge of the Coronavirus PLANdemic and his hands were tied. Media are full of crap explaining anything #OperationConfusion #PresidentPenceNow https://youtu.be/xxumg4TBJDQ Take an 8min break and enjoy some class! https://youtu.be/BLXwpGCn2KQ Facebook Post I called Michelle Cortez after hearing what she said, using FASHIONED IDEOLOGY to promote the COVID19 lie! @FayCortez Twitter. Phone 612-991-8887 Rather than look up  death rates Macrotrends..net - she burbed talk-over statements - and that's what reporters are made of now! Lies! It's not the tool, it's the toolmaker! Watch videos with George Monibot - he's a professional! He explains why things aren't working; the breakdown of community is WRONG and endangering the very existence of Humanity! This attached recording missed the first part where Michelle Cortez acknowledges it's her. Her address is 15465 91st Ave N, Maple Grove, MN 55369 - please write her if you can! I will do my best to post my letter to her when it's finished. I don't think anyone should do business with anyone named Barry. Plus there are other names in that category - such as HILLary-Hill, etc - this is a cipher/code for flowing money, feeding the Beast!        In 2006 Vimeo was acquired by Barry Diller's IAC/Interactive Corp, and Lodwick was fired in late 2007. My hunch is, the mafia set up George Rosatto. Maybe he reported organized crime or he is something else they didn't like. https://youtu.be/nga1u6lO4xE A similar thing happened  to Twitter - it's creator was fired! Consider the probability that Trump ENDANGERED VP Pence having his paid rioters successfully break in the Capitol! #RiggedSecurity #Deception https://youtu.be/Zv30fjgAJXU To those who read this, please let  Charles Schiavo know how much you appreciate his work fighting for our health rights and more. He was in court today all day- as plaintiff in lawsuit against DHHS - through the Gov of Delaware - and the CORONAVIRUS PLANdemic. The defendant has thus far failed to enter its appearance, which is cause for judgment in favor of plaintiff!  1/12/2021 Dr. Lawrence Palevsky Vaccinations are dangerous! https://vimeo.com/386313325?fbclid=IwAR2rdTE4O9wIF1wG9tdfOVLHdrQ7_wrFqgsJAvNew4RKt-J6-fvYWE8IC0E Trump has done coup attempts in several countries, including Isreal. Mike Pence is just the opposite. Watch “How A US-Backed Coup Attempt Failed In Venezuela” on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/333629087?ref=em-share 12:15am 1/13/2021 My Facebook comment- no doubt the worm is from Facebook. Zuckface is probably Robert T Morris, who destroyed all active computers with "The Morris Worm" in 1989.      LOL, maybe  she can get that yarn back if it's  kitty's mouth! My phone s being cyber attacked. Three leader dots squirming like a worm show up over my keyboard. I tried to take a picture but they disappear. Typing anything is a chore. This beautiful baby is the same age range of Joe Biden Jr.'s baby when his wife was distracted, got her boys to unmatched seatbelts and hide under the seats before SHE was obviously hit by a weapon - probably a laser weapon. They are harder to detect in the public. I wonder if she used a CB radio and Joe Biden told her goodbye to rub it in!  It was 1972. - that's about when the CBs were becoming popular. (My father had one. He used it as  volunteer fire fighter and to communicate with friends.) The mva was washed out because Joe Biden made his deal with the devil. It's so obvious! https://youtu.be/MQp06PXFbSk        She never had a chance to grow to an adult. 😫πŸ˜₯😣 https://youtu.be/GGevZwlHtV8 Fallon Tonight I didn't post this  it's obvious that Hollywood rewards those who treat trannies like gods. Doesn't matter how incompetent or dishonest they are. https://youtu.be/Evk0F1ZssbI The "Valley Girls" been hanging around Jimmy's character Sarah, it seems. LOL https://youtu.be/P_e9FPfkI1E I'd rather watch it than live it. #LockedDown #AnneHathaway https://youtu.be/_i_MD51qDLg Anne Hathaway's kids are same ages as two of #NoBiden's kids in 1972 when he was having his extramarital affair with Jill Biden and won the #RiggedElection https://youtu.be/zbBIjp9szE0       More discussion about #LockedDown #IFound #AroundAround #MyPetIsAHound #ILoveGroundMeat #BurgerKing Asians Rock 🎸 BTS   https://youtu.be/lPi7cQGNqcM DJ-EJ 🎼 Get a bang out  this interview with Jimmy Fallon...🎼D-D-D Daisy, beautiful Daisy! You're the only g-g-g girl that I adore...When the m-m-m moon shines over the cowshed, I'll be waiting  the k-k-k kitchen door🎼 - I think the KKK became popular because of this song. But cows are usually black and white. I saw an all-black bull once at my b-b-b bedroom window. https://youtu.be/VPa8MTjfiBE #PresidentPenceNow! Mike Pence  by-the-book, intelligent, SUCCESSFUL! The right people gravitate to him and want to work for him as a Patriot Of Peace, Prosperity, who desires real Progress! Real Progression! He's against a coup! That is the wrong way to start  Presidency! The constant scandalous actions by traitor Presidents got USA to this point! #NoBiden! He also perfected his evil while VP with another Liar In Chief who almost flatlined economy, only synthetivally building it by getting Steve Mnuchn to ILLEGALLY PRINT MONEY and circulate it into the country-frauding public with a FAKE shooting  at Sandy Hook, CT #NobodyDied was even reported by the FBI special agent in charge and they suppressed his report! PRESIDENT PUTIN SAID HE DID NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING BECAUSE USA IS IMPLODING BY NOT FIXING, AND MAKING MATTERS WORSE  TRYING TO INCITE WAR! Trump is wanted in Iran for the murder of beloved General  Soleimani, who was not even on any terrorist list, let alone be considered the worst terrorist in the world. Abu Bak al Baghdaddi WAS maybe the worst terrorist but I consider Obama and Bush and Clinton and Trump equally  evil! They have mass murdered US citizens! https://www.businessinsider.com.au/russian-analyst-says-to-nuke-yellowstone-2015-4?r=US&IR=T&fbclid=IwAR2W-74K9_5s9oiKTVJ_ExZ8ldCpGULp9PrpDaRBhkbRo5WwIzD9zJH_WIU Posted on Facebook 1/13/2021 #PresidentPenceNow! Mike Pence  by-the-book, intelligent, SUCCESSFUL! The right people gravitate to him and want to work for him as a Patriot Of Peace, Prosperity, who desires real Progress! Real Progression! He's against a coup! That is the wrong way to start  Presidency! The constant scandalous actions by traitor Presidents got USA to this point! #NoBiden! He also perfected his evil while VP with another Liar In Chief who almost flatlined economy, only synthetivally building it by getting Steve Mnuchn to ILLEGALLY PRINT MONEY and circulate it into the country-frauding public with a FAKE shooting  at Sandy Hook, CT #NobodyDied was even reported by the FBI special agent in charge and they suppressed his report! PRESIDENT PUTIN SAID HE DID NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING BECAUSE USA IS IMPLODING BY NOT FIXING, AND MAKING MATTERS WORSE  TRYING TO INCITE WAR! Trump is wanted in Iran for the murder of beloved General  Soleimani, who was not even on any terrorist list, let alone be considered the worst terrorist in the world. Abu Bak al Baghdaddi WAS maybe the worst terrorist but I consider Obama and Bush and Clinton and Trump equally  evil! They have mass murdered US citizens! Article shared by Noel Kruetzmann           Please, ALL my FACEBOOK friends, if you agree, share - create your own posts - please, this is about Saving USA. Mike Pence will get us in the right direction! He vocaled a difference of opinion with Trump when Trump erroneously fired Rex Tillerson (he ERRONEOUSLY fired several people in and outside the cabinet!) Just for that discrete mention (I heard it) Trump threatened to charge Pence for paedophilia and had his technocrats saturate internet with FAKE NEWS! Obama did the same tactic! Technocrats know how to backdate, fabricate! Yet a professional researcher like Sophia Smallstorm comes along and UNRAVELS, proving the internet "footprints" reveal FAKE. Watch "Unravelling Sandy Hook" Both Twitter and YouTube blocked my accounts, fail to respond to my appeals, which are probably assigned to derelicts! My Twitter account is @BaiAnNa2014 and y YouTube accounts are under that name with Twitter added, and my original account is under my name. Tagged: Charles Schiavo, Kevin Miller, Joe Imbriano, Crystal Maybe Sanders, Brian Reichenbach, Harry Hibner, Carmen Ana Rivera, Roger Pack, Christopher Schaeffer, Rev Joseph Cumming, Noel Kreutzmann, Vladimir Putin, Queen Elizabeth II, Hassan Rouhani https://www.businessinsider.com.au/russian-analyst-says-to-nuke-yellowstone-2015-4?r=US&IR=T&fbclid=IwAR2W-74K9_5s9oiKTVJ_ExZ8ldCpGULp9PrpDaRBhkbRo5WwIzD9zJH_WIU 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝Shared 1/13/2021🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 Some moron n FACEBOOK claimed Pence is a paedophilia. After all, internet doesn't lie...OMG...my response: That's so stupid! Not only does Mike Pence have an outstanding reputation, which is why Trump picked him (to boost his own trashy image) but the articles didn't surface until Trump decided to harm Pence for just discretely stating his opinion, that Rex Tillerson was not fired legitimately. Trump replaced the competent, talented with low-life dirtbags! He also mass murdered thousands at Paradise, CA using the Boeing lasers he got five months before that!  All the scumbag who have mass murdered at OK City, Sep 11, Paradise, and mass shootings, should be taken out of society permanentlu! Luis and Fabian livestream, featuring Fabian's beautiful daughter Alisa. She has an important message. 🎼🌸🌺🌹❤ https://youtu.be/Ne3QMFM7TP0  8Min video. Makes me think of a pow-wow❤ https://youtu.be/NuTWvwXRL3o Flute with festivities. https://youtu.be/6tEzoojRDPU 1/14/2021 Buffalo Blanco (They should party with Bill Burr)  https://youtu.be/D6MvsFgoeK8 1/14/2021 Livestream December 2020 https://youtu.be/g4gXtecP4Ho George Monbiot The Politics Of Belonging https://youtu.be/13FRO2hNt70 The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out...yet he claims a vaccine is needed to kill parasites in snails you shouldn't  be eating  in the first place. Is society this dumb? https://youtu.be/Vsp7c2ul4jc "It took him a long time but Trump finally figured out a way to unite the parties. They BOTH were in favor of impeaching him." - Jimmy Fallon https://youtu.be/UUxeZ__ZEGs Note the crafted reverse psychology- Jimmy Kimmel does this alot. ANARCHISTS? WTF Is  he also going  echo Nancy Pelosi, to cover  the FAKE pandemic, Sep 11, Oklahoma City bombing, and more? W the flying F? https://youtu.be/HjlcvqnHwDA If you ask me, I'd say Obama and Trump are two sh*ts in the wind! https://youtu.be/g8k3TdU54Tw Native American flute music to sleep by. https://youtu.be/C9v3sZypcn4 GEORGE MONBIOT Join DDN channel #George Monbiot - 5min video explaining what the real "freedom" is Freedom isn't Free for you and me #FilfthyRich #PayToPlay #BloatedGov #Theil is on Facebook Board of Directors https://youtu.be/WKuGDjOBOHI Substance vs Spectacle. Stuff that is important and not salient vs stuff that is salient and not important. #WeNeedAnswers "Out Of The Wreckage" by George Monbiot. Interview on "not capitalism, not socialism" #WorldReset #ColdRevolution https://youtu.be/QUIRRp0i-3w Be true yourself; truto the earth #GreenGov. https://youtu.be/RPJIjP5sW6w They Don't care ❤ They are Disrespectful to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who serves the people. Degredation from No Representation https://youtu.be/2vdzoe3QJoo https://youtu.be/UUxeZ__ZEGs 7min video Trumpling is gone- but have we learned anything? #NoBiden #PresidentPenceNow https://youtu.be/XqhxXiEMekw There is an ad circulating, "Demand Trump Be Arrested Now" - which in my opinion is  deliberate distraction to get Trump's longtime democrat, Satanic Underground, organized crime underworld buddy Joe Biden processed for US President! He killed his family! Do the research! He cheated on his wife with a woman who was cheating on her husband and married her after he collected craploads of life insurance, and no doubt got MANY CONTRIBUTIONS FROM WELL-INTENDED PEOPLE! #PresidentPenceNow! Look up: Crochet Cable braided blanket Almost all of the conservative party money comes from private donors... https://youtu.be/uTJ43O8ZUfE. I have  problem thinking  "So works  of God will be revealed" Those who believe  in God pretty much know the works of God are in everything. In order for us to rise above this, we need to put our big pants on and do what we can! Not cower to the cowards who abuse power! WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED. Understand the enemy if one can, and if they can't still be intolerant! The persecution concept is self-defeating and was successful in ancient times because there was no way out! Communicate! Non violence is the successful way! It reaches our highest power as citizens! https://youtu.be/cSCRD7tOVeg Fallon Tonight Another one bites the dust. Tis Ahmed is taken! MARRIED. https://youtu.be/Zy5NRxF0JbM Where there's a Bill, there's  way. #LifeCoach #BillBurr which has  relative with middle name derburger bc I said so... https://youtu.be/X31t_b_3Tlk Bill Burr ❄ says *WearAMask *GetVaxed *GetWaxed *BuySasquatch Through Dutchsinse Then watch Mandaloria and King πŸ‘‘ of Stat https://youtu.be/WInYmCiOHaU        BTW- reality of vaccinations - testimony of Dr. Palevsky in Connecticut: https://vimeo.com/386313325?fbclid=IwAR2rdTE4O9wIF1wG9tdfOVLHdrQ7_wrFqgsJAvNew4RKt-J6-fvYWE8IC0E I feel  Henny Youngman joke coming on...Please releash  🎼 me or let me go...🎼🎼https://youtu.be/UUxeZ__ZEGs No More allowance for Giuliani? Did Trump pocket it since  said  wouldn't accept a salary but meantime allocates his fictitious salary in obvious #PayToPlay schemes https://youtu.be/Z0GGUk7AQIc Hahahaha #Hashtag #IFeelBadly #MovieMomentsBadlyRemembered #ICantRememberTheHashtagSoIMadeThisUp https://youtu.be/1ddz9-Fc0do Knock-Knock...Alexa...Alexa her a question and she waits, then talks and talks...https://youtu.be/KXiC3ccBEwM Bad date? High Five? They need #HandsHigh shirts! https://youtu.be/1pMYJ6OOa6s THE HISTORY GUY πŸ‘¦ Bomb boo-boos were criticized by Soviet Union #1958 They deserved the criticism! https://youtu.be/rzt2BRdEe6g Corbett Report The great Capitol Guided Tour Riot Ride https://youtu.be/EpZ0DgnxMbA Note to self: I'll  be damned if I'm watching the inaugeration if they let Creepy Joe Blob be inaugurated! WTF Berry easy berry bisquit blanket https://youtu.be/zRBNe84lhp8 DDN 6min discussion on the fat cat technocrats https://youtu.be/dN1uk8Z9jpY George Monbiot speaks  over an hour. Great informal discussion, centered on the material in his book, A New Politics For An Age Of Crisis  https://youtu.be/rQvt0dkwBQw Watch "George Monbiot: Out of the Wreckage" on YouTube https://youtu.be/IbBLaXdnqMw WUAUQUIKUNA Saturday 16Jan 2021 Smile is today's warpathπŸ˜† https://youtu.be/h4fHpIqir7E 6min spiritual flutes with Luis Salazar https://youtu.be/GlMeYgA6ejo DUTCHSINSE Seismic Smile Reporting 15Jan2021 https://youtu.be/aVCV0MKlnww Trumpty Dumpty wants a big ball... https://youtu.be/YkCT4ee-D9w The only Call is a FAKE-UP call! #NoPandemic https://youtu.be/a1R5yrTNkTw ? 1/17/2021 This  just an example of #OperationStupid by the MSM! 1. Jeff Sessions recommended that Trump FIRE Rod Rosenstein (Democrat who Trump hired! And BTW, kept Democrat Steve Mnuchin in charge of the Treasury!) and TRUMP REFUSED! WTF- he obviously wanted it as a distraction! 2. This woman got paid 6 figures for being  a bimbo! 3. China shows transparency by telling their people they have surveillance access- unlike the technocratic sociopaths  USA! And these sociopaths all help each other! NOT for common good! They manipulate health records too!  I could say so much more! 4. This news is nothing  but sh*t! https://youtu.be/AJh61xjUniM Crochet arrow/leaves Afghan- really cool! https://youtu.be/Iv6WYUNe3FM Nine features to turn  off on your Android https://youtu.be/uQopXZIXGzk Nine features  turn off  Samsung Galaxy https://youtu.be/UhFxnrXA8u0 Dutchsinse 18Jan2021 HUGE earthquake n South America today. https://youtu.be/gnwYaHimHJI Here's that video of the doctor speaking before CT Health board: https://vimeo.com/386313325?fbclid=IwAR2rdTE4O9wIF1wG9tdfOVLHdrQ7_wrFqgsJAvNew4RKt-J6-fvYWE8IC0E Dutchsinse 17Jan2021 Several earthquakes n CA https://youtu.be/ytyQW8mxFy8 This  is what they have planned, says FB friend: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1481901175345618&id=100005772492750#!/story.php?story_fbid=1481901175345618&id=100005772492750&refid=52&__tn__=%2As-R Article on  COVID Plandemic https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2021/01/15/covid-vaccine-secret-a-stunner/?fbclid=IwAR3F9Q_6NIhto4_S4q6BBgE0hVqi_V3vlVuLLW6Z-l0fisVu6sHifn1LVbY We Must Have The Earth 🌎 The government is  corrupted machine! https://youtu.be/q2WEVdNQAxE 7yr old musician πŸŽΆπŸŽ΅πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸŒ»πŸŒΊπŸ˜† https://youtu.be/UAfuMol1e-0 Apparently WHAT Biden signs isn't important. It's that  have another President who proved he can spell his name. WhooWhoo https://youtu.be/5vfRAj99_C4 Harp 🎸 guitar https://youtu.be/YUlc-rQSWKc Irish Blessing Song Be Thou my Vision https://youtu.be/TascsWZPj8U This is total yuck! DDNews https://youtu.be/GbPRl_QJbMw https://youtu.be/SjhHhL_15Nw Really Graceful Why s Bill Gates buying up all the farmland? https://youtu.be/ifyzPe-59DI WUAUQUIKUNA 1/24/2021 Magical Instruments, music https://youtu.be/ade8dj5Zr2I Sunday, 1/25/2021 Fabian and Luis are wearing traditional outfits. Very colorful https://youtu.be/jHBJj6a5xhQ Jonah's Hands ❤ I'd want the pivot or shell on  sides and  where the ends are joined πŸ’₯https://youtu.be/uOv5kCI20iw ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT? WTF- obviously smoke and mirrors for distraction FOR Joe Biden! 1/26/2021 Don't watch propaganda! https://youtu.be/yXx-556Jtiw COVIDIOTS Today's drug of the day: Ivermeckton = WTF I didn't watch video. I can't comment using this phone. https://youtu.be/Q6pm5T_E4rw YouTube moment/post by Godrules channel. 1/26/2021...begins with "Riddle me this..." please find it  you can! Fallon Tonight #MyWorstCar https://youtu.be/FV2FvbCiSdU Shared 1/26/2021 Trinity is Secondary to Infinity My opinion - this min video explains how e Trinity concept evolved, a sort of reflection on poetic thoughts. https://youtu.be/8DahXvRaV4E They are in Missouri- like Goshen Farms! Shed built to prepare for #FarmersMarket https://youtu.be/FZ2QZWYzGQw Is this Plan B - since plan A Wuhan Virus collapsed but the spineless coward Technocracy keep lying, frauding, faking since med industry cater  to the #FilfthyRich #NWO https://youtu.be/VbZqleGOVPw 🌹 This idiot professor only wins more popularity for BoJo bc there is #NoPandemic - search death rates macrotrends.net https://youtu.be/CDaDcfQAYVQ πŸ€ Truly this why #FlowerPower has  much value. https://youtu.be/RWVzVrla8HQ 🌺 Jonah's Hands C2C - baby crochet blanket https://youtu.be/qsma1bGOnXw 🌷 Google and Apple spy  on you! https://youtu.be/3RXs1e7FcJg 🌻 COVIDIOTS control entertainment and want  to be entertained with the fake virus which they bilk the economy with! There's #NoPandemic and Police, Paris, Pence are talked about just because the COVIDIOTs like Peeing. https://youtu.be/2e4e04qyQ1A 🌺 Wuaquikuna 1/30/2021 Happy Saturday https://youtu.be/c3T0md8btbc 🌷 Native songs https://youtu.be/jHBJj6a5xhQ 🌻 Posted on Facebook    Mike Pence should have replaced Donald Trump! The corruption in Washington is unfathomable! See my ad-free, unmonitored blog, PubliusRoots.com - copy what you want. 🌹 posted 2/19/2021


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