February 2021


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February 2021 German Shepherd becomes playmate with kitten-cat https://youtu.be/E2XCepwaYDc WellnowDoctor Yale University Dr. Harvey Rische? No, it's Dr. Ken Landow but came up on search of Harvey Rische Ref: 1hr 53 min video on Senate Homeland Security Meeting 8Dec2020 https://youtu.be/40lAS9zhLQE Before 1 min, he says at 38sec: "chlotoquin is not used as much, it's MORE TOXIC" WTF I just watched first few minutes. He seems creepy. Harvey Rische on hydroxychloriquin - published in Newsweek, lol. How impressive. Not. The magazine is trashy for years. https://youtu.be/s_v-IVmy5wQ Harvey Rische claims Hydrochloroquin saves COVID lives, said tens of thousands died of COVID (no mention of age) and the Senate Homeland Security hearing of 8Dec2020 said 95% chance of surviving COVID for over 70; 99.9% under 70. This is outright FEAR PORN! Just calculating 10,000 as 5% of a population, you get 200,000 diagnosed? Their data are deliberate lies! 50,000 deaths (5%) would be one million diagnosed. Because 99.9% is rate for majority, 50,000 as .1% would be 50 times more than 5% = 50 million diagnosed. This is data reflecting annual FLU deaths, which they removed from reporting. Plus they forced medical staff to document COVID as cause of death even if they were killed in an MVA! FACT: THE CALCULATED DEATH RATES HAVEN'T CHANGED IN USA. https://youtu.be/d6lNoFBTlfI Another Harvey -:probably part of a CIA psyop! Dr.Harvey Fareed former grad and professor at HARVARD LOL https://youtu.be/-SUmWOfcr-Q Is he related to US Senator Rische? I left a message at two of his offices, not caring whether he was Dem or Rep; this Dog and Pony Show has to stop! Love Triangle? Beau Biden was/is really Joe Biden III - I bet someone or some thing turned up about the 1972 car wreck and they wanted to get rid of him to keep the cover-up alive....We may get good things from Biden now, but he's got Obama, Trump, Bush, and all the other Satanic Underground/secret society/organized crime people picking up steam to ramp up a plan to kill the masses if we don't hold them accountable for what they've already done! 

  Former Sen Kerry's daughter married the son of the man Obama made the Iran Deal with (Though neither Obama or Trump carried it out) That son married her, then attended Harvard University and supposedly became a brain doctor, specializing in what they claimed Joe Biden III died of. https://youtu.be/53v_meCdy1c Things get weirder and weirder. 

Senator is interrupted by laughter at #TrumpImpeachment Trial He was the one who claimed Trump was impeached twice before and this was third time (like his marriages, WTF) and concluded he couldn't be impeached because they can't remove him from office because he has no office! Wrap your head around that, considering the dirtbags didn't remove him when he was impeached! I'd say what he said was contempt of court but ALL of them are following a SCRIPT, this is a dog and pony show at USA expense! JFK Jr. was not born by Jackie Kennedy, who was a transgender. There's a lot hidden from public and he wanted to expose it in a dignified way. His magazine was titled GEORGE, referring to GHW Bush, the real killer of his father since he gave the orders - and Jackie Kennedy was a CIA mind controlled operative. Jackie shot his brains out. The gun flash in zapruder film means he was shot up CLOSE. https://youtu.be/gYsawh5vqFk 43min biography of JFK Jr. Understand how the layers of deceit affected him as he grew up yet he was rising above it. The Mafia obviously wanted him out! They didn't like righteous people. I bet JFK Jr was birthed by Robert Kennedy's wife. https://youtu.be/eRpTKlkrOds Feb 9, 2021 5:19pm post It was a Facebook-Fox News on Trump Impeachment #OperationFumDuck ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And the ones who voted in favor of having impeachment trial, changed their flavor saying there was merit, it was a pile of crap #OperationSNAP SNAP is the new glue for NIH, CDC and WHO - to name a few! The satanic underground terrorists had practice making messes with false flags, and dragging innocent victims to rags, losing livelihoods, losing families, anything that moved was snatched in a snap - their crap has to stop! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wuauquikuna 2/13/2021 FLUTES https://youtu.be/WvkAy0mfvZI **************************** WTF Field McConnell (More news) A month ago she reported his wife Denise died and no more was said. Now this was made three weeks ago and she says on the video Field McConnell is dead YET types in the comments, Oh, I meant Denise. WTF - she should have taken down the video! https://youtu.be/l3qx2PIwECk - - AGENT SERCO sticks up for Field McConnell and explains Social Engineering (Supporting Trump is masochism, and why does he not explain why Field is do fascinated with this humanoid?) https://youtu.be/4Vt29HVRqT0 - - shared 2/14/2021 ################# February 2021 #2 WTF - SCOTUS dismisses Deportation lawsuit;Texas, et al (18 states);against Biden 11Dec2021 https://youtu.be/A0Jic-dyqPU They use Coronavirus as reason! The REAL virus is with #ForeignPolicy but traitors run Washington! https://youtu.be/VnCSTFltWtc Scholars For 9/11 Truth and more https://youtu.be/SAfyJuN_V0k ################### shared 2/14/2021 February 2021 The question is 😫 When are you DonaldDucks going to be arrested for conspiring to murder and destroy on #Sep11? #ConstantCoverup #SmokeAndMirrors #TheRealTerrorists https://youtu.be/k8RyV3VEDKI And https://youtu.be/hXsTWZwWJ_M 😥

 Senate Homeland Security Hearing. Live: Anti-vaccine doctor testifies at senate homeland security hearing https://youtu.be/k8RyV3VEDKI (Insert) resume at 55:26min on 2/9/2021       See my blog post of notes regarding this hearing of 2 hrs, 12/8/2020      I called the offices and I Mailed a letter to this Senator, who may be related to Yale's Dr. Rische, who is a COVIDIOT. Suite 201 // Agenda 201 Is this some kind of ritual?       James E. Risch 1411 Falls Avenue East, Suite 201 Twin Falls, Idaho 83301 tel: 208-734-6780 fax: 208-734-3905 😷

 🌻 Sounds for Nature Raimy Salazar 1/24/2021 Livestream 1 hr https://youtu.be/8LYl_KFceiM 🌻 Jona's Hands 90" x 9" scarf Hand-crocheted using Bernat easy-loop yarn https://youtu.be/AT4U_1-IrRE 😆

 Is Cahn a Con? You decide! Thing is, Johnathon Cahn wasn't around 232 years ago and many of us realize we've been lied to about history. George Washington was a slave owner. I just watched a movie on true story about the song "Amazing Grace" written by the Pastor of The Church Of England. 1807: the slave trade was abolished- yet USA still had a civil war because slaves were an integral part of the economy, "getting something for nothing". People just think because they are in front of a camera, they are omnipotent and what they say is final. Final, my a$$! I'm sick of the BS! He's probably buddies with Joe Biden and could care less about probability that Biden probably attempted to wipe out his whole family in 1972. Technology is used as a weapon to socially engineer and even attack people. Leadership requires no talent, knowledge. Because FORCE is with them! https://youtu.be/hrCtoQUXnmc 🌺

 Dr. Lawrence Palevsky – HD 720p on VIMEO - TESTIMONY

 Wuauquikuna Enjoy the wind instruments https://youtu.be/ade8dj5Zr2I 2/4/2021 

Dutchsinse Huge Deep underground earthquake. (I bet a Deep Underground Military Base was destroyed) https://youtu.be/23YtPo2mbeI       

Search DUMBs PubliusRoots and see if it will take you to my blog post that tells you where these bases are/were - I think they are being blown up to stop the criminal activity, as this world reset proceeds.     I have a Table of Contentsvalphavetized but the links are all messed up and it's a nightmare to fix because it wouldn't even let me type in the links, I had to go to each post, copy the link, then go back to the TOC and paste it. It's very aggravating.  Microsoft or Google pulled that trick on me. My blog was nefariously taken down by the Senate Judiciary when I tweeted each one with link to my blog post on Brett Kavanaugh. How dare me! After all, socialism rules-democracy is fake! After a year, my blog was recovered. Most likely because Sundar Pichai became Google CEO. My impression. He gave me a very good impression when I watched the Congressional AntiTrust Hearing he spoke at. Henry is a very good flutist and sings well too. My favorites are @Wuaquikuna https://youtu.be/IQBNdCHaTV0 Time to SHAKE IT OFF by Figure 8 dancing NOW! https://youtu.be/nfWlot6h_JM      $47 special to bring you back to your core #GetInShape #ShakeItOff      
      .....I don't have time to fix this blogpost anymore and no doubt other blogposts have been botched as far as formatting goes!  Sorry - it was probably the ones who illegally invade my apartment  yet could have been the ones who remotely destroyed my laptop. And other corruption are possibily the cause.... anchor.fm/terra-cotta      4/20/22

Figure8 by Body - look it up 2/7/2021 😀 Carlos And Raimy Salazar❤ Livestream the 7Feb2021 https://youtu.be/2kFARpOz5aA Dr. Mike Hanson This doctor admits Dr. Anthony Michael DIED after getting the COVID-19.vax but just keeps spin to market COVID-19 even though there is no pandemic, no epidemic. The word pandemic is an adjective, but he like others just go along with the trickery because liars are rewarded with money and Truthers are Targeted. https://youtu.be/UijQ-6jhVuc WUAUQUIKUNA Instrumental Music For The Soul 7Feb2021 Livestream 1hr 25min https://youtu.be/PtrYlS3XdyE This is total bullshit by "Dr. Zogg" - strange name like Dr. Oz -  on why the Flu disappeared THIS PAST YEAR ONLY. It disappeared because these COVIDIOTs fraud records! https://youtu.be/cs4p-OG3RiE 🌺 Transgender Craze Kickoff https://youtu.be/YIFdWhRwfFg      These ppl are freaking psyops - also used to distract us from the COVID crap! And also integrate transgendering as if it always was part of society. 😲      This "craze" obviously was caused by Fraud Obamas, et al. They scammed one trillion dollars or more from the economy on the FAKE Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting alone! They diverted the money in part to erect transgender clinics in 2013 - intended for each state! Do the freaking math, people! This is just one of MANY examples! Jackie Kennedy was a tranny CIA operative. The mafia promised JFK would soon become President if he married Jackie and obtain children that looked like them to deceive the public. He made his cult-like promise but he and Robert Kennedy figured they had enough protection to take the mafia on, and take down the mafia. The mob was also po'd at their proposing and carrying out legislation that tightened the noose on the mafia. LIVING TRADITIONS NOW HAVE BREEDER PIGS https://youtu.be/UFKdadqyBZ4 This is work they are doing to prepare and maintain. 🌹 Fiber Spider Filet crochet hearts afghan Part 1 https://youtu.be/DRAujqZFvS4 🌻 This is obviously a male, not female! Probably paid to be a psyop to add chaos to our already chaotic world. I'm listening to this more to pick up more clues. https://youtu.be/rC7EtIeWrPs More proof that Christianity is imperfect and easily exploited by frauds, fakes - yet people still gravitate to them because they are socially engineered into society. https://youtu.be/imluDBBvTaQ Fabulous Dancers with TJ Jackson music TJ gives message at end https://youtu.be/-1sf1TmuHVg Trump Impeachment Probabilities AND Realities 1. Fake deaths to cover butts of the main planners 2. Capital police without a scratch or wrinkle gives testimony how they JUST crushed him, beat him with a bat which made his head bleed (like Dr. Petit claimed was done to him) and beaten! Standing there with no bandage, nothing to show he was traumatized! This is JUST one example of all This FAKE incident! 3. Newscaster interviews senator who mentions a Cheney voting. Dick Cheney was a main planner and player of mass murder of September 11! 4. This senator ends by claiming if Trump didn't win prior election, this wouldn't happen. GEORGE SOROS FUNDED BOTH HILLARY CLINTON AND TRUMP CAMPAIGNS! He wrote off $250Million financing the Trump Tower! Why do you think he moved his main address to Florida?  5. Mitt Romney is a Gov, yet this newscastoroil at the Capital, named Carry, said she'd been following him over 10 years, knows Mitt Romney VERY WELL, and yet claimed he was a senator! Great reporting! 6. Mitt Romney impersonated police frequently in his younger days, even pulling people off the highway! See @ReallyGraceful 7. This False flag also may get Joe Biden increased security since he was a city councilman, no achievements, cheating on his wife with Jill who cheated on her husband; needing Pay To Play money to pay for the mafia-rigged election; wife and baby killed in rigged car wreck but wife obviously saved the two boys by getting them to unlatch belts and hide under back of front seat, #Life Insurance #Donations #Charity #DoYoiGetItYet? 8. Fake prosecutor claimed the riotor had a tazer that was 950,000 volts - WTF! 10,000 volts kills people! 9. These imbeciles use Mike Pence refusing to support Trump impeachment "like everybody else" is bs! They wanted Pence to invoke an unconstitutional amendment by diagnosing Trump as mentally unfit!  Mike Pence wasn't letting them pull him into a coup! The law is  nefarious as most  of The dirtbags in Washington- involved with planning or covering up SEPTEMBER11! I could say more and more! Hold the liars accountable! 10. Favorite word:  STORM,  like Stormy Daniels, like Trump had said, "A storm is coming" and more. This is all cipher/code/soothing conscious so they don't look guilty! 11. Both Trump and Biden are EMBEDDED in ORGANIZED CRIME. Mike Pence isn't! He's grounded with morals, devotion to his family, friends, oath of office! #PresidentPenceNow They are adjourning now, to tomorrow https://youtu.be/k8RyV3VEDKI 12. Trump wanted to be deemed incompetent, mentally ill! Just like he wanted his hired democrat Rod Rosenstein to cook up the Russian Collusion case against him! It is to distract from REAL issues! Atty General Jeff Sessions recommended Trump fire Rosenstein because of the fact the Russian Collusion case having no merit. TRUMP REFUSED! Then Trump complained Jeff Sessions wasn't defending him. WTF! Rosenstein's responsibility as Deputy AG was to administer the criminal cases! Trump erroneously fired Jeff Sessions yet gave him option to submit a resignation. Jeff Sessions submitted a FORCED resignation - THE BEST AG this country ever had! He collaborated with other countries and took down the largest crime ring in history: Alpha Bay! Bay-Bat....any wonder these sociopaths used "bat" for "Wuhan Virus" - and the Capital riotors used bats as attack weapons? See the Modus Operandi? Only a professional profiler could "love"!! OMG This is such depravity! Fallon Tonight 2/10 men From Trumpty Dumpty to Hi C at Mickey-D"s (McDonalds) https://youtu.be/Qz0PsACBfqA WHAT CAUSED FIELD MCCONNELL'S WIFE'S DEATH? IS SHE REALLY DEAD? Email I sent: Hello friends, I wish I had Really Graceful's email too. I sure hope people take a hard look at how evil Washington is - what a liar Trump is, to say the least. He murdered General Soleimani, And I expect he had Ambassador Du Wei murdered using a CIA heart attack gun - which Trump's uncle probably even made! (John G. Trump) I'm forwarding this email I stumbled on. I stopped following April LaJune a long time ago, approximately 2 years, but she began sending me emails again and I hadn't realized it until recently. About Field McConnell. OMG, she mentions TWO YEARS ago with no update. He could have been dead for all she knew. In fact, Field said his wife died just after Christmas 2020. I stopped following him because he was so spacey in his thoughts, like he was drunk. I had no patience for it. I sure don't know what to make of his situation now. He left his wife in England and basically moved back to USA. He was raising support for her to get a passport because she was denied. So why did he move, then? And I guess in 2019 he was arrested for cyberstalking. With all the criminal activity done by some factions in what's supposed to be law enforcement, he may have been framed but the case is so off-the-wall, I can't wrap my head around it. It isn't well presented on YouTube. There should have been detailed info in the description of the videos, especially the one where he appears in front of a judge. WTF, how could that video have even been made? Cell phones are illegal in courtrooms in Connecticut. They have to be turned off. My phone was at 80% And was just powered down. I just plugged in a charger but I should finish this. Field McConnell was considered a "truther" regarding 9/11 - his sister was appointed manager of the SES office when Jimmy Carter's administration initiated it. They bypassed Congress and Senate yet had a huge budget and could purchase what they wanted. SHE WAS NOT THE FOUNDER, as April LaJune reports here. That's illogical even. I just found out odd that April LaJune reports on Field McConnell about interviewing him 2 years ago with complete indifference on where he is currently. She must have had his contact info, including his phone number - and he must have had her phone number. He has a Twitter account. There's another layer to April LaJune, which I could not define. It seemed she was using "celebrity" as a tool rather than "celebrity" resulting from work. To summarize, Field McConnell's wife's death needs to be investigated. With all the connections Field has, it would seem he could get help in determining the "footprints" of the alleged emails the court refers to, for validation. Regards, Anne Bradley Thank you Lord For Your blessings on me (song) https://youtu.be/jAT8qXn6UrU She just had a baby yet is staying right on top of making videos that are so informative. @reallygraceful. 10 min video on how Wall Street works. https://youtu.be/d-jXrvszvzo If that's #DeepakChopra talking about #VaccineDangers, I'll eat my fez - I mean hat @TheHistoryGuy https://youtu.be/vdfqt8H3q8w What a hoot! Stella Parton shares a blast from the past with Dolly singing "Break My Mind" https://youtu.be/XxElILh2zuY Dolly Parton Train Train https://youtu.be/AfLbh3JzRs0 Cotton Pickin' Banjo and guitar 🎸 pluckin' kids! ❤ https://youtu.be/YXDTWPH8Dss Posted on blog 2/19/2021


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