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There's No Pandemic!



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We Shall Overcome! 

Tribute to the Purpose and Love of Martin Luther King: 

RIP ❤πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Rev Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King







                    GET GOOGLE TO FIX THIS. 


     He's a poet and didn't know it!  
    How are the domestic' terrorists using this to fuel their agenda of taking down USA?   Ever hear of "Prose and Politics"?  Makes me suspicious, that's for sure.  
I'm sorry if any words are spelled wrong.  My computer is being f-d up because my court documents were and I had to do Errata's on them to package it all together for the court's review.  115 pages total.  I need to mail a copy to a few people so they see the whole picture.  Hopefully I can do that tomorrow.  



JOE IMBRIANO - THE FULLERTON INFORMER - see more on the blogpost, but it hasn't been updtated.  SEARCH IN ALPHABETIZED TABLE OF CONTENTS if you are interested. 

UPDATE 7/21/2021:

          Dept of Ag - still run by MONSANTO FOOD HAC/POISONING THE PUBLIC

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  45,000 DIED in just THREE DAYS - from the VACCINES!  Also, at about 12 min, spokesperson claims that 


G.ZO/FINDFOODSUPPORT - because they want to  GO GLOBAL! 

My impression of Benjamin Netanyahu is he had knowledge of September 11, but they couldn't stop it and didn't want a WW3. 

 Yet, I wish their intelligence did more than just save the Jewish people.  
                         That seemed obvious he knew about it, and had disregarded HUMANITY;;;;MAYBE HIS EFFORTS WOULD HAVE BACKFIRED...I DON'T KNOW 

IT APPEARS TO ME THAT HUMANITY DID NOT ESTABLISH ISRAEL.  Their first leader was a native Polish man, buddies with Henry Kissenger, et al.  Zbignew Brznevsky (NSA) was POLISH... 

Washington DC covers up their crimes in Washington! 

They didn't succeed in taking over USA - yet we never pulled the plug!  Jeff Sessions took down the largest crime ring in history, ALPHA BAY - HE HAD TENS OF THOUSANDS OF SEALEED INDICTMENTS. INDEED, HE WAS THE BEST ATTORNEY GENERAL THIS COUNTRY EVER HAD AND LOOK WHAT TRUMP DID.  TRUMP PROTECTED THE CROOKS! 
























Cabinet Officers in the Carter Administration

Secretary of State
Jan. 23, 1977-Apr. 20, 1980 - Cyrus R. Vance
May 8, 1980-Jan. 20, 1981 - Edmund S. Muskie

Secretary of the Treasury
Jan. 23, 1977-Jul. 19, 1979 - W. Michael Blumenthal
Aug. 6, 1979-Jan. 20, 1981 - G. William Miller

Secretary of Defense
Jan. 21, 1977-Jan. 20, 1981 - Harold Brown

Attorney General
Jan. 26, 1977-Jul. 19, 1979 - Griffin B. Bell
Aug. 16, 1979-Jan. 20, 1981 - Benjamin R. Civiletti

Secretary of the Interior
Jan. 23, 1977-Jan. 20, 1981 - Cecil D. Andrus

Secretary of Agriculture
Jan. 23, 1977-Jan. 20, 1981 - Bob S. Bergland

Secretary of Commerce
Jan. 23, 1977-Oct. 4, 1979 - Juanita Morris Kreps
Jan. 9, 1980-Jan. 20, 1981 - Philip M. Klutznick

Secretary of Labor
Jan. 27, 1977-Jan. 20, 1981 - Ray Marshall

Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare
Jan. 25, 1977-Jul 19, 1979 - Joseph A. Califano, Jr.

Secretary of Health and Human Services
Aug. 3, 1979-Jan. 20, 1981 - Patricia Roberts Harris

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Jan. 23, 1977-Aug. 3, 1979 - Patricia Roberts Harris
Sep. 24, 1979-Jan. 20, 1981 - Moon Landrieu

Secretary of Transportation
Jan. 23, 1977-Jul. 20, 1979 - Brock Adams
Sep. 24, 1979-Jan. 20, 1981 - Neil Goldschmidt

Secretary of Energy
Aug. 5, 1977-Jul. 20, 1979 - James R. Schlesinger
Aug. 24, 1979-Jan. 20, 1981 - Charles W. Duncan, Jr.

Secretary of Education
Dec. 6, 1979-Jan. 20, 1981 - Shirley Mount Hufstedler

U. S. Representative to the United Nations
Jan. 30, 1977-Aug. 15, 1979 - Andrew J. Young
Sep. 23, 1979-Jan. 20, 1981 - Donald F. McHenry

Director, Office of Management and Budget
Jan. 23, 1977-Sep 21, 1977 - Thomas Bertram (“Bert”) Lance
Mar. 24, 1978-Jan.20, 1981 - James T. McIntyre, Jr.

Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors
Jan. 23, 1977-Jan. 20, 1981 - Charles L. Schultze

Advisor to the President on National Security Affairs
Jan. 23, 1977-Jan. 20, 1981 - Zbigniew Brzezinski


FACT:  THE USA HAS BEEN SABATOGING BENJAMIN NETANYAHU SINCE SEP 11.  They did not want him to continue as leader of Isreal.  They bought up a lot of media - and the lying media caused all this crap to be reported against him.  His brother was murdered in Turkey - probably a CIA hit.  He was saving people from a hijacking, which failed.  He said he was willing to negotiate with Iran.  He said he would not negotiate with Iran.  He may have been extorted by CIA.  Iran is not the terrorist; USA politicians, et al were the terrorists on 9/11 and so much more!  mass killings are planned by them and their minions!  Consider how much money was wasted, but they lap up insurance money and more!  Consider these things.  


(But needs updating, sorry. My posts from these past two years are not listed yet, but you can access them. They are the most current ones that show) 

Toggling in Table of Contents to posts makes it easier to those interested. 

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I'm a fan of Scotty Kilmer and Jimmy Fallon. I created another blog of notes, to be updated asap. With TOC - search Fallontalon Scotty Kilmer because it probably pulls up faster: 
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Tribute to the Purpose and Love of Martin Luther King: 


       There's No Pandemic!

 Informal Transcript Senate Homeland Security video 2 hrs Live: Anti-vaccine doctor testifies at Senate Homeland Committee Hearing 
First post of blog, most current: 

    By Me

LIVE: Anti-Vaccine Doctor Testifies at Senate Homeland Security Hearing Bloomberg Quicktake Channel 1hr 51 min video – so much for being 

QUICK! “Medical McCarthyism” is tagged – which is fictitious on its face!             Note, for example, the medical industry doesn’t even consistently use the word “disabled” and nor does the government enforce its meaning, for they allow different agencies to define it differently!  THAT IS SOCIALISM!  This term and many others are used as “wild cards” to politically throw around and create chaos – for when there is chaos, there is deception and abuse of power and money, even embezzlement, money laundering! Who is Dr. Riter?  There is no information on him through internet!  When these people testify, they should be expected to at the least have their bio readily available on internet!  I bet he is a fraud, a transhuman – maybe even a WTM transgender!             No Validation:                         Specializes in Pulmonary Critical Care                         Attained his medical degree at Drexel University; is an Associate Professor Does he even live in Pennsylvania?  Drexel Univ College of Medicine is at 2900 W Queen Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19129 DR. RAMAN OSKOUI, Maryland             Board-certified cardiologist and internest. Located in Maryland. NonProfit:       Practicing Physicians and Health Crises                         Most likely it is NOT an established organization, let alone include “the finest doctors in history” according to this quack.                              He claims they have created miraculous cures and therapies yet admits “We don’t have decades of research”                         Claims there is NOW a “new pandemic” …”We must fight and win the war against disease” ….He says “code” for COVID – a typical Satanic trick. Pharmakea is rooted in Satanism!  And that is how they excuse their tactics, deceiving the public is more profitable!             He says, “First Responders are the ones who work on the line and are the main treaters” – then he uses that interchangeably with doctors.  I know what I First Responder is!  I was one, certifie after 3 months training!  NOT 12 years!             He apposes treatment of COVID, he says that exact phrase – THIS IS OBVIOUSLY SCRIPTED TO DRAW IN PUBLIC INTEREST WHEN HE’S JUST A FRAUD.  THEY WERE UNSUCCESSFUL ROLLING OUT THE BIOWEAPON MADE IN NORTH CAROLINA AND TAKEN TO WUHAN!  YET THESE DEPRAVED SOCIOPATHS STILL HAVE EVERY INTENT TO CARRY OUT ANOTHER MASS MURDER PLAN – THEY ARE AFFIXED LIKE A PROGRAMMED ROBOT! He says, “Practicing Medicine may be an art or a science, but it is certainly not paint by numbers.”  19:20min #OperationStupid Dr. Harvey Rish/Riche: Supposedly Sr. Prof of Epedimiology at Yale University Dr. George Farid – Harvard University             “More than 80 years of collective experience treating high-risk COVID patients” – SO HE CLAIMS, WHICH IS BS! He claims:  “This hearing is on early treatment of COVID; not about anti-vaccines” – so why was the video titled this? Senator Peters claimed: COVID took the lives of 264,000 Americans! Over 2,200 Americans are dying every day from this deadly virus.             DO THE MATH!  2,200 AMERICANS ARE DYING EVERY DAY?  MULTIPLY IT BY 360, EVEN THOUGH THIS HAS GONE ON NOW FOR OVER A YEAR!  THE PRODUCT IS 792,000!  SO HE’S A FREAKING LIAR THROWING NUMBERS AROUND AND CARES NOTHING ABOUT DOING HIS JOB!  LESS PEOPLE DIED THIS YEAR OF CORONAVIRUS/COVID/WUHAN THAN THE TOTAL WHICH DIED OF THE FLU IN 2019.             MOREOVER, THERE IS NO PANDEMIC!  THE DEATH RATE HASN’T EVEN CHANGED IN USA AND IN SOME COUNTRIES HAS DROPPED.  WHATEVER ONES SHOW INCREASE, IT IS VERY MINOR AND NON-REFLECTIVE OF A PANDEMIC. DO THEY EVEN ASK THE DOCTORS TO DEFINE PANDEMIC?  OF COURSE NOT!  THEY ARE ALL IN ON THIS FRAUD, THAT’S WHY! PANDEMIC IS NOT EVEN IN BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY. PANDEMIC IN ROGET’S DICTIONARY IS AN ADJECTIVE ONLY.  IT MEANS TO INCLUDE THE WHOLE WORLD. PANDEMIC DOES NOT EVEN EXIST IN MY WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY, COPYWRIGHT 1989.  THE CLOSEST IS THE WORD PANDEMONIOM, WHICH MEANS BASICALLY, GLOBAL CHAOS. 22min Dr. John Jaques Rider or Riter    That’s like Mary Marie or Steven Stephan…. (no spelling, no descript in video notes,  and he can’t be found. He probably lives at the North Pole) Broward Med Health specializing in Pulmonary Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Critical Care. Previously served as Chief Medical INFORMATION OFFICER For Broward Health (quite a jump from cyber to patient) He, so-called “Dr. Riter” who is supposedly on staff as Assistant Professor at Drexel University in PA, where he received his medical degree,  but I can’t find him/WTM tranny/transhuman – whatever it is,  claims to have FIRST HAND experience ….. Riter is a SPEAKER for Smith-Kline, Astro-Zenica, and serves on advisory board for Pfizer. (seems like a conflict of interest, if he directly treats patients)             Recent Publications                         Use of Ivromectin and how it treats Coronavirus Disease, 2019 He has accumulated over 22 years in his medical career. Riter is televised because he says he cannot go to the meeting because he is taking care of “over 35” (maybe it’s 35 ½?) patients with COVID (and he’s not wearing a mask, lol)  “It’s an honor and privilege to discuss treatment of COVID-19”… “ Back in April we WERE facing  a rapidly decreasing population with COVID …Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. Isn’t that a line that was used at Sandy Hook fake shooting? “ I could not stand idly by as I seen more people die in the last six months than I have seen in my entire medical career…Data by Dr. Wagstaff, my team was able to develop and implement Ivromectin Protocol and we’ve had TREMENDOUS SUCCESS…”             WTF – He/she/it just said in the past six months they’ve been dropping like flies! This lead to a pear-review information ICON study, which was published in (sounds like Jest) major US-based medical journal … do they take anything seriously, besides people’s money? Now he says:             The overall mortality decreased by 25% in a conventional care group to 15% in the Ivermectin treatment care group. In patients with severe pulmonary disease and onset, the mortality decreased from 81% to 39%... He continues:                         “During the second wave of the pandemic, it was common for my team to treat in excess of 40 patients with COVID-19 on a daily basis. This ICON protocol is being optimized since and we have learned a lot from our successes and failures. “                                     Is he reading from a drop-down screen/teleprompter or is he transhuman?  He is NOT looking at any notes, just staring off to the senators’ direction..from his remote location, wherever that really is.                         “Success rates ….what it was in its early days”                                     Of course, there were no early days, this is all fake Dr. Bot goes on: … studied across the world, yet no major outbreak ….randomized-control study 23:53 min…has left me publish in a journal….Furthermore, I will further review with Dr. Quarry (Quarantine?  WTF) …he will be here later. …these studies…of Ivromectin 200 micrograms or kilograms (wtf) on two consecutive days were clinically effective. Of the hundreds of outpatients treated by my team, only two, I repeat two – were admitted to the hospital.             So he likes the number two, that’s pretty obvious…22 years as a supposed doctor…. And in the past six months they’ve been dropping like flies but apparently he was able to also resurrect them! 24:19 min             ….one due to heart failure and one due to oversymptomatic for a week before seeking medical attention. None of them died.  None of them needed intubation. All of them were discharged to home without complications. Ivermectin is a widely-used medication with excess of 7 billion doses worldwide. It is currently part of the WHO model list of essential medications.  The ICONN dosing regimen is based on currently accepting the dosing regimen for Norwegian’s 25:01…the dosing regimen has a longstanding …data…the safety of the medication is due to its pharmakynetics and possible interractions. But not on its intended use. As in the case with any INFECTION, early intervention is proven time and over again that it’s of critical importance. The same is true for COVID-19. Early intervention increases the likelihood of keeping people out of the hospital and hence decreasing pressure on the healthcare system. Early intervention is as effective as it decreases the overall healthcare expenditure. Early intervention decreases viral ----- viral transmission in the home 25:42min …setting which is currently believed to be  a major side of ----Early intervention increases a viral …Early intervention decreases the economic impact…             I’m trying to figure out if he’s more interested in reciting poetry as a WRITER – WTF …standing and pending vaccination programs are seen as not 100% effective - - may noi be widely available for many months. Many patients will be unable to take the vaccines for healthcare reasons. ----not to do so.  Longterm immunity seems as not can be documented. Based on these factors, treatment of COVID-19 will need to remain on the forefront even after vaccination programs were initiated.  Ivermectin is ---- profolaxis, then pre-exposure profolaxis. Ivermectin is an ORAL MEDICATION REQUIRING NO MONITORING.             YET “DR BOT” JUST CLAIMED ALL THOSE PATIENTS HE MONITORED FULLY RECOVERED. ---“making us safe.  Ivermectin is inexpensive and widely available. The US has spent billions of dollars on a multitude of treatment options..”             And no doubt none of them care because they are making money on stock on Wall Street. “My team is ready to proceed with a randomized controlled ---- to address any residual --- in relation πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒΉπŸ€πŸŒ· Informal Transcript, Notes 2 My team is ready to proceed with a randomized controlled ---- to address any residual --- in relation to Ivermectin use. Yet when unable to do so, --- lack the funding and support. A few hundred thousand dollars –definitively prove or disprove the effectiveness of Ivermectin for early treatment. I probably designed a randomized control trial. 27:00 min Funding, more funding could look at the effectiveness of preimposed exposure profolaxis using Ivermectin. A “couple million dollars”             Shabby talk by a doctor referring to money, funding! But it’s not HIS fault; after all, he’s reading what he’s told!             --complete a multi-person –patient---placebo-controlled --- Ladies and Gentlemen, I emplore you as a – provider of COVID-19 that you do better, to PROVIDE US THE ANSWERS WE NEED AS HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS TO WHICH YOUR CONSTITUENTS –horrible pandemic in great numbers…after personally witnessing the results of Ivermectin-based protocols, I cannot stand by and let hundreds of thousands of people to go untreated. Thank you. 27:40 min Next “witness” : Dr. Peter Corey             Former Associate Professor and Chief of Critical Care ---Director of Trauma and Life Support Center at the University of WISCONSIN, and recently joined the ICU SERVICE at Aurora St. Luke Medical Center in Milwaukee. He is board certified in critical medicine, pulmonary diseases, and internal medicine.  Dr. Corey has traveled across multiple states in the US to care for COVID-19 patients throughout the pandemic. He’s also the President of FRONTLINE COVID-19 AND CRITICAL CARE ALLIANCE, a nonprofit organization with critical care specialists, lead by Professor Paul Merit. (So what is HIS title if he leads the President?)  whose mission over the last nine months – research and development of treatment protocols of COVID-19 using REPURPOSE DRUG.WTF – for a repurpose virus which has less of a chance killing someone than getting struck by lightning?  He received his MD at the University of GA School of Medicine.  --- We added Dr. Corely very late to our hearing in May, because I heard of his development of anti-inflammatory steroids in critical care on COVID. Dr. Corey, I have to tell ya, I’ve had doctors come up to ME and thank ME for holding that hearing where they listen to you change their thinking – they believed they saved their patients lives because of your testimony at that hearing.  I hope your testimony will be just as impactful 28:58 min today.  Dr. Corey. Pierre Kory, MD (He has absolutely no French accent) Senator, I thank you for holding this hearing. I just wanna start out – I didn’t think I’d have to say this, but I want register my offense                         That would be good, since nobody is being held accountable! --opening statement. I was discredited as a politician. I am a physician and a man of science.  I’ve done nothing – nothing  but commit myself to scientific truth and the care of patients. And to hear that I’m here because of a political angle – I am not a politician, I am a physician. I want to start out (WTF, he already did!)  by saying that I’m not speaking as an individual, I am speaking of BEEHALF synthetic beehive? Of the organization that I am a part of. We are a group of some of the most highly-published ---in the world.  We have a mear 2,000 peer review publications among them. Lead by Dr. --- Prof Paul Marritt, who is our intellectual leader, we came together purposely on the pandemic. All we have saught is to review the world’s literature on every facet of this disease  aka THE ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS!  30min --trying to develop effective protocols. You just mentioned that –and I touted that – I oughtn’t say (WTF kind of English is that?) –commended that it was critical that we use protocols --- this disease. When all of the national and international healthcare organizations said we cannot use those. That turned out to be a life-saving recommendation.  I am here again today with a new recommendation. In the last nine months, in our review of all the literature, as a group – again, we are some of the most highly-published physicians in our specialty in the world (nothing about QUALIFIED) We have done NOTHING but try to figure out how to identify – an available drug to treat this illness. We have now come to the conclusion after nine months – and I have to point out – I am severely troubled by the fact that the NIH, the FDA, the CDC – I do not know of any taskforce that was assigned or compiled to review REPURPOSE DRUGS in an attempt to treat  this disease.  Everything has been about novel and your expensive pharmaceutically-engineered drugs – things like --- inaudible --- and --- antibodies in vaccines. We have hundred years of medicine developed.  We know we are expert in all the medicines we use – and I do not know of a taskforce that has been focused on REPURPOSE DRUGS. I will tell you that my group and our organization, I will say, that we have filled that void (sure, because he wants more freeking money in his pocket from the government!  How many of them conspired on September 11, killing thousands of Americans INSTANTLY and thousands more over time!  TAKING money through fraudulent investments, fully knowing they were going to mass murder and use as a false flag operation!) – That is all we have done is focus on the things we know and things we do.  And I am here to tell you, Dr. Riter (who doesn’t exist in the system!) – He just presented (that is what the FOOD INDUSTRY use when serving people; that is what the ACTORS use when they try out for roles!) –as one study of the many that I want to talk about.  And I want to talk about that we have a solution to this crisis. There is a drug that is proving to be of miraculous impact.  And when I say miraculous, I do not use that term lightly.             DELIBERATE INTENT TO FRAUD!             Dr. “bot” emphasized that more people than ever have freaking died in the past 6 months! Does this doof care about what he even said?  Of course not!  They are all quacks!  Their “group” is nothing  but organized crime! Their “group” should be indicted, sued – and all politicians (some repeat offenders because they were involved with September 11) should be removed from office and taken out of society FOREVER!  INSTITUTIONALIZED AT THEIR COST! 31:55min “And I don’t want to be sensationalized when I say that. That is a scientific record.  (is this person or any of these persons even educated, based on their choice of words and poor structure of sentences and making up words?  Sensationalized is NOT an adverb – it is a past tense of a verb! There are several more examples…and for him to say “we have hundred years” WTF!) --recommendation based on mountains (speaking of sensationalism!) of data that has emerged in the last THREE MONTHS.  (Say a lie enough times, it becomes truth – HITLER) ---told –this in the opening sentence that we are touting things that are not FDA or NIH recommended…             So the medical underworld goes to Plan B since nobody believes they are credible!  THIS BS is their Plan B!  These are TACTICS, not professionalism!             Touted:  briefly stated, past tense of a freaking VERB; not an adjective for legal purposes. THESE SENATORS ARE SUPPOSED TO ALL HAVE LAW DEGREES AND BE LICENSED ATTORNEYS!                         The word “tout” is NOT a medical term! Roget’s thesaurus indicates Tout to mean: to increase or seek to increase THE IMPORTANCE.  This moron has one motive;  FRAUD THE PUBLIC!  A SYNONYM IS “PUFF UP” I AM FED UP WITH THE LIARS AND CHEATS, WHO RELY ON TECHNOCRATIC TOOLS TO PUSH THE AGENDA NO MATTER HOW FREAKING STUPID THEY SOUND AT HEARINGS AND TRIALS! THE AGENDA IS PREVIOUSLY-AGREED UPON AND WHAT TAKES PLACE IS SMOKE AND MIRRORS!  THAT IS WHY NONE OF THESE DIRTBAG POLITICIANS SPEAK UP TO AT LEAST SAY WTF BECAUSE THEY PLAY THEIR ROLES!  THIS BE HAVIOR IS WHAT NEARLY KILLED ME, THIS BEHAVIOR IS WHAT KILLED MY FATHER AND MY BROTHER, A PEADOPHILE PRIEST (WHICH POLITICIANS SUPPORT WHOLE-HEARTEDLY AND TRY TO GET PEADOPHILIA LEGALIZED – AFTER ALL THE WORD ITSELF WAS DEVISED IN USA, YET THEY CLAIM IT IS FROM GREECE COMBINING GREEK WORDS FOR LOVE AND CHILDREN AS A SECRET INCESTUAL, DEPRAVED INTENT TO SUPPORT  THE MOST DISCUSSING OF BEHAVIOUR! I GREW UP KNOWING JUST HOW AWFUL IT IS, MY FATHER HAD A RELATIVE ARRESTED FOR IT!  MY FATHER JOINED OTHER FATHERS IN OUR CHURCH TO IMMEDIATELY REMOVE A CHILD-MOLESTING PASTOR!  MY FATHER TOLD THE PAEDOPHILE PRIEST WHO WAS TRYING TO KILL HIM IN NEW MEXICO TO STAY AWAY FROM HIM AND ME!  HE BROKE INTO MY FATHER’S APARTMENT WHEN I WAS AT THE NURSING HOME; THE MANAGEMENT TOLD ME.  I ASKED THEM WHY THEY DID NOT CALL ME AT THE NURSING HOME AND THEY SAID “WE DIDN’T KNOW THE NUMBER”…OMG!  WHY THEY DIDN’T CALL POLICE AND THEY SAID, “HE’S A PRIEST”…AND THEY WERE ANXIOUS TO GET RID OF ME AFTER THAT BECAUSE AFTER ALL, THEY WERE CATHOLIC AND MY BROTHER WAS CALLING AROUND, TELLING PEOPLE MY FATHER MOLESTED ME, TELLING PEOPLE I WAS NOT STAYING THERE, ETC!  ALL LIES TO GET CONTROL BEHIND MY BACK!  THESE TACTICS HAPPEN OFTEN IN THIS SOCIETY BECAUSE WASHINGTON DC IS FILLED WITH DEPRAVED TRAITORS – NOT MORAL PATRIOTS!  LIARS!  THIEVES!  CHEATS! EVEN INVOLVED WITH THE MASS MURDERING OF CITIZENS! --me be clear the NIH, there recommendation is not to use it outside of controlled trials. Is from August 27. We are now in December.             They have admitted to treating patients with that one drug so what the hell is “it” – he gave a list of chemicals. No doubt if anyone goes to the pharmacy, there will be no information on them!  Why is this even taking place?  THERE IS NO PANDEMIC!  THEY PROVED NOTHING EXCEPT THEY ARE WILLING TO KILL PATIENTS THEMSELVES TO GET THE NUMBERS UP, OR ORDER OTHER STAFF TO, AND THEY HAVE MADE MANY VIDEOS ON IT, CRYING AND YOUTUBE TAKES THEM DOWN – BECAUSE THIS IS ALL ABOUT MONEY, POWER! 0 --This is three to four months later. (repeats him πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸŒ»πŸŒΉπŸ€πŸŒ·πŸ’ Informal Transcript, Notes 3 --This is three to four months later. (repeats himself) Mountains of data have emerged from all 32:31min – from many centers and countries around the world showing the miraculous effectiveness of Ivermectin.             (How can it since he freaking said it was banned? Why is no one being charged with violations, crimes?  Why aren’t the senators even demanding interrogatories be responded to?  Because they are all making money or allowing themselves to be extorted!) It basically obliterates transmission of this virus.  If you take it, you will not get sick.  I want to briefly summarize the data. I manuscripted not a word again, published by some of the-the-the most stutters and doesn’t finish sentence  We have contributed more to the medical knowledge in our specialty and our careers than anyone else can claim as a group. DOES THAT EVEN HAVE ANY LOGIC?  NO MORE THAN THE TRUMP LETTER TO HIS BUDDY FOR DECADES, JOE BIDEN, STATING IN THE LETTER THAT HE, TRUMP, WAS THE BEST US PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY EVER HAD. WTF! Their group was formed when?  As part of the COVIDIOT AGENDA!  THEY HAD TO WAIT FOR THE NOMENCLATURE DUST TO SETTLE SINCE THEY KEPT RENAMING IT!  WUHAN – to the flu Coronavirus – to their Satanic Computer creation of “COVID-19, which has no COVID 1 to 18!  And 19 is “special” because it is 19 years after the mass murder on September 11!  A satanic ritual, code, cypher – to sooth their consciences, to morph September 11 into COVIDOCRACY.   33:00 min END OF PART THREE More parts to be added - I just need to take the time and will hopefully finish it today. ❤ Copy and share what you want! Please! We're all in this ❤ They are hijacking our country! Posted 2/13/2021 on blog Part Three COVID 19 COVIDIOTS SENATE HOMELAND SECURITY HEARING DECEMBER 8, 2020 33 min to 1 hr --details all of this evidence. I want to briefly ummarize it: 1. We have evidence that Ivermectin is effective. Not only in profolaxis and PREVENTION (LOL, OMG, WTF) Dr. Hector Curvio of Argentina (for those who don’t realize the antipope Francis is from Argentina and was a cardinal there. He was arrested for child sacrificing and the Obamas took Air Force One there to defend him. Michelle Obama once went by herself, using Air Force One – which is illegal but too bad for us stupid Americans They also stole a lot of property including 5 yachts they purchased through the government to slip out the back door. John Kelly, former Chief of Staff and one of the erroneously fired staff by Trump – who protects the crooks – prepared an itemized list for Trump to sign. I believe Trump signed it but didn’t want to since he wanted Obama to get away with it all. And of course, Obama was not arrested.**) My notes are italicized yet I see that they are NOT when I paste them in my blog, so look for my asterisk** 800 healthcare workers – not one got sick. 400 that they didn’t profylaxis Ivermectin (WTF**) 78% got sick. 237 of those 400 got sick. (Where? When? How? Just minor details he left out of his STORY***) If you take it, you will not get sick HE’S TOTALLY OFFCOURSE ON THE STRUCTURE OF A SUMMARY** The immense and potent antiviral activity – we know that from the first study we had (of course, he said he couldn’t have studies, he said he treated patients outright with it, yet he said he was prohibited by WHO from using it, and not indicating what the hell it was designated for, other than “clinical trials” ** --made the bench to the bedside. Propylaxis (now he says propyl, like propofol, like what they were doing to patients who were conscious, putting them in a coma state and on the ventilator which kills them since they were breathing on their own! ** We now have four large, randomized, controlled trials, totalling over 1,500 patients each trial (WTF, he just said 800 for one of them**) showing 33:56 min as a profylaxis agent (so he uses profyl here, not propyl**) it is immensely effective – you will not get sick. You will be protected from getting ill if you take it. (he coughs, covers his mouth with his hand – which they claim no one is supposed to do, not drinking any water or anything -after all, there really isn’t a virus to be concerned over anyway. He’s not wearing a mask, either) An early outpatient and treatment, we have three randomized control trial and multiple observations in cases showing if you take Ivermectin the need for hospitalization and death (WTF, need for death? His lack of clarity is to shade the truth!**) will decrease. The most profound hospitalization –we have four randomized control trials, multiple control trials, all showing the same thing. (All this time, he doesn’t look at his notes and is probably using a teleprompter**) You will not die OR (haha) you will die at much lower rates (Note, a person can only die once last time I knew**) statistically significant, a large amount – magnitude as a result of if you take Ivermectin. It is proven to be a wonder drug. It is already won the Nobel Prize of Medicine (WTF! He said that WHO restricted its use to Clinical Trials only. Well, these must be the same idiots who gave Obama a Nobel Prize for doing nothing, and worse, being part of the organized crime underground, aka underworld) –2015 for global health for the eradication for parasitic disease (Washington should be treated for that! There are so many political parasites soaking up government money for themselves, etc) It is proven to be an immensely powerful, antiviral, anti-inflamatory agent. It is critical for its use in this disease. We again stand by our man – uscript. LOL, that’s how it was said….It is---been submitted for peer review but please recognize the review takes time. It takes months. We do not have months. We have 100,000 patients in the hospital right now dying (freaking liar!) I’m a lung specialist, an ICU specialist (or is that I see You, I tend to think it’s this one**) I’ve cared for more dying COVID patients than anyone can imagine. They’re dying because they can’t breath. (suffocating them with ventilators sure as hell doesn’t help!**) They can’t breath (says it again) They are on high oxygen delivery devices. They’re on non-evasive ventilators (no such thing) and/or their --- dated and paralyzed, patched to mechanical ventilators to breath for them. I watch them every day. (morbid!**) They die. By the time they get me in the ICU (WTF, he says he WATCHES**) they’re already dying, they’re almost impossible to recover. Early treatment is key. We need to offload the hospitals. We are tired. I can’t keep doing this. If you look at my manuscript and if I have to go back to work next week, any further deaths are gonna be needless deaths and I cannot be traumatized by that. I cannot keep caring for patients when I know that they could have been saved –drug that will treat them and prevent the hospitalizations –Ivermectin. 35:58 min This is, I am here today, I am calling to action. The NIH, their last recommendation was August 27. August 27. I want to be clear. (LOL, OMG**) I am not here as a politician or dramatist or sensationalize something what I am recommending. (Not a sentence, but who’s counting!**) I’m gonna be very clear (oh yeah**) and very simple. All I ask is for the NIH to view our data that we have compiled, of all the emerging data, we have almost 30 studies. Every one is reliably and reproduceably (LOL, great English**) a positive showing the dramatic impacts of Ivermectin. Please, I am just asking that they review our manuscript. It is a serious manuscript (WTF**), highly experienced physicians and researchers (I’m sure they are as good as Fauci, how promising – not!**) We-we have – I cannot call on more credibility – we have and not – uh uh a random doctor who’s saying we have a cure. I don’t want to say that I have a cure. I’m just asking to view our data. We have immense amounts of data to show that Ivermectin must be implemented and implemented now. Senator, the last thing I want to say is “You know who’s dying here? It’s our African Americans (LOL, how convenient to throw that fake info in since we just had MLK Day and February is Black History month!), Latino, and elderly. It’s the most disadvantaged, impoverished members of our society. They are dying at higher rates than anyone else (no doubt a lie, since the death rate has not changed and he’s spewing one lie after another, only stopping to wipe his unmasked mouth with his hand**) It’s the most severe DESCREPANCY (WTF, does he want to even the score?**) that I have seen in my medical career. And we are responsible to protect THOSE disadvantaged members. We have a special duty to provide countermeasures. The mountain of evidence to show that Ivermectin is life-saving and protective is – show immense -and the drug is so safe (yet he said it was used for KILLING PARASITES**) My colleagues have talked about it. It must be instituted. I am asking the NIH to review our data and come with recommendations for society. Thank you. 37:48 min Sen Johnson: Our next witness is Dr. Armand Balboni. Dr. Balboni is the Chief Exec Officer for Applelilly Therapeutics. His career includes medical research, drug development experience, for civilian academic and military organizations. He’s a partner of the Board of Directors of Bloomberg Company, where he is a senior advisor for regulatory medical affairs. As an active duty military officer, Dr. Balboni served as a staff officer in US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. He completed a military staff fellowship with US FDA and wanted to serve as the Deputy Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs of US Army. Dr. Balboni has held multiple academic positions at Westfield State University, University of Maryland, --College, and the United States Military Acadamy at West Point. Dr. Balboni completed his doctoral work in the MVPhD Program at the ICONN School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and earned a law degree at Brooklyn Law School. Balboni So thank you Mr. Chairman and committee leaders for this opportunity to meet today about the need for early treatment of COVID. (he is livestreaming on a TV) Wearing no mask. As you’ve noted, I’ve worked in these infectious disease FRONTLINES in many roles. Simple drug development position and scientist. And I say that with all humility. As a military fellow during the Ebola crisis, we looked at some of these drugs from a broad spectrum of anti-virals include things like –have a cure and --- we are no further along than we were then with getting those drugs approved because of the very fragmented nature of what we do as our approach to treating these kinds of illnesses (of course, he skips over the fact that there is no pandemic, there is no mass killing caused by this fake virus or anything else. The death rate has not changed.**) I am a lifelong Democrat and I almost didn’t participate after I read I would be participating with an anti-vaxer group. That couldn’t be more further from the truth. 40:21 min I looked further down and found that in the NY Times 220,000 new cases were presented. (THERE’S THEIR FAVORITE TWO NUMBER AGAIN!) yesterday in the US. And I’m confronted with the motto that a physician of 37 years has— NOTICE HE DOESN’T RELY ON HIS OWN MEDICAL RESOURCES FOR DISCOVERING THE DAILY COVID STATS. THEY DO NOT TAKE THEIR JOBS SERIOUSLY. THE BEST LIAR WINS!** --one team and --- mission first. --- not only with COVID-19 but with other pandemics that will inevitable happen (fear porn, predicted programming)** We have to TAKE A HOLD OF GOVERNMENT APPROACH, - - telling us what we can do and when we can do that. (So he wants to hijack the country**) –vaccine development - - new technologies (of course, that depends on how much play money the government adds to what they have already given them!**) –vaccines of the future but we are not done. (Sure, they haven’t destroyed enough families and livelihoods yet!) –vaccines and some effective treatment that can be expensive and useful for limited situations (of course, this is supposed to be ONE disease**) –we will continue to build new solutions, data driven solutions…stopped at 41;22. Resume later. I’ve had enough BS for one day** What is the FLCCC? About us | FLCCC | Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance The FLCCC Alliance – On a Mission to Save Thousands & Slow the Pandemic The FLCCC Alliance was organized in March, 2020 by a group of highly published, world renowned Critical Care physician/scholars – with the academic support of allied physicians from around the world – to research and develop lifesaving protocols for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in all stages of illness. Their MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol – introduced in March, 2020, has saved tens of thousands of patients who were critically ill with COVID-19. Now, the FLCCC’s new I-Mask+ Prophylaxis and Early At-Home Outpatient Treatment Protocol with Ivermectin has been released – and is a potential solution to the global pandemic. Why is that they refer to pandemic as a noun, when in actuality it is an adjective: pandemic (adj.) of diseases, "incident to a whole people or region," 1660s, from Late Latin pandemus, from Greek pandemos "pertaining to all people; public, common," from pan- "all" (see pan-) + dΔ“mos "people" (see demotic ). Modeled on epidemic; OED reports that it is "Distinguished from epidemic, which may connote limitation to a smaller area." The noun, "a pandemic disease," is recorded by 1853, from … Epidemic · Pandemonium Why India's coronavirus cases are plummeting - The Washington Post My hunch is, the dirty attorneys are getting caught. Voila, this recent doctor is also an attorney. Did they fudge records to make that happen? Elements of a flu pandemic ( – consider the source! J Mol Genet Med. 2005 Dec; 1(2): 38–39. Published online 2005 Dec 30. doi: 10.4172/1747-0862.1000009 PMCID: PMC2702068 PMID: 19565012 PART FOUR, COVID 19 Elements of a flu pandemic A human influenza pandemic generally occurs every 30-40 years, and many experts believe that the next pandemic is overdue. There are a number of requirements for a new pandemic to begin: i) emergence of a new viral strain to which general populations lack sufficient immunity, ii) ability of this new strain to infect humans and to cause severe disease, and, iii) capability to transmit efficiently among humans, i.e., be highly contagious. For a pandemic strain to establish at a global level it also requires a vehicle for worldwide spread. Close similarity of reconstructed Spanish influenza pandemic virus nucleotide sequence (Tumpey et al, 2005) with that of the avian H1N1 virus (AH1N1), rather than any other mammalian HIN1 strains, and the lethality of the reconstructed virus for fertile chicken eggs, indicates that the Spanish influenza pandemic of 1917-1918 might have been started by an avian virus. This influenza pandemic killed around 50 million people globally. The large-scale spread of this influenza virus was fuelled by travelling armies of the World War 1 – the time that saw the movement of around 10 million soldiers (who also frequently carried with them live poultry as food source!). Although no one knows which virus will be the cause of the next human influenza pandemic, one strong candidate with the capacity to set off such a pandemic is an avian influenza (bird flu) virus, AH5N1 – providing one of the basic elements of an influenza pandemic. This strain belongs to the family of avian influenza retroviruses, members of which cause varying degree of respiratory disease in poultry. The strain of AH5N1 currently established in poultry is one of the most lethal known strain of this family; this strain is highly-contagious among poultry, has a relatively short incubation period (only a few hours), leading to certain death of the infected birds. The AH5N1 virus not only causes severe respiratory failure in birds, but also it causes extensive haemorrhage of internal organs – something similar to what Ebola virus does in humans. The current outbreak of the lethal avian influenza was first detected in 1997 in Hong Kong where a large number of chickens suddenly died of severe respiratory failure and extensive haemorrhage. This region has been the source of at least one other flu pandemics in the late 1960s'. In this densely populated region general population routinely trades in live birds and animals, presenting a perfect scenario for the transmission of animal-to-human infections. Avian influenza viruses very rarely infect humans, yet the real concerns of the spread of AH5N1 to humans, possibly leading to a pandemic, cropped up when at least eighteen human cases of AH5N1 infection were detected in Hong Kong leading to six deaths. Through drastic measures, involving culling of large poultry flocks (∼1.5 million birds) and spraying of large areas with disinfectants, this outbreak was quickly suppressed. Any further AH5N1 epidemics were unseen until its re-emergence in 2003 in poultry flocks in South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. On this occasion this virus infected nearly 120 humans; almost half of those infected died of severe viral pneumonia and multi-organ failure. In the earlier outbreak of 1997 this virus largely infected elderly human populations; however, since the 2003 outbreak, it has infected largely younger individuals, including children. So it appears that, while it remained in dormancy for a number of years, the virus has been evolving to acquire new genetic traits. The virus also seems to be expanding its host range and has infected other animals such as, mouse model, cats and tigers (though further transmission of this virus from these animals to humans has not been reported). Worryingly, year 2005 also saw the spread of this virus through migratory birds to Russia, Turkey and Eastern Europe, and the isolation of AH5N1 from a young patient that was resistant to the common neuraminidase inhibitory anti-viral drug, oseltamivir (Tamiflu) (Le et al, 2005). These events, combined with the continued common practice among general population of live bird and animal trade in Asian countries, has again fuelled the fears of the AH5N1 strain might become the cause of a human influenza pandemic. Can AH5N1 be a cause of a flu pandemic, particularly in its current form? This virus already has the ability to cross species barrier, and it can infect and cause severe disease in humans. What it lacks is the efficient human-to-human transmissibility. Fortunately, so far this has been rare. To-date there have been only two such reported cases in Vietnam where individuals became infected with this virus, apparently without direct contact with live infected birds, leading to one death. While on one hand this shows that the general flora of this virus has limited genetic information for human-to-human transmission to cause a pandemic, on the other it is making progress in this direction. By virtue of having an RNA genome, retroviruses have the capacity to mutate at a rapid pace, giving rise to variants with new antigenic properties. Since avian viruses are not normal human flora, the general human populations lack immunity against them. Thus for this reason, if this virus somehow acquires the capability of efficient human-to-human transmission, it already has the necessary genetic footprint to causes widespread human disease, without the need for a major antigenic shift. However, for this virus to cause a major human pandemic it needs to be highly-contagious, and ideally transmissible via droplet nuclei. The possibility is that AH5N1 can become highly-contagious among human populations either by mutating or via a genetic recombination event (similar to human-swine recombinants (e.g., Ghedin et al, 2005)) with a normal human influenza virus. However, all indications from the nucleotide sequence analysis of reconstructed Spanish influenza pandemic virus are that the avian influenza virus that might have caused the 1918 pandemic became contagious in humans without a genetic recombination event. This suggests that, in theory, it is possible for AH5N1 to become an efficient human pathogen through genetic mutations, with continuous exposure to humans. Furthermore, by virtue of the avian virus having distinct antigenic properties not known to human hosts, it has the capacity to cause an influenza pandemic, running in parallel with another influenza pandemic caused by a different virus. While air travel is likely to be a major fuel for the global spread of an influenza virus strain, the emergence of viral strains that have the ability to infect both humans and migratory birds can be even more alarming. However, generally as bacterial or viral strains evolve to become more infectious to get a strong foothold in host populations, they also tend to become less virulent. Thus, we can hope that by the time the avian virus has learned high-infectivity and contagiousness in humans, it also becomes less virulent, and that the world's health services are better equipped to handle a pandemic. Go to: REFERENCES Ghedin E, et al. Nature. 2005;437:1162–1166. [PubMed] [Google Scholar] Le QM, et al. Nature. 2005;437:1108. [PubMed] [Google Scholar] Tumpey TM, et al. Science. 2005;310:77–80. [PubMed] [Google Scholar] THE DIFFICULT ISSUE IS WE KNOW THEY LIE BUT HOW CAN A CASE BE BUILT IF THEY FRAUD EVERYTHING IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT? That is what THEY call “data management” Resume the video at 38:10…Salami, Salami, Balboni Our next “witness” is Dr. Armand Balboni; University of Oxford for Apple-Lilly Therapeutics…His career includes development therapeutics in civilian, academic, and military organizations. He’s a partner and member of the Board of Directors, Bloomberg Company Where he is the firm’s senior advisor for regulatory medical affairs. As an active duty military officer, Dr. Balboni served as a staff officer in the US Army Research Institute, Infectious Diseases. He completed a Military Staff Fellowship in USFDA. They wanted him to serve as the Director of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs, US Army. Dr. Balboni has held multiple positions at Westfield State University, University of Maryland, University College, and the US Military Academy at WestPoint. Dr. Balboni completed his doctoral work in the MVP PhD Program (MOST VALUABLE PERSON?-Great thing to teach in academia, #AllFavoritesMatter) at the IConn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and earned a law degree at Brooklyn Law School. Dr. Balboni: Balboni: So, thank you Mr. Chairman, uh-uh, ranking member of --- the entire committee for your leadership and the opportunity to speak today about the need for early treatment of COVID. Sen Johnson: If you could talk a little bit louder… Balboni: Sure, is that any better? (from TV screen, remote appearance) Sen Johnson: It is, thanks Balboni: Again, thank you for this opportunity to speak. As you noted, I’ve worked in the Infectious Disease FRONTLINE in many roles. I’m A simple research & development. Scientist. AND I SAY THAT WITH ALL HUMILITY. Oh, Lord, it’s hard to be humble; when you’re perfect in every way…lalala I was a military fellow at the FDA during Ebola Crisis and we looked at some of these drugs – broad spectrum virals to include 39:48 min things like ----- We are no further along now than we were then, with getting these drugs approved because of this very fragmented nature of what we do as our approach to treating these kinds of illnesses. I have to say, uh, uh, I never thought I would have to say this, uh, uh, but I’m a lifelong DEMOCRAT, with a subscription to the NY Times, and I have to say I was quite dismayed this morning and almost didn’t purchase-participate when I saw the news on that I was participating as a fringe member of an anti-vaxer group. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I read further down in the NY Times and saw that 202,000 new cases THAT MAGIC NUMBER TWO….WOO-HOO were presented yesterday in the –fest. And I am confronted with the motto that accompanied me 40:34min in over 17 years as a physician of science in the US Army: One Team, One Fight, and MISSION FIRST. We got to get this right. I remain deeply concerned with our longterm liability to COMBAT not only COVID-19 40:48min BUT OTHER PANDEMICS.. LOL, what happened to the ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT AND MISSION FIRST? Inevitable will happen. Uhm, we have to take a hold of government OPERATION HI-JACK USA BECAUSE “YES WE CAN” approach. The last 11 months HE SHOULD HAVE ADDED 9 DAYS WHILE HE WAS AT IT! (9/11) Where was he on September 11? --is shown what we can do when we do that WTF, THEY CLAIM MORE HAVE DIED IN THE PAST THREE MONTHS THAN AT ANY TIME THEY ALSO CLAIM THAT THE PAST SIX MONTHS HAVE PROVEN HOW SUCCESSFUL THE IV DRUG IS – IS THIS A PLAY ON WORDS TO MAKE UP FOR THE KILLING OF BREATHING PATIENTS BY USING PROPOFOL IV’s? AFTER ALL, IT WORKED SO WELL ON MICHAEL JACKSON!!! DID HIS DOCTOR PUT HIM ON A VENTILATOR SINCE HE COULD NOT SEE WHAT HE WAS DOING TO HIM? DESTROYING LIVELIHOODS, DESTROYING LIVES, RUINING FAMILIES, GREATLY HARMING OR EVEN DESTROYING CHILDREN AND ELDERLY, AND THE LIST GOES ON! THOSE ARE THEIR FREAKING ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN THE LAST 11 MONTHS! --It’s redefined what’s possible for vaccine development. We may be on the precipice of NEW TECHNOLOGIES that will absolutely inform HOW WE DEVELOP VACCINES IN THE FUTURE. But we are not done. In my opinion, someone should tell him HE is!** Many are ready to say WTF** we did it with vaccines and some effective treatments that have been noted – be quite expensive and useful MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY** In limited situations WHEN THE MONEY COMES FIRST** But we’re failing to adequately build a continuum of solutions – data driven solutions – for COVID-19. MORE LAME EXCUSE FOR MONEY, MONEY, MONEY** -uhm, and the inevitable future pandemics. We need options now. At every stage and in scalable, readily implementable ways as the crisis worsens. WHY DOESN’T HE JUST ADMIT HE KNOWS THE CRISIS WILL WORSEN BECAUSE THEY ARE CAUSING IT? * Part 5, COVID19 We need an oral (Not MORAL, as I hoped he had said, which would be a lie of course, so I listened again, which is very tedious to back up and listen to**) broad spectrum –which would be able to treat patients in the outpatient setting. We can’t treat them adequately. SO NOW HE USES THAT EXCUSE OUT OF HIS HAT…ALL TO BUILD A COUNTERCASE FOR THEMSELVES WHEN THEY ARE NAILED! --in newly-infected patients home, uhm, with this uh potential hope of an IV infusion. I have to say, “Put on a mask and wait for the vaccine” We-we-we can’t live with the outcomes there. My-my 41:51min HE STUTTERS LIKE HELL BECAUSE HE IS LYING! YOU DECIDE!** I tip my hat to my colleagues WTF, HERE I JUST TYPE HE PULLS EXCUSES OUT OF HIS HAT AND THE VIDEO SAYS THIS NOW 41:37min** using clinics and uh-uh those setting up uh clinics in tents and parking lots – but the drugs are too expensive, not available, and unlikely to help the hundreds of thousands of patients that are SO, CONSIDER WHAT HE IS SAYING. WASTING MONEY GETS A TIP OF THE FREAKING HAT WHICH COVERS A BRAINLESS IMBECEL!** coming out of this. The vast majority of Americans, just to be clear, who test positive, we tell them to self-quarantine, employ watchful waiting, and then go to the hospital if they have beds, if their symptoms worsen. This protocol confirms that we have a gap in our treatment plan of escape. We need an oral SARS – COVID to be specific – treatment right now, uhm that uh that helps uh treat those with confirmed infections – one that’s practicable, scalable, and can bring a PLUG N’ PLAY (WTF**…AND I JUST GOT INTERRUPTED ON MY LAPTOP WITH A “MICROSOFT IS STOPPING YOUR ‘SOMETHING’ BECAUSE YOU NEED SOMETHING FROM THE MICROSOFT STORE…THEY OBVIOUSLY “HEARD” PLUG N’ PLAY AND NO DOUBT HE SAID IT AS A TECHNOCRATIC TRICK TO BOOST SALES FOR MICROSOFT! WTF – ARE PEOPLE THAT STUPID THESE DAYS? WITH ALL THE MICROWAVING, YEARS AND YEARS OF ILLEGAL DRUG INFILTRATION BY CIA, AND PSYOPPING BY CIA AND OTHERS AFFILIATED WITH CIA (SUCH AS THE PSYCHE INDUSTRY SO THEY CAN KEEP REQUESTING MORE AND MORE MONEY TO LAUNDER AND EMBEZEL AND RUIN PEOPLE’S LIVES)** 42:41min type of approach to our healthcare system. As-as-as this committee address, and-and-and my coll-colleagues here – witnesses here have also addressed – we have to include vaccines and best medical practices . Nobody is denying that. Uh-nobody here is an anti-vaxer DO YOU REALIZE HOW OBVIOUS HIS INTENT IS HERE? AND NOT ONE DAMN PERSON SPEAKS UP AND TELLS HIM TO SHUT THE F* UP FOR BEING SUCH AN IMBECEL BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL REFLECTING THEY ARE ALL IMBECELS!** 42:55min Uhm, uhm and again uhm I have to say I take great credence to that statement as a scientist WTF – SO WHEN HE DOES SCIENTIFIC FIVE-PART TESTS, HE TACKS ON A SIXTH PART, WHICH IS “THE ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS AND EVERYBODY HAS TO BE ON BOARD BEFORE WE START” ** and position. Oral anti-virals , uhm targeting SARS – offer some solution, we-we-we THAT LITTLE PIGGY NEEDS TO GO HOME!** have potential in PLAYING an important ROLE in the hands of physicians treating their COVID patients outside of the hospital. Again, these drugs are not intended to replace COVID-19 vaccines uhm and many promising oral anti-virals are most effective when used early. Most will never have access – most cases will never have access to them as we attempt to WRING all the risk out of uh-uh-uh our large randomized control trials to read out. We as uh a group are running TWO large phase retrials in the US under I&D – to post exposure – profylaxis for longterm care. We are doing 43:47 min that work and I do not suggest that we abandon our GOLD STANDARD RCT’s. However, to singularly rely on our RCT’s in the middle of a pandemic, uhm, is just not common sense. We need to develop, la-uhm-uh hybrid trial methodology by combining the best parts of RCT and observational studies to produce REAL WORLD DATA WTF, is that why they are also making hybrid people – transgenders (forcing kids, using mind control to convince people, getting people drugged as another form of psyche control) and transhumans….SEE WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING TO SOCIETY? ** 44:06min Right now, uhm, that can together with our RCT’s, -- present REAL WORLD EVIDENCE, about how these things can be used – it’s our LAST CHANCE TO SAVE LIVES NOW and --future outbreaks. WHY DOESN’T HE JUST ADMIT THIS IS AN INFERRED EXTORTION: GIVE US LOTS OF MONEY OR WE WILL KILL YOU! If we fail to change our approach OH, WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PATIENTS THEY HAVE BEEN SAVING AND DECREASING LOSS OF LIFE IN THE PAST SIX MONTHS TO PROVE THEIR PROTOCOL IS WORKING?** AND THEN THEY CLAIM MORE PEOPLE ARE DYING…THE LEAST THEY CAN DO IS LIE CONSISTENTLY! BUT THEY ARE ALL FUM-DUCKS AND NOBODY IN THIS HEARING SAYS WTF TO ANY OF THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE PART OF THE SCHEME AND WILL PROBABLY, OR HAVE PROBABLY BEEN PAID OFF! ** we’re gonna be talking about this THE NEXT TIME THERE’S AN OUTBREAK. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. #OPERATIONEXTORTIONBYMEDICALSCUMBAGS** 44:28min It’s unfortunate but we got to utilize this pandemic to bring solutions to patients right now THEY SAID THE SAME DAMN THING ABOUT SEPTEMBER 11, SANDY HOOK FAKE SHOOTING, ETC. = MODUS OPERANDI ON FALSE FLAG INCIDENTS!** Thank you, Mr. Chairman, Thank you to the committee for your consideration OF MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY THE BEST LIAR WINS ** Sen Johnson: Thank you, Dr. Balboni. Our next witness is Dr. Jane Orien. Dr. Orien, who has served as Executive Director of the Association Of American Phsycians And Surgeons, AAPS, since 1989 **Wikipedia claims that org started in 1996! This Senator obviously doesn’t do any background checks because he probably gets money checks in his pocket! I wonder if he is the husband of the fraud expert herself, Pamela Johnson, who calls herself “The Urban Outlaw” – now isn’t that special? NO WONDER THERE IS A RIPOFF INSURANCE CALLED PHYSICANS INSURANCE, WHICH WERE THE ONLY PROVIDERS OF DENTAL INSURANCE THAT TOOK MY $45/MONTH FOR TWO YEARS AND NEVER GAVE ME DISCOUNTS, NEVER COMPENSATED IN MY CLAIMS EXCEPT FOR ONE CHECK FOR $51.00 – FOR TWO YEARS. I HAD INFECTIONS, I WAS ON PENICILLIN FOR SIX MONTHS DUE TO RIPOFF DENTISTS AND WAS NOT ABLE TO SECURE A DECENT DENTIST, AND EVENTUALLY REALIZED TRAVEL WAS AFFORDABLE USING WANDERU, SO I HAD A WIDER RANGE OF OPTIONS AND WENT OUT OF STATE! TRUMP REFUSED TO COLLAPSE OBAMACARE (BECAUSE THE SATANIC UNDERGROUND WANTED TO KEEP IT GOING, WHICH BIDEN IS PUSHING AHEAD WITH NOW AND WILL PROBABLY DESTROY MY CURRENT REAL INSURANCE, LIKE THEY DID TO MILLIONS WHEN OCRAPHEAD WAS PRESIDENT! AND THE CEO’S WILL PROBABLY HAVE A WAY OF POCKETING TONS OF MONEY FOR THEMSELVES AND WON’T GIVE A RAT’S A$$) ** Ms. Orien is currently President of Doctors For Medical Disaster Preparedeness I SEARCHED FOR THIS AND GOOGLE RESPONDS WITH “DID NOT FIND ANY MATCH” AND OF COURSE BLOOMERG CAN’T BE BOTHERED PROVIDING NOTES ON ANYTHING. THAT’S NOT WHAT THE SUCCESSFUL REPORTERS OF TODAY DO! ** More than 200 of her papers and op-ed pieces HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED in the Scientific Popular Literature on a variety of subjects including RISK ASSESSMENT, NATURAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL HAZZARDS AND NON-HAZZARDS, AND MEDICAL ECONOMICS AND ETHICS. ETHICS?*** WTF*** She’s the editor of ADPS News, Doctors for Disaster Preparedness (which you can’t find on internet**), Business Newsletter, Defense Perspectives, and is the MANAGING EDITOR OF THE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. Dr. Orien obtained I wonder if it was really a SNATCH AND GRAB!** her undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Mathematics from the University of AZ, Tucson; her MD from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, in 1974. Dr. Orien is formerly, clinically – is formal clinical faculty in the Dept of Internal Medicine at the University of AZ College of Medicine and has been in solo private practice of general internal medicine since 1981. Dr. Orient: HE SAID IT THAT TIME WITH A “T” SOUND** Dr. Orien: Thank you, Chairman Johnson, and ranking member Peters, and committee members for allowing me to present the plea of practicing physicians for early and prophylactic home treatment for COVID-19 and also thanks to the witnesses for the opportunity to learn from you. WHAT HAPPENED TO REPROOF, CORRECTION? WTF! #ALLWITNESSESARENOW EXPERTS AND SUPERIOR TO EVERYONE ELSE** Aka MVP (most valued player)** aka marked as VIP Corrected 2/8/2021 Aka VIP, I think they provided - isn’t that what one of them was given previously in this hearing? They were “teacher’s favorite” ** --committee to exercise is your oversight function over federal agencies that are effectively blocking 46:00 min treatment that could prevent 100,000 needless deaths IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE 102,000 – SHE’S NOT FOLLOWING THE SCRIPT! YES, I AM USING EXAGERRATION.** And stop the crippling fear and administration of livelihoods. WTF** * Part 6, COVID19 On August 18, Ron Johnson – Senator Ron Johnson, Senator Mike Lee, and Senator Ted Cruz asked the FDA to provide any studies and data that form the FDA’s current determination that giving hydroxichloroquin to infected outpatients within seven days from the onset of symptoms, uh will have no clinical effect and may be harmful to the patient. FDA’s targeted response provided no references pertaining to the question. The only logical conclusion is that the FDA’s extremely – determination that prevented treatment for untold thousands of patients was without a foundation. 46:53min RESUME HERE Who is Dr. Orient? Who is Dr Jane M. Orient? Doctor Opposed to Mandatory Vaccinations to Testify Before Senate Committee ( She looks like Ruth Ginsberg did at that age She probably gets business deals from insurance through her private practice** Fees are agreed upon and payable at the time of service. As a general rule, I place an approximate value of $200/hr on my time (including travel time); this does not include the cost of expendable supplies. Brief interviews are available at designated times, to establish whether a regular appointment would be desirable. The charge for an interview is $25. Home visits will be considered. All fees will be settled at the time of the visit; there will be no paperwork other than a receipt and itemized statement (if requested), and no disagreeable surprises. I work only for patients. I am not contracted with any third-party payers and have chosen not to be a provider for government programs such as Medicare, AHCCCS, or Tri-Care. Please remember that all medical services are a loss to your insurer. That is why insurers place increasing constraints on their contracted physicians and may be unwilling to reimburse you for services that do not meet their costly administrative requirements. I do not attempt to meet these requirements, and to do so would require me to charge a much higher fee. Some private insurers may reimburse you if you file a claim and attach an itemized bill. I do not provide CPT codes. I offer only noncovered services to beneficiaries of government programs. I wonder if SHE and/or her husband have medical and dental insurance.** Dr. Jane Orient 1601 N Tucson Blvd. #9Tucson, AZ 85716 520 325-2689 520 326-3529 (f) Most likely they WANT to be labeled as anti-vaccine to confuse the public and have more control over their own motives. Anti-Vaccine Doctor Has Been Invited to Testify Before Senate Committee - The New York Times ( Next, Armand Balboni, MD, PhD, JD - Bloom Burton Appili Therapeutics Names Dr. Armand Balboni as Chief Executive Officer | Business Wire Flipping their pancake – changing pace – from an anti-ineffective drug doctor to voila, him! - You decide!** “Having assembled an impressive portfolio of anti-infective drug candidates under the stewardship of Kevin Sullivan, the Board believes that it is the right time to transition leadership to Dr. Balboni,” said Stephen Nicolle, Chair of the Board at Appili. “Armand’s caliber and experience, including his familiarity with Appili and extensive previous work with successful preclinical and clinical therapeutic programs, make him an optimal fit to lead the Company through its next stage of drug development milestones and value creation. We are grateful to Kevin for his leadership in bringing Appili to this pivotal point and wish him well in his future endeavours.” What is Appili? ABOUT US | Appili Therapeutics HOW MANY WORKED FOR OR WITH THE BILL GATES FOUNDATION, FOR INSTANCE? Matching Novel Drug Development Programs With Clearly Defined Patient Needs in Infectious Disease Appili Therapeutics Inc., was founded in 2015 by a team of drug development, infectious disease, and commercialization experts to advance the global fight against infectious disease and the mounting threat of drug-resistant pathogens. Our approach lies in matching unmet medical needs with opportunities for more effective solutions that range from improvements in established therapies to entirely new classes of anti-infectives. So much for One Goal, One Focus, One Mission! Blew THAT phrase to hell, didn’t it? ** Because we are not bound to a specific technology or platform, we can consider a wide range of programs and products with a focus on generating value and improving outcomes for patients dealing with infectious diseases. Appili Therapeutics Inc. was specifically founded to advance the global fight against infectious disease. Our team follows a rigorous process to identify and evaluate drug development opportunities, and to ensure that they align optimally with unmet patient and market needs. Without being bound to an indication or platform technology, we have the flexibility to deploy our ‘balanced risk’ approach to building our pipeline: a deliberate mix of close-to-market/revenue assets that provide near-term value and cash flow, coupled with cutting-edge, transformational programs that could change how we treat infectious disease.​ Is anyone else as board as I am with Boards? Let’s go back to the Board of Education, which is a good 4” by 1” piece of wood that my father would remind us of to keep us in line! There is no discipline in this damn society! It is going to hell! ** Research these 4 people plus 2 employees on their Board – you will see a pattern of behavior: ALL CENTERED ON MONEY, POWER, GREED – Theresa Matkovits looks like a transgender WTF** OBVIOUSLY A PRE-CURSOR TO THE PLANDEMIC! Joining the Global Effort to Combat the Mounting Threats of Infectious Diseases How much did Bill Gates invest in this company? ** JOINING FORCES WITH CDC, TO BUILD THEIR ENCASED WORLD, CONTROL ALL PEOPLE AND CREATE THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER USING THE CORRUPTED MIRACLES OF TECHNOCRACY!** U.S. National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (National Action Plan) | Antibiotic/Antimicrobial Resistance | CDC INVESTORS? NONYABUSINESS ON THE WEBSITE, BUT DON’T WORRY, “WE HAVE MONEY” – IS THIS A DELIBERATE CIA FRONT? THIS COMPANY IS NOT EVEN LOCATED IN THE FREAKING USA AND YET THEY APPEAR AS A NATIONAL HEALTHCARE ORG! WTF! SCRAP ALL THE DAMN POLITICIANS! THEY SERVE THEMSEVES! ** Appili Therapeutics #21-1344 Summer Street Halifax, NS B3H 0A8 Phone: 902-442-4655 ext. 0 INVESTORS | Appili Therapeutics No names U.S. National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (National Action Plan) On This Page More Information Published March 2015, October 2020 I HAVE TO USE BING ON MY LAPTOP, SO WHEN I SEARCH funders of appili company I AM NOT SURPRISED THAT IT ONLY SHOWS APPLE INFORMATION. WHY DO YOU THINK APPLE PRODUCTS ARE SO EXPENSIVE? THE MONEY IS GEARED TO TAKE DOWN THE USA! AND BILL GATES, AND THE OTHER TECHNOCRATS LIKE JEFF BEZOS ARE ALSO OBVIOUSLY INVOLVED! BUILDING THEIR DEMENTED, DEPRAVED EMPIRE VIA ORGANIZED CRIME!** There is NO corporate information on them through Corporate Wiki – it diverts to Apple, Inc. Search: Appili Corporate Wiki Results: Appili Corporate Wiki - Bing I am stopping here and turning off my hotspot. It is 1:19 am. 2/6/2021 - PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE! RESUME AT 53min 2/8/2021 52:17 – she complains that “family doctors specializing in infectious diseases have refused to treat CO – Corna – COVID-19” …they’re not stopping the pandemic, they’re not sustainable.. Of course they fail to DEFINE pandemic since the Spanish flu was an epidemic that was pandemic. HELLO?????? #AllFumDucksShouldGo She goes on with her BS saying, “What we need now is EARLY treatment for COVID-19” - I say let’s REALLY treat it and get rid of all these frauds – seize their assets and prosecute! Drain all their damn accounts because they only prove to be parasites themselves! Not responsible people! …Hydroxychloroquin…Ivermectin shows promise but THERE COULD BE OTHERS… After all, they aren’t finished STEALING GOVERNMENT AND OTHER PUBLIC MONEY AND DESTROYING THE ECONOMY ALL TO SERVE THEIR SICK-ASS SELVES AT THE COST OF SOCIETY, LIVELIHOODS, BREAKING DOWN FAMILIES! * Part 7, COVID19 She goes on and says, “Physicians need to RESPOND to their patients” (word play to cover for the moron who claimed physicians were FIRST RESPONDERS.)…”share that information, and continuously strive to do better. Thank you so much for this opportunity. # # # # # # # # # At 53:05, Sen Johnson says: Our final witness is Dr. Jay Buttacharia (no spelling provided; no video notes) Prof of Medicine at Stanford University (not listed in their freaking website, but after all, they are such experts at data! Even Christine Ford was involved with a supposed “Data Management” project while she was doing other things for CIA, such as lying at the “Kavanaugh Raped Me” to “I think Kavanaugh Raped Me” to ‘We had a threesome but who’s counting since that’s what Secret Society Elites do’ hearing. With everyone in chat saying WTF comments throughout the whole FAKE hearing! These are the listed MEDICAL PROFESSORS at Stanford University Holden T Maecker Jesper B. John Ioannidis Joseph C. Wiu Andrew Fire Lucy S. Tompkins Paul J. Wang (no picture; maybe they are transgendering him) Phillip A Beacher Stanley Norman Co…. David Miklos Berverly S. Michell Ann Weinacker Gerald Grabtree Lawrence Sherman Sanjiv Sam Gambhir Howard V. Changertha Chen Abraham Verghese – I recognize that name Hugh McDevitt Andrei Iagaru Alan Schatzberg Gundeep S. Dhilion (another no-picture) Maurice L. Druzin (no picture) Lei Xing Rebecca Smith-Cog… Fernando S. Mendozaq (no picture) Ferid Murad Martin S. Angst Donald A Barr Eric R. Sokol Daniel P. Kessler Thomas Krummel Eliza Farmer Chakravarty Karl G. Sylvester Faculty - Head and Neck Anesthesia and Advanced Airway Management - Stanford University School of Medicine Must be a cousin, lol: Dr. Alexander Butwick, MBBS, FRCA, MS, is an Associate Professor of Anesthesiology at the Department of Anesthesiology, NO LISTS on their freaking website Program Faculty Program Faculty | Stanford Faculty Development Center for Medical Teachers | Stanford Medicine This is all they have for a faculty list – so much for being transparent, but they sure love the other tranny words, don’t they? Transhuman, Transgender…. Program Faculty Clinical Teaching Program Kelley M Skeff, MD, PhD - Stanford University Georgette A Stratos, PhD - Stanford University Thirty Years of Teaching Teachers Article in Department of Medicine News March 2016 Program alumni including: Andrea Cedfeldt, MD -- Oregon Health & Science University Dana Dunne, MD -- Yale University Diane Elliot, MD -- Oregon Health & Science University Peter Pompei, MD -- Stanford University Bradley Sharpe, MD -- University of California, San Francisco Judith Wofsy, MD -- Alameda County Medical Center Basic Science Teaching Program Kelley M Skeff, MD, PhD - Stanford University Georgette A Stratos, PhD - Stanford University I can’t find Dr. Butthurt anywhere what a sham by the crooked politicians! Why not just call him Roger Rabbit, the 6 foot tall Rabbit that was INVISIBLE! The Department of Medicine has over 626 faculty members located throughout our Palo Alto and Redwood City campuses. Our faculty are consistently recognized for their impact. They are recipients of NIH Innovator awards, members of the National Academy of Sciences, the National,,,,, ###### So the one TESTIFYING at this li’l ol Senate Homeland Security performance, must be a WILD CARD for the University! Since I don’t know how to spell the name and for the sake of TRUTH I will just refer to this last witness as Dr. ButtD Johnson: Dr. Butt is a medical prof at Stanford University and research associate at the Natiuonal Bureau of Economics Research (Obviously needing to “go fishing” for money to fund nefarious medical projects! My opinion) Dr. Butt’s research forcuses on the health and well-being of vulnerable populations with a particular emphasis on the role of the government – role of government programs, via medical innovation and economics. Dr. Butt’s recent research focuses on the epidemiology of COVID-19 (Gee, I wonder why he didn’t say “pandemology”…) As well as an evaluation of policy responses to the EPIDEMIC. #OperationFlipFlop Dr. Butt was the senior author of the first studies of the syro-prevalance of the COVID-19, Los Angeles County and Santa Clara County as well as the major league baseball syro-prevelant studies. He is the co-authoer of the Great Barrington Declaration – aka (Barry Barry quite contrary, how does your corrupted garden grow?) Notes The Great Barrington Declaration. The Great Barrington Declaration – As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing The Great Barrington Declaration is a statement drafted at the American Institute for Economic Research in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and signed there on 4 October 2020. It advocates an alternative, risk-based approach to the COVID-19 pandemic that involves "Focused Protection" of those most at risk and seeks to avoid or minimize the societal harm of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. The Declaration was written by Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Dr. Sunetra Gupta and Dr. Martin Kulldorff. A family member and a journalist helped with phrasing, grammar, and proof reading. Nobody else saw the declaration before it was completed in its final form. BIOGRAPHY: Jayanta Bhattacharya's Profile | Stanford Profiles ay Bhattacharya is a Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. He is a research associate at the National Bureau of Economics Research, a senior fellow at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, and at the Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute. He holds courtesy appointments as Professor in Economics and in Health Research and Policy. He directs the Stanford Center on the Demography of Health and Aging. Dr. Bhattacharya’s research focuses on the economics of health care around the world with a particular emphasis on the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. Dr. Bhattacharya’s peer-reviewed research has been published in economics, statistics, legal, medical, public health, and health policy journals. He holds an MD and PhD in economics from Stanford University. Academic Appointments Professor, Medicine - Primary Care Outcomes Research Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) Professor (By courtesy), Economics Administrative Appointments Director, Center on the Demography and Economics of Health and Aging, Stanford University (2011 - Present) Research Associate, Acumen, LLC (2007 - Present) Research Associate, National Bureau of Economics Research (2002 - Present) Professional Education PhD, Stanford University, Economics (2000) MD, Stanford University (1997) Patents Jay Bhattacharya, Michael Schoenbaum, Mark Spranca, Neeraj Sood. "United States Patent 7,426,474 Health Cost and Flexible Spending Account Calculator", Sep 16, 2008 Which urges to end the Lockdowns and adoption of the focus protection strategy to address the COVID-19 EPIDEMIC (It doesn’t surprise me that the video is made to switch gears since the Technocrats enjoy touching up the videos which are not supposed to be tampered with!) 53:54min He has published 135 articles in top peer review scientific journals of medicine Economics, health policy, STATISTICS, LAW, and PUBLIC HEALTH among other fields. He holds an MD and PhD in Economics – both earned at Stanford University. /Dr. Butt: Thank you, Senator and thank you for the opportunity to testify . I feel a little bit out of place ‘cuz I’m gonna be talking about the – about HOW WELL WE’VE DONE- HOW DANGEROUS THE EPIDEMIC IS AS FAR AS PATIENTS ARE CONCERNED I’ll cite statistics on that (LOL, does he cite stats on the OVERALL DEATHS, THE DEATH RATE FOR 2019 VS 2020? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE FREAKING SAME! THERE IS NO NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY. THEY ARE ALL FRAUDS!) 54:30 But I will also turn to the essential need for therapies. The therapies that don’t have a financial interest behind them OMG, WTF, LMAO So let me first start out with some comments on how dangerous COVID-19 is at an individual level (are they using shotguns? That would be the only danger at an individual level, besides their FRAUDULENT PROGRAM TO DESTROY SOCIETY!**) Early on… The --- very misleading 3.4% case fatality rate to panic the world. APPARENTLY THE TECHNOCRATS MADE A BOOBOO WHEN THEY WERE FUDGING THE VIDEO The number’s misleading because the typical person infected – the usual outcomes spans the range from no symptoms whatsoever to a mild cold to severe mild --- we’ve heard about in this hearing (most likely the technocrats altered the video here, since they changed every damn time they said PANDEMIC to EPIDEMIC since I posted so much yesterday about it. Or, he has pressured speech, a common trait of pathological LIARS!) Many infections are not identified as cases – especially in the early – because they didn’t come to the attention of doctors or public health authorities/ (You say FIRST RESPONDER, I say FIRST RESPONDER; let’s call the whole thing off! – WTF!) We know from a series of studies, specific SARS/COVID antibodies in the blood – evidence of prior COVID infections (Oh, btw people, they decided to fraud records and claim COVID existed for a long time since that is easier to wash over! Did anyone think to ask him where the hell their WUHAN agenda came from and how the hell they changed it from that to Coronavirus then COVID-19 but ahhhh…COVID-19 has been around for ages = WTF! **) 55:26 -I am stopping here…I will resume later. This is all such bullshit…they are all criminals! Shared 2/8/2021 55:15 Thus, many infections are not identified as cases ESPECIALLY IN THE EARLY DAYS because they didn’t come to the attention of doctors or public health authorities. Nobody goes to the doctor with a bad cold or flu USUALLY, that is why! VIRUSES CANNOT BE TREATED AS INFECTIONS! THEY HAVE TO RUN THEIRCO COURSE!** We know from a series of studies from a specific -- SARS/COVID antibodies in the blood.. He drops the “19” BECAUSE THERE IS NO COVID 1 to 18 and they created the 19 to celebrate 19 years after the September 11 mass murder caused by sociopathic terrorists in the USA! …which provide evidence of prior COVID infections --- So it goes from Wuhan VIRUS -to CORONA VIRUS – to COVID-19 VIRUS – AND NOW IT IS AN INFECTION? WTF!** ..this is true. – study we can estimate the true COVID INFECTION survival rate. Because of a recent publication of both world health organizations, surveying 61 of these studies world wide, we now have a good estimate of the INFECTION 55:39min survival rate. It turns out that by the very orders – (pressured speech) – magnitude by age which is the single most important risk factor So THAT is the freaking flu! NOT a freaking epidemic, WHICH WOULD BE THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT RISK FACTOR ** although there are others. For people 70 and over, the infection survival rate – it is 95% Just understand what he keeps saying! SURVIVAL RATE means that they do NOT die!** Will they alter this video again? MOST LIKELY! THEY TOOK OUT THE WORD PANDEMIC, THEY CHANGED VIRUS TO INFECTION – THOSE ARE JUST SOME OF THE BASIC THINGS THEY HAVE FRAUDED US WITH! WASHINGTON, DC MUST GO UNDER SEIGE BY THE US MILITARY NOW! THESE POLITICIANS NEED TO BE ARRESTED AND REPLACED!** For those under 70, the INFECTION SURVIVAL RATE IS 99.9%. THEY KEEP CHANGING THEIR STORY, AND ALL IT IS – IS A FICTITIOUS STORY! THEY ARE NOT FOLLOWING ANY SCIENTIFIC METHODS! THEY SHOULD BE ISOLATING THE HIGH RISK GROUP – THIS IS ALL LIE ANYWAY! AND SOCIOPATHS LIKE BRETT KAVANAUGH ARE JUST CONSIDERING IT ALL FUNNY!** --95%; let me say that again, 99.95%. And the truth is, with treatment and patient management like Dexamethrozone, that we haven’t heard about, and also improved ventilator protocols, THESE NUMBERS ARE IMPROVING ALL THE TIME. WTF – no, they are being held accountable and they can’t get away with their damn lies! These bastards all need to be arrested! For frauding the public, getting hospital staff to KILL patients – with the intent to roll out Bill Gates’ Agenda 201 in 2021, which is MASS MURDER OF BILLIONS OF PEOPLE TO LEAVE THE IMBECELS LIKE JEFFREY WEINSTEIN, ET AL ON EARTH! TIME TO TURN THE TABLE!** It could be better. WHY THE HELL IS HE EVEN SAYING THAT?** At the same time, the harm --- lockdown on --- devastating, including plummeting childhood vaccination rates, worse cardiovascular disease outcomes, less cancer screening, deteriorating mental health – already high, and it will get worse in coming years as more people come in with late stage cancer, worsening diabetes, and advanced heart disease that should have been identified and treated this year. The social isolation introduced by LOCKDOWN .. WHICH THOSE SCUMBAGS REQUESTED!** Is being introduced by a sharp rise in – drug-related..The overdoses similar to the deaths – occur in a way – greater --- (a lot of inaudible sections which probable reflect pressured speech and/or altering of the video!**) Isolation, the elderly – sharp rise in dementia 56:49 …it is like they are using an app, viewing what I type, then altering the audio off my phone right by. END of informal notes, transcript of hearing. unfortunately I can't make my notes italicized o separate from transcript. it was hard just to get this on the blog. The technocrats are spineless weasles, that's why. They manipulate efforts. So for anyone who can, copy every thing before they destroy my blog again. THE Good people who helped me before, no doubt are even busier to keep the Enemies Within from completely ruining the country. So I don't expect they can help me if the technocrats do this to me again.


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