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Put Your Big Pants On

February 2021 I hope the Microsoft scumbags don’t delete this! Many of my documents have been stolen! Note, my blog had accessible links so you could just tap on them and easily see the resources and toggle back and forth, but the scumbag politicians disabled it to DESTROY THE TRUTH. I can only suggest you copy and paste and once that is accomplished, you can access the links. Hopefully they did not also encrypt my blog. I deliberately removed encryption to hold these crooks accountable! The Call: Catherine Austin Fitts & Rocco Galati Three Six Nine Media – Telegram: Constitutional Rights Centre Inc. 1062 College Street Toronto ON M6H 1A9 Video on Rumble: CONTACT US | Constitutional Rights Law Centre ( 4/19/2021 (insert) Use this just appeared out of nowhere when I was searching company info, so you may want to find out

February 2021

February 2021 German Shepherd becomes playmate with kitten-cat WellnowDoctor Yale University Dr. Harvey Rische? No, it's Dr. Ken Landow but came up on search of Harvey Rische Ref: 1hr 53 min video on Senate Homeland Security Meeting 8Dec2020 Before 1 min, he says at 38sec: "chlotoquin is not used as much, it's MORE TOXIC" WTF I just watched first few minutes. He seems creepy. Harvey Rische on hydroxychloriquin - published in Newsweek, lol. How impressive. Not. The magazine is trashy for years. Harvey Rische claims Hydrochloroquin saves COVID lives, said tens of thousands died of COVID (no mention of age) and the Senate Homeland Security hearing of 8Dec2020 said 95% chance of surviving COVID for over 70; 99.9% under 70. This is outright FEAR PORN! Just calculating 10,000 as 5% of a population, you get 200,000 diagnosed? Their data are deliberate lies! 50,000 d

January 2021

January 2021 Abducted Boy FBI Files Missing from School in Kentucky Why weren't they taking attendance? The school nurse called parents to check on kids when I went to school! Now, they get paid more for doing less - with the luxury of a computer system! Erik Tokar Organized Crime With Mafia? I smell a rat! I bet Prison Death was fake in May 2020! evil intent fbi files ERIK TOKAR - they changed his name to "Fred Tokars" WTF Evil Intent - Judge Erik Tokar was part of Organized Crime, probably Mafia. Convicted of murder AND conspiracy to commit murder - was this a tactic to get him out since his partner did the killing and was convincted? #BenjaminCardozo created this Devil's Chessboard play! Fred Tokars, the Atlanta lawyer who masterminded the murder of his wife, Sara, in 1992 has died in prison. Tokars had been a marked man behind bars, having testified in murder trials against a couple of fellow prisoners. But he di