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Vaccines Are Bioweapons

TESTIMONY - TRANSCRIPT DR. LAWRENCE PALEVSKY  GIVES EXPERT TESTIMON TO CONNECTICUT LEGISLATURES     Refer to Joe Imbriano,   I have a blog page about Joe and his tireless efforts to report the truth!  Search this blog and Joe Imbriano. My TablevOf Contents is all messed up thanks to the Senate Judiciary shills that suppressed my work WITHOUT any admittance or explanation! Serving themselves!  Search on Vimeo: "Vaccines Busted' and the channel is "TruthCures"  Dr. Lawrence   Palevsky     HD 720p on VIMEO - TESTIMONY (Sorry the copying and pasting resulted in an altered format this time, and I don't know why)  18min 9 sec LEGISLITAVIE INFORMATIONAL FORUM TO DISCUSS CONNECTICUT’S POLICIES ON REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS My name is Dr. Lawrence   Palevsky . I’m a pediatrician who trained at NYU School of Medicine. Graduated in 1987; finished my residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NY in 1990. Did a fellowship at Belleview Hospital in the outpatient depa