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One 4 all and all 4 - 6! @gematriaeffect
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I was cheated,demanded they stop the order. They still. Charged me for the ordered book and I never got it.

Dutchsinse - West Coast USA slow slips in CA. 28Oct2020 https://youtu.be/LE7defX7f6Y

Movie: The Ghost Writer. 2hrs.


It requires your undivided attention because It is a mystery thriller, with several twists and turns. What made me feel ishy was the end, like a cliff hanger. It may be deliberate in order to create a Part 2 continuation.

Fallon Tonight

With Ken Jeong

Bad Wolf Watch: Joe McCail- don't feed him. 😝 Yuck. 

Building Off-grid cabin in majestic woods; working on Floor and visit in Nature https://youtu.be/5IXDsJYkAJ0


Did you know the mafia established a criminal connection with people in Kuwait- bringing 5,000 STOLEN cars a week there! This was before the Kuwait war and my hunch is most likely Bush was in on it. Source: Amazon Kindle, Prime Membership. "Mafia Secret Society"

Order Of The Scottish Rite - history

    dates itself from May 15, 1867. This was the date of the "Union of 1867", when it merged with the competing Cerneau "Supreme Council" in New York. The current Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States, was thus formed.

Comment On Facebook

The future and present of this Order of Scottish Rite is no longer defined as obsessed with witchcraft, deception, πŸ”₯ fire including laser weapons, arsen, nuclear weapons, cannibalism, depravity including using sex as a weapon.

Can we trust this new definition? What about the evil members who have gotten away with murder? Have they all congregated to the Illuminati? Or, what I believe, this is the beginning of THEIR end. We are no longer feeding  bad wolf! https://youtu.be/Cch7Uik6GOk

Side Projects

   The Marshall Plan


My comment: I saw a documentary on Secretary of State Marshall which explained his strategies ALL TO END WW2 and against the war being financed, dragged out - and the help they gave evil German NAZIs and nothing for Russia when they were the only ones who defeated Hitler despite having a leader (Stalin) who only cared about feeding his pocket, having been the cause of a total of 60 million Russian deaths! Secretary Marshall had to do a lot of political dancing. I believe, too, he served only one term.He didn't want another term. He left as Secretary of State after 2 yrs (1947-1949) and left the Office of Secretary Defense after 2 yrs (1950-1951) I Understand he wasn't part of the Shadow Government or Deep State ever! Hon. Colin Powell had a similar journey-but the serious wedge was Bush allowing the mass murder of over 3,000 Americans just for the hell of it on Sep 11, 2001! Hon. Powell stayed long enough to keep Bush from making USA go to war using this false flag. Yet after Colin. Powell resigned, Bush was like the playing mice when the cat goes away! 

The History Guy

The Greatest pirate in history (He would have loved Alexandria Bay, NY) https://youtu.be/BIqrNF--gks

Russia Insight

Moscow is against immorality

Corbett Report

After the virus, the world of 2025

The History Guy


The Naval ship USS Princeton

     My comment:

The worst single incident with highest casualties in the Kuwait war was FRIENDLY FIRE - the 10th Mountain Division Artillery barracks was bombed, over 100 died, many injured!

    "Let us continue to stand for the ideals for which they lived and died" #Rangers #WW2 https://youtu.be/mf6bvjYe-Vc

YouTube comment

 @James Bael  Biden is Italian. His father was hooked to mafia. Not all Italians are that way, of course. And I'm part French and think Made in in France is Trash! He just whined about Erdogan "hurt my feelings" when Erdogan just wants him to put his big pants on. Two days later Turkey us hit with major earthquake over 7 on rictor scale! REPORTING: Dutchsinse Great Resource channel and he's friendly as all get out.

Bael (above) said he would vote for Corn Pop before he'd vote for Biden - seems like a psyop troll for Biden since I found this: https://youtu.be/hQdOIwPjzMw


 @James Bael  WTF, I just found this song meme with Biden singing about Corn Pop.

Are you a psyop or are they trying to reverse what you and others say? Bottom line is NEITHER JOE BIDEN OR DONALD TRUMP HAVE ANY COMPETENCY AND ARE CAREER CRIMINALS! #PresidentPenceNow - only solution! PubliusRoots.com

Truthstream Media

11min video on 3 favorite things that help her manage her life.


31Oct2020 - earthquake activity is spreading! https://youtu.be/-G6MD6-unes

Kirsten Dirksen

Bed, wardrobe, washing machine stack on each other in this tiny apartment. https://youtu.be/LK9KDDbmruY

Soviet Submarine K-19

Nuke submarine. ...Who got Soviets to issue K-19 as its logged in model name? A Sep 11 double agent? 19 and 11 are favorite numbers of these satanic sociopathic terrorists! Probably 7 is as well. Consider COVID-19. The main reason they do that is to sooth their consciences. My opinion. They get the born-again holy spirit Christians to CLAIM the devil made them do it, that it's not their fault, they're demon possessed. All a hoax which is propagandized on pay to play schemes! My opinion.


Different Russia

13min video shows places, farmland in Russia https://youtu.be/T4zHtssPE1Y

The History Guy

Assassination of UK's PM Spencer Perceval 1812 https://youtu.be/zqL8EolZMZU

Scotty Kilmer

Mazda Miata only cost $1100 - it pays to shop around junk yards! What a fun video to watch! LOL! Mazda-mia!  https://youtu.be/_BEWRzZFwfk

The History Guy

Lady Godiva - did she or didn't she? https://youtu.be/gOqJzcsXGvo

This writer's take on Colin Powell is about 75%.correct, in my opinion. I met Hon. Powell in person and have followed his activity to the best of my ability since.  For emphasis, there were WOMD- ISIS took them in Iraq, previously al Qaeda. Hon. Powell indeed struggled yet he was serving his country. He never wanted war and I'm sure he realized Bush could have stopped September 11 and maybe realized Bush conspired to cause September 11 - mass murdering thousands of citizens, and the rescue workers. Hon. Powell said he cherished the friendship he had with his Russian contact and I'm sure if he was in charge they wouldn't have collapsed their economy- clearly an attack to "punish" Russians for defeating NAZIs in WW2 - the only ones who did!

Recovering my account

Martin Luther Kong's father changed his AND his son's name when he was 5 yrs old, visiting Germany (NAZIs were forming then!)


King was not a Freemason. He may well have been invited to march in civic parades with various Masonic groups, but he would not have been entitled to wear the apron of a Mason.Dec 30, 2004

Note, The Freemasons joined with The Order Of Scottish Right in 1867. I wish I had those notes handy...There was an order in NY which was secretly "running the show" - but They lost footage when this merger happened.

Search for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner's statement on AntiTrust. It is a very sound one! The agencies that are supposed to be regulating and holding Technocrats accountable ARENOT DOING THEIR JOBS! His statement is clearly reflecting Less Is More! Less laws, more enforcement!

Free crochet poncho pattern

@jimmyfallon should hang out with you guys! He says #HandsHigh #HighFive - he even makes a line of shirts called Hands High. I pray your farm isn't hit with anymore illness. I grew up in farm country in USA. Reply to pile_joanne @NigelsCows @BuitelaarGroup

Joe Navarro

Former FBI Agent

How To Detect A Liar

(If Ben Navarro, who owns Sherman Companies, is related, most likely he's teaching How to BE an undetectable liar!)

WTF, then Ukraine would NOT have been able to shoot down any airliner ever. CIA is up to no good all over the world. KGB formed BECAUSE of CIA and from what I've learned KGB kicked their a$$es and that's why USA created cold war against Russia! @VladimirPutin24 my phone was just powered down from 80% to 10%! 

    Revised before tweeting: WTF,  CIA is up to no good all over the world. KGB formed BECAUSE of CIA and from what I've learned KGB kicked their a$$es and that's why USA created cold war against Russia! @VladimirPutin24 my phone was just powered down from 80% to 5%! #KnowTheEnemy.

#Youtube claims my phone doesn't have enough storage to update with 4 mb! I have 115mb free! @reallygraceful @CorbettReport @truthstreamnews @mediamonarchy @Dutchsinse #JeffCensored 

@JoeImbriano @GematriaEffectNews @CorbettReport. @mediamonarchy


What a bunch of Bull$hit waste of πŸ’° money! And Congress okays #SpaceX launched as they enjoy their six-figure incomes and cooking the books! They're probably planning another #massmurder to make more money! 

@HassanRouhani - what does this American Twitter account mean by cooperation? Before or after Trump had General #SOLeimaini murdered? @gematriaeffect

That's what @VladimirPutin24 has emphasized. USA will implode on itself and they only have themselves to thank. I pushed for removal of Trump, #PresidentPenceNow @presidentpence1 - they do not wake up! #FashipnedIdeology takes precedence! 

Tweeted with clip

@gematriaeffect - WTF Notice I can't undo a like and it keeps adding likes when I try to undo! @joeimbriano777 @CorbettReport @BovierDon @Diamondthedave @SandyHookHoax2 @truthstreamnews @AE911Truth

WTF- they come from the same cloth! They are both Satanists! Trump is and was a hortible, destructive, evil President including #massmurder at Paradise CA using Boeing Lasers! Get your head out of your behind! All along I have  emphasized #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceAugust2020 and I kept changing the months to most recently #PresidentPenceNow - USA is collapsing and it's because of Fum Ducks! I am angry because all people need to do is think for themselves! VP Pence has done very well abiding by his office duties! He spoke out against the erroneous firing of Rex Tillerson! Because of thar, Trump threatened Pence he would get him arrested for paedophilia! I stopped watching the Whitehouse livestream! Organized crime runs the Whitehouse! Trump's uncle worked for CIA making Laser weapons! Both wives 1 and 3 of Trump are transgenders! Marla Maples was obviously paid to marry Trump for image. The Satanists reward the bastards who marry trannies! JFK married a tranny! Promise: they ill make him President! It backfired on JFK because he deviated. Some say  he even had  a religious conversion. General consensus is he wanted to do away with the Fed Reserve. GHW Bush was married  to child of Alleister Crowley. Wake the hell up, people! Barbara Bush may have even been a tranny! Bushes are German! Trump also is German! He lies about being Scottish. Trumps changed their German name. WTF- what's the use. 

    (Posted on Facebook)

Tweeted 11/20/2020

@sundarpichai - Why is @Google  repeatedly tormenting me with acct verification? These are STUPID questions! Of course it was me who changed the password but I don't need help! I won't answer No bc I don't want them to delete my acct! 

@rdone - you're either a fake account or in a Pay To Play with Trump, Deceiver In Chief! He erroneously fired Great ppl, mass murdered thousands at #Paradise CA burned alive to ashes! And more!

@gematriaeffect - my device was powered down from 90% charge while I was on your livestream. Most likely the crooked US Tech shills, corp office in Santa Monica yet NOT registered as a freaking business w Secretary of State! Fyi 22Nov2020 Sunday.

Sent to Google/Reported

Someone is interfering with my access to my YouTube account linked to my gmail Bradley.annemarie@gmail.com I made sure my new password was working on another device and was successfully on a livestream, chatting. Yet someone powered down my device 10 min later! It's nefarious! Most likely US Tech, which purchased Iolo Tech - in a deceitful way. Intold them they can't EVER access my laptop and they promptly destroyed it! Pure evil! They aren't even registered as a company in Santa Monica yet CLAIM on their website their corp office is there! 22Nov2020 - Anne Bradley bradley.annemarie@gmail. 

  Message To Queen Elizabeth II

Dear Your Majesty, yesterday I discovered that prior to the Kuwait War, the mafis established themselves there through help of politicians. They began shipping 5,000 STOLEN vehicles a week to Kuwait. Univ of New Haven was allowing a regular car theft operation, stealing autos from students. Their preference there were the luxury cars, such as Porsches. And if I recall right, Scotty Kilmer said in one of his videos that Porsches were Italian cars. I'm just sharing this. I don't know what else I can do. God save the πŸ‘‘ Queen! I understand you are semi-retiring. That's great for you. I will keep the Monarchy in my prayers. Though I do not believe in Global Warming, a Green Tax would be useful to empower citizens relating to their health and safety. I think I need to set this LG phone down. I'm feeling like it's attacking me with microwaves. 


On point article by Bob Stefanowski

NOTE, the mail I have sent him was kicked back to me, as "addressee unk" - more proof ELECTIONS ARE RIGGED! 
Choices this year were like 2016: Illuminati No. 1 & 2! 
From the Desk of Bob Stefanowski
Democrats have controlled Connecticut's legislature for 40 years!  

And the result? 

One of the worst economies in the entire nation - and a state that many residents simply can't afford to live in anymore.

How long will it take our legislators to realize that raising taxes to fund reckless government spending simply doesn't work? 

Shouldn't we at least try something different? 

On November 3rd, it's time to give fiscally conservative, local Republican candidates a chance.   

We can't change Hartford unless we change the people we send to Hartford. 

Thanks for taking the time to take a look, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Cell: (203) 415-3306

Search: Dr Graham downing and the bill gates agenda 

   You'll get a LOT of hits. I'm listening to this one right now:  https://youtu.be/I21Vt6rParw 

I have more notes. This is first bunch tonight. I will πŸ’“πŸ’Ÿ❤️πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ’˜πŸ˜ try to get the rest posted tomorrow, Monday November 16. 

Choo Choo's Story
#ChooChoosStory Playtime and eat time for Chipmunk neighbors

@PattySmyth music
We were young, we were free!

Reports earthquake in Canada, 4.3 on Vancouver Island    https://youtu.be/oSrvBohjyH4

Much love and appreciation to all military - past and present #HappyVeteransDay

Agorism, New Way to Market your products: Tweeted
Seeking a new way to market your own items with reasonable prices, unlike Etsy? Ck out this video and go to the Corbett Report link provided on it.

   This link seems to have been broken. Look on his website corbettreport.com 


I suspected his parents passed him off to a sex trafficking underground-which CIA profits from.  It was discovered after Ted Gunderson died of arsenic poisoning (obv CIA job!) That $7 billion was given to Mrs. GOSCHE by the Clinton-owned  "National Center For Missing And Exploited Children"  nonprofit. A cover to HELP  CIA to make money. Mrs. GOSCHE obviously became a millionaire from trafficking her own little boy! The Gosches divorced - obviously because people were realizing that they had no real marriage and were probably into the spouse swapping for sex cult that became an active social activity in certain factionsSfactions of society. Search https://youtu.be/PwvzvpbVzIk or last letter could be small L and I...best I can do now. I will try to post update of actual Link. 


plasic at their home workshop @BrothersMake

Vaccining children: they belong to the government? How can States make up their own minds? This is a Constitutional issue! @CorbettReportb and @mediamonarchy
Discuss this and more

#ChristmasDIY - Three projects by @kbcreations 17min video

She is truly amazing to have saved Tiny Tim and he obviously loves her for it. https://youtu.be/MIQKlHSD89E

Don't rev your engine up with this, says @Scottymechanic

Most cornbread recipes are dry and bad for your esophagus. But #GlenAndFriends shares a recipe that's the best I've seen.

Must be mating time for Frog. How's that going for him?  https://youtu.be/9_lkVzzd6rE

1000% positive energy from Patty Smyth! #GoodbyeToYou https://youtu.be/OuJw9qbZYGo

     This is her original version: https://youtu.be/_50-gOeBilc

When I grew up in the country, if a groundhog approaches you, most likely it's sick, dangerous.Tgey were known for being pests, getting in gardens.  But I gotta say, this is one adorable video. https://youtu.be/wE_dvTtnUoc

Snoring Humingbird

He's gotta be 6' or more, and does all he can to attract an itty bitty hummingbird AND succeeds! #birdwatching #peoplewatching

El Condor pasa by @wuauquikuna

#PetPorn LOL 😁

Seems like #Gamesquatchers  could use some @DrSquatchSoapCo

Dr John Bergman has a whimpy guest speaker
   who will probably practice "I hate you because I love you' BRAVERY on me like some relatives do since they don't want to be accountable and it's easier to harm as cover-up!
My comment:
Placing magical church beliefs over a value system is VOLATILE. Hello? Do you realize corruption got this country to this point? Put your big pants on!

@FallonTonight #JeffCensored
You say Tartarian, I say Tatin - let's call the whole thing off and eat it instead! 🍎 🍎 🍎 🍎 #GlenAndFriends cooking channel

@wuauquikuna Beautiful!!!!! It's so cute 😍😍😍😍 Fabian's daughter singing along!  https://youtu.be/upQQjMwnztM

#LocalExpetimentalist concurs: Free @julianassangeuk Now!

Spends 11min explaining how dreamy Subaru vehicles can be

How Chipmunk Chuckie communicates with his loving neighbors - like a teenager, LOL

PS - Jimmy Carter injured his eye. He had a bad fall  Please send him a card,for those of you who can.
The Carter Center
432 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307

Email: info@cartercenter.org 

2minute warning! Seinfeld is coming to town. Maybe it's because he lives in it. @FallonTonight

Pack Your bags,Trump the German:
You now have to sleep with Melania. (Music)
These boots are made for walkin', and that's what you gonna do,
Someday these boots are gonna Trump all over Jews...

#September11 Part 2 - an architect's guide to freefall of WRC by @AE911Truth

Lover of Freedom, devoted his career to saving #BirdsOfPrey over 50years - Thank you @martintyner
For some strange reason I'm blocked from your Twitter acct for #SouthWestWildlifeFoundation

@BlancolirioReport - brief comments by @PresidentPutin regarding the safety and security community - I say: please cooperate for #GlobalReset #ColdRevolution - ck out @Corbett_Report corbettreport.com

    Referenced For movies

LTC Potter works for the Domestic terrorists in USA

This link was shared on YouTube. The dude is a dud - a Psyop! Be aware of the tricks. Potter obviously gets paid by Trump or CIA crime money. This is reverse psychology. QAnon is Bull$hit! He of all people would know! Cia's original office was on Q Street. Probably still is,since David Talbot claims it  in his book, The Devil's Chessboard - ANOTHER PSYOP like John Coleman too! Coleman wrote a book titled "Committee of 300" - there's no freaking list! I'm serious, yet he claims they rule the world and Queen Elizabeth is the head. Coleman probably got paid off by PM BoJo - Boris Johnson. These PMs have done alot of bad things to the Monarchy! Including setting the palace on fire and bombing it in WW2 (Churchill obviously enjoyed that one!)
Name and rank verification of Military Intelligence vet is not provided so I didn't tweet this. I want to be sure he's not a flip flopping Psyop
     Well, so much for THAT! My comment: This guy is about as much military Intelligence as popeye! TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS! Trump has no power to order us to take a vaccine! There's no f*g pandemic! No change in death rates! This moron is probably paid by CIA - this is reverse psychology just like when StanFORD data researcher who claimed to be a psychiatrist (WTF)  Christine FORD played the Kavanaugh raped me story when it was obviously her FIRST and obviously not last threesome with these #SecretSociety - Satanic Underground members..watch more of this dude's videos. You'll see the pattern! 
    Here's an example of NOT GENERAL, but LTC Potter previous video, prosyletyzing QAnon and other BS! He would know QAnon is a Psyop and therefore part of the DOMESTIC TERRORIST UNDERGROUND in USA - same bastards who carried out September 11 and blamed the Middle East!
  Video link:
My comment: This dude is a CIA Psyop! Don't believe a thing that spews out of his mouth! Vulture puke is more believable! I'm sick of these morons hijacking our minds to hijack the country! 
    DON'T FOLLOW FASHIONED IDEOLOGY! See through the crap!

Says this 179 hp #Toyota is well worth the price!

Tasty #Thanksgiving traditional recipes

Tutorial on #drawing Levi vs Kenny

1hr 20min of Beautiful Songs orchestrated by @andrerieu

Loom knitting - Diamond pattern I hope to make for a certain Diamond because I tend to be impatient when I disagree.

For those who are like me, a fan of @Scottymechanic
- here's 11min why he left Houston and went to Tennessee https://youtu.be/YAB8bmIuRA8

20min video by @MaryGreeley
Discussion on Yellowstone Supervolcano

#SouthwestWildlifeFoundation - this Catastrophic geological event is in Utah - shared by @Diamondthedave
1min video #MudFlood

2min video "In The Meadow We Can Build A Snowman" sings @Diamondthedave

Half hour with #MagneticReversal
Snowstorms and more #BePrepared @Diamondthedave

Want a HOPE chest with HDPE? Here's two brothers playing fairy godmother. LOL #Recycling
#Plastic @BrothersMake

Interesting stories about exceptional people like the original "Rain Man" who #DustanHoffman played - 1hr video

HURRICANE Watch says @OppenheimerRanchProject #MagneticReversal

Mashed White Potato Pie
By #GlenAndFriends
using Congressional Cooking book -
LOL πŸ˜† Congress knows how to cook the books alright!

LIVESTREAM NOW 2:38pm EST @RealDutchsinse
Explains earthquakes in Tokyo destroying power lines, and more!

8 new gadgets recently on the market - I just purchased the Dremel cleaning tool on @amazon. My kitchen floor is a real bugger to clean!

9 Gadgets just released on the market, reports @FutureTech - none of these "flip my switch" but to each his own

Choo Choo's Story
Is it just me. but do you notice the chipmunks being more expressive with them over time? So cute πŸ’•πŸ’Ÿ❤️☺️❤️πŸ’šπŸ’“  https://youtu.be/5RUe1U4zou4

FYI, Santa Monica is where the headquarters of UNREGISTERED US TECH SUPPORT is located - an obvious CIA company Pelosi and Trump are protecting because TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS!
#vaccinationskill - Lucky pts survive!

I don't follow Dahboo anymore and here's an example of why. Taking a BIG topic and summarizing in 3min with no further discussion, just assumption he speaks truth even when he's incorrect. https://youtu.be/Eic8drB1G1w
    Pakistan has been OWNed by USA BECAUSE of the domestic terrorists that have run USA! Dahboo fails to even address that fact! China making a peace offering is translated to as an inferred bribe! Dahboo talks without thinking, throwing fashioned ideology into his rhetoric. It's just not useful material.
If he applied critical thinking and backed up his conclusions, this would provide a platform that people can respond to other than "That's right, Dahboo!" - it seems the Truth takes second fiddle to what his sponsors want, I speculate.

@jeffsessions had tens of thousands of sealed indictments as a result of taking down #AlphaBay and Trump refused military support PLUS fired the best AG in history! This video says it's up to 209 sealed indictments! FBI agents must be sick over this!
       Juan I Savin further explains that there is an internal fight within the military operations. They are adamantly apposed to TRUMP and consider him a danger to national security.

WTF - at 10min he gives credit to Trump for bringing all the troops home ..
     No mention of Trump setting up troops like Hitler - to force citizens to take vaccines #massmudermachine

   He gave kudos to Trump for focusing on our own oil supplies, whatever the hell THAT means! Trump helped Dick Cheney by bullying President Assad BECAUSE Assad refused to let Cheney have right of access to build an oil line to Turkey!
   See through the bullshitters!
   I can't watch anymore of this! This guy is a Trump plant! He just claimed the USD is a NATIONAL, not global-based value! OMG - the dollar bill has GLOBAL images! Our traitor President Richard Nixon set up the USD to be based on oil to have global dominance! There's no gold in them-thar hills, that's why!
    Enjoy your time watching this if you want. Time to take my Prilosec!
    SAVIN's name is mud! And this channel is scarred. I'm not following it.
   He also claims Trump is going to have a second term. Just two days ago-11/13/2020 - this guy needs a major change in careers! He's spreading manure everywhere he goes!
      @Xi_Jin_Ping_CN @ElizabethUKRPG
#RogueNews and John Savin are just extensions of Trumpty Dumpty! #RemoveTrumpNow! PubliusRoots.com

****Posted 11/15/2020*****

I don't care whether Douchbag or Turn Sandwich gets in...Who runs the Political Office? @CorbettReport https://youtu.be/d1pG176rZeU

Sausage/turkey roll to die for! By #GlennAndFriends on YouTube

Says - you can have a lot of fun for a lot more miles on this car #BMW

Choo Choo's Story
Wednesday is Chestnuts day
Choo choo!

Really Graceful
Put your big pants on, people because the $hit should hit Washington"s fan ASAP! @reallygraceful
My comments:
     I couldn't go out today due to fighting so much corruption!

     BTW, IOLO Technology handed over their company to US Tech Support - corporate office in Santa Monica, CA. The Secretary of State confirms they aren't registered. I said, "They are located in CA - so what are you going to do?" She said, "It's none of our business because they didn't register" I asked, Who do I call for enforcement? WE WERE DISCONNECTED, and I'm sure it was US Tech Support, another CIA front, I'm sure!

The Guest who's the best!
#KeenanThompson @KeenanThompson_

macrotrends.net shows no change in death rate from 2019 vs 2020. It's all fake but I think Bill Gates tried but was intercepted. Who knows what will happen next. Hopefully great things. This Election was a hoax, my opinion. Trump and Biden are longtime buds - both deep into organized crime.   If a Biden lookalike replaced the real family-killer Biden (1972) we have a fighting chance! Trump is ruining USA, carrying out  the Satanic Underground plan - just as Obama, Bushes, and Clintons have been doing - they are the lizards of Evil and must be taken down!

Apache Blessing
May the sun 🌞 bring you new energy by day
May the moon softly restore you by night
May the rain wash away your worries
May the breeze blow new strength
Into your being
May you walk gently through the world and know it's beauty
All the days of your life

Joe Imbriano - Wiki Joe
I appreciate what Joe says about #Election2020 but Lindsay Graham is already endorsing Biden's cabinet picks. It's all scripted to distract, deceive! What are they planning?

@CorbettTeport does an excellent job here in explaining these Chessboard 😈 dynamics #BeVigilant #BePrepared

30sec video
Indeed cats are very intelligent! People who give them the chance to express themselves are enriching their own lives.https://youtu.be/hYVxdqfbjQM

I unsubscribed: WTF
"Trump is building up to a Perry Mason Moment" he says...Then stick him in the hellivision and enjoy the show! Meantime we have reality to deal with!

scottykilmer.com - they'll tell you anything you need to know! 

OMG, Margaret is a saint! Nobody should plead if there is not probable cause that a Crime is committed! If you plead, you are confirming probable cause! Nolo Contendre is a "I plead the 5th which is a very gray area, which I consider a rabbit hole! You're either guilty or not guilty and you know which one you are! If you're entrapped plea not guilty and make your case! Nolo Contendre is for an attorney with low sperm count!  https://youtu.be/rlvCa_w7MB0

@joeimbriano777 @BovierDon
@FallonTonight @bobforgovernor
#CharlesSchiavo @reallygraceful
Is the real Biden-hidin?
@CorbettReport https://youtu.be/1oGMY3AeSQI

Struggles to lve up to his character
And hates doing poo-call for his airbus.

CIA opium factories in Afghanistan were bombed by USMC when Gen Mattis was in the Cabinet, cleaning house incl raiding Pompeo's offices. Then Pompeo stole Rex Tillerson's job! Zachary Hubbard of #FreeToFindTruth  said MLK's name was changed and I jumped all over him, Saying WTF he's a Jr! Well, it's true! His father changed HIS name too, after touring Germany when MLK was 5

14min video on construction of raised beds #ForYourGarden by @GoshenFarms

7min video. A German company apparently is letting #GlenAndFriends try out their two agers (meat drying machines) for up to two years! See what he has planned.

#GlenAndFriends - Testing homemade #Prosciuto which I probably spelled wrong, LOL

Six Extinct Animals - how old are Humans?
My comment: "Dead Men's Secrets" by Jonathan Gray - read the book, watch the video. There's proof human civilizations go back way further and they were highly intelligent. Considering their diet wasn't rittled with poisons, that makes sense.

7min report by @MaryGreeley
Earthquake in #Massachusetts

Nov 8, 2020
1/2 hr full report on current earthquake activity, including East Coast USA #Massachusetts
By @RealDutchsinse

Must-Read Article by Corbett Report

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The Chaos IS The Plan

Corbett • 11/08/2020 • 15 Comments

Congratulations, America! The media that declares the winners of your (s)elections have reported that the voting machines that decide the winner of your (s)elections have (s)elected Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. to become the 46th President of the good ol’ US of A in January! And in a longstanding tradition befitting the nation that stands as the Beacon of Democracy and Leader of the Free World, we know that the loyal slaves subjects citizens of the United States will dust themselves off, shake hands, compliment each other on a good contest and go back to business as usual, right?

No, of course not. Things are not going back to business as usual. They aren’t meant to. That’s the point.

Instead, we’re about to get:

protracted legal battle over the integrity of the election.Literal blacklists that will be used to financially boycott and socially ostracize ex-Trump staffers and campaign workers (and, inevitably, supporters).The continuation of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed and a new push to put the country in Lock Step with the Great Reset agenda in order to survive The Darkest Winter.

No, today’s pronouncement (which, lest we forget, will be challenged) is not the end of anything. It’s just the beginning. And it does not present a path out of chaos. On the contrary. This path leads straight into the heart of chaos.

None of this is surprising. In fact, things are going exactly according to plan.

Confused? Don’t be. I have a data dump of info for you.

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Comments (15)

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Octium says:

11/08/2020 at 4:51 pm

They didn’t think of everything…

Scenario F: Biden wins both the popular vote and the Electoral College by a narrow margin; but cant remember where the Whitehouse is.

Arby says:

11/08/2020 at 7:06 pm

Worse. He confused ‘the people’ with ‘the toilet’!

james.w says:

11/08/2020 at 5:22 pm

Great article, James. Glad I subscribe to you.

manbearpig says:

11/09/2020 at 1:37 am

Hey james.w!

If you enjoyed that info about the Transition Integrity Project, you might enjoy
Whitney Webb’s report posted a couple months back (last September 3rd) about that:


mik says:

11/08/2020 at 8:10 pm

Benford’s Law – How mathematics can detect fraud!

According to wikipedia it has been used to detect elections fraud …but it seems according to wikiXXX only Iran don’t know the law, while Russia applied it to hide fraud (damn russian hackers), funny.

mik says:

11/08/2020 at 8:34 pm

In US the law is applied in SFMOS. For those not in the know, SFMOS stands for: Selection Fruit Machine Operating System.

Jimi says:

11/09/2020 at 12:23 am

Obviously it’s all scripted. But I think we need better writers.

Just seems that someone with a perfect cult of personality score of 10/10 like Donald J Trump would be a terrible thing to waste. Maybe he’ll pull an Obi-Wan and be even more powerful when struck down, but TPTB are throwing away a once in a lifetime opportunity to keep God fearing conservatives in The Narrative for four more years.

Imagine if Trump does pull off a second term Hail Mary challenge. His followers will be so grateful, so ecstatic, they’ll follow him into the fires of Iran, MAGA branded vaccines and even the most intimate levels of contact tracing. “Yes master, whatever you say, master!” And at the same time an even more traumatized Left will sit, fetch and roll-over to the MSN brainwashing to a degree that makes White Walkers look like The Dead Poets Society.

I found this great website during the Obama years, and, to me, a President Biden means more Corbett Report members will be on the way. And that is exactly what the cabal is fighting against.

cu.h.j says:

11/09/2020 at 1:25 am

“It’s obviously scripted “ no I don’t think so. What proof actual evidence of that.,

This seems to imply that everything is all planned out and everyone plays there part and there is no agency for people. We might as well just give up then if they are that good right?

We just watched the theft of an election. They are going after people now putting them on lists.

Biden has said he wants mask mandates and lockdowns. If he’s successfully installed it’s about to get much worse really fast. Watch how they go after Trump.

Is Edward Snowden just acting? Some say he’s an agent others say no. We won’t know yet. I don’t think there is actual facts that show this is an act.

People who supported Trump were working poor in multiple states who saw socialism crashing down on them. The poorest and most fragile people in the US will be the ones that suffer.the most.

People can find alternatives if they are proactive and refuse to comply with the harsher “rules “ coming our way very soon.

cu.h.j says:

11/09/2020 at 2:38 am

I think I know what you mean now, “scripted” meaning steered and orchestrated rather than people acting. What I meant is that I don’t think Trump is only an actor. But I do think this is orchestrated.

I actually agree with your analysis in retrospect.

manbearpig says:

11/09/2020 at 1:29 am

Anyone thinking Biden’s gonna be eclipsed for “Green New Deal” disciple Kamala Harris?

Nivek S says:

11/09/2020 at 2:48 am

Absolutely, my friend! I’ll honestly be surprised if he makes it to inauguration…who will she select as her VP? Dumb de dum dum.

HomeRemedySupply says:

11/09/2020 at 2:16 am

“To RESET the chess pieces, the board has to be knocked over first.”
– James Corbett – 1/22/2017

Corbett’s 11/08/2020 article The Chaos IS The Plan.

I am damn well impressed!
I appreciate that he delved more into the Transition Integrity Project (TIP).
He brought out some excellent insights which I had UTTERLY missed.
For the final exam about TIP, I would have gotten a D grade at best, if not an F.
“But if there is one moment when the TIP coup planners reveal their hand, it is where they suggest that rather than “healing the pain” and bringing together a divided nation,
the Democrats should instead double down and make sure they utterly crush any Republican opposition to their coming rule…

…You see, the plan was never to cool things off or calm people down after this scripted (s)election drama plays out. Not even close. In reality, the chaos is the plan.”

If I was a financial Wall Street pundit who ‘predicts the future’, I would tape this article on my bathroom mirror.
~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
I am glad that Corbett had various sourced links to WikiSpooks.
I like it.
Example – https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Lock_Step

cu.h.j says:

11/09/2020 at 2:18 am

People can also choose to act in an “unscripted” way now and forge new economies and societies instead of tearing each other apart.

Crisis does create opportunities. And I do think sometimes things don’t go exactly according to plan. I’m hoping that the orchestrators of this chaos have overplayed their hand.

mkey says:

11/09/2020 at 2:54 am

Lockdowners and “the Desire to Dominate”

In hindsight, that dispute seems quaint—and we forgot the core of it. Now, people from Paul Krugman to Tyler Cowen seems to think that libertarians rule the world and that everything that has gone wrong is libertarians’ fault. In the race to centrally plan everything from production decisions to who gets to leave their house wearing what, every other concern—except, naturally, Black Lives Matter—was thrown overboard.

mkey says:

11/09/2020 at 3:00 am

For Those About To Question Authority – I Salute You

There are many people who, perhaps for the first time in their lives, are starting to ask fundamental questions about the nature of society and their relationship to authority. This runs contrary to everything they have been taught to believe and is an intensely uncomfortable experience. It takes courage to question your own values and belief systems.

We are all instructed, almost from the cradle, that to obey is good. Doing as we are told is always rewarded and disobedience punished. In part, this is a valuable lesson for a toddler. We need to obey our parent’s command or risk being harmed. When a parent says “no” a child must obey. Parents love their children and exercise their authority to protect them. The child knows less than their parent.

As we grow we become increasingly capable of exercising critical thought. We learn to assess dangers for ourselves and, as experience builds, we develop into adults, able to exercise our own judgment. We have free will and take full responsibility for our own actions.

Yet, as we mature, the authorities demand that we never put away childish things. We must stay obedient, follow the rules and learn to accept the convention of authority. Rather than take full responsibility for our own lives, we are instead told that we have signed up to something they call the social contract.

The authorities do not love us. They do not exercise their claimed authority to protect us. They do not know more than we do.

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Scotty Kilmer
This Company is Getting sued #Chrysler

SCOTTY, Trump is German. He lies about being Scottish. I bet it's all smoke and mirrors. They cut deals. FYI, the case many that made the coronavirus test kits is German. Dr. Langemann is suing them for fake tests to CREATE a pandemic. Ad-free, not monitored:  PubliusRoots.com 

Blancolorio Report
Flight back was a ghost town
They could have transported mail for USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc but especially USPS. Cargo of whatever kind would pay for the overhead at least.

The "inner circle" is the #SatanicUnderground which Trump was AND is a part of. I don't think this person is the Joe Biden who had family murdered in 1972 after he won election #LetsMakeADeal #PayToPlay #LifeInsurance #YouDecide 

@JohnBergman talks about hippo's and more... #chiropractor
#HealthyLiving #WeNeedAnswers

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Zach, I need to get sleep but want to say SORRY - you mentioned that MLK's name was changed and I snapped back because he was a Jr. - but his father changed his name too because of a trip to Germany

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#BePtepared for #Winter #GardeningTips #Recipe #CraftProjects and more

12min by #ZacharyHubbard of #FreeToFindTruth #GemateiaEffectNews
Understand the cyphers, codes - it's used in a carnal way to sooth conscience, when committing crimes, in my opinion. Be vigilant! Don't give up or give in!

Scotty Mechanic
#NotSoFast says @Scottymechanic
Especially if the young driver is a male!

10 tips for shoppers at #HomeDepot @HomeDepot

Seeking a new way to market your own items with reasonable prices, unlike Etsy? Ck out this video and go to the Corbett Report link provided on it.
My first comment was deleted. If anyone uses Iolo.com for computer maintenance service, they secretly allowed US Tech Support to purchase it either, WITH FTC approval via #PayToPlay or they are just doing their own thing as a CIA front which believes THEY own the Gov, and whole of USA having a resort equivalent to Epstein Island, purchased with their crime πŸ’° money!
Don't let these bastards control you! US Tech Support is controlling ALL customer devices, claiming they have "extra service" which is bull$hit! They are not even registered as a business, therefore have no SIC number, pay no taxes! They claim their corporate office is in Santa Monica - check Secretary Of State records! They do not even care the company is operating illegally! Probably because they don't want to be murdered by Nancy Pelosi, et al!

Look up: Why I started making my own cider vinegar from scratch

Some parts still relevant today. The 1-hr video on the great threat to our economy is 4yrs old. By @CorbettReport

1 1/2 hr documentary on personal stories of #1929 #Depression

#KennethHarl lectures at @YaleUniversity on Orientation to the world's first civilizations @YaleCMES -. His wife is from Turkey. I found this very interesting.

Ian Morris - 2018 lecture on why the West rules for now
I couldn't form an opinion. You have to give this video your undivided attention to view graphs - better have a large iphone, tablet or computer out for this one.

Chipmunks yawn too-too #Choo-Choo's story

Surprise #GiftCard
To Steve K πŸ˜‚πŸ’•❤️❤️πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š♥ of MSNBC for working round the clock to ring in the Election 2020 Results.
Awww! #OperationThankYou by @jimmyfallon - his trademark! Muchas Smachas Now  Brother Christmas πŸŽ„ (MSNBC) 

Makes a huge snowflake with you wouldn't believe! #ChristmasDIY

Pocahontas by @wuauquikuna

Happy Sunday 11/8/2020 by @wuauquikuna

Raimy and Carlos Salazar 5min music @wuauquikuna @wuauquikunaoff1

Unforgettable moments with @wuauquikuna

@CorbettReport does a livestream for some of his media comrades. John Bull said, "When governments lie, the truth becomes a conspiracy theory" Sorry my pictures are poor quality. That's Technocracy rearing its ugly head. You decide. https://youtu.be/hbXKebfTn6g 

@AngelaAnderson #PaintingTutorial #ChristmasTree 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲 🌲

#BlancolirioReport flies B-777 back from Australia. Did he wave to @andrerieu or invite him for dinner? He could have brought his orchestra to perform with all thAt room! #GlenAndFriends could critique and spruce up the meal too. #YouMissedTheBoat LOL πŸ˜†

Is he Cirius? Find out by watching this 13min video by #BlancolirioReport

Laughter is the best medicine  πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ’˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ’•  https://youtu.be/yB5BkWbm8qU

13min videos on how to paint or draw a car

Picture This 11/10/2020 by @FallonTonight
πŸŒƒ πŸŒƒ πŸŒƒ πŸŒƒ πŸŒƒ πŸŒƒ

Says: "We do not intend to get involved with a long armaments race" - Russia is greatly engaged in PEACE, which sb a natural, yet USA leaders keep inciting war! Russia would win if we had war with them! They have Edward Snowden &more.
      True! USA will collapse from its own devices, the main one being STUPID as a weapon! #Clinton #Bush #Obama #Trump - all incompetent Cimmanders-In-Chief! 

Trump to Trump: You're Fired

11/6/2020 @gematriaeffect
Death or Fake Death: Lavon for Labron #SatanicCult
    Read the comments! For instance,  Zack said also Von backwards is Nov for November

I greatly suspect Navarro is a Psyop for CIA! These people don't rehearse! They are transhuman, microchipped, part of a synthetic beehive! The colors are Satanic! Wake up! Blue has been used for certain operatives for even centuries. Consider nation's flags. Colors were direct communication because there was no telecommunications!  https://youtu.be/CfNEHW3qgso

ABC's of Amish Living, with opinions on "Breaking The Silence"

Jeff C
11/5/2020 half hr comments about the rigged election.
My comment: 11/11/2020 - thanks for pushing the envelope. It's nice to know we have a Commander In Chief by Veteran's Day, which is ironically today, on the 11th. I wonder what Zachary Hubbard says about this date and the Gematria application.

Get the damn part d actors arrested, along with their handlers! AVOID DEMONSTRATIONS! They are only bait for the baiters who want to incite war! WTF This is common sense! People need to communicate their grievances to their government! Barbarianism is STUPID! https://youtu.be/KIfinkGJAXM

9min with music guest who is awesome and Jimmy discusses the aftermath of the election. Now we're approaching the Election Confection Stage..

You can't mix people and cars, says @Scottymechanic

It's really 60min...
80min video by @RealDutchsinse
#SeismicActivity Report LIVE today, 10November2020 #WhatsGoinOn - I need to show him the #HappyBirthdayDutch card that was returned in the mail but it's buried in papers now because I'm painting a separate cupboard
      Response comment: Wow 😲 That's where they made both Spanish Flu and "Wuhan Virus" . Obviously they didn't name it Wuhan Flu because modus operandi of the Satanic Underground would be too obvious! I believe Chinese Intelligence intercepted it and replaced it with a placebo! The masks are a precaution incase these evil people can re-create it for Bill Gates to mass murder millions of people. Be prepared, people. There may come a day they will want us to stay inside 100% of the time due to the Cold Revolution that's taking place. James Corbett. James Evan Pilotto describe it well. There are others too: Truthstream Media, Really Graceful, and Jeff Censored....Decide For YOURSELF. Share. My blog is ad-free and Unmonitored. Share what you want. Make it your own statement. PubliusRoots.com

Goodwill Hunting with Belle the Harris Hawk. When she gets a rabbit or other animals the Tyners take it back to freeze at #SouthwestWildlifeFoundaltion - Martin Tyner is a 50+ year hero! He founded it and his family live on Faith, Hope and Love

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Making plastic from homemade cheese https://youtu.be/CGxPhW06Jvg
I don't think so!

Make #plastic at home! #biodegeadable @TDBank https://youtu.be/5M_eDLyfzp8 

Happy Veterans Day
Wars Are Political Crimes
Using sold-to-die soldiers
WTF @FallonTonight Was he another #FriendlyFire casualty? The largest number of casualties from 1 incident at #KuwaitWar was from improper calibration by IT contractors - the bomber dropped iaw what was on his grid. #10thMtnDivarty lost over 100 soldiers! #BlancolirioReport

Wars Are Political Crimes
Using sold-to-die soldiers
WTF   #FriendlyFire: The largest number of casualties from 1 incident at #KuwaitWar aka #GulfWar was from improper calibration by IT contractors - bomber dropped iaw what was on his grid. #10thMtnDivarty lost over 100 soldiers!

@FallonTonight @therpots @jimmyfallon  - giving you ideas from  #LifeIsFunny

China is obviously still working on  removing crooked businesses rooted in Clintons, Obamas, Bushes bc There is #NoPandemic and #China Intelligence probably disposed of Bill Gates' real killer, #SavingLives PublliusRoots.com

Has been waiting to show us this.

Spends a half hr with Derek about the counter economic railroad.

Maybe these notes will be helpful to others πŸ˜‰

If you can't copy them here, try my ad-free Unmonitored blog PubliusRoots.com 

Be Prepared

A list to give you ideas

Toilet paper

Hand sanitizer 


Olive oil, Crisco oil 


Medications for first aid

Put together or buy a bugout bag 

Gloves, esp chem resistant type 

Medical gloves

Black Mechanic Dispisable gloves ~recommended by.comment  


Duct tape, esp Gorilla 


Alum foil 


Baby wipes 

Rubbing alcohol, spray bottles 

Coffee filters 

Trash bags, incl very thick, compactor type 

.....This should be alphabetized...take this and improve the list 

  Place supplies in heavy duty garbage can with plunger - to wash clothes if needed

Other supply sources: 

Home Depot, Army/Navy stores, Amazon, Grocery, Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Store, etc. 


Hand crank radio

HAM radio, such as Baeofeng 

Water purification cups

Water purification/ionizers for largescale/community use 

Amoxicillin for fish tanks  on chewy.com - make sure only  ingredient is amoxicillin

Coloidal silver 

Cipro & Avelox - use with caution. Can cause nerve damage

Cod liver oil  

Baking soda

Baking powder


Petroleum jelly

Essential oils - people who use them now understand why 




Distilled vinegar

Chapstick, lip balm 

Salt - kosher, sea salt, Himalayan, Morton with iodine, even plain for industrial purposes 

Boots to wear - get at Goodwill

Mylar blanket

Old towels 

Saved nylons - cut up for many uses 

Clothes pins

Dawn dishwashing liquid


Liquid handsoap, for when water is available

Syran wrap

Styrophome containers 

Honey - pure, raw only 

Masking tape - easy on skin as well as other uses 

Camper tool - only $10 on Amazon, everything is right on it - handsaw, knives, can opener, hammer, corkscrew, more! Search Stansport Emergency Camper's Multi-tool 

Murphy's Oil Soap

Gluegun, gluesticks

Charger, solar powered, durable - ck out 4Patriots.com 

Distilled vinegar

Distilled water



Boulion cubes 

Aloe Vera - comes in container, get on Amazon


Cayenne pepper 

Faraday material incase of excessive microwaves 

Trail mix

Napkins, they are cheap

Scott Towels


Superfood powders 


Oregano oil for immunity

Ovaltine or the like 

Kleenex - repack to fill boxes to max capacity

Dental tool kit, dental supplies 

Exacto knife/knives

Box cutter, extra blades

Cordage, esp paracord

String, twine 

Put together a bugout bag 

Dry milk 

Seeds to plant food

Propane tanks, camper size, for fuel

Pure vanilla extract 

Coconut oil

Coal powder - used for dentistry, yet can absorb poison. Search "Squeaky Clean" on Amazon 

Dry pasta

Instant coffee, postum, tea, cocoa, whatever you like. I recommend TEA - it is the healthiest. You can use tea leaves left from making tea - in recipes such as scrambled eggs 

   Coffee can be made using grounds if you just have an.alum/steel filter to put over a cup. They make rhem, Starbucks uses them

   Coffee grounds are great for composting, wigglers and more 

Hard liquor - "to wash and wear", LOL, old fogies understand 

Consider community emergency project: tools, construction supplies, broken down cardboard boxes, etc 


Sewing supplies - put together pill bottles which can be strung from clothes or bugout bag, etc


Petroleum jelly

Hydrogen peroxide 

Empty jars, plastic containers

Medical, first aid - incl women's napkins - to use for bleeding wounds 

Hunting/fishing supplies

Socks - esp wool, cotton 

**Concentrate on dried foods incase there's a power outage. Trail Mix is really good for now and then. Keep a running supply. 

Beef and turkey jerkey if you need your meat. 

  This video list


Soap bars 

    Zote soap is cheap, 2/$1

Toilet paper

Hand sanitizer 

UV sterilizer - get the Munchkin at least, if you can't afford anything else, like me....but if you can, get one that costs at least $100 - they sanitize your cell phones and much more! 

Ultrasonic cleaner, if you have use for one. Cleaning method is different than UV. Machines run lower in cost. 


Olive oil, Crisco oil 


Medications for first aid

Put together or buy a bugout bag 

Gloves, esp chem resistant type 

Medical gloves

Black Mechanic Dispisable gloves ~recommended by.comment  


Duct tape, esp Gorilla 


Alum foil 


Baby wipes 

Rubbing alcohol, spray bottles 

Coffee filters 

Trash bags, incl very thick, compactor type 

.....This should be alphabetized...take this and improve the list 

  Place supplies in heavy duty garbage can with plunger - to wash clothes if needed

Wyziwipes - aka coin 


Other notes: 


A PLANE TRUTH 4U - YouTube took it down 



Says heads-up for Canada @canadianprepper


Top Ten Super Preps if you can afford them - eval by @canadianprepper



Says be prepared, not scared



      AE911Truth.org - get updates on their website! 

They are not only doing a three part series (Part 2 &3 the next 2 Thursdays. I tweet alot. My Twitter account is @BaiAnBa2014)  but are doing a series on Sep 11, Sep 12, and Sep 13. #WeNeedJustice - and that means prosecute all those who mass murdered Americans on 911 PLUS 

Because of their lies...

Caused the deaths of 2million people in the Middle East, destruction of trillions of dollars of personal property! 

Tweeted 2/10/2020

Ten Years ago #Sep11 evidence was updated by @AE911Truth




Trump claimed he was CHOSEN.Former Illuminati member confirms that's what Illuminati members say!TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS. He is EVIL, a Satanic Underground Illuminati. Also, Clintons, Bushes, Obamas! This video emphasized "Chosen" concept at about 3min



#Grindall61 explained #Agenda21 in 2016 and now we realize he was right on all 17 points. Agenda31 is National, whereas 21 is local, explained. 


     Could be useful in a real situation in the future. There's no pandemic, thanks to intelligence. 

Make-ahead facial masks for #SHTF

Emergency #bioterrorism 

#coronavirus by @canadianprepper



Says SHTF is becoming more of a probability. He discusses #coronavirus updates #MarketCrash about 10min video 


book, on @AmazonKindle  Protecting Yourself From WuHan Virus 

     Note, there is no pandemic. I believe the intelligence secured the dangerous bioweapon that Bill Gates tried to spread and replaced it with a placebo, to track information, determine all who are involved. 


15 things to stockpile before shtf #coronavirus 


The BEST FOOD and other supplies from experts is through @4Patriots 


This is ?? May be @4Patriots because they always provide deals along with reasonable prices for everything.  4Patriots.com 

100 days of food for $100



Says SHTF is becoming more of a probability. He discusses #coronavirus updates #MarketCrash about 10min video 



12min reminder of #WeNeedAnswers and #BePrepared #takecareofyourself #coronavirus



Stay strong because love will find a way ❤️says #APlaneTruth #coronavirus 




Emphasizes, no matter your concerns, #StayCalm #BePrepared 

πŸŒ»πŸŒ„πŸ’ Great advice! Ck out @canadianprepper

And @4PatriotsLLC




#Foodshortages "You could be trapped in your house with whatever you have" #Quarantine #coronavirus #COVID19 


3/15/2020 shtf is mighty close! #Quarantine #coronavirus #BePrepared Subscribe to Dr Prepper⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ @canadianprepper and 

@prepsteaders πŸ’™♥️πŸ’œπŸ’š❤️

For things you can do at home. 


Change of Heart

*My Opinion



Canadian Prepper Was Obviously Bought Off By Trump! Trump erroneously requested the Prime Minister of Canada to arrest Xi JinPing's daughter! That's criminal! Abuse of power! Reflection of Tyranny! 

I'm not sharing this video and most likely you're paid off to promote Trump. I'm noticing that with channels. You of all people should have been pissed that Trump sent 3,000 soldiers to Iraq to fill empty buildings so Iran would kill people when they bomb bldgs KNOWN to be EMPTY! WTF! They were NOT combat-ready!



50min video-Stay Brave🎡🎹Be Prepared for The Worst 🎡🎹Hope For The best ❤️πŸ’šπŸ’œ♥️πŸ’™Says Dr. K and Andy #DontBashThePiano 



12min reminder of #WeNeedAnswers and #BePrepared #takecareofyourself #coronavirus



Stay strong because love will find a way ❤️says #APlaneTruth #coronavirus 


J,March 18, 2020 at 09:41

Mr. Escobar has impressively exposed the bankruptcy of the entire neo-liberal system, which responded to its 2008 collapse by preserving the casino economy and creating new bubbles, even larger than the last. Facing a financial crisis underlying the coronovirus threat, the US and Europe face these choices: either scrap the system and go with the new paradigm outlined by LaRouche’s “Four Laws,” starting with Glass-Steagall banking separation, creation of a national bank for infrastructure, and including for example, hundreds of thousands of new hospital beds, or suffer a breakdown and true existential crisis. As the author notes, cooperation with China and modeling its approach are crucial, as Italy, Spain and Serbia recognize, as is the time for the US to abandon the ravings of those such as Rubio and Cotton which stand in its the way.

Full movie
2 1/2 hrs
Catherine Cookson - The Wingless Bird
  A WW2 movie with heartache and romance

1972 #RiggedElection
#RiggedCarWreck &
#RiggedElection 1972
#FamilyDied #JoeLied
Look up Petitions2Congress.gov
#civicduty vs #sheeple - Don't let them incite ANY war - they want this! They want economic collapse just like Hitler did to implement Martial Law and kill us! These are freaking sociopaths! That's why I pushed #PresidentPenceNow

Movie: David Copperfield
2 1/2 hrs. I stopped watching after 1/2 hr
I don't like this movie. They steal the boy from his real mother and expect no consequence. And expect David Copperfield to just submit - showing no feelings. This is removing a most real effect of harming children.

Rigged USA elections Exposed!

Twitter blocked my account for almost 2 months bc they claimed to enforce elections=illegal! Both candidates are career criminals! 

Dr. #JeffreyMcDonald lost his whole family when ppl on acid invaded his home and slaughtered them, not touching him so they and crooked authorities-who resented his public opposition to the drug trafficking underground-could entrap him. Source:  #TedGunderson RIP @AE911Truth

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Notes for November
(some from late October)

It's a beautiful song yet the Titanic was sunk by A Brit Bruce Ismay, AND especially an American, JP Morgan. They may have even used lasers, a patent stolen from Nikola Tesla. Oklahoma City Bombing, September 11, Paradise, CA are a few other examples of many Americans killed by Americans.
Still,this song is about
LOVE πŸ’πŸ’•❤️♥️πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’• NOT LOST πŸ’•❤️❤️πŸ’šπŸ˜… TO BE LOVED IS TO BE. https://youtu.be/Ui91xOcFVmk

@KBCreations - making a budget-friendly angel - nobody can make just one!

drawing "Future Trunks"

"Enjoy Your Own Funeral" - I bet my relatives wrote that based on their experience in forcing my father to die, telling medical staff he was a molester so they could have control - even though my father was the opposite. https://youtu.be/yJZpdpx7DJo

This family loves to take care of cats needing a home. https://youtu.be/cQWMCQDAmSw

Southwest Wildlife Foundation
34 min hunting with Belle

Wall hanging/storage project.  https://youtu.be/VRYkwjmSQ_w

17min flight with 8 yr old pilot does fantastic job on simulator! https://youtu.be/z0XZVV1Fijo

@MaryGreeley 4min video on devestating #Tsunami in Europe https://youtu.be/nExTkYt0Omg

Loom Knit
Pocket Scarf

Both are career criminals - lying, cheating, and they kill like Bush on Sep 11. Thousands of people were burned to ashes at Paradise, CA! Trump purchased tons of Boeing Lasers before Paradise was attacked. Biden probably had his family murdered to prove allegiance to Satanic Underground, including paying off election riggers with life insurance!   His two sons survived and he's used them to benefit the organized Satanic Underground criminals ever since. Wake the hell up, people! This skit was played well - great impressionists. We're $hit up the creek with either Biden or Trump! PubliusRoots.com

Glen And Friends
1931 Election Day Cake
Looks tasty!

    BYOT https://youtu.be/YARtbdvklDc #TortillaNight
           @Miniac LOL πŸ˜† - you just gave Jimmy Fallon a skit idea: use the sound of making the tortilla a horror movie. https://youtu.be/YARtbdvklDc

Dark Footage
Boeing in 727 Model scrapped in 1990's
   My comment: And I'm sure the Boeing 727 model couldn't penetrate the WTC either! #Septenber11 #JusticeRising #AccountabilityMatters #NoMurderersLeftBehind

LOL! The Bubble Effect! It was a great chiropractic adjustment and Dr. Bergman made a champagn cork-bubble noise at the end! https://youtu.be/Jffbx_tN8Xw

Fallon Tonight
Thank you ballot boxes, Halloween and other spooks

Anthony Anderson and his Halloween πŸŽƒ Hangover #clickbait4u

Dress up a door matt from Dollar Tree
If you're still using them as Matt's, I suggest the paint be protected. Frankly, I suggest GAC 400, Golden, sold by Artists And Craftsman Store. They have a main store in NYC and last time I knew, you can order online. Also, this company is an employee-owned company located in New Berlin, NY. 13411-3616 877-847-6154 - this can also be used as a fabric stiffener. 

    Christmas Tree table decoration project
   My comment: I've seen these tree stands used as Christmas card holders using string wrapped around for the cards to be inserted. A paper towel roll is used as the base and the tree parts are glued to the towel roll. You'll want to strengthen the roll you use by painting Gorilla wood glue or the like. Once dry, paint and put the parts together. The string is wrapped around the roll and the cards are well displayed - saves space and looks cute with the tree glued to it. You can also use a large can: such as a coffee can. Decorate and wrap the string all around where you want to place Christmas cards. The can can even be simply painted and sprinkled with glitter and coat with a craft coating like Mod Podge or school glue. You could also paint and apply school glue to surface, then apply a colored decorative dinner napkin. Paint the surface with more school glue and make sure it is completely adhered to the can. You'll be surprised on the results! You could even sprinkle glitter on the can before it dries. Takes at least a full day to dry and two days to cure. Make sure all can edges are well taped, covered so no one could get cut. Church bazars were my thing for years. Pompons seem to be out of style, which is too bad. Many easy projects can be made with pompons. My 5th grade class made money making and selling them - and our imaginations we used to make it the best part of the activity. https://youtu.be/pRSUY_7Pn-8

Fallon Tonight
Lizard Warren is Guest
Biden is Hidin'! - murder of Wife, Baby right after election was rigged for him! 1972! Two sons survived!
There's #NoPandemic!
#WarrenCommission only cared about FRAUDING JFK murder!
Elizabeth Warren is a career criminal!
Kamala Harris is a MTW dude! The T-word is more specific! Transhuminism is here! They use synthetic beehive effect by microchipping! Her damn dog WOULD be a better politician than Elizabeth Warren even if it's just "doing his business"! 
PubliusRoots com

Scott Jacobs - artist
"Daddy's Girl" Scott's 2020 Sturgis Rally Painting
    It's a funny thing when a Daddy's Girl doesn't grow up and abandons Daddy when he needs her adult help - and she enjoys him dying because it brings her public recognition.

Jimmy Fallon
Five More Sleeps till Christmas

Choo Choo's Story
   Wally the Chipmunk spends time at the lake with her

Really Graceful
Election Night Prediction

DON'T GET FUM DUCK COLEMAN'S BOOK! No freaking committee members are even listed! So Sage Of Quay either didn't read it or is DELIBERATELY lying! I have no patience whatsoever with shills who are alternate psyops. https://youtu.be/sQcbiyS3Tss

Elisey Mysin
Mozart Piano Concerto - This Russian boy is amazing!

     JS Bach https://youtu.be/fdI1ampbBhI

Kelly Barlow gives HER take on the COPPA law
My comment: Michael Powell was the FTC Director. Best FTC Director this country ever had. Both he and his dad, Hon. Colin Powell (as Secretary of State) went full speed ahead when they began working for the Bush Administration. ABD Colin Powell made damn sure Bush wasn't going to declare war on the Sep11 false flag where he mass murdered thousands and got away with it! Colin Powell said he was resigning. Bush asked him to stay on long enough to secure the next election. Then Bush said he fired Powell! 
    Second comment: Kelly, there's a thing called APPEAL and renegotiations - the public won't know how much the settled for. As long as the politicians get paid, that's all that counts.

Glenn And Friends
Broccoli cheese and rice bake with mushrooms πŸ˜…

President Putin Assures he will work with anyone who becomes leader of USA.

Dr. John Bergman
Cancer Treatment is meant to prolong, keep cancer going!
    My comment: doctors lie about patients having cancer, put them on treatments that CAUSE cancer!

Find and buy later Corner-to-Corner Butterfly Afghan Crochet Pattern

Andre Rieu Concerts

In Europe

In NYC Christmas Time

Music to sleep by

Future Tech
8 Inventions, my favorites are Remarkable II, Orbit Key Nest, ***AstroSlide

Go wildlife
It's not easy in the wild,says Martin Tyner

Glenn And Friends
Best Turkey recipe ever

Choo Choo's Story
4min visit https://youtu.be/qgvmfYsdB20

Wild elephants trumpet with joy when baby elephant is rescued

Comment on FreeToFindTruth Radio
Beau Biden was Joe Biden III - Obama had Joe Biden change sons" names to invoke familiarity with certain words. ie, Bowe Burgdahl, BO initials and poodle's name, BoJo is Boris Johnson, etc 

Art Simple
This Demon Slayer is wearing a mask

Mary Greeley
Active Volcano in Hawaii: Mona Loa

Miss Potter, full movie
Somewhat like the Walton's setting, but I think her parents poisoned her fiance and killed him

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