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Pitstop November 2020A

 To be combined with November 2020.  Meantime, my notes are posted here:  As of 5 Nov, I am posting reverse Chronological order; most current first. FYI 😉    11/24/2020 One 4 all and all 4 - 6! @gematriaeffect Shares in just 3min:  11/23/2020 is a scam! I was cheated,demanded they stop the order. They still. Charged me for the ordered book and I never got it. Dutchsinse - West Coast USA slow slips in CA. 28Oct2020 Movie: The Ghost Writer. 2hrs. It requires your undivided attention because It is a mystery thriller, with several twists and turns. What made me feel ishy was the end, like a cliff hanger. It may be deliberate in order to create a Part 2 continuation. Fallon Tonight With Ken Jeong Bad Wolf Watch: Joe McCail- don't feed him. 😝 Yuck.  Building Off-grid cabin in majestic woods; working on Floor and visit in