Dont Vote

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Don't Vote -

A hacker changed the title!  

2/9/2022:  I just changed the title; apparently blogger lets people change titles now - never used to be like that.




Placed on a Fallon  Tonight Video:
    Tariq Trotter's mail in rap instructions
My comment: I love Fallon Tonight but it just ain't right to vote!
YouTube stole my words like worms that crawl, even Tall don't fix that Small!
Trump was impeached and Biden is hidin' - he wants EMERGENCY IMMUNITY
he wants to use his look alike - neither of them like YOU! They don't serve, they play the satanic curve and will burn, crush, run over like mush - anybody who Satan doesn't like by even just looking with that super eye, not rising to Justice but rising to "Just Us" - they are poo! Not the Winney kind, just the opposite! They get, they get, they get - filling each pocket with wants, feeding greed. They don't care about what YOU need! You feel me? Grow a healthy tree with roots that reach out - #Replace #Remove - Impeached Trump should be out! Do you want a bimbo like Biden whose only claim to fame was "youngest senator ever" - how clever to rig, paying off the PIG - in 1972, he didn't sail the ocean blue! They took a few votes and juggled. They smuggled and promised more if Biden just keeps storing and whoring political  lies - You think their eyes have seen glory? It's another false story! So put it to bed - and as they continue to knock heads you'll hopefully realize EVERYTHING
is a disguise!
Happy Halloween
cuz here in USA, it's just a
roll of the dice!
Words and opinions are my own because I happen to believe in FREEDOM - not DUMB politicians who act like witches who rely on laser weapons to mix and fix their next crimes to save their  behinds - as the AE911Truth Architects Guide shows - not a stage show but facts which they never acted upon! Instead they run and run and run - from the Truth! They say now that John Wilkes Booth was "just a patsy" to add more poo, that
The Devil made me do..
Pass the buck = #OperationFumDuck
Remove the problem!
Create the Solution!
The chaos and confusion
must stop!
And that's why Political Professor Hans Herman Hoppe  - got to it,  hopped to it, and did it - can this government stop their expanding law and privatize to make their eyes meet, their minds meet - not to manufacture, but to heal the fractures in government, to stop exploitation as their political toys.

Posted n SNL video
Don't Vote! - and make damn sure you read the comment about how that blog was hacked by Trump to make it seem like that person supported him when it was created Sep 11,2016 which is a lie. That short blog was created in memory of her father, police chaplain after he sold his business to a son who stiffed him for $10,000! And he enjoyed $500,000 of FREE MONEY by Obama because he has handlers that are pleased they can manipulate him. There was nothing about the depraved politicians, the organized crime, the domestic terrorists in this country! 

Dont vote for either crook! Biden obviously had the 1972 auto wreck caused, that killed his wife and baby and no doubt he was disappointed his sons survived, seriously injured and no big deal to him. He still went on with the Washington DC show, rather than ask for delay on his swearing in! Most likely he tried to get people to kill his boys but they were safely guarded by his deceased wife's family, the Hunters. Obama got Biden to publically rename his boys to use as part of their underground satanic organized crime cyphers! Making politics a joke has brought our country to this point of failure! And they pay actors to be violent at demonstrations to push their criminal NWO Agenda!
There's no pandemic! Since I shared stats from - the crooked scumbags have abused power and either ordered them to put a disclaimer that COVID-19 demographics are not showing - WTF! There's no change in the death rate - What about Trump purchasing tons of laser weapons five months before he torched Paradise, CA - and most victims were torched to ashes with up to 50,000 listed as missing! Stop feeding the the evil, the organized crime, the domestic terrorists!


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