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This Amazon phone blocks me from copying and pasting tweets, which I successfully do on other androids

Resp to @gpovanman

I can't open this because the WiFi service blocks my opening ANY link, with message that the site is not secure. Obviously it's the WiFi service that's not secure! Run by sociopaths!

Angry Prepper

My comment: Both Trump and Biden are members of the Satanic Underground. Both are evil!
Look up these hashtags
#ImpeachAndDisbarUSSupreneCourtJustices for proselytizing Paedophilia!

Read these petitions on Petition2Congress or PubliusRoots.com


They laundered CIA money for Lying trash Christine Ford - remember the fake Kavanaugh hearings to help lying dirtbag Kavanaugh, who married GW Bush's personal secretary, and frauded records to cover up murder of Vincent Foster?

GOFUNDME should be shut down! Owned and run by sociopathic Technocrats! 

@FallonTonight - @theroots practicing for their recital at #YaleSchoolOfMusic

I wonder if #BlancolorioReport can clarify this circumstance @RealDutchsinse @reallygraceful

#BlancolirioReport updates viewers on the Creek fire - 200 campers rescued and more.

Reply to @TwitterSurveys
@Twitter - This @Amazon #BLU phone: I tap on links, get msg it wont open due to WiFi server security after I petitioned Congress #RemoveTrumpNow . #TechnoceaticTricks Maybe  @jimpressoffice can share this w #Antitrust Committee; babysitting Technocrats  shouldn't be necessary! 

@jeffsessions @reallygraceful
Another #Antitrust problem! Youtube no longer allows us to block people! #DomesticTerrorists #PaidTrolls #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden 

I was sending response chat to a person whose channel name had "IN CHRIST" in it and was disconnected, phone was powered down to Zero, and my 2 phones on wifi were disconnected, so I couldn't use them to chat about 1972, since he mentioned Eric Clapton's song : btw,  Joe Biden obviously had election rigged in 1972 and obviously tried to murder his whole family but sons survived!
That's when I was disconnected- TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS
If it's him OR his Satanic Underground Brother Biden, it's a win-win for the organized Satanic criminal TERRORISTS!
I just tweeted this on Joe's Twitter account:
@joeimbriano777 - Joe, my phone was powered down to zero and my YouTube channel was disabled on my phones! Trump is violating our privacy #Antitrust to manipulate us!  @JimPressOffice @Internet access is turned off also on other phone! @sundarpichai @truthstreamnews 

Reminder: Don't talk to police

Shared 9/11/2020

9/12/2020 Updates on the fires in USA and more by @RealDutchsinse
I'm not voting! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 - John G Trump made laser WEAPONS his whole career, accessing #TeslaFiles

https://youtu.be/KSpcYuCtEDo - Bloncolorio Report on Fires 12Sep2020 17min "Get out of the way!"

Conclusion: DEWs, says @RealDutchsinse
Watch #JusticeRising bc #September11
has mrphed ito #coronovirus
#SamePlanners #SoLittleTime The #MassMurder plan is unsuccessful and a RESET is taking place!

#WhoKnew by #KellyBarlowCreations
Owl plaque for #Halloween / #Thanksgiving

Multiple 6.0 earthquakes

#HarveyWallbangers? No, but making these Wallhangers will give the Crafter a high! 🌹#KellyBarlowCreations

DIY #Makeup caddy by #KellyBarlowCreations This three times tray for the bathroom may seem hard to keep clean but if you use rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, you're good to go!

9/13/2020 - The distressing looks like a unique KBC touch - rather than paint white highlights. Match it with your decore. Kelly's method is best for my decore! #StinkingCute #AppleCrafts DIY #KellyBarlowCreations #DollarTree

#KellyBarlowCreations #HomeSweetHome Project #Wallhanging

#MyFavorite joke at the end! #WhoDidIt 50 yr old Snake lays eggs - maybe #Invitro but Maybe an Iguana #Invitation @FallonTonight

@AE911Truth @CorbettReport
He's a typical broker, alright! Out for himself. Doesn't care about JUSTICE. There were sporadic explosions as he & others descended! Dead people in the lobby by the time HE got there!

#KellyBarliwCreations just made a perpetual "Cowender"

Southwest Wildlife Foundation
Unboxing, 10 min 9/13/2020 https://youtu.be/WsJAkHucbgU

@CorbettReport @mediamonarchy
- let Dagogo know your thoughts on Japan's recent study on making a car that also flies #ChittyChittyBangBang

Putin &new leader of Belarus Lukashenko discuss ways to build his government &country, including the nuclear power plant project AND Constitution to protect their country from FOREIGN invaders such as the ones who attacked Belarus @VladimirPutin24

Orchids, Elephant Ears, AND yummy for your tummy, Stuffed Chicken recipe by @PAllenSmith

How about the REAL Political state of mind: The Biggest Liar Wins
  Response to Washington Post
   Article didn't open.

Dark Outpost

My comment: At 1 hr 27 min she LAUGHS, "I wanna take that baby from him" It doesn't take an expert to realize she was following a script - by choice or mind control. And to claim it was genius for TRUMP to admonish Gavin Newsom AFTER asupporting  peadophilia law was past - just shows how little she uses critical thinking. And what about the US Supreme Court Justices are proselytizing Paedophilia? PubiusRoots.com 

One hour of @wuauquikunaoff1
Music "A Little Bit Of Everything"

Awesome send-off of the eagle by Brooks, who is a falconer

4min with Chipmunk Aram #ChooChoo's Story

Dance-off with @jessicaalba
She conceded the third one, saying Jimmy tried harder. LOL gotta watch!

Reply to @thereidout
TRUMP WAS IMPEACHED! THE SENATE SHOULD HAVE REMOVED HIM! They keep him because Trump Protects The Crooks! #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden

Reply to @NBC
   @truthstreamnews #JeffCensored @mediamonarchy - I can think of something WORSE than an RPG and that was RBG #PaedophilesDontMatter #ImpeachAndDisbar #USSupremeCourtJustices for proselytizing Paedophilia! ALL of them! 

@Wuauquikuna @reallygraceful @truthstreamnews @BovierDon @KBCCreations - This craft project is basically empty containers, 1) Paint, 2) apply tissue/napkin with @Elmers Clear Glue and decorate. Some I just paint #ElmersClearGlue with no tissue! These are projects I'm working on.

Time to get corked! By @KBCCreations

Michael Jackson named his daughter Paris. I expect she's like an aunt or maybe mentor. I communicated to Paris Jackson on Facebook till we were disrupted by Technocrats.

#BenStiller #FallonAtHome
Liz D says Jerry Stiller didn't die, he just went to Heaven to air his grievances.

So I was able to Tweet this yet can't DM but Twitter relayed I could DM but can't tweet. WTF another Twitter poop drop.

Static In The Attic
Plague That made people dance https://youtu.be/yjK5JLHVvSU

Unboxing - Southwest Wildlife Foundation
sent them nice artwork - barn owl!  https://youtu.be/8aPoc1yPTb8 

WTH is Betsy Wetsy doing - you say Trump put a stop in an educational program. Were the words too big for her to read?   https://youtu.be/rva5ZGBhWd8

Watch for the large asteroid, says @MaryGreeley

I pray for protection for President Lukashenko especially since Trump will obviously do anything to get his Satanic way. Protect Belarus! No more missile attacks!

The colors in your clothes are Fabian-Fabulous and Luis-Liberate! https://youtu.be/-BCwjIw9NpA

Polio was Cured" .  Then up pops MS and MD. Anybody smell a rat?  https://youtu.be/6cSsNsx6duc

Shared on YouTube 9/28/2020

Blancolorio Report - glass fire attack in CA showing planes drop fire retardant. https://youtu.be/Hwhd9j8-1HA

Loch Lomond Adult Whiskey cocktail icecream recipe by Glen & Friends https://youtu.be/hVMrCnXqNz4

Horrible Channel!
   No audio? I've been waiting for several minutes.wtf...Defending the DECEIVER IN CHIEF... You're only defending greed, corruption!
#NoBiden - but they are both SATANISTS. Working from the same script. Biden's attempt to murder all his family in 1972 is obvious. #RiggedElection #PayToPlay #LifeInsuranceMoney
#OrganizedCrime celebrates the damn fires in California - just happened yesterday and this shill doesn't give a crap about them because #AsLongAsItDoesntAffectMe #AllCrimesMatter #MassMurder at #ParadiseCA! Soros wrote off $250million financing Trump Tower to pay for 2016 campaign!

Your show was so fun to watch, the time flew! I love that blueberry-lemon tart recipe. It's always good to add a squeezed slice of lemon to water bottles. Lemons are so healthy for us. And the oils from the rind/outer layer have additional health benefits, so make sure you harvest it all into your menu ☺️

4days ago: A million birds dropped from the New Mexico sky - right near a military microwave area. https://youtu.be/qe5VKMzjGr8

Dark Outpost
Discusses The Fed Reserve but the video didn't play for me https://youtu.be/KaD3mh690Wc

Twighlight Zone is in the Twilight Zone - blames lasers on China in CA fires
Contrary to what this probable CIA Psyop says, lasers have been around since early 1900's or even late 1800's. Nikola Tesla was born 1856. He nvented lasers to use to fix things yet OSS got hold of his parents, most of which were sabatoged and not even registered but it wasn't his fault. (Hillary Clinton specialized in patents to access as well as manipulate!) John G Trump, uncle of Donald Trump, made laser weapons his whole career - for OSS and CIA and dark ops of the military.
Twinkle Toes may be interested knowing what types of laser weapons there are:
Gas lasers
Chemical lasers
Excimer lasers
Solid State lasers
FEL lasers
Source: Dr. Michu Kaku. PhD Physicist

Just like September 11, and now Coronavirus Agenda renamed COVID 19 to remind themselves"we got away with mass murder on Sep 11, now 19 years later, time to ramp it up and kill millions" - but their created disease was obviously intercepted by Intelligence with a common cold placebo ...

Search: "Selective Constitutionalism and

How about the Bohemian Club secretly declaring

Satanism is Terrorism!

JIMMY FALLON: I'd send you a DM but Twitter is playing Devil's Chessboard 😈 with me and I tried to make an appointment with Dr. Evil but he said he doesn't have any patients 😂 Click here and they give you transcript in Pig Latin and English. Take your pick.

BTS Home Premier from yesterday https://youtu.be/2rcKpY-4QBI

Youtube demonitizes his videos so THEY can snatch the adverting profits because he draws a lot of people! #blancolirio #PlaneCrash report C130  https://youtu.be/u19R0zfusiQ

Paw Stitch

How-tos From Home: Crochet Shawl | Michaels
     DC, TC, popcorn stitch (she calls a "bobble") 


Here are more notes 

September 2020

The service of the splinter fleat and the Donald Duck Navy deserve to be remembered, says @thehistoryguy. https://youtu.be/YYNDqDQz_XE

My comment-response to someone who said all governors sb sued:


See my petitions on Petition2Congress.gov

#RemoveTrumpNow            (#PresidentPenceSeptember2030)

#ForgoeElection2020 to stop #RiggedElections #FixThisNation

#ImpeachAndDisbarUSSupremeCourtJustices for proselytizing paedophilia

There is #NoPandemic Just look on a bottle of cold medicine - it says coronavirus right on them! Why do you think they changed the name from Wuhan Virus to  Coronavirus to COVID19? I bet Bill Gates had it all planned to wipe us all out and a whistleblower - probably the Chinese Scientist in Wuhan was the one who saved us all by intercepting and the authorities probably created a placebo so every time Gates tried to spread it - it didn't work but they had some actors play along to keep watching Gates squirm, including telling medical staff to murder patients to get the numbers up. The ones really in control probably just let Gates do his depraved thing so they can order him to give the keys to his Microsoft Gate to a reputable company - which I hope is Huawei. Anyone who has seen documentaries about Huawei would know the owners went through hell from the cut-throat corruption by Technocracy. Yet they maintained their standards of practice and professionalism - which is a far cry from the pathetic thieves who hacked into their programs to destroy or at least damage it. Apple would be the most likely culprit yet some believed Samsung turned a blind eye. Huawei was designed to be the equivalent of Apple - even have more features than Apple - yet for a third of the cost proving a profit was still made. Apple's charges are solely based on greed. When Robert T Morris created the Morris worm and distributed it through MIT's computer lab (obviously a CIA job for GW Bush- for one thing to 'save the day' as VP as Reagan put him in charge of the Task Force that fixed all govt and military computers, plus probably supplement hospitals, schools - and give big business to anti-virusware.) Apple computers were not effected! Not one!

Bob Stefanowski




Governor Lamont wants to extend his “temporary” emergency powers another 6 months,  while unilaterally making decisions on our kids’ education, health and safety with NO checks and balances.  It’s time to allow the reps we elected to have a say again! https://wtic.radio.com/blogs/todd-feinburg/todd-feinburg-bob-stefanowski-on-king-ned

Replying to @bobforgovernor

    The State of Connecticut has had many reasons to impeach Lamont just like they did with Malloy. Politicians just after power and control. They won't appose this. They will fake an argument, saying Don't-stop, don't-stop..that turns into Don't stop! 

Don Winslow




Dear Republicans,

The ONLY person telling you that Joe Biden is dangerous and will take away your guns or freedoms is Donald Trump.

There is NO CREDIBLE evidence of ANY of this.

It's laughable nonsense.

Absolute nonsense.

Replying to @donwinslow

     The 'thing' that is running is not even Joe Biden, who OBVIOUSLY tried to murder his whole family in 1972 as a satanic celebration for rigging the election so he would win. A big WTF to you, Sir. https://youtu.be/v5Oc22ulkT8

#TruthfulSpirit gives a 10min chat about herself, what she thinks about, her personality. She's not a hunter after transgenders. She's someone who considers many to be victims of mutilation for the Satanic Underground. https://youtu.be/ZN1GlA4UNW4

Nice lies, Dice. Neither candidate is qualified 2b US President. Trump was impeached. Trump lies.Mass murder in Paradise, CA using Boeing weapons Trump got 5months prior after erroneously firing Secry @JamesMattis is that a #NoBigDeal? Apparently so. youtu.be/v5Oc22ulkT8

"If it were not for questions from journalists, it is likely this would not get any attention" .... So please let it lie. It would be different if China and India were adversaries. They are not. They are allies and both involved with the Silk Road Trading, are they not?

gpovanman гпованман




“Nobody wants to enter into a conflict with China” whilst the US is driving straight into China’s backyard boasting that “one of its bombers can deliver more ordnance than an entire carrier group.” This just about sums up Washington’s mentality… https://reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-china-bombers/

Replying to @gpovanman

      Mentality is described well! I do wonder why Russia Insight, of all sources, made a big deal about India-China dispute on where the border is in the Himalayas because USA loves to exploit such things. They are allies. Both are involved with the Silk Road.🐝

Grace Right-pointing magnifying glass




The real slave masters—the Federal Reserve and its tentacles—must be so pleased with themselves right now…as we wage war amongst ourselves, never bothering to look up and see who’s pulling the strings.

Replying to @reallygraceful

     Article by #CharlesSchiavo on Facebook. I have diff of opinion on specifics in his Conclusion yet I stated them. God isn't finished with me yet.


      NOTES, PART2

DW Documentary: How Coronavirus Changes The World


My comment

This is bullshit. There is no pandemic. They are trying to kill us off but I think China intervened and play along now to prevent pandamoniom! Soon Bill Gates and his other Satanist Technocrats will be taken out of society. Hopefully the corrupted dirtbags in Washington DC will as well!

Meghan claimed her acting career was over and she wanted to attend to her duties as a Dutchess. She sabatoged the monarchy and Harry chose to follow her. Pity.

Video by Mark Felton-this one should be taken down!


My comments: 


The information in this video is DECEPTIVE, seemingly to humor the poor leadership which exists in USA. In my opinion, this video should be taken down. It only feeds the propaganda of horrible Foreign Policy by USA Gov!

Note! Joe Biden II had the names of his surviving sons changed in the public eye at his Satanic high-ranking brother-Obama's request, to deceive the public! They too were also supposed to have died in the 1972 rigged auto wreck which dirtbag Biden has lied about all these years!  Joe Biden III was changed to Beau Biden; and Robert Biden was changed to HUNTER - just like the use of Hunter in the title here! Hunter was his mother's maiden name - why the hell would school kids puck that up and call him Hunter in school but an obvious troll said that in defense of those names being what they were called in Delaware while growing up. Bullshit! It is to place imagery in the public mind - to distract from the fact Joe Biden had his wife and baby mudered by car wreck - and his boys happened to survive, growing up with an aloof father who tried to murder them in 1972! The tractor trailer driver had nothing to do with it! His wife obviously told the boys to unmatched their 2-prong seatbelts and get down on the floor to save them! I suspect a man was pointing a sniper gun or laser at them! Trump's uncle made laser weapons for OSS and CIA his whole career! This includes the heart attack gun - they could cause people like Chinese AMBASSADOR Du Wei located in Isreal, to die of a heart attack at only age 58, after Pompeo verbally attacked him just hours before. UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON! The USA is NOT served by leaders - it is controlled by a Nazi agenda with tyrants, not leaders!

Syrian Republic (1945–1958)

Quwatli was ousted from power on 29 March 1949 by Husni al-Za'im, his Chief of Staff. Za'im was overthrown by a military coup in 1949 led by Adib Shishakli, he was later executed on the orders of the new government.

     Resp to "I could sit in his class all day"



This only reflects the lies coming out of US Foreign Policy, which is pathetic AND criminal due to deliberate false information. The CFR should be shut down also! See my other comment.

My blog is ad-free and unmonitored. Copy what you want. Just be aware that Blogger has damaged the formatting and the Table Of Contents no longer works to link to. Thanks to the corruption of Blogger satisfying the corruption of dirty politicians in Washington, DC


andrew smith




Woman in Melbourne arrested for sharing a Facebook post.

Can't imagine why the people are so angry? https://pic.twitter.com/SIynNVzxas

Replying to @andrewsmithinoz and @reallygraceful

      Like she said, facebook could have removed her post if they didn't like it. NOTE: Facebook was funded by CIA when Zuckface was at Harvard - and Zuckface is probably Robert T Morris, who destroyed all computers BUT APPLES in 1989! Obviously for CIA to roll out Microsoft!

           NOTES PART3

I stopped watching this video. Relatives who have nothing to do with relatives even when residing near them - yet enjoy the public sympathy when one dies - is abuse of social power. Ever since Obama won elections and crippled this country, this game of social sympathy has taken on huge power that includes marketing - yet look what it has done to society and economy! I'm reflecting my own personal experience, to include the murder of my own father by a deceiving brother who said he was coming down to help me get him in a decent nursing home - then BRAGGED that he came down to make him due and it was a religious experience!  https://youtu.be/a5-IqP7oTzQ


With the #COVIDIOCRACY #BabiesDontMatter





Air defense able to destroy any drones: cmdr.


@HassanRouhani @YaleCMES - it is tragic that General #Soleimani was murdered yet I am glad your country has developed an excellent offense to protect yourselves from tyrannical leaders like USA has. The Election for November 2020 sb cancelled! Both candidates are criminals!

The Mad Trapper of The Rat River #HistoryGuy @historyguycom https://youtu.be/Vy6n3A7eW2k

@Scottymechanic #MamaMia Don't get a #Kia #EngineBlowsUp #ReplacementPartsAreUsed and more  https://youtu.be/_gp3yr6GRtY

@joeimbriano777 @Scottymechanic @scottjacobs_art @AngelaAnderson




With the #COVIDIOCRACY #BabiesDontMatter


With the #COVIDIOCRACY #BabiesDontMatter

Cause or Effect? Mayans claimed End Of The World in 2012....No doubt they were the effect of the NWO - Satanic Undergroud - Enemy Within!

Ofcourse, the underlying reason that the End Of The World pandamoniom wasn't successful to roll out mass murder and nefarious NWO is because OBAMA WASN'T SUCCESSFUL AT DECEIVING. His efforts were thwarted. Obama stole billions from USGov, including FIVE yachts!  Chief of Staff John Kelley created a letter for Trump to sign. No doubt Kelley wanted OCraphead arrested, but TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS. Yet John Kelley had the yachts seized and probably more seized. #KnowTheEnemy - Trump fired John Kelley! After Mike Flynn drew up a huge list of high profile paedophiles with substantiated proof through NSA, he not only got death threats but Trump fired him after he got democrat Rod Rosenstein (who Trump hired) to cook up a Russian collusion case which Vladimir Putin most specifically and well-articulated claimed was a lie. Jeff Sessions recommended to Trump to fire Rosenstein, who cooked up a case against Trump with Andrew McCabe's help.

TRUMP REFUSED TO FIRE EITHER OF THOSE DIRTBAGS, who were following Trump's script so Trump could play the "Why's everybody always picking on me" #DevilsChessboard game. Trump erroneously fired Jeff Sessions! WTF Trump erroneously fired Rex Tillerson so Pompeo could steal his job and enjoy emergency immunity since James Mattis had to get USMC's help to bomb the CIA opium factories in Afghanistan and they raided Pompeo's CIA offices and picked up more incriminating evidence! Trump erroneously fired James Mattis! #KnowTheEnemy! TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS! https://youtu.be/gK5YJO8wb7w

 @RAW METHOD  I thought the same thing. I have a sister who has made claims like that. She also wrote me a letter and said I was demon possessed because God told here. I felt like asking her if God also told her to drop her baby son's skin off when she placed boiling hot water by him and chatted on the phone not even keeping an eye on him....But I knew the problem was she was easily persuaded and I was just a social tool for her to use. It couldn't have been more evident when my brother made my father die and she didn't care and could have helped me prevent it. My father was abandoned by them all when the only thing he was guilty of, he made his family his life. If I discuss this they claim I am being immature because they made my father's death a Right Of Passage to enter into what THEY determined was adulthood when I was.already 40 years old. What deteriorates family the most? Choice. They made their evil choices. I just hoped justice would prevail but in a country with US Supreme Court Justices proselytizing Paedophilia, you have to fill their pockets first. Even though they already have generous salaries. US Supreme Court Justices are proselytizing Paedophilia!http://www.publiusroots.com/2020/07/impeach-and-disbar-all-us-supreme-court.html?m=1 

       NOTES PART4

#MaryMagdelene is just as much of a mystery today yet this 90min documentary explores answers to the Why's. https://youtu.be/51VXjm5itcg

Roger Sherman of Connecticut signed all founding documents of the US

My response: Connecticut is very corrupted. And look up Pam Sherman - she calls herself the "Urban Outlaw", poses like a Satanist, and voila, is an attorney. She also flip flops with the name Johnson on legal documents. Sherman Companies is organized crime for the NWO's. That's my observation. There was a lawsuit against them and they lost in Maryland. Wouldnt surprise me to find out the presiding judge was killed by the "Urban Outlaw" 


Acoustic Milestone

Comment -

SOUNDS AT YOUR SEVEN - bring some hope our sounds about Building SEVEN will finally be heard. https://youtu.be/Xd7tqpwdlpQ

JUSTICE RISING With James Corbett and Richard Gage https://youtu.be/vOPaNjd7ilE

#JeromeFlynn-attch tweet 


#MilesMusicMania @BrQueenElizabethII has stood up for her people, claiming 5G needs to be researched more before using. Those who ignore Her Majesty ignore the will of the people as Bill Gates does! WifiDangers.com @JoeImbriano777

#JeromeFlynn-attch tweet 


#MilesMusicMania @BrQueenElizabethII has stood up for her people, claiming 5G needs to be researched more before using. Those who ignore Her Majesty ignore the will of the people as Bill Gates does! WifiDangers.com @JoeImbriano777

Chris Wick




You all know the RT-PCR test doesn’t test for ‘COVID-19’ right?

Could this be the reason why they started calling it coronavirus instead of COVID?

Replying to @ChrisWickNews and @Scifiscreen


@gpovanman @joeimbriano777 - Everything the #SatanicUnderground does is #TrialAndError #DevilsChessboard

- remember when GW Bush tried to commercially invest all #SocialSecurity $ before he attacked USA on #Sep11?

David Raynor




Yeah I live here. Dictator Dan Andrews is drunk with power along with the Chief medical officer and th police. We just had a state of emergency extended for 6 months so they can lock us down for 23hrs a day indefinitely and arrest us for expressing an opinion about the Government

Replying to @Bad_Hat_Films and @Scifiscreen






Extending the #HappyQuarantine2020 only gives the #SatanicUnderground #OneMoreChance to hijack governments for their nefarious NWO! #StopTheMadness #AbuseOfGenerosity

@AE911Truth livestreamed Pt 1 of 3 #Sep11 attack .My Wi-Fi was cutOff again! Maybe a subapp created by an app -MIT says they're doing via AI. I tried to share livestream from Wi-Fi phone @JimPressOffice @UsmobileInc @iolo_tech @TDBank https://youtu.be/HRQBc9uV4gU

@Mary Greeley @Scottymechanic







Are We going to have a major geophysical event? Another Krakatoa, for instance? #FearPorn? 2011 mentioned at 6min #GEOENGINEERING? 9/4/2020

    At 6min he says they expect this to be in 2011 - so this video is older than 5 months and not much to fret over.


     Comment on @Zerohedge

If we fight corruption including seizing assets of those who are rich and corrupted, hunger wouldn't be an issue and Justice would prevail. #IsntThatSpecial WTF is it going to take to #GetOffYourDeadAss

Cheep and Crappy don't make it Snappy, says @Scottymechanic https://youtu.be/-l9WAOoxzYU

7min #CrowdPleaser w #DeL #BoogieWoogieTerry #AcousticMilestone @Bentoury and #KevinRMiles the #LionKing #ProudPapa https://youtu.be/7thVEzX2x3c

All they do is market their fake selves! I send Trump Committee demand to stop mailing me - even told them it's harassment because I tell them to stop but they still harass me! AND my phone that was charged 100% was just powered down (see pic) They do this all the time to harass.

13min video explaining the creation of the King James Version of the Bible by @historyguycom 





Replying to @zerohedge


See the word-play #SatanicUnderground


Sociopathic to the max!


Yet encourage others to use #criticalthinking #Logic

Great Article by #ZeroHedge

3min video by #KevinRMiles Catch his livestreaming music 🎵🎼🎹🎶Sundays at 4pm UK Time💜 11am EST 💚https://youtu.be/26TTwyXvVX8

Change oil regularly and you will get visits from the car fairy rewarding you for being a good owner says @Scottymechanic- well, pretty much he said that.

And the slime represent a....all such grossness! A medical staff promoting childish behavior that most children would not even approve of. The Shark Tank promoted the Squatty Potty. https://youtu.be/XrKLSzelqWo

#DollarTree - His or Hers Storage lazy susan! Only $8 to make!


DIY - Floating shelf #FarmhouseStyle by #KellyBarlowCreations

@scottjacobs_art @Scottymechanic #JeffCensored @BovierDon @RealDutchsinse

Wow! Check this modern-design home out - on Canada's shoreline. https://youtu.be/cuTX4hGVQI4.

Watch @wuauquikunaoff1. TODAY 🎵🎼🎹🎶SUNDAY🎵🎼6Sep2020 in 15min LIVESTREAMING 10:30am EST  https://youtu.be/1_0hu2HKhkU


Good for #SpecialOccasions, desk, nightstand, so many themes - so little time! 💙 mini #kleenexholder #DIY #KellyBarlowCreations https://youtu.be/xSzHIm60VTA


Good for #SpecialOccasions, desk, nightstand, so many themes - so little time! 💙 mini #kleenexholder #DIY #KellyBarlowCreations https://youtu.be/xSzHIm60VTA

When your get up and go, got up and went, says @Scottymechanic https://youtu.be/ZMfo4mk3eIw

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Queen Elizabeth II


Dear Your Majesty, I just found this as peculiar due to the name and my belief Diana was used as a social weapon to attack the Monarchy from inside. DIANA, ANCIENT GODDESS OF "THE HUNT" - Statue is in Manhattan. Created in 1892.  This Amazon Prime film series is "Museum Secrets, Season q" -- "Inside The Metropolitan Museum"

Fri 7:33 PM

I typed 1 - not q - this happens frequently anymore. I didn't catch it.

Fri 7:34 PM

I recently learned that at least one relative of Hitler lives in Manhattan.

Fri 7:36 PM

Architect was Stan White and sculptor was Agustus St. Goddens.

Fri 7:37 PM


Fri 7:40 PM

Once I took a picture of the buffering, it stopped. So strange.

Fri 7:49 PM


Earthquake3D Live Update w/ Dutchsinse

Massive fires spanning over 60 miles in USA just discovered by Dutchsinse on YouTube- livestreaming now. 4:09pm EST

4:09 PM

@joeimbriano777 @StaticInTheAttic

@Diamondthedave @reallygraceful #JeffCensored



MASSIVE FIRES - Just discovered by @RealDutchsinse - found article it was caused by a explosion used for personal entertaimment WTF.

Labor Day Sale - 4Patriots.com

The #Vikings were the first settlers in America yet their numbers decreased and they vanished. https://youtu.be/YjDuLWtxvCU.

Get free: 72 hrs of food, free survival.books. Just buy u2 hrs of food from @4PatriotsLLC HURRY! I think sale ends today - maybe tomorrow.

DIY Halloween 🎃 wall plaque project by #Kelly's Creations https://youtu.be/0D3e5-4h39M

Oppenheimer Ranch Project




Summer Blizzard 2020 - Air Quality Issues - Wildfire Risk - Rolling Blackouts = Grand Solar Minimum — Steemit https://steemit.com/blizzard/@solarshutdown/summer-blizzard-2020-air-quality-issues-wildfire-risk-rolling-blackouts-grand-solar-minimum

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        @truthstreamnews @CorbettReport

These horrible fires are NOT freaking normal! Just like Paradise, they are from #DEWs and it's probably Trump doing it! His uncle made laser weapons!

CBS News




WATCH: President Trump told Reuters reporter Jeff Mason to take off his mask at a White House press conference, saying he was "very muffled." Mason refused and said he would just speak louder http://cbsnews.com/live https://pic.twitter.com/MfrsjkXaeL

Replying to @CBSNews

@TruthstreamNews @RealDutchsinse  @MaryGreeley #JeffCensored @UniitedNations @XiJimPing @VladimirPutin24 @BrElizabethII @NATO -

Trump issued Executive Order to wear masks! #PLANdemic

the #RagingFites in USA are NOT Normal, obviously caused by DEWs! #RemoveTrumpNow

Tara Parker-Pope




Here's the exchange between Trump and a reporter over a mask (will take two tweets)

Reporter: Starts to ask question

Trump: You're going to have to take that off please. You can take it off. How many feet are you away?

R: I'll speak a lot louder (1 of 2)

Replying to @taraparkerpope

    @reallygraceful @truthstreamnews @jeffsessions @RexxTillerson @GenFlynn @realJohnKelley @JimPressOffice @Jamesmattis18 - See attach. So Trump orders journalist to take off his mask despite issuing Executive Order to wear masks - both are unconstitutional! #1 of 2

Tara Parker-Pope




T: If you don't take it off...you're very muffled. So if you  would take it off, it would be a lot easier.

R: I'll just speak a lot louder. Is that better?

T: (Sigh) It's better. It's better..

R: Asks question

(2 of 2)

Replying to @taraparkerpope

@reallygraceful @truthstreamnews @jeffsessions @RexxTillerson @GenFlynn @realJohnKelley @JimPressOffice @Jamesmattis18 - See attach. So Trump orders journalist to take off his mask despite issuing Executive Order to wear masks - both are unconstitutional! #2 of 2

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Watch "Former FEMA Officer Explains Wave II Hard Lockdown" on YouTube https://youtu.be/jt9ExjwOeik

My impression is PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING, like Debora Tavaris does.

Now more than ever we need to take care of ourselves. ACV in a cup of hot water and honey with cinnamon - I need to drink this every day. Thank you #MotivationalDoc https://youtu.be/pv0xosZegVE

Grace Right-pointing magnifying glass




He's certainly singing a different tune from his previous tweets on vaccines and vaccine safety dating back to several years ago. twitter.com/Breaking911/st




· 22h

BREAKING: President Trump says @KamalaHarris "should immediately apologize for the reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric..." https://pic.twitter.com/OXXfKpmMBk

     Replying to @reallygraceful

   Trump recently told a journalist at the White House to take his mask off-here Trump issues an Executive Order 4people to wear them &never revoked his erroneous order? Many WTF moments! BTW, @CorbettReport reminds us @ae911Truth sched special livestreams on #Sep11 9/11-13


Regimental headdress and a guy named Jimmy #WhoKnew by @historyguycom https://youtu.be/VZPapiBYelw

1 hr documentary on Ancient Egypt- Illustrious Lybia established as the keeper of riches; how their politicians thought; struggle over power much greater than good vs evil By @Timeline_TV 

.Suspensions, Transmisdions, Dinasaurs and more - That's what #LaborDays are made of, says @Scottymechanic #moreorless https://youtu.be/0sWO9NrwOC4.

@reallygraceful @CorbettReport @Scottymechanic @FallonTonight @theroots @BovierDon - 72 hr emergency food supply is matched with FREE 72 hr supply plus free books! HURRY- sale ends midnight September 8 - that's tonight! @4PatriotsLLC https://youtu.be/xuQL4k72YZ4

@BrElizabethII @VladimirPutin24 #DontBlameRussia bc Jake Morphonios PROVED Trump purchased tons of #LaserWeapons 5months b4 #ParadiseCA was destroyed  yet Jake said nothing when ppl were burned to ashes 5 months later bc of Bush, Trump, Clintons! https://youtu.be/1V04-zts9so

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Everybody has to stay 6 feet away from each other in groups of no more than 6 because the media convinced the masses that if they don't, they'll end up 6 feet under the ground.

Your beast control system, folks. twitter.com/BorisJohnson/s


Boris Johnson


· 5h

In England, from Monday, we are introducing the rule of 6. You must not meet socially in groups of more than 6 - and if you do, you will be breaking the law.

We must do what is necessary to stop the spread of the virus and save lives. https://pic.twitter.com/tKWa9sK1wr

     Replying to @reallygraceful

@BrElizabethII - This #COVIDOCRACY is the real virus! We must stop the #Satanic Underground by defending our own rights. They take advantage of well-meaning people too! #JeffCensored @JoeImbriano777 https://youtu.be/xLxXB9Br0-I

Rob Reiner




He doesn’t want people to panic. “Mexicans are sending drugs, they’re rapists.” A Caravan of Killers are heading toward our border. This lying piece of shit is killing US!

Replying to @robreiner

Speaking of Mexicans and drugs, what about Pelosi's daughters being drug dealers with Mexico? And the laser weapon fires that basically destroyed their trail of evidence?

         NOTES PART7





9/09/2020 -- Rare Earthquake in New Jersey directly next to US Naval wea... https://youtu.be/Jss3c69afRI via @YouTube

Replying to @RealDutchsinse and @YouTube

OMG- and I was just talking to @Orthofeet @OrthofeetTweet about #AVISFlorists - both located in New Jersey #GreatCompanies #Earthquakes in #NewJersey  reporting #Dutchsinse on YouTube





Amazon Board Elects Former NSA Head Keith Alexnader as Director

Replying to @zerohedge









I wonder if the #AntitrustCommittee knows - FYI, ranking member @JimPressOffice


The story of #WillBruder #Architect Part 1






The story of #WillBruder #Architect Part 2




Ad :

    I almost bought a bottle but his story seemed fake. Letting his teeth get so bad a tooth falls out was The clincher

@Scottymechanic says this car may float like a butterfly and sting like a bee🐝 but I'm taking my gloves off for this one!  https://youtu.be/P-TCUSBPM3A

bree Teddy bear



Sep 8

full offense but the family who threw the gender reveal party that has now burned down 10,000 acres in california should be charged with arson

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@JaneDueker @RealDutchsinse @truthstreamnews @reallygraceful @CorbettReport @mediamonarchy @joeimbriano777 #JeffCensored

These recent raging fires spanning over 60 miles are not caused by a piddly arsenist! They are caused by Trump's DEWs just like #ParadiseCA.

gpovanman гпованман



“Substantial Chance”? What kind of language is that for an alleged diplomat. If the West has evidence of Russia’s poisoning of Navalny, it should present it. If not, questions have to be asked of the German doctors motives and professionalism… https://bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-54097162

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Part 1 of 2

I was disconnected from YouTube on phone #1 with mobile service. I was chatting on Joe Imbriano's LIVESTREAM.

I got on Wi-Fi, phone #2 and YouTube  disconnected. So was Twitter, then I realized Internet was altogether.

I got on WiFi phone #3 and tweeted Joe since YouTube was also disconnected.

    Continued to Part 2





In Latest Setback For Disney, China Censors Coverage Of "Mulan" Over Xinjiang Ties https://zerohedge.com/geopolitical/latest-setback-disney-china-censors-coverage-mulan-over-xinjiang-ties

Replying to @zerohedge


@Xi_Jin_Ping_CN - How much has Disney donated to China during emergency situations and how much does Disney kiss up to Trump? #USGov #MoneyIsTheirGod

#DontVote #NoBiden #RiggedElection #PresidentPenceSeptember2020

Is it any wonder the USA is in  great mess?


Peter Whittle AM



Great men like Churchill achieved more in an hour than these thick barbarian idiots will in their entire lives.  https://mol.im/a/8719509

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The statue sb destroyed! Churchill was an obvious Satanist not caring about the safety &security of the British citizens - & crashing their economy also crippled the Monarchy's ability to serve the People❤.  #KnowTheEnemy https://youtu.be/NK0FNnTX6cI


#IsItAnyWonder why USA is in such a great mess? Churchill was an obvious Satanist not caring about safety &security of the British citizens - & crashing their economy also crippled the Monarchy's ability to serve the People❤ #KnowTheEnemy https://youtu.be/NK0FNnTX6cI

Watch "Former FEMA Officer Explains Wave II Hard Lockdown" on YouTube https://youtu.be/jt9ExjwOeik

     My impression is PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING, like Debora Tavaris does. Decide For yourself. Be patient with me. God isn't finished with me yet.

   Shared 9/10/2020

Prepare your children! #Homeschool #DoNotConsent says @joeimbriano777 30 min https://youtu.be/jIGKovqdLfg


Trump defends lying to America #AllTreasonistsMatter https://youtu.be/5ADQhOChYTU

 @Elleon DeMuskeres  BTW, I just tweeted this so I'll share it here. Satanism is active through DECEPTION like Trump and many others use; and They are trying to convince us that we are ruled by dead people #SatanicUnderg round #WeDoNotConsent #PLANdemic by #Truthful Spirit

     How many mayors ate in the USA? Thousands!

@FallonTonight Freestylin' with @theroots #NFL style https://youtu.be/xccEsFOi3kA

ᗰᗩᖇIᗩ Cross mark Flag of United States Flag of Italy Crossed swords𝕸𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖓 𝕷𝖆𝖇⚔ ✶U͓̽S͓̽A͓̽✶


Aug 10


DO YOU KNOW HOW TO IDENTIFY A CHILD VICTIM OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING??Down pointing backhand indexDown pointing backhand index #SaveTheChildren

NAT'L HUMAN TRAFFICKING HOTLINE 1-888-373-7888 https://pic.twitter.com/qjYg9PuB9X

Replying to @Amz_Grce

       But Trump allows the sexual abuse of kidnapped children bc #AllCIASexTraffickersMatter and #USSupremeCourtJustices proselytize paedophilia! PubliusRoots.com

JUSTICE RISING Webinar 12Sep2020 - Part 2

Benny Wills on YouTube, bennywills.com.  S atanic U nderground! My comments with this keep getting deleted! THEY are the wicked terrorists who will implode- AWESOME POEM❤❤❤❤❤❤


Who controlled #VietNam? At 15 min they explain not only did #Japan have stakes there, but #France did as well under "Vischi" control-no mention of Isreal, which wasn't even a gov yet but I see many ignorantly blame isreal for historical events that can't apply. https://youtu.be/or-60yByV24

"A Sign Of The Times" says Joe Imbriano 38min video 9/14/2020 https://youtu.be/CgaX3fbjqDo 

      Shared  in a comment: Peggy Half'website: TheHealthyAmerican.org

@BLU_Products Please tell me why it's so important for you to deprive me of the use of my phone to FORCE me to add aps-which I can't add if I wanted to bc I get nefarious messages that my phone is out of data even though I use a 32Gig SD card. WTF

Sociopathic minds create mines! https://youtu.be/QP0c5_GlAco

@joeimbriano777 @CorbettReport @Diamondthedave @mediamonarchy @truthstreamnews @BovierDon

At 47:47 "By altering language, we can reshape thought" Good or Bad? https://youtu.be/31CcclqEiZw

@joeimbriano777 has emphasized: Remember 3 years ago when #BillGates WARNED a synthetic virus would be hitting us? Says @truthstreamnews  #WakeUp!

Considering the fact "Archie" may have come from George  Soros' "Bend The ARC" which probably has Satanic meanings including Bend American Republican Committee, #ChildrenArentCurses #NoSatanistsMatter #RemoveTrumpNow https://youtu.be/67ngi-jwM5I.




Sep 14

People believe this propaganda? twitter.com/nypost/status/…

Quote Tweet

New York Post


· Sep 14

Anti-maskers forced to dig graves for COVID-19 victims in Indonesia https://trib.al/Xq6qzXH https://pic.twitter.com/kktQX5Srxj

Replying to @zyntrax and @reallygraceful

        Barack Obama is always up to no good in Indonesia- Bill Clinton enjoyed the mass murder of hundreds of thousands in geoengineered tsunami! #KnowTheEnemy

@CorbettReport. - Is there a flu shot for COVID? Ans:  Does your car need a flight plan? https://youtu.be/JHoxsSK_DXo 

@ColinPowellCCNY - I'd be shocked to find out this speaker is related to Orin Harari (RIP) bc he says humans will be replaced by other data systems. #SiliconValleyIsNotGod https://youtu.be/UTchioiHM0U

Plannedopalolis 14min cartoon video https://youtu.be/TNpuGhYzWWQ.

strange name since Hitler's civil military machine were the SS:


@thehistoryguy 15 min talk about the WW2 ship SS Texas -  https://youtu.be/J47_JM3ctcY

50 common gestures #WhatDoTheyMean https://youtu.be/Al0kQxMhyq0

@sundarpichai My devices are being hacked by GOOGLE VOICE! The interfere w my typing, especially! I have to keep yelling at them to get off &they try to download their Google Voice App! It's nothing more than a spy machine!That's illegal what they do! @JimPressOffice  @ae911Truth

4pm 9/17/2020


Part 3 - An ARCHITECTS GUIDE To 9/11

With Richard Gage of AE911Truth

Hey, Scotty! I didn't realize I was worthy that much! 😁#Penny @Scottymechanic 🏆https://youtu.be/s9gOYvtdLdY.




#17Sep2020 video shows fraudulent company trying to make me believe they are Iolo until I confront their fraudulent practices. 

Pam Resists




Trump wants to change school curriculums to be more “Pro-American.”

The history they teach isn’t white enough already?

Replying to @ResisterForever

      @BrElizabethII @VladimirPutin24





And who are you? The fraud by the name of #PamSherman or #PamJohnson who started the fraudulent #ShermanCompanies? And no doubt #TrafalgarGroup is doing the same NWO #Illuminati thing!





Goldman CEO David Solomon Tries For Second Time In 3 Years To Sell $25 Million Aspen Mansion https://zerohedge.com/personal-finance/goldman-ceo-david-solomon-tries-second-time-3-years-sell-25-million-aspen-mansion

Replying to @zerohedge

     MTW creator (Rod Solomon, History major who didn't take final at Stamford U bc he paid someone to do his homework) of the HUD "demonstration" (WTF) that's run like a program til it comes to enforcement (N/A). MTW sound familiar? Are they slipping out $ to transgender the boys?

Assault Helicopter companies from WW2 by @historyguycom https://youtu.be/q9avXEVQ7AQ

Lasers 🔥are something Trump 😈 loves. His uncle made them his whole career. Dr. Michio Kaku knows all about them: Gas, Chemical, Excimer, Solid State, FEL, and a new one that generates ultra light waves, SASER Tech.


Trump considered cooking protesters for lunch. https://youtu.be/eMPwgRIQGjM

@FallonTonight❤ visits with @SethMcFarland❤ as @PAllenSmith❤ shows the difference in soils...oh that's a different unearthed. 🌻https://youtu.be/ieOP2DaB2vo 


Mr. Frito Olay talks about his career and rear with 10 pound horn. https://youtu.be/U3t1Rz0iP5U

Corey R. Lewandowski




Had a great time celebrating my birthday while opening the ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ field office in Salem, NH with so many great volunteers.  We will win N.H. and send ⁦@POTUS⁩ back to DC for Four More Years! https://pic.twitter.com/osHqT5jUBP

Replying to @CLewandowski_ @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS


@BrElizabethII @VladimirPutin24



New Hampshire is important to the political Satanists bc THATS where the Federal Reserve set up shop! #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden 

CNN International




Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of America's billionaires saw their fortunes skyrocket over the past six months — while millions of Americans are now earning less than they were before the pandemic began, according to a new study

  Reply to @CNN

@jimpressoffice - CNN an listening to @reallygraceful and @CorbettReport bc they would have reported this info ON TIME! David, meet Goliath! #COVIDOCRACY

@joeimbriano777 @TruthstreamMedia @jeffsessions


30-min lecture on the #Phillistines by The #StudyOfAntiquityAndMiddleEast https://youtu.be/VHlcn8uYcfo

@wuauquikunaoff1. - In The Forest 9/20/2020 @FallonTonight @theroots @jimmyfallon https://youtu.be/3bQ7U68q1KA 

@VladimirPutin24 awards #HerbertEfrimov scientist/ inventor for military https://youtu.be/WcjJQ2z2yCE.

@HassanRouhani @Iran - it appears many FAKE accts on Twitter, created by CIA, on beloved General #Soleimani yet never did @CtrlSec warn us of any fake accts HE created Check out General Qassem Soleimani  for example.

No he's NOT sorry. @Scottymechanic tells you how to hunt for a hybrid. Green and fast #FollowYourDream https://youtu.be/PNh7Lgsi_Gc.

Shared 9/20/2020

@RealDutchsinse @MaryGreeley @truthstreamnews




#SangayVolcano just erupted! #HotOffThePress by @Diamondthedave Also see comments if you have time https://youtu.be/luv0kfghR4M


Unexplained Natural Phenomena - but he forgot to mention @FallonTonight @theroots @jimmyfallon https://youtu.be/w8Z-W5Gnjf8

@AE911Truth - Interesting Comments! The architect was #JulioGomezTreville and original idea was designer of PeeWee's Playhouse,  #@GaryPanter

@KBCCreations shows how to make a Cutting Mat to use on your craft work table for $10! What neighborhoods would get excited to form craft co-ops just watching Kelly- she's "stinking amazing"! If you watch her videos you'll know she says that alot. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/9CwkunLGhPc

Take 13 min to watch @KBCCreations video on #Dollar Tree September 2020 finds https://youtu.be/VcipRRV80Ag.

17min DIY cake topper video by @KBCCreations "I want my Mummy" lol https://youtu.be/_gQoo2B3FUo

Columbus finally discovered America in his pocket 9min video. https://youtu.be/kpIfoQyI8xE

28 Colorful, Quick, Cheap ways  spruce up your stuff!



DIY using a napkin for design #applique @KBCreations https://youtu.be/3NZbjdZHV3E

Chris Rock tried   Cardi B into comedy says @ChrisRock on @FallonTonight


Speaking of CLUNK...

This is attached to a little rock I got at a church bazaar:

I'm a little prayer rock and this is what I'll do,

Just put me on your pillow until the day is through,

Then turn back the covers and climb into your bed,

And WHACK! Your little prayer rock will hit you on the head.

Then you will remember just as the day is through,

To kneel and say your prayers as you had wanted to.

Then after you are finished just drop me on the floor.

I'll see you through the nighttime to give you help once more.

When you get up the next morning, CLUNK! I'll stub your toe,

so you'll remember your morning prayers before you go.

Put me back upon your pillow when your bed is made,

And your little prayer rock will continue in your aid,

Because your Heavenly Father ❤ cares and loves you so,

He wants you to remember to talk to Him, you know. 🌻

Ford announced they are making an electric F150. Says @Scottymechanic https://youtu.be/fno4CVH_9m8

27min video  on ABC's of modern car engines by @Scottymechanic https://youtu.be/vIUoCLEkl2s

Tweet, Share if you agree:

The DEPRESSION Was a REFLECTION Of DEFLECTION! Did we learn anything collectively? NO. We continue to Bend The Arc and Soros bragged with his "Bend The Arc" PAC! Stop bending the Truth! The business world is designed to be parasites TAKING 💰 Money, not MAKING 💰 Money!   https://youtu.be/x6DRBURPlxI

Shared on YouTube

Florida Marquis

Alert Apollo Mission Now Complete ...

   Bright Side's bright side is his back side!


My comment:  I would cuss the guy out who made this video. Obviously the voice is automated. QUEEN ELIZABETH IS TREMENDOUSLY TALENTED AS WELL AS BEING A GREAT LEADER. EVERYONE WHO LIVES AT WINDSOR PAKACE HAS TO STAY UP UNTIL THE QUEEN RETIRES. SHE WORKS UBTIL 10-MIDNIGHT. PRINCESS DIANA USED TO COMPLAIN AND GO TO BED INSTEAD OF WAITING FOR HER. DIANA WAS A VERY RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL PERSON-Set to take down the Monarchy. Fortunately she was saved literally and had a gender reversal. Diana is still alive - back to being a male. I know who, too, but someone like you is hell-bent on showing disrespect. So a good WTF to you, Sir.  How do you think Prince Charles felt when he thought he was marrying a virgin? This was a huge EXTORTION BY THE ROTHSCHILDS. I WAS NEVER TOLD TO END MY LETTERS WITH "Your Humble Servant" and I have the book "The Servant Queen" - she serves the people. Always had and always will. So open up your big fat brain and put some knowledge in it. God Save The Queen!


Carol Burnett Show 26Mar1977

I  just disconnected from the server and can't share  link

At 55min--can't fool me! They were lipsinc'ing! 

@FallonTonight jam with BTS https://youtu.be/y5g-PTeDkwY

Jimmy Fallon interviews Jim Parsons https://youtu.be/3WhmBG86EGU

Two kiwis help you sleep https://youtu.be/KY6aVX8doSU


How to as Perfect Cell from Dragonball. https://youtu.be/5qbC_IfqWCQ


A thought I've had involves our breathing. If one has asthma, for instance, they wheeze and ancient peoples may have thought someone, aka demon, was inside them and it had to be destroyed. Other lung conditions such as flu or pneumonia may even produce an even more pronounced sound simular  a human scream.  Thus a cause for such violent behavior on villagers. They may have believed that by eating them they are giving them eternal life. In the Bible, Christ tells his disciples to Take, eat. This is my body which is given unto you.... How did THAT ritual influence them? I just don't know. There are historians who believe that Christ's holy grail was actually brought to America. That this country was actually inhabited more than realized. It seems to me there has not been found any catastrophic circumstance which explain the complete wipe-out of the Anasazi's. Therefore, I wonder if their population was so small that they decided to join another tribe. https://youtu.be/7BLKttn_cS8

The Origins Of Dracula


   Read comments. They are quite interesting.

My comment: So the first vampire was found in Connecticut, known as "JB" ...and they moved his dead body to Washington, DC...and New England is basically the origin of vampires, witches, Satanism...This "Folklore" is indeed cultish. They drink blood, sell adrenachrome even online, they were obviously the ones who murdered Yale scientist Annie Le, doctoral grad - yet got the courts and media to lie about the facts to frame her co-worker and friend Raymond Clark! He pled not guilty yet after locking him up for two years and terrifying him that Judge Blue would be tough on him like he was the REALLY guilty Steven Hayes (who EQUALLY kidnapped and murdered the Petit family burning them alive - the mother was still breathing because there was smoke in her lungs) yet those two bastards who were hired by the "folklore" Satanists had their sentences reduced to life in prison thanks to Satanist Atty Bansley for filing a bogus lawsuit on the state to remove the Death Penalty. And Dr. Petit lived happily ever after marrying his NIECE who was spitting image of Jennifer Hawke-Petit, whose father was a very loving Christian - retired minister and both he and his wife attended every day of the trials- which the court erroneously split up to get more publicity. And the day Blue-Who sentenced GUILTY-As-HELL Steven Hayes to death, Raymond Clark was tormented by the shill of an attorney who got paid big bucks for sabatoging Raymond, who did not have anything to do with her death. He wasn't even working that day and they had no videos of him in the building! The police botched up investigation more claiming they couldn't find her body for 5 days, failed to keep the garbage container to investigate for EVIDENCE (the refuse service picked it up without disputing WHY the police did not have it taped to save for evidence) and THERE WAS NO TRIAL. THEY OBVIOUSLY HAD RAYMOND DRUGGED AND TERRIFIED ENOUGH TO CHANGE HIS PLEA TO GUILTY - and the MSM lapped it up like Vampires lap up blood! The media reported her body was found in the wall of the NEW SCIENCE BUILDING which was a lie! She was chopped up and in the large maintenance tool box, so why the hell didn't their cadavor dogs find her? Because she was taken out of the building by Satanists, tortured, hung upside down to drain her blood, decapitated and chopped up! I spoke to the close friend of her France's best man-the wedding was supposed to take place the next day! Annie Le's mother couldn't speak English so they had a translator in a CLOSED COURTROOM. I tried to be a witness but they only allowed a handful of people to MANIPULATE THE HEARING!  I sent a letter to Raymond and said I believed he was not guilty, was railroaded by the court and attorney, and would do what I could to help him. THEY CREATED THE GEOENGINEERED  HURRICANE SANDY, and then FAKE SHOOTING AT SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TO DISTRACT AS WELL AS BILK THE ECONOMY OF OVER 1 TRILLION DOLLARS. My letter to Dr. Solavay resulted in bad things happening to me as well as Mr. Clark, I expect - including taking the three or four letters I sent him and returning them to me. I was illicitly atrested, assaulted by the state trooper, Jon Naples (who shot an unarmed young man in cold blood in New Haven) and refused medical treatment because they routinely do this to lock people up and throw away the key. I could say so much more. My point is, BE VIGILENT. There are so many people tricking and manipulating. My father was murdered in 2000. My brother claimed it was a spiritual experience and my mother enjoyed making him die even though they were married over 50 years. The last thing she said to him was "I'm looking for a boyfriend" making my sick father cry. I hung up the phone for him. My brother said he was coming down to help me get him in a decent nursing home and killed him instead. DON'T TAKE ANYTHING OR ANYBODY FOR GRANTED. VERIFY DURING TIMES LIKE THESE. 

   BTW, Raymond was engaged to  Russian who came  US citizen. Joshua Komisarjevski was American, adopted  Russian actors, specializing  theater. No doubt this  a plan B - to build public hate aunts Russia. John Coleman  an obvious CIA psyop who biblically branded Russia as  enemy. #KnowTheEnemy

Laser Weapons would explain why Titanic was split in half and more. Watch this update. Joe Imbriano makes sense! https://youtu.be/zK_Gt9QbHhs

Joe said  here:  https://youtu.be/wQVCbTm0gCY

I like President Putin and I believe he is the best leader Russia ever had. He also gives tribute to leaders who were sabatoged, especially the one who was exiled.. I know he has a good sense of humor. I also know he cares about whether or not the public understands. ❤ And I don't understand this as a joke. No kidding. 😅  https://youtu.be/VgIczGJhfrY

Please Tweet

Twitter 😈pulled my Tweet license

Eeny meeny mini mena

I should've signed up for Peacock to see John Cena! @FallonTonight https://youtu.be/XTG_2XZxOkQ

Hello, you have reached the home of the Tweetie

I can't come to the city -

Right now bc I don't know how

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Could you also rumba

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#BTSAtHome sings for #FallonAtHome on @FallonTonight

September 2020 #1

The real #JoeBiden a known career criminal & one running  is probably a fake Biden! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020
"Biden/Harris - Non-Human Platforms - Transvestigation"  https://youtu.be/v5Oc22ulkT8


Still expecting "A Big One" on the West Coast USA says @RealDutchsinse
"8/31/2020 -- Multiple M6.0+ earthquakes spread along with M5.5+ worldwide -- NO LARGE QUAKE YET"  https://youtu.be/kSJxm_AbfQQ 

The Washington Times
More troops say they'll vote for Biden than Trump: poll https://washingtontimes.com/news/2020/aug/31/more-troops-say-theyll-vote-biden-trump-poll/
  #NoBiden #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 #ForegoElection2020 to stop #RiggedElections! https://youtu.be/v5Oc22ulkT8

History/Science discovery about Moses and The Ark:  Save this link, you should find it interesting. Moses and the Ark: https://youtu.be/enbdsdKfhFo

@joeimbriano777  just livestreamed 1Sep2020  PS:History/Science discovery about Moses and The Ark:  Save this link, you should find it interesting. Moses and the Ark: https://youtu.be/enbdsdKfhFo

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Dr.Monika Langeh

Then Medical profession is not suitable for her ..Gloves ??what about those who are wearing PPE kits for 24hrs??

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· 16h

NEET aspirant challenges HRD Minister, asks to write in gloves for 20 minutes. https://timesnownews.com/education/article/neet-aspirant-challenges-hrd-minister-asks-to-write-in-gloves-for-20-minutes/645784

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Reagan Battalion
Breaking: President

visits the sites of what was left of the “mostly peaceful” protests in Kenosha.

Reuters Legal
Convicted billionaire Ng Lap Seng sued over $1.9 million legal bill https://reut.rs/3gIU5La

Come&TakeIt Retweeted

Free Beacon
Media members were quick to accept Joe Biden's claim that he is "not banning fracking," ignoring past statements from both Biden and running mate Kamala Harris in support of a complete ban. Via


       Packing a Healthy Punch by @reallygraceful
Things I’m still thinking about: what are the chances you attend a r̶i̶o̶t̶ ̶ (peaceful protest) and all three people you shoot have done time in the slammer?

49min.documentary - ceremonial circle discovered. Used for thousands of years. "The Case Of The Underwater Stonehenge  | Time Team | #Timeline "  https://youtu.be/BRlhRWShfJY

So you hook up with a Florida attorney and have him promote Trump on your show, you promote Biden #CoveringAllBases but the basis of Truth - fakes/crooks!  #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 #ForegoElection2020 to stop #RiggedElections! https://youtu.be/v5Oc22ulkT8  

What's black and white nd red all over. Oreos dunked in adrenachrome.

https://youtu.be/p_rdIlh_eXs - Russia struggles with broken economy.

gpovanman гпованман
U.S. faces hurdles in trying to interfere in the democratic process of Belarus… https://reuters.com/article/us-belarus-election-usa-challenges/u-s-faces-hurdles-in-trying-to-nudge-belarus-toward-democracy-idUSKBN25T1QA?_ga=2.87494936.1210016362.1598709602-1883203223.1561593209

Replying to @gpovanman
       US should face hurdles in all their nefarious political DECEPTIONS! Including #RiggedElections

gpovanman гпованман
It’s all part of the script, yet I cannot but feel that Berlin is the unwitting actor in another US-led sh1tshow…

Replying to @gpovanman and @Russ_Warrior
       Well said! The lack.of accountability in USA leads to more $h1t shows, more disparity, more DEPRAVITY. The gap could be closed if they just IMPLEMENT the #ChecksAndBalances already in.place.  POPULARITY would not be a fake image, rewarding liars.

US Supreme Court Justices are proselytizing Paedophilia! http://www.publiusroots.com/2020/07/impeach-and-disbar-all-us-supreme-court.html?m=1   

September 2020 #2

Sep 1

#45 has appointed two associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 53 judges for the United States courts of appeals, 146 judges for the United States district courts, and two judges for the United States Court of International Trade. They are ALL white. #Vote https://pic.twitter.com/CGcitGN7Qs

Trump has been doing  all he can to incite a civil war, just like his Satanic brother, Obama! #KnowTheEnemy #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020
US Supreme Court Justices are proselytizing Paedophilia! http://www.publiusroots.com/2020/07/impeach-and-disbar-all-us-supreme-court.html?m=1

Jun 15

We’re partnering with @Casetext because technology should drive the future of legal research. More on why and what you can expect here: https://scotusblog.com/2020/06/scotusblog-is-continuing-our-partnership-with-casetext/…

Replying to @SCOTUSblog and @casetext
Online doesn't even.provide the real legal definitions when general public makes searches. It may be noteworthy if the US Supreme Court has credible subscriptions but consider the REALITY: US Supreme Court Justices are proselytizing Paedophilia! http://www.publiusroots.com/2020/07/impeach-and-disbar-all-us-supreme-court.html?m=1


Some NOTES I took from this video: https://youtu.be/vOPaNjd7ilE
Airing on PBS channel: short preview of Dillon's new documentary,  "Justice Rising" (He created "Loose Change" and he was only 18, 11million times it has been watched, so clearly at least 11 million have seen it) Jeff Campbell's body was pulverized in Building 7. (I wonder if they used laser weapons) Updates on details. This Project will be livestreaming  Friday through Sunday. 3 hrs Sat (3-6);'6pm.Sunday (Advancing Police State rutherford.org) and 8pm: The Library of Alexandria featuring James Corbett
Locate on.ae911Truth.org/justicerising


Recycle your bath towel or get one at GoodWill unless you're making the handbag as a gift

#AcousticMilestone -
Sounds At Seven
(Thur-Sun 7pm UK Time)
- This post was shared by #MotivationalDoc - The Seven Wonders Of The World 
gpovanman гпованман

Sep 1
“Nobody wants to enter into a conflict with China” whilst the US is driving straight into China’s backyard boasting that “one of its bombers can deliver more ordnance than an entire carrier group.” This just about sums up Washington’s mentality… https://reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-china-bombers/…

Replying to @gpovanman
   A number of cowards in Washington DC & USA should be taken out of society. @jeffsessions recommended Trump to give him military backup to make largest arrest sting in history. TRUMP PROTECTS THE CROOKS. Sessions was fired, the sealed indictments weren't served. 


"Justice Rising on 9/11 Truth - Richard Gage on The Corbett Report"
Don't Miss upcoming livestreams on.the weekend!

gpovanman гпованман

In a Novichok-obsessed West, this the first thing they would test. That it took two weeks to state this when Novichok kills in two minutes typifies the stupidity of this whole charade… https://rt.com/russia/499764-
      I think RT is funded by Trafalgar Group, like Politico and others. Trafalgar is part of the ILLUMINATI, Satanist Agenda, I bet. Helpers to ROTHSCHILD Empire. My impression. 

Thank you. @ae911Truth <3
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@Scottymechanic @FallonTonight
2+hr livestream.today. Part 2 & 3 wb soon. Then Sep 11-13: livestreaming ea day bc #WehaveAnswers #WeNeedJustice
"9/11: An Architect's Guide | Part 1: World Trade Center 7 (9/1/20 webinar - R Gage)" https://youtu.be/HRQBc9uV4gU


Watch "Anthony Miles’ SOUNDS AT 7pm 3.09.20" on #AcousticMilestone https://youtu.be/HxP_7AKkneM 


House Will Vote On "Historic" Marijuana Decriminalization Bill In September
@mediamonarchy @CorbettReport  #JeffCensored
I have my pro's & cons, worried about abuse of pot as a weapon even. Yet certain foods, such as a type of nut, can do great health damage, even kill someone by triggering a heart attack.  Our battles are many, & fighters are few.

To @bobforgovernor
There's #NoPandemic. With all due respect & hopes you became/will bc Governor, have you requested disclosure of real statistics? ie, total deaths in 2019 from Jan to June compared to this year? Is this just a dog& pony show? #coronaviris is on.the back.of cold medicine bottles.


September 2020 #3

Pam Resists

People, people, people.... If Trump is re-elected, this is the end. Even given all of the personal loss I’ve suffered, my heart has never been this heavy. Volunteer today. Register voters. Be a poll watcher. Offer to collect ballots & drop them in a secure box. Anything.

Replying to @ResisterForever

Don't Vote!
#NoBiden #1972 #CarWreck #Distraction #LifeInsurance #PayToPlay #RiggedElection #DevilsChessboard
#ForegoElection2020  to #FixThisNation

Watch "Joel McHale Says Ken Jeong Was a Terrible Doctor"

LIVESTREAMING NOW 3:48 GMT, 4:48 EST #Sep11 @AE911Truth
Watch "9/11: An Architect's Guide - Part 2 - Twin Towers' Explosive Destruction (9-10-20) Webinar - Gage)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/4ZZ9bJ5_uK0


Replying to @zerohedge

      LIVESTREAMING NOW 3:48 GMT, 4:48 EST #Sep11 @AE911Truth
Watch "9/11: An Architect's Guide - Part 2 - Twin Towers' Explosive Destruction (9-10-20) Webinar - Gage)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/4ZZ9bJ5_uK0
   @Scottymechanic LIVESTREAMING NOW please watch #Sep11 webinar by @AE911Truth
10Sep2020 to 13Sep2020

@CorbettReport @mediamonarchy @truthstreamnews
Capitalizing on #September11 aka 9/11  is as easy as capitalizing on #COVID19! And both have cancer patients!  Give me a 9! Give me a 1! Give me a WTF! #HailSatan cheer #AllTerroristsMatter

Laugh and The world Laughs with you, says @Scottymechanic and furry friends

@CorbettReport @shihokanzaki @Scottymechanic  - at about 1min20sec he mentioned Kioshi Kamura. Tadamasa Kamura, PhD gave me his work table before leaving CT after finishing a post doc Sociology project @Yale I lovel this table.'


September 2020 #4

The Patriot Act was written many years before 9/11, but the attacks on 9/11 were the perfect excuse for authoritarian rulers to further clamp down on Americans liberties and freedoms—and of course, invade the Middle East.

Replying to @reallygraceful
   We never get the Truth from Washington. I noticed @JimPressOffice of Wisconsin  wrote The #AntiTerrorismAct,  #NoBiden  claimed it was his when he conspired w CIA's #OKCityBombing planners, esp. Bill Clinton. Blaming terrorists didn't wash so they faked execution of #TimothyMcVay

Webinar livestream for today #September11 just finished. Please join @ae911Truth  tomorrow, Sep12 watch replays!  "JUSTICE RISING  |  9/11 IN 2020  (Justice Friday on 9/11/20)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Ev4fbIa-oJA

Watch "Relaxing Music" by @Wuaquikuna  https://youtu.be/5cN6hJVkyu0

Barrister and Attorney entered into US Courts, Nick Stoudy costs ONLY $500/hr to represent EXPERTS SPEAK OUT lawsuit against USGov about the Americans who attacked Americans pn September 11  - corporate attorneys charge up to thousands of dollars an hour!

   Posted on Facebook
Webinar livestream September 11, 12,-13 - It's not too late to watch today's! Please Join! #WeNeedJustice - I TWEETED this YESTERDAY: 
#September11 just finished. Please join @ae911Truth  tomorrow, Sep12 watch replays!  "JUSTICE RISING  |  9/11 IN 2020  (Justice Friday on 9/11/20)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Ev4fbIa-oJA 
Webinar livestream September 11, 12,-13 - It's not too late to watch today's! Please Join! #WeNeedJustice

CNN: Fact checking Biden's claims on the trade deficit, auto bailout and his yearly income.

Webinar livestream for today on #September11  Please join @ae911Truth  about 5pm EST, Saturday, Sep12 &watch replays!  "JUSTICE RISING  |  9/11 IN 2020  (Justice Friday on 9/11/20)" on YouTube

Watch 2min trailer "SEVEN: A Film by Dylan Avery - Narrated by Ed Asner" on YouTube https://youtu.be/w7peCaqUQt8 

Watch therapeutic entertainment for the timid ones.  #LearnToSayNo
"Miley Cyrus: Midnight Sky" on YouTube https://youtu.be/ENfK_AA6bz4 

Watch "The ‘dead volcanoes, calves and piglets’ behind the walls of Hong Kong’s prisons" on YouTube https://youtu.be/MOuviPq98zM

Watch "Brown Derby from The Carol Burnett Show" on YouTube https://youtu.be/3hzII8L2kuA 

TODAY, Sunday, Sep 13, Day No. 3 - LIVESTREAM of "JUSTICE RISING | 9/11 in 2020 (Science Saturday on 9/12/20)" by @AE911Truth @richardgage #SteveJones was fired by BYU after determining WTCs were #PlannedDemolition
#Sep11 - 9/11 morphed into COVID19

When Is Trump Gone?
4 Months, 7 Days, 8 Hours, 26 Minutes, and 10 Seconds

Replying to @DaysLeft4Trump

Watch LIVESTREAM NOW - or replay later @Wuaquikuna   "Have A Musical Sunday 🎶🎵" on YouTube https://youtu.be/dOjtgFMxEaY

You think YOU got problems!  "Tariq’s Irk List: No-Shoe Homes, Mostly Melon Fruit Salads" on @FallonTonight 9/14/2020

Rachel Maddow MSNBC




"Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow, confirmed that the planes are Russian MiG-29s, and also said the soldier on the far right in the ad carries an AK-74 assault rifle. https://politico.com/news/2020/09/14/trump-ad-asks-people-to-support-the-troops-but-it-uses-a-picture-of-russian-jets-414883

Replying to @maddow
@truthstreamnews - Two crooks running for President makes Washington DC happy because they can continue getting away with covering up #Sep11 - This news piece will be opportunity for Russia to sue USA when the Deceiver In Chief is at fault but USA will have to pay! #DontVote! 

"MONDAY MADNESS - JEFF C LIVE!" Discussion on Problems/Solutions in this world today. Be ready to get some laughs!  https://youtu.be/hqo63FiqdLY

Watch "IRS Auditing from The Carol Burnett Show" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Cw0aw-HZ2Qk

Nigel Farage
Back in the Channel this morning. The boats are still coming — the French behaved appallingly. Film to come later today. https://pic.twitter.com/3nYtPrvVxv

Replying to @Nigel_Farage
Is Nigel Farage stalking France? Or is he enjoying a yacht vacation at the expense of the company using a one minute blurb to use as job-related excuse? #Justwondering

She embraces life and fluffs off the strife #DrewBarrymoreShow  https://ew.com/tv/drew-barrymore-talk-show-promo/

#BlancolirioReport #Premier1Driver
Watch "What's inside an Airplane House?" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Pj7vnxe_Yd4 



September 2020 #5

I don't subsribe to CBS but commented on this 3min video
      What a f*cking liar! AND MSM doesn't ask why he speaks with forked tongue - but that's why Trump hired him! They all lie! #RemoveTrumpNow

Jansen's DIY called a lightbulb a boob. I tpld them TODAY I  considered their comment out of place & wrong..
The underlying factor is AI is programmed with nefarious social engineering subapps!'
"Terry Bradwshaw has a Reality TV Show & it's Awesome"  https://youtu.be/AEr8epq3XAU

Watch "9/11: An Architect's Guide - Part 3: The Twin Towers and Extreme Heat (9/17/20 Webinar - R Gage)" on YouTube https://youtu.be/Xjpr5PPQXNk 

@TheTcnightShow "Audience Suggestion Box: Jimmy Shares a Fun Fact About Himself"
Cobra Chai-Never Die!  https://youtu.be/IzBwQaJq5mE 

Watch "Thank You and Goodbye" on YouTube https://youtu.be/s9gOYvtdLdY

@CorbettReport guest speaker at #JusticeRising #September11 #AttackOnUSA
"The Library of Alexandria is on Fire"  https://youtu.be/c4ov9XPzw7s

One down, 8 to go! #ImpeachAndDisbar #USSupremeCourtJustices for proselytizing Paedophilia!
· 1h
Woah...Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead.
Everyone can reply

@reallygraceful  discusses "So You Wanna Take Down the Deep State?" #MittRomney #Monsanto #Baine #HedgeFunds and more https://youtu.be/caxOhKPfy3E 

Sundar Pichai
Saddened by the loss of one of our true heroes. Justice Ginsburg’s legacy will ensure that women will always have a seat at the table (and on our highest court) -- America is a better country because of her service.

Replying to @sundarpichai
    I realize you need to uphold your status, Mr. Pichai - yet while you are part of the solution, Sir, #JusticeGinsberg has always abused her position to.be part of the problem.

Watch @RealDutchsinse  "9/18/2020 -- Large M6.9 Earthquake strikes Atlantic Ocean -- Major seismic unrest spreading" on YouTube https://youtu.be/J4_wvZw3pqE 

@AE911Truth - I thought, #Beamer is #September11 passenger who may have killed a terrorist, saying "Let's Roll" which was pathetically usedBy marketing to entice buyers. #WhoKnew-I doubt #BMW #JustThinking
"Was I Wrong About BMW"  says @Scottymechanic https://youtu.be/DUCpMFzGOjo

Watch #JeffCensored
"FRIDAYS FOR FUN: JEFF C LIVE - BYOBB!" on YouTube https://youtu.be/_zv-9mrfuoo

LIVESTREAMING NOW 18September2020 9am CMT 10am EST @wuauquikunaoff1
Watch "Outside The City"  https://youtu.be/4N36fNHiwok

@DrewBarrymore interviews @jimmyfallon  "Jimmy Fallon is Starstruck By Paul McCartney"  https://youtu.be/JR4w5ZoWYHM





AOC: Democrats Should 'Radicalize And Fight' Following Ginsburg's Death https://zerohedge.com/political/aoc-democrats-should-radicalize-and-fight-following-ginsburgs-death

Replying to @zerohedge
    Kamala Harris is a dude. How about taking back our sexes = man + woman = all there is
And Joe Biden her running mate is a clone #Transumanism

My comment: Are you a criminal profiler? NO. SHARE THIS W THE EXPERTS! My initials are AMB-THAT DOESN'T MAKE ME AN AMBASSADOR. THIS IS FEAR PORN, a way to make $ like the National Inquirer. Put your big pants on. Prepare a petition to Petition2Congress!

Understand that someone got paid to write this. https://pic.twitter.com/CY8E86j7Uj
Understand that someone got paid to write this. https://pic.twitter.com/CY8E86j7Uj

Replying to @reallygraceful
    I've made humorous  comments about the Muslim and Jewish prayers helping the nasal passages. NSA picked it up from me and no doubt other harmless social clowns probably and created this BS.  #WastingGovMoney

Watch @artsimple
"How To Draw Vegito vs Zamasu | Step By Step | Dragonball" on YouTube https://youtu.be/nfQ6XCvoCRQ 

"Constance Markievicz and The Fight for Irish Independence" by @historyguycom
Don't Forget: Magellen TV has thousands of documentaries & History Guy endorses it.

Watch "Watch It Once TikTok Challenge with Jessica Alba" on YouTube https://youtu.be/wHz0p1Gdzv0 

Butterfly Hangout with @Never Skip Brunch by Cara Newhart | The Home Depot Kids Workshops https://youtu.be/Bm330-1NwLo

Listen to him explain Germany was Saxton, Find out what Russia and China were and what went on, why Odin was a key figure.
ROBERT SEPEHR" https://youtu.be/CQo3GvXO-VI 


September 2020 # 6

WIKI JOE - September 11 has morphed into COVID19
   One of my reply comments:
Please keep us informed! I'll sign a petition if it helps! They put BREATHING patients on ventilators after inducing propofal. My father was medically murdered by my deceptive Satanic brother who conspired with the paedophile priest  who my father told to stay away from him and me! That brother knew the priest broke into my father's apartment when I was at the nursing home. My out of state brother was calling around telling people lies about me, including he lied about our father - saying my father had molested me as a child and I liked it. I was never molested and my father was against molesting of children. He got other fathers in the church parish to go to our short-lived  minister's  home and ordered him to leave with his family that night or he will be arrested. The legal mess is designed to help paedophiles. That minister left with his tail between his legs yet his name was Blankenship and there were many Blankenships in Florida where my parents lived for 5 yrs. I think my father was poisoned, causing him to have cirrhosis of the liver. He wasn't a drinker. Just an occasional beer with friends. I left my job to help my father who was abandoned by my siblings. I thought my brother was going to make up for his neglect and instead he rigged it to kill Dad. He even bragged to me that he came down to make him die, yet told me on the phone he promised he would help me get him in a decent nursing home! My father was very abused there. He had heavy bruises all over and had to get to the hospital due to pleural effusion. That nursing home was even FORCING him to have physical therapy when he had blood clots and it hurt like hell!    I told them to stop!    They wouldn't because of the lies fed to them behind my back by my brother. My brother even had my father forced against his will to a hospice, getting the pulmonary specialist to take the chest tube out. Dad's lungs were clear. My brother lied to me that Dad's lungs were bleeding and the doctor ordered him to go to hospice. An outright lie to get me out of the way! How could he murder his own father who loved him? And my other brothers considered it all entertainment, one which probably figured, good he's dead, I won't have to pay him the monthly mortgage from buying his carpet business...and Obama rewarded him with a $500,000 grant for his business! I got a Pell grant to take more college courses and the two schools CHARGED me so they could double dip! So you see, they reward EVIL, and make life hell if you do good! I could say so much more!  I have nothing to do with relatives! I filed a formal request for investigation by the New Mexico Medical Examiner and they REFUSED, figuring they could use me to push for more MONEY because they said they couldn't afford it. I was later (about 6 months after I submitted my Complaint)  poisoned by lead in my apartment water in a building owned by a group of attorneys and had a heart attack!    They got it to leach from the lead soldering of the copper pipes, including getting the PH to be more aggressive with city water! 

@MaryGreeley reports "Many Missing and Dead From California, Oregon Fires, Lighting and Arson" ..The Missing were probably burned alive to ashes, like Paradise.  https://youtu.be/f6_4YvRl-tw

Corey R. Lewandowski




State Department reported Burisma paid bribe while Hunter Biden served on board, memos show | Just The News https://justthenews.com/accountability/russia-and-ukraine-scandals/monamholdstate-dept-feared-burisma-paid-bribe-while

Replying to @CLewandowski_
No doubt #CreepyJoe got his son Robert (Obama required fake public names of Beau and Hunter when he was VP) to #TakeTheBait bc that's the Satanic Underground way! #1972 #RiggedElection #CarWreck #SatanicSacrifice  #LifeInsurance #PayToPlay

Resp on YouTube about "The #Coronavirus tests were out on 2017"  .... @Jennifer Bellin  - Coronavirus has been around as a medical twem for cold or flu for years. REMEMBER, Bill Gates had it named Wuhan and the agenda was to blame bats instead of North Carolina, where the disease was created. YET, we dont have a pandemic bc I bet China intercepted, replaced it with a placebo to see Gates squirm #FollowTheCrooks the shut them ALL down. My observation. 

"We Can Win This Thing", says James Corbett  "Solutions for Resisting Technocracy"  https://youtu.be/FiYgo8ZYCT4 


September 2020 #7

      Oppenheimer Ranch Project
Dave just lost credibility...the "I have COPD" was the topper
   COPD, you say at about 4min. That's caused by a heart condition and it is life threatening and you should be at the least on oxygen if you have that. Yet you go hiking and claim to be in excellent health.  If you want to exaggerate, SAY you are. 

Pam Resists
Lisa Murkowski & Susan Collins say the next president should nominate RBG’s replacement. Insiders say Mitt Romney feels the same. Am I missing any other Republicans? Doesn’t matter. The only person I trust to add to the Dem votes is Mark Kelly who could be sworn in, in time.

Replying to @ResisterForever
- this "Pam Resists" is probably the Pam who formed crooked Sherman Companies which snatch using financial fakes, so.they can grab using nefarious collection.agencies! She also calls herself "The Urban Outlaw" - she sb disbarred! 

A Bradley https://www.PubliusRoots.com
gives and gives...and this time he's giving FIVE WAYS YOU CAN GET YOUR CAR FOR FREE!
If You're Not Doing This Before Starting Your Car, You're Stupid

Comment on Dutchsinse channel
 @James Jack  Drop the labeling. Dutch has claimed USA is using lasers but has to be careful how he says it because they will shut his channel down! He brings up topics and this gives 'us'  a chance to say what he's thinking. The thing is, there are other channels like vultures who can't wait to see him shut down. NOBODY'S LIKE DUTCH. WE CAN'T HAVE THAT HAPPEN.

I volunteered at a local petting farm and the paid employee would feed live nice to the snakes. She was a nice person but didn't realize how it affected the mice to see them picked out and fed to the snakes. I mentioned it and she placed a cover over their glass casing so they couldn't see. The mice were fighting with each other a lot, knowing they could be next. In USA, the Evil Satanic Underground is trying to get us to behave that way even though we don't live in a glass casing. We need to stick up for our rights! We don't need civil war, we need to petition2congress.gov and keep publicly expressing we're sick of their shit! Attorneys need to file lawsuits, and some are - believe me! Don't give up! Stand up for your country! Other countries like Russia, China, Iran, India - are forming alliances to take down WASHINGTON DC. THEY ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL! THE US SUPREME COURT JUSTICES PROSELYTIZE PAEDOPHILIA AS IF IT WAS AS IMPORTANT AS PHILADELPHIA! WTF

Stand up for your country! Other countries like Russia, China, Iran, India - are forming alliances to take down WASHINGTON DC. THEY ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL! THE US SUPREME COURT JUSTICES PROSELYTIZE PAEDOPHILIA AS IF IT WAS AS IMPORTANT AS PHILADELPHIA! WTF

The Channel Zer0 Podcast: Inception - The Channel Zer0 Podcast
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Unsent Tweets
Aug 24
#JoeBidenIsAClone “The Channel Zer0 Podcast: Inception" at https://buzzsprout.com/1280495/5132431-the-channel-zer0-podcast-inception

Replying to @channelzer0show
       I met the FBI Special Agent In Charge at #SandyHookShooting in 2008 - & found out in.2014 that HE was in charge at this CLOSED SCHOOL & he reported NOBODY DIED! One of the fake parents impersonated Agent Aldenburg, a federal offense yet Obama rewarded that bastard #DavidWheeler

Sep 19

Kentucky Man (registered Democrats) Found Guilty of Cannibalism Murder https://thedailybeast.com/joseph-oberhansley-found-guilty-of-cannibalism-murder-of-tammy-jo-blanton

Replying to @channelzer0show
    A LOT of politicians do same thing; they probably sacrificed this hired 'grocery shopper', aka kidnapper for Satanic UNDERGROUND, to keep heat off ppl like Hillary Clinton. Many politicians are CIA agents/operatives. #RonPaul has been an agent for decades, said Dr. Ted Gunderson.

@CorbettReport @MediaMonarchy
Was Justice Ginsberg, aka RBG, a clone?  See attached tweet from @channel0show




Sep 18

#RBGclone OUT twitter.com/Kabamur_Tayget

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· Aug 23, 2019

via #Neioh The clone of Ruth Ginsberg is going to be removed and it will be reported that she is dead. The news is that she is ill from pancreatic cancer and this would be the reason given to take her out quickly. Puppets and Players.


September 2020 #8

Sep 18
Next week Channel Zer0 returns to continue discussing the grand deception. New format. Hope y’all like it. #TruthMatters Let us know what we NEED to discuss below. We got you. #Patriots

Replying to @channelzer0show
@AE911Truth  - This cb a good time for you to pick up the torch to continue truth on #September11.  Subscribe to #AE911Truth & see their 3-day webinar. #JeffCensored did a great show nemorializing the thousands murdered, 2million Muslims murdered as a result of the #BushLie

Sep 12
Just gonna put this out there @channelzer0show @LocalPoliticsis @amb3629 @GovernedByFear twitter.com/JustTheNews/st

Just the News
· Sep 12

Chinese virologist says she’ll release evidence proving #COVID19 was made in Wuhan laboratory #JustTheNews http://ow.ly/SENo30r9vO7

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      @AE911Truth @Xi_Jin_Ping_CN
#WuhanVirus changed to #coronavirus probably bc CHINA intercepted #Agenda21 &replaced it w a cold placebo to watch #BillGates squirm when no #MassMurder. The Satanic Underground probably changed it2 #COVID19 as a 9/11/01 #September11 curse.

So nuch for having any confidence in the Zero Radio...obviously Chumps pd by Trump
Aug 24
#JoeBidenIsAClone “The Channel Zer0 Podcast: Inception" at https://buzzsprout.com/1280495/5132431-the-channel-zer0-podcast-inception

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     My response: @CorbettReport You support depraved Trump - impeached & should have been removed by the Senate? WTF!-He murdered General #Soleimani @QassemGeneral = ritual for #CIA psyop #QAnon founded on Q Street, Washington DC & wordplay for SOL (Statue Of Liberty) &ancient god name of SOL 

Shared 9/20/2021

Possible targets for taking revenge for Gen. Soleimani #Iran #IranVSAmerica https://theiranproject.com/?p=383912
Replying to @Iran

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You support depraved Trump - impeached & should have been removed by Senate? WTF! He murdered Gen #Soleimani @QassemGeneral = ritual for #CIA psyop #QAnon founded on Q Street, Wash. DC & wordplayFor SOL (Statue Of Liberty) &ancient god name of SOL

Allan Ewart 
 Bluecat Live
What's this? An egg and spoon race for cops? twitter.com/CalNoMask/stat

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Disgraceful https://pic.twitter.com/as0PRCd8Ei
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@BrElizabethII @gpovanman @kateyperryxx  - I bet this is the #TrafalgarSquare protest, & a doctor made her titled "speech" in a closet, posted it on YT, support of protesters she won't be around w comments turned off. WTF Communicate to your gov, 1st by Petition! #AllPensMatter

Watch "The Candidates' Wives from The Carol Burnett Show" on YouTube https://youtu.be/nOtUh7AURhM

Joe Imbriano gives half hour discussion on.Wi-Fi dangers
@joeimbriano777 explains in a half hour "The 60 Gigahertz And WiGiG Reality"  https://youtu.be/XvYwBGUevPw
TRUMP was impeached.They socially engineered ppl to.think Mike Pence was bad so Nancy Pelosi could have taken over. Their BS wasn't fully successful. Truthers like myself explained Mike Pence stated he disagreed with Trump firing Rex Tillerson in a tweet. Trump is a very evil person.and just for stating his opinion, Trump threatened Pence he would have him arrested for PAEDOPHILIA. He got his dirty technocrats to create backdated falsehoods in backdated publications! They do this as often as they can get away with it. My point was clear: none of this showed up in a background check before he


Watch "The Gordian Knot" by @truthstreamnews  on 21Sep,2020  https://youtu.be/CmS_SkinfxI
My comment:  For every negative, there's a positive. Story of the two wolves: good and bad. The one which grows is the one fed. The subapps that are created by apps are for nefarious purposes rather than checks and balances. Regarding this one particular issue, could they not create checks and balances? And also "fences" which remove nefarious subapps and apps themselves. Just thinking. 

"Polo G: Martin & Gina" on @FallonTonight Ten Stars!  https://youtu.be/9dhwE0nC_B8

@Scottymechanic  says That was then, this is now #ChevyTahoe #ChevyTrucks #LovemAndLeavem #savagescotty

@VladimirPutin's administration CELEBRATE and CREATE #Unity #Freedom #LoveForPatriots  "80 THOUSAND! Russia, China, Pakistan, Myanmar & Belarus Launch Massive 'Caucasus 2020' Exercises"  https://youtu.be/fGNBDEAels0

#September11 with @AE911Truth
"How to Save the Library - Questions For Corbett" on CorbettReport.com   https://youtu.be/jK_IyrwuaBA

I'm unsubscribing to Diamond

My comment: WTF - Peter Ridd is Australian, not American. I'm not impressed when you wedge in agendas, Diamond.  Also, T


September 2020 #9
I'm unsubscribing to Diamond
My comment:
WTF - Peter Ridd is Australian, not American. I'm not impressed when you wedge in agendas, Diamond.  Also, THE AUSTRALIAN COURT CASE WAS RULED ON BACK IN JULY.   https://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2020/07/23/peter-ryidd-and-james-cook-university-the-federal-court-delivers-a-devastating-blow-against-free-speech/

Australia is home of the NAZI party.


Hot dam, those RAMinals says @Scottymechanic https://youtu.be/yxBeZ8HG0Qc

How to draw Suneater @ArtSimple

Russia celebrates National Gunsmith Day along with completion of Hypersonic Avanguard missiles...

Harris is a MTW tranny..BTW, Patreon sabatoged me a few years ago involving the obviously CIA psyop with Newsbud. They tell me now I have an account, cannot change my password, and cannot support any channels. Patreon was recently sued and lost the lawsuit. The lawsuit is in the tens of millions - reported on Corbett Report in conjunction with Media Monarchy.
*Sorrows - SOROS -- let's call the whole thing off.
*If you "accidenally" AND "slip" - sounds like a double negative, speaking of "fault of language"

So much for "Intelligence"..At 2:48min he emphasizes his prejudice: "We are Donald Trump Stars" ..was this created by a subapp? I have to take the black and white of it. He may as well have added Bill Gates too. WTF to you, Sir.

Prepping a TAKE HOME BAG
My comment:  It used to be not anyone can  purchase a lockpit set. They have to be a certified, licensed LOCKSMITH for obvious reasons. Has that changed? If so, another "chalk one more up for the NWOs. They've been teaching computer students how to hack computers in colleges ever since  $1million was stolen from.IBM in the early 1980's. And don't forget what     Robert T Morris  did in.1989: destroyed all computer hard drives - EXCEPT FOR APPLE COMPUTERS (probably to roll out Bill Gates' Microsoft plan) which all had to be replaced. And don't forget the largest casualty event at the Kuwait/Gulf War was none other than "friendly fire" killing over 100 Division Artillery Soldiers. It's great to be prepared. It's also great to stand up to the #EnemyWithin yet mainly I see cowering politicians who "prove" their invincibility by bullying harmless citizens who practice freedom of speech because these politicians are corrupt as hell and the domino effect is a promise everyone gets a piece of the pie if they don't say anything - like what happened when Americans murdered Americans on September 11.

Just venting - don't take this as a personal attack, Sir.

@KBCreations #DollarTree basket weave using a plastic bowl as a base. https://youtu.be/yCe5WNMVu7c

The pandemic is a test run, says @CorbettReport   https://youtu.be/zGxy-dOvX0A

Fullerton Informer
A million burds drop out of the sky!  https://youtu.be/qe5VKMzjGr8

This shop pops! It's like an enchanted forest!

This 6min video blames Jews for everything he can. Very twisted!
See my comments on the video. Only a handful.of people compares to tens of thousands or more of government employees. No mention of Alan.Dershowitz and others. It's obviously a CIA psyop. Decide for yourself. 

End 9/24/2020 - shared on YouTube

Eggs are good for us says #MotivationalDoc https://youtu.be/yLl2YzJp1kw

Last but not least, see the centerfold in Divorced Dads Monthly   https://youtu.be/Qlm0s7yyTec

If I could tweet, I'd say: This Honda Civic is Scotty's  pick! https://youtu.be/Web4frLnvvU

Plane Confessions on the Carol Burnett Show https://youtu.be/l9tprWNM9eg

Lobster #HistoryGuy  https://youtu.be/2488Ib0HqQk

The Mystery of a castle on a castle https://youtu.be/a3rfmKZB2hE

Trump says it wont be pretty if he had to leave the WhiteHouse. LOL, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many of us will be mighty beholding if he doesn't let the door hit him in.the butt on the way out. https://youtu.be/zmEzNbEQGFw

The Battle of Wilson's Creek

A Message To Conspiracy Theorists. Ref to Dr. William Pepper (omg, I hope not the same one on MLK case!) https://youtu.be/K6RP8fEfpVU

So many twists and turns! Is that why they named  a tossed salad after Ceasar?

Phase 2-of South Kava Steel https://youtu.be/MzZSpxhdb9k

@CarolBurnett - 3min.video on how commercials affect everyday life. https://youtu.be/HG6O9MwXCLc

I couldn't tweet because Twitter is tormenting me still:
Don't take the cake and eat it too, says @Scottymechanic https://youtu.be/2DInXs4a7q8


September 2020 #10

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I hope this 1 1/2 min video goes viral!- https://youtu.be/u7TAGB97h-I

    Russia Insight
I hope they get the materials they need. I would tweet this but twitter is blocking me and I consider it wrong. https://youtu.be/aBTILUOI-vo


Ginko Biloba tree - lots of healthy properties! https://youtu.be/VYWKU3n895w

Neighbor's Garden  https://youtu.be/Qjkz-JW1R_g

Ad: homesteadproduct.com

Home in harmony with trees, city https://youtu.be/SUzc0Ut9X7o

Thank You Notes 24Sep2020 @FallonTonight  https://youtu.be/p1WiST9c2NU

     Iran's President speaks to.UN https://youtu.be/TwTy-qo0sfQ
General Soleimani was murdered by The SATANIC UNDERGROUND! Trump and Pompeo are Satanists! Lying AFTERWARDS that Gen Soleimani was the most dangerous person in the world - yet he was not even on the Terrorist list!
These sociopathic Satanists rely on words and numbers in deciding what to do then they campaign their actions creating PROPAGANDA which is DECEPTION!

For instance, SOL = Statue Of Liberty, which propagandists claim represents an ancient god from thousands of years ago, SOL. How stupid! Propagandists also had said the Statue was ISIS, the goddess of two sexes, etc

It just never ends with their lies!

They  just want to kill people to incite war! Their agenda:'"Who will we kill next?" They pick Soleimani because his name begins with SOL and they can create STUPID lies about him belonging to a cult, etc.

STUPID is Trump's biggest weapon! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020

I can't tweet this video because TWITTER erroneously blocks me and I will share my Twitter Grievance. They block me from.appealing too. ((hugs)) and hearts to President Hassan Rouhani's administration. My deepest respect! 

Excellent Reminder by @CorbettReport #FollowTheMoney
Video created in 2015

My comment on this video
You loste at 14min because teenagers need GUIDANCE. Parents did not say they do their thinking for them. They said "They need time to develop a value system"
That breakdown of parent-,offspring is a huge reason why this society is so damned corrupted and out of control!

9/26/2020 Update on global seismic activity https://youtu.be/wYwUJdmJpHw

Shared on YouTube 27Nov2020

I just watched this 15min video on fake  NASA by Florida Marquis: 1*~ALERT~*APOLLO MISSIONS NOW *COMPLETE..

#TheHistoryGuy Pere David's Deer https://youtu.be/uORWpJeWif0

America's birthplace. UNESCO. The Declaration of Interdependence 1976.

After you do your three S's - get THESE three S's, says @Scottymechanic #scooter #scanner #sunglasses  https://youtu.be/8jsqQGd1i5Q

Three ways to check for torn.meniscus by #BobAndBrad  https://youtu.be/roIUPicTXU8

Underground Survival.Bunkers with #KirstenDirkson https://youtu.be/EL7xW5zTh6M

P Allen Smith
Fall gardening and a luscious lemon-blueberry tart recipe. https://youtu.be/C8d1SFgJ4CQ

Lack of anger got USA into the mess we're in now. While people are meditating to make themselves feel better, they fail to hold others accountable - and that is the only way a free country can work well! Freedom isn't free!  

Bohemian Shmohemian
I thought this video strictly on the Bohemian Club had some value if you plug your nose when CIA shill Alex Jones comes on but Jones claims he gave the SECURITY a password or name of a Bohemian  branch called the  Hillbillies and they let him pass WITHOUT SHOWING ID. HOW STUPID. And later they claim some honorable leaders belong to.it - another cowpie in the face. I don't recommend this video. 

Joe Imbriano/Wiki Joe/Fullerton Informer: Blurring The Lines Between SciFi and Reality https://youtu.be/wQVCbTm0gCY

3min video by #JeffCensored - Trudeau Announces Great Reset https://youtu.be/c_ksdbCIEnA

How dry I am, how dry I'll be, if dry water becomes my pee.  https://youtu.be/cR4Mutf1kQg 

Metallic Glass is almost as good as Chevies made of Baseball and apple pie but soon.it will.find its way because Apple may be using it for their iPhones https://youtu.be/H6gJvYx6fJo

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(They pulled my Twitter license)
@Scottymechanic says the new Ford will be manufactured in.Canada, not Mexico, and I'm happy as a jumping bean about that. https://youtu.be/iwR4Kvgfpug

It's mine! https://youtu.be/i3EmNuhPHmE

This 2+ hr movie is #PredictedProgramming #WW3 - #WeDoNotConsent https://youtu.be/Iyy9n8r16hs

911 What Really Happened? See with your own eyes. 

The planners of 9/11 were mainly Americans, with partial funding from Saudi Arabia, possibly the Khazarian mafia as well -- which is why George Bush had A certain Saudi leader frequent his Texas home. Saudi Arabia recently underwent a regime change. The Neom Project. Find @ThomasWictor on twitter  fyi

     I don't think Prof Wicker is available anymore. He began having some serious emotional struggles a few years ago. 27Oct2020  


Documentary on Columbus discovering America. Spanish Queen Isabella was the most powerful leader in Europe in 1490's.  Wikipedia explains Columbus, an Italian borm n Genoa, moved to Spain. He was funded by the rich, Vatican-supported Catholic Monarch 4 times to sail across the Atlantic. (b 1451, d 1506.  See qa.answers.com/Q/Did_Christopher_Columbus_have_daughter_or_a_son FYI, in.1492, Christopher Columbus landed on an island on 10/11/1492; they called it Guantanamo but later called it San Salvador & his men kidnapped the Taine Indiana and sold them into.slavery -before getting to USA. Columbus also.quoted the Bible & was fascinated by prophecies. He was spreading Christianity. Historians claim he discovered Brazil)  Corn is the first feat of genetic engineering in USA. (A scientist at Yale University was working on his studies when I brought up GMO's.  Pationately and sincerely he firmly stated how foolish people are in buying into the GMO syndrome - that it's dangerous to health. The fact is, we've been genetically engineering plants since man began farming. And now, the testing of GMO's only assures the plants are guaranteed to be safe.)  Potatoes are another food staple for America in the 1400's.  And additionally, Turkeys are so cherished for food, South America had two festivals each year in appreciation of turkeys. Lamas were cherished for their due in particular. They couldn't be milked or used for riding. The Ice Age caused bison/buffalo to reduce greatly in numbers. Yet in.1491, an estimated 30 million buffalo roamed in N America.  Deer also were invaluable food, clothing, and other resources. Pigs were another resource. And fishing was a resource.

previously Posted 6/16/2018++++++++++ 


A new neural network could help computers code themselves

The tool spots similarities between programs to help programmers write faster and more efficient software.

By Will Douglas Heaven

July 29, 2020

Computer programming has never been easy. The first coders wrote programs out by hand, scrawling symbols onto graph paper before converting them into large stacks of punched cards that could be processed by the computer. One mark out of place and the whole thing might have to be redone.

Nowadays coders use an array of powerful tools that automate much of the job, from catching errors as you type to testing the code before it’s deployed. But in other ways, little has changed. One silly mistake can still crash a whole piece of software. And as systems get more and more complex, tracking down these bugs gets more and more difficult. “It can sometimes take teams of coders days to fix a single bug,” says Justin Gottschlich, director of the machine programming research group at Intel.

That’s why some people think we should just get machines to program themselves. Automated code generation has been a hot research topic for a number of years. Microsoft is building basic code generation into its widely used software development tools, Facebook has made a system called Aroma that autocompletes small programs, and DeepMind has developed a neural network that can come up with more efficient versions of simple algorithms than those devised by humans. Even OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model can churn out simple pieces of code, such as web page layouts, from natural-language prompts.

Gottschlich and his colleagues call this machine programming. Working with a team from Intel, MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, he has developed a system called Machine Inferred Code Similarity, or MISIM, that can extract the meaning of a piece of code—what the code is telling the computer to do—in much the same way as natural-language processing (NLP) systems can read a paragraph written in English. 

MISIM can then suggest other ways the code might be written, offering corrections and ways to make it faster or more efficient. The tool’s ability to understand what a program is trying to do lets it identify other programs that do similar things. In theory, this approach could be used by machines that wrote their own software, drawing on a patchwork of preexisting programs with minimal human oversight or input.

MISIM works by comparing snippets of code with millions of other programs it has already seen, taken from a large number of online repositories. First it translates the code into a form that captures what it does but ignores how it is written, because two programs written in very different ways sometimes do the same thing. MISIM then uses a neural network to find other code that has a similar meaning. In a preprint, Gottschlich and his colleagues report that MISIM is 40 times more accurate than previous systems that try to do this, including Aroma.

MISIM is an exciting step forward, says Veselin Raychev, CTO at the Swiss-based company DeepCode, whose bug-catching tools—among the most advanced on the market—use neural networks trained on millions of programs to suggest improvements to coders as they write.

But machine learning is still not great at predicting whether or not something is a bug, says Raychev. That’s because it is hard to teach a neural network what is or isn’t an error unless it has been labeled as such by a human.

There’s a lot of interesting research being done with deep neural networks and bug fixing, he says, “but practically they’re not there yet, by a very big margin.” Typically AI bug-catching tools produce lots of false positives, he says.

MISIM gets around this by using machine learning to spot similarities between programs rather than identifying bugs directly. By comparing a new program with an existing piece of software that is known to be correct, it can alert the coder to important differences that could be errors.

Intel plans to use the tool as a code recommendation system for developers in-house, suggesting alternative ways to write code that are faster or more efficient. But because MISIM is not tied to the syntax of a specific program, there is much more it could potentially do. For example, it could be used to translate code written in an old language like COBOL into a more modern language like Python. This matters because a lot of institutions, including the US government, still rely on software written in languages that few coders know how to maintain or update. 

Ultimately, Gottschlich thinks this idea could be applied to natural language. Combined with NLP, the ability to work with the meaning of code separately from its textual representation could one day let people write software simply by describing what they want to do in words, he says. 

“Building little apps for your phone, or things like that that will help your everyday life—cont'd... 


Intel plans to use the tool as a code recommendation system for developers in-house, suggesting alternative ways to write code that are faster or more efficient. But because MISIM is not tied to the syntax of a specific program, there is much more it could potentially do. For example, it could be used to translate code written in an old language like COBOL into a more modern language like Python. This matters because a lot of institutions, including the US government, still rely on software written in languages that few coders know how to maintain or update. 

Ultimately, Gottschlich thinks this idea could be applied to natural language. Combined with NLP, the ability to work with the meaning of code separately from its textual representation could one day let people write software simply by describing what they want to do in words, he says. 

“Building little apps for your phone, or things like that that will help your everyday life—I think those are not too far off,” says Gottschlich. “I would like to see 8 billion people create software in whatever way is most natural for them.”

MIT Technology Review © 2020

Supplies For Emergency

Supply sources:'Home Depot, Army/Navy stores, Amazon, Grocery, Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Store


Hand crank radio
HAM radio, such as Baeofeng
Water purification cups
Water purification/ionizers for largescale/community use
Amoxicillin for fish tanks  on chewy.com - make sure only  ingredient is amoxicillin
Coloidal silver
Cipro & Avelox - use with caution. Can cause nerve damage
Cod liver oil 
Baking soda
Baking powder
Petroleum jelly
Essential oils - people who use them now understand why
Distilled vinegar
Chapstick, lip balm
Salt - kosher, sea salt, Himalayan, Morton with iodine, even plain for industrial purposes
Boots to wear - get at Goodwill
Mylar blanket
Old towels
Saved nylons - cut up for many uses
Clothes pins
Dawn dishwashing liquid
Liquid handsoap, for when water is available
Syran wrap
Styrophome containers
Honey - pure, raw only
Masking tape - easy on skin as well as other uses
Camper tool - only $10 on Amazon, everything is right on it - handsaw, knives, can opener, hammer, corkscrew, more! Search Stansport Emergency Camper's Multi-tool
Murphy's Oil Soap
Gluegun, gluesticks
Charger, solar powered, durable - ck out 4Patriots.com
Distilled vinegar
Distilled water
Boulion cubes
Aloe Vera - comes in container, get on Amazon
Cayenne pepper
Faraday material incase of excessive microwaves
Trail mix
Napkins, they are cheap
Scott Towels
Superfood powders
Oregano oil for immunity
Ovaltine or the like
Kleenex - repack to fill boxes to max capacity
Dental tool kit, dental supplies
Exacto knife/knives
Box cutter, extra blades
Cordage, esp paracord
String, twine
Put together a bugout bag
Dry milk
Seeds to plant food
Propane tanks, camper size, for fuel
Pure vanilla extract
Coconut oil
Coal powder - used for dentistry, yet can absorb poison. Search "Squeaky Clean" on Amazon
Dry pasta
Instant coffee, postum, tea, cocoa, whatever you like. I recommend TEA - it is the healthiest. You can use tea leaves left from making tea - in recipes such as scrambled eggs
   Coffee can be made using grounds if you just have an.alum/steel filter to put over a cup. They make rhem, Starbucks uses them
   Coffee grounds are great for composting, wigglers and more
Hard liquor - "to wash and wear", LOL, old fogies understand
Consider community emergency project: tools, construction supplies, broken down cardboard boxes, etc
Sewing supplies - put together pill bottles which can be strung from clothes or bugout bag, etc
Petroleum jelly
Hydrogen peroxide
Empty jars, plastic containers
Medical, first aid - incl women's napkins - to use for bleeding wounds
Hunting/fishing supplies
Socks - esp wool, cotton
**Concentrate on dried foods incase there's a power outage. Trail Mix is really good for now and then. Keep a running supply.
Beef and turkey jerkey if you need your meat.

  This video list
Soap bars
    Zote soap is cheap, 2/$1
Toilet paper
Hand sanitizer
Olive oil, Crisco oil
Medications for first aid
Put together or buy a bugout bag
Gloves, esp chem resistant type
Medical gloves
Black Mechanic Dispisable gloves ~recommended by.comment 
Duct tape, esp Gorilla
Alum foil
Baby wipes
Rubbing alcohol, spray bottles
Coffee filters
Trash bags, incl very thick, compactor type
.....This should be alphabetized...take this and improve the list
  Place supplies in heavy duty garbage can with plunger - to wash clothes if needed

Bright Side thinks this is how millionaires live. https://youtu.be/VzJiHhzgtas

@freetofindtruth and there's the issue of who really was Jesus' flesh & blood father. I have concluded that Christianity is a brilliant social structure for morality, justice, love. Yet lately we've found some cracks. King James, for instance, was a very evil leader, who replaced Queen.Mary, his mother.
    Update'9/1/2020 ***

Fullerton Informer, YouTube
    grindall61 on YouTube, has some really good videos.

I'm not keen about the attacking of Jeff Sessions, who took down Alpha Bay and more...
I still talk to God, and pray when Joe Imbriano says a prayer on his videos. Joe is a very smart man and I hope he rethinks about Jeff Sessions, who.is a hero from.his service in.Washington DC. I may not always see eye to eye with Joe at times,but I've learned a lot from him and he has a big heart to be using his talents and making these videos.I disagree with those who have a religious formula that is required before God will answer.  Religion is for enrichment, not manipulation. 

Committee of 300 - friend or foe?

Is Dr. John Coleman a conspirator himself?  I now conclude a BIG YES! I began having reservations, yet when he claimed Queen Elizabeth is running a takeover of the world, head of the "Committee of 300" - who may just be the top leader of the world, so wtf - Im glad we have leaders! Doesn't mean she's an NWO. Her example as a leader is limitless.
I realized "Dr." Coleman 100% fraud. Decide for yourself. I want to make more notes but it's hard to find time - particularly to list names for interested researchers. But Coleman's book provides no list of 300, or 20 for that matter. What a waste of money! 

USA is a mess of crimes!

Is anyone doing the math in Satanic, deceiving  USA? The Russian Collusion story was concocted by Andrew McCabe and Rod Rosenstein! Jeff Sessions recommended Trump fire Rosenstein because of the fake Russian Collusion case and more illegal acts Rosenstein was committing! TRUMP hired DEMOCRAT Rosenstein for the obvious purpose of deceiving! Rosenstein is son of Heinrich Himler! Trump didn't want to fire Rosenstein anymore than he did  Bolton because they are crooks! Trump changed party affiliation just like Hitler did! The Satanic Underground ILLUMINATI planners must be taken out of society! USA is imploding on itself!  
Also, For instance, Mark Zuckerberg is probably Robert T Morris who destroyed tens of thousands of computers in 1989. Morris - Phillip.Morris - the name only reflects crimes, cigarette mfg, and Central Bank purchase, conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein, who I hope was executed, but they may have snuck him out of prison - And did they seize his assets? The Satanic Underground ILLUMINATI was going to be really hit by Hon. Jeff Sessions! He had tens of thousands of sealed indictments, preparing to make the largest arrest sting operation in history! TRUMP refused him military support to prevent civil war! Trump.erroneously fired Sessions! Trump harbors criminals because "he"  (probably transgendered when.a child) is a programmed Satanist ILLUMINATI member! Melania is definitely a transgender. Ivanna is a transgender. Wake the hell up, citizens of USA, because we are imploding on ourselves! Nobody cares about #MassMurder at Paradise, CA, using Boeing Lasers, burning thousands of people alive to ashes!

The Satanic Underground have a synthetic BEEHIVE through use of nanotechnology in their bodies, part of the transhumanism AGENDA. My point is, they don't have to discuss because some one or some computer tells them what to do!

RT, TRT - anything with RT in The channel name may be propaganda! Decide for yourself! 

Shadow Government and Deep State



CIA - Was created without Congressional Approval

CFR - Counsel Of Foreign Relations "Crucial To The Creation Of CIA"

MSM - Main Stream Media (Operation Mockingbird)

NSA - "No Such Address" ---kidding! ...National Security Agency. Directly Connected to Silicon Valley

JSOC - Joint Special Operations Command. This is the President's 'Secret Army' which can use lethal force.

 (SO did Obama contract out MS13, ISIS,  and other terrorist groups?) 

DNI   - overseas 17 Agencies 

DHS - Dept of Homeland Securty, falls under State Department. Hillary Clinton used it to secretly run guns into Lybia (Benghazi) 

DOS - he skipped this one. If it's Dept Of State, that's BS. Dept Of State, DOJ are over them. No more creation of czars! 

DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency 

NRO - National Reconnaissance Office

NCTC - National Counterterrorism Center

NGA - National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. "They gave us Google Maps" 

FBI - Federal Bureau Of Investigation


The System Behind Government

(He mentions Military Industrial Complex, MIC)

1. TREASURY - he doesn't say anything 

a. Wall Street - Finances Deep State. Many hide their money in offshore accounts (GHW Bush, Zapata Oil. Operation Zapata. Involved with the Bay Of Pigs operation, Cuba) 

b. Central Banks - Connect to an oligarchy, financial elites. "If you control the purse, you control the gov't"

2. Foreign lobbyists - National Council On Foreign Relations

3. MiC lobbyists - so influential, they should have a seat on Congress. ie, Saudi Arabia

4. IMF/World Bank. Global Economic System, NWO

5. Federal Reserve - not an agency. "They have no power to define National Security, but inappropriately refer to it." Their contractors make $billions. 

6. Defense. Contractors make $Billions

7. MICC Intelligence - nothing said

8. MIC - Military Industrial Complex. See next slide

9. CIA Secrecy Agreement with contractors means CIA now controls them. CIA controls media. 

   ..I need to resume this in a little later..10:10 am 5Feb2018 

Oops, I hope you have enough here to search and find the time to finish it.  3/11/2018 

  Slander of Judge Moore

By John Oliver 20Nov2017

This British moron is 1000% TRASH!  I.hope the DOJ goes after him! And is this the same station seeming to merge? Omg, this man should be sued to the planet Venus!

And offer a free one way trip for him as well!

Atty Gloria Allred was probably conspiring with Trump to make Judge Moore to lose election - spreading propaganda which Trumpty Dumpty knew was cooked up!
    The student had a classmate named Roy Moore. Judge Moore did not even know Allred's "client" but knew of her. A big WTF to John Oliver - he's probably busy now spreading fear porn on Trump's Wuhan-Coronavirus-COVID19 crap! All costing us much money! Seize assets and arrest the crooks!
  Alabama lost a great opportunity to fix, restore, maintain their state! Trump is a Democrat in Republican clothing = FRAUD. 



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