Pitstop October 2020


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Pitstop Of Information
October 2020 

My Blog has been fixed...I will add pictures when I can. 
   My Notes - copy and share whatever you want. Make it your own statement. I'm no expert. I just care alot. That goes for anything in my blog. 

LAWSUIT against the creator of the fake COVID-19 Test - this video is in German but the transcript is English. They provide link to download.
Search:  EXCLUSIVE: giant class action against German inventors of PCR test. No pandemic without PCR test.

       Antitrust attack, I responded this time: Get the hell off the platform I'm using, bastards! You're causing my phone to dusfunctiin is CRIMINAL!  

"EXCLUSIVE: giant class action against German inventors of PCR test. No pandemic without PCR test" ... Transcript of video in English is linked on video  https://youtu.be/LeTK-qZIPVA

BTS Home Premier from yesterday https://youtu.be/2rcKpY-4QBI

Youtube demonitizes his videos so THEY can snatch the adverting profits because he draws a lot of people! #blancolirio #PlaneCrash report C130  https://youtu.be/u19R0zfusiQ

14min video - she did a great job releasing the red tail hawk for #SouthwestWildlifeFoundation https://youtu.be/i2JfmnHUPVU 

Get down and Bacon! With #GlenAndFriends #CanadianBacon https://youtu.be/nBegNNZOAD0

Twighlight Zone is in the Twilight Zone - blames lasers on China in CA fires
Contrary to what this probable CIA Psyop says, lasers have been around since early 1900's or even late 1800's. Nikola Tesla was born 1856. He invented lasers to use to fix things yet OSS got hold of his parents, most of which were sabatoged and not even registered but it wasn't his fault. (Hillary Clinton specialized in patents to access as well as manipulate!) John G Trump, uncle of Donald Trump, made laser weapons his whole career - for OSS and CIA and dark ops of the military.
Twinkle Toes may be interested knowing what types of laser weapons there are:
Gas lasers
Chemical lasers
Excimer lasers
Solid State lasers
FEL lasers
Source: Dr. Michu Kaku. PhD Physicist

Just like September 11, and now Coronavirus Agenda renamed COVID 19 to remind themselves"we got away with mass murder on Sep 11, now 19 years later, time to ramp it up and kill millions" - but their created disease was obviously intercepted by Intelligence with a common cold placebo ...

Search: "Selective Constitutionalism and

How about the Bohemian Club secretly declaring

Satanism is Terrorism!

KBCreations makes a handy all-purpose surface with a family photo adhered to backing. https://youtu.be/81586gJZtRE

Atty Langemann #Coronavirus lawsuit #CarbonDioxide  https://youtu.be/55x3sCg64UU

Triplet eagles shot, one survived! He was just released by #SouthwestWildlifeFoundation https://youtu.be/u2sQo4AOc4g

2min warning - Jimmy thanks BTS and warns them: Don't Be A Stranger - ha! https://youtu.be/RHEqZSUWNTQ

Scotty says, get the BT460 tool, only $50 on Amazon or EBay - could save your life! And don't forget to get a good scan tool. https://youtu.be/JeD_ynjsot4

Moves like MICHAEL JACKSON! Great 😌 πŸ’˜❤️πŸ’πŸ’Ÿ❤️πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™♥️♥️ performance!  😊❤️πŸ’š #BTS @BTS https://youtu.be/lPi7cQGNqcM

Close The Door; I'm Hidin'

Charlie Chaplin character was first created to reflect HITLER. Some said the image was a funny HITLER; so my question is, was his character created to social engineer the masses to get used to Hitler?   Here are the lyrics, so glad you shared this piece, Derek. Thank you ❤️♥️πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ˜ πŸ’–πŸ’—❤️πŸ˜ŠπŸ’
Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through
For you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear maybe ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile- what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worth while
If you just smile
Oh that's the time you must keep on trying

Smile what's the use of crying
You'll find that life is still worth while
If you just smile

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Donna Lorraine Matthews / Justine Elinor Frischmann

Smile lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


FATHER and DAUGHTER killed when plane crashed 😭 - #bloncolirioreport

My comments:  Man, there must have been a distraction. Juan said they are considering hypoxia. Could there have been a microwave attack through internet? How can pilots protect themselves from such technocratic evil? 
Juan mentioned hypoxia is being considered. If he was having a stroke, his speech would be slurred. I hope they consider microwave attack via internet. Joe Imbriano of Fullerton Informer and Wiki Joe has explained what can occur. Yes, we are all potential targets. Here's one of his domains: WiFi dangers.com

Canadian bacon - now this maple apple sausage to die for. Yum! Fabulous-fabulous

15min overview of history of Adobe Acrobat companies. https://youtu.be/KWWg63ZwjQA

Nanoparticles eat plaque https://youtu.be/TNfYzima37c

Tesla to Mainstream autodealing? Can they pull it off? # ElectricCars https://youtu.be/TNfYzima37c
      The End 10/9/2020
   Shared on Jeff Censored's channel

Marlene Sorosky Gray
   Healthy πŸ˜€πŸ’— Cooking
52min cooking class 
   Plus this recipe I got on Amazon Prime Video with Olivia Newton John

Peanut butter muffins
   Raw Milk - 1c?
   Oats - 1/4 c
   Wheat Germ (presoaked in milk to suppress off-taste)
   2 eggs
   3/4;packed brown sugar
   1/4 c peanutbutter
    1c ? Whole wheat flour
       Best kind are stone ground
    1T bp
She mixed it using a mixer and scooped it using icecream scoop, placing in tins. Bake 20 min 350°
    "Kefir" is the cider vinegar "mother" which boosts our digestive system, resulting in boosted immunity

     Mentioned: Dr. Alan Green of Stanford University -  explained healthy qualities of peanuts: folates, vitamin B, resperitol.. 
    Thing is, CIA shill Christine Ford supposedly teaches there as head of psychiatric dept.
     Green tells story on his wife #BreastCancer - and frankly I give it no value
       Supposedly he had an "aha" experience that food can be toxic.
       THEY DONT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT Stopping Geoengineering, stopping Monsanto, etc - it's pancake, pancake, pancake

     Christine Margaret Blasey Ford is an American professor of psychology at Palo Alto University and a research psychologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She specializes in designing statistical models for research projects. Wikipedia.....

Speaking of peanutbutter,
Healthy 1932 peanutbutter bread recipe

How to make HEALTHY bone broth https://youtu.be/wgCTxJVWLFY

How to heal fast by "Collagen loading" https://youtu.be/7epTD_aAz_c

Making Milk Kefir - 5min video https://youtu.be/smOhRjm2BRo

You need kefir grains to start  making kefir https://youtu.be/rCWH2L4FToo

Glen And Friends
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving
Date Custard Pie


@Scottymechanic says Don't worry, the engine doesn't have two strokes but it has two strokes https://youtu.be/-sd9H3HELLE

Hopefully the Michigan Governor will be held accountable!
@StaticInTheAttic reports they arrested 3 people - supposedly plotting to arrest her - which is probably Operation #CoverMyAss!

Blancolorio Report
Old Glory plane crash - survivors: NTSB 'not doing their job'; Second plane fighting fires crashed before releasing the retardant. Pilot died. https://youtu.be/kT_IMnPTUAU

Static In The Attic
Militia plan to arrest MI Governor....
     My comment: She SHOULD be arrested! She's a pathetic liar for sure - claiming she was raped just to get votes! Her story has so many holes, a machine gun could do the same!

Video: John Todd Tape #1, Occult Q&A
My comment: Notes on n this video: Converted Druid priest was "Johnny Todd" ...Todd speaks of "We lose sight of who our Enemy is" Eph 6:12 quoted. ..a SENATOR got him off a federal offense which resulted in the arrest of a police officer.... he's had many attempts on his life, including bombs...It was after this he was framed as a rapist, imprisoned, then transferred to a psyche hospital where he was obviously murdered at age 58. The LA county has a very secret cult, the sheriff department calls "the occult squad". They told Me. Todd in 1973 -they had many human sacrifices!   Seven steps to "arra"...Temple of Diana is witchcraft. ..Council Of Thirteen...back of the $1 bill, a crest. The pyramid crest is Illuminati. The eye is Lucifer! 13 chairs includes one for Lucifer. Same system that Rome has. There's never been a US President of USA that was NOT Illuminati. "We got our orders from Rothschild Empire" ...eight year plan.... who belong to the CFR...Zionism is a fake image for the OLIGARCHS like Rothschilds! England is considered to the Rothschild witches as Palestine is to the US witches!...Movie: Star Wars..."The Force" is what the witchcraft is called. Bewitched is why witchcraft grew. ...Moriah is the occult part...CFR is Satanic..search Covin, by Tom Laughlin.... Mick Jagger sold his soul to the devil when he was in prison, got out and Rolling Stones did become the world-reknown rock group...DOA is a song reflecting the occult while tripping on acid!..The warfare is spiritual, not physical.. The Chart is the Illuminati Plan in 8 years...excluding China because they plan to wipe out China!...Jimmy Carter is why he became a Christian....he says some things that are hard to understand, inaudible. ..Jesus Rock music bordered witchcraft..a homosexual leads the music. Oral Roberts got out of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement so he may be a genuine Christian ....Nobody can be attacked by a demon, they chose to follow Satan...spell casting does not drive out Demons...Mr. Todd's wife is former Satanist, Lady Diana... Satanism practices sacrifices...Lucuferians are witches..Aleister Crowley was a master magician PLUS did human sacrifices. He claimed women had to be bisexual....Neman in the Bible sacrificed babies... Witchcraft teaches there is no miracle salvation. You are what you are (ironically they push transgendering children) ...The occult teach good health... witchcraft teach paganism. They don't like living in the country..They use drugs. .
The M o r m o n s are counterfeiters!
Charles Manson belonged to the Suicide cult... Carter's campaign manager pushed gun control as part of the Illuminati plan! Rothschilds plan! M O R M O N S  do not believe in born again experience, don't believe in the Second Coming...JFK was a Satanist yet shortly before he was murdered Converted to Christianity, based on insider info. ...Continued on Part 2....

Technology superior to 5G? Safer? Why don't they file suits then, to save the public? Doesn't the website name speak for itself?
      My devices have been compromised - most likely because of my maintenance service (CIA rearing its ugly head!)
   I found this link but I now get a message claiming it is a security risk. WTF - this maintenance service has turned into a destructive service! This article is a review of that "new technology"

The Brothers; John Foster Dulles and Alan Dulles
Speaker: Steven Kinzer
(I don't recommend this video!) https://youtu.be/I6aV-fUnb1M

This speaker is definitely a Psyop created by CIA, a WTM transgender! Wake the hell up, people! Decide for yourself. The person who created the totally bizarre HUD "MTW Demonstration" which most Section 8 administrators don't even use because it makes no sense (Move To Work - Demonstration, not a Program = WTF) is a MTW transgender! Goes by Rod Solomon, no legal degree. Attended Univ in CA-Berkley, I think. High grades in history but no freaking degree because She-man paid someone to do her homework as she was being spayed for CIA and created into a human puppet, programmed, probably chipped as a transhuman. Wake the hell up, people!

Comment 1: There are way too many speakers with hot air! Jackie Kennedy was a MTW transgender who JFK deliberately married to appease the Satanic Underground TERRORISTS! Joe Biden allowed or participated in causing the car wreck that was obviously meant to wipe out his whole family. The two boys were severely injured but no big deal, it was more important to Biden to be at the ceremony when the President was inaugurated and when the elected officials took oath - before anyone realized the Delaware election was RIGGED obviously! He could have delayed taking oath to be with his two boys - Joe Biden III, and Robert Biden --who lost their mother and baby sister - and why was Biden more excited about being the youngest senator in history? What did he owe the election riggers? When did he get the life insurance and why didn't anyone pay attention to investigate--particularly since Joe Biden II lied about the car wreck with a different story every time he talked about it!
About Alan Dulles: JFK fired him and it was time for payback. The Satanic Underground is filled with hate and they regularly murder their own as they see fit. JFK had to have been a 33d degree Mason since the Satanic Underground promise that. His marrying Jackie was an obvious requirement. Additionally, according to a former Illuminati witch (high rank) John Todd, to get that high degree they have to murder someone. John Todd saw a politician do just that. The person was tied to a table, defenseless. I think it was McGovern who did that, using a knife. The depravity in Washington is very deep and longstanding! This video is just another opportunity to keep the corruption going! John Talbot's book titled The Devil's Chessboard, is reverse psychology, a Psyop. Research the so-called good people he mentions. It will make your head spin!  DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. I base my opinions on what I have learned.
     2d comment: @danceofthedead979 - he doesn't elaborate on Alan Dulles, CIA Director and his Bay Of Pigs operation, because this "lecture" he gives is ed and most likely he's a CIA Psyop or asset. Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset. He created the womd factory for CIA. GHW Bush paid "mercenaries", aka terrorists, to buy up the womd and hide it in Syria. Colin Powell was blocked from investigating Syria. After all, President Assad and his predecessor were supposed to be terrorists = lie! Syria was on the list of the 7 M.E. countries to wipe out. The Bohemian Club declared a Declaration of Interdependence in 1975, the bicentennial of the birth of this government. (Main Sources: Truthstream Media, Corbett Report)
Feel free to copy anything from my blog. The dirty politicians are always doing bad things to me. And that includes altering the format of my blog, deleting all my pictures. Well, if you feel so inclined, they are probably easier to copy. Save on a flash drive. analyze later. Make the information your own - I'm just sharing notes. PubliusRoots.com
My Twitter address is @BaiAnNa2014
But Twitter suspended my account claiming they are enforcing the Election, which is completely uncinsty, but don't expect the US Supreme Court Justices to care to do their job. They're too busy proselytizing Paedophilia!

Posted 22Oct2020###

     Another comment on above video with WTM transgender speaker: @Brent Page - most likely Illuminati, which includes CIA - who imploded The WTC, murdering thousands of people (please join AE911Truth org, subscribe to their channel.  See my other comments here. FYI, understand the Beast, CIA transgender people to program them to socially engineer....this speaker is an obvious WTM tranny! Probably a transhuminist, microchipped. This growing population are the "aliens" that people say are on the Earth. My opinion. Decide for yourself.

John Talbott, who nefariously wrote The Devil's Chessboard, is a WTM transgender too, I bet. Watch a video. I didn't pay attention to the looks, was busy doing other things but frankly he delivers a huge pile of know-nothing shit. The people he thanks in preparing the book are suspicious people!

Pence said Soleimani was a Terrorist Jan, 2020 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2020/01/03/us/politics/pence-iran-factcheck.amp.html

    It is obvious he was given bad intelligence. Soleimani wasn't even on the terrorist list when I checked.

Choo Choo's Story
Moonkey trusts her so much he's spoiled. https://youtu.be/AA_dmwviQDc

    Chucky's face injury is healed https://youtu.be/Ezv0arUj1pc
       LoveNuts https://youtu.be/LL4lZh4HeE8

@KBCreations - decorative mirror to hang over a boudoire in your dining area, etc.

   Christmas tissue box https://youtu.be/GlATXEKkgs8 


Twitter suspended my account..12hrs... 2 weeks... 5 weeks and counting! They won't let  me appeal, either- even though they said I could. 


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@zerohedge @Xi_Jin_Ping_CN - How much has Disney donated to China during emergency situations and how much does Disney kiss up to Trump? #USGov #MoneyIsTheirGod #DontVote #NoBiden #RiggedElection #PresidentPenceSeptember2020

8:04 PM - 10 Sep 2020


@IngrahamAngle #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden #DontVote Voting is considered so.superfluous that even a US President NEVER voted in Presidential Elections! I think it was #Eisenhower

7:13 AM - 16 Sep 2020


@AIIAmericanGirI @chicksonright An impeached President sb removed by Senate! The Senate decides on.punishment after Congress Convicts! #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 #DontVote! #RiggedElections are ILLEGAL YET THEY HAVE THEM AND KILL PEOPLE to.implement their satanic organized crime!

2:02 PM - 20 Sep 2020


@DaysLeft4Trump #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 #NoBiden #DontVote! #RiggedElectiom!

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#JoeBidenIsAClone #NoBiden #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 #DontVote "cloning is joe Biden a clone?" on YouTube https://t.co/cHIzwJKO43

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@zerohedge This Biden is NOT the real.Joe Career Criminal Biden, he's a fake Biden which has the capacity to be even more evil! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 #DontVote

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@missouriscout There sb no national election! Trump was impeached! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 #NoBiden I'm not voting!

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@MustangMan_TX Trump was impeached! #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden #PresudentPenceSeptember2020 to #FixThisNation #DontVote #RiggedElections

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This is a REFLECTION, doesn't include DIRECTION since Jeff is entertaining - and BOTH have tainted the Campaign process. #DontVote "2020 Presidential Election: Will Hiden Trump Grump? | @jeffdunham " https://t.co/p2UNFL0lD0

1:32 AM - 15 Sep 2020


@gpovanman Presidents seve four year terms,yet your comment was so right about the most important part. #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden #PresidentPenceSeptember2020 #DontVote!

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@Mike_Pence @realDonaldTrump Four more years of #MikePence who abides by #OathOfOffice #RemoveTrumpNow #NoBiden - the Campaign is RIGGED! #DontVote!

7:06 PM - 14 Sep 2020


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@zerohedge @Xi_Jin_Ping_CN - How much has Disney donated to China during emergency situations and how much does Disney kiss up to Trump? #USGov #MoneyIsTheirGod #DontVote #NoBiden #RiggedElection #PresidentPenceSeptember2020

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WHAT IS THERE TO APPEAL? I said nothing out of the ordinary. They had no legal right to suspend my account  or tell me to remove a Tweet. They abuse power! 



October 2020

History of Vending Machines started with Egyptians...The #HistoryGuy https://youtu.be/T6lxjx4ZzBM

EXCLUSIVE: giant class action against the German creators of the CPS Coronavirus test. No pandemic without the test!

Transcript provided in English by downloading in video description

        Bill Gates had it named Wuhan virus like US did with Spanish Flu. Trump's uncle was listed as dying from the 'Spanish Flu' - They said bats were the source - same way they did with he SWINE FLU. The FACT there is no outbreak is covered up by lies. Please read that 15 page transcript. "The PCR test cannot and must not detect infections, are not approved for diagnostic purposes. They can only determine that a certain fragment or molecule has been found  the body...This means that the actual basis for ASSUMPTION of a pandemic does not exist at all." (page 4 of 15 page transcript)

1986: The ACT (official Trailer) Produced July 2020 https://youtu.be/AKUwnRruyeU

1086 The Act Full Movie on facts about the Big Pharma Vax Agenda - 2 hrs. Rent for 7 days for $9.99

Link to rent the movie for $9.99


Jimmy partners with Indeed to support entertainers @FallonTonight.



How can the leader of Azerbajan be so stupid? Is he mind controlled? The Prime Minister here HAS developed a solution! Yet they will not even negotiate! Either the leader is removed or he complies! https://youtu.be/98oxca-sVNw.

@art simple - How to draw Kayoka https://youtu.be/9LWHJKO4WOM


Talk to Jimmy Fallon about their new album, "B" and more ...https://youtu.be/EatgTC4CD-c

EXCLUSIVE: giant class action against the German creators of the CPS Coronavirus test. No pandemic without the test!

Transcript provided in English by downloading in video description

Wuauquikuna are livestreaming in 10 minutes today, 10/4/2020 10:30 am EST



Palentir Police State Wizardry https://youtu.be/KAHbjMXcz40

Shared 10/3/2020 with James Corbett , Jeff Censored, Joe Imbriano, others

Idaho UNDERGROUND home with @KirstenDirksen https://youtu.be/8B6xR3T37gI

All kinds of Home Sweet Homes with @BrightSideHP. https://youtu.be/nPggYy_aPzY

     Follow up on comment on this video https://youtu.be/D64WMtyekjE

Christopher Columbus was probably Purtuguese, not Spanish


     Dr. Jose Acosta, former FBI agent but left and became involved with historical investigations. He lives in Grenada, chief of University Dept and more  - notes on my other phone

    I stumbled on Dr. Costa story:

First WUHAN - then CORONAVIRUS - then COVID-19, renamed a satanic ritual 19 years after these same people mass murdered thousands of people on 9/11/2001..July 2020 is when the lawsuit against the company making fake test kits and using them to declare a pandemic - so they obviously kill Dr. Costa for publicity! 

Dr. Joseph J. Costa, the ICU Chief of a Baltimore hospital, died Saturday due to the coronavirus after "selflessly" treating patients during the pandemic on the frontlines, the hospital announced. He was 56 years old.

Dr. Carrie Madej is interviewed by Brighteon.com


    They now have it rigged with new Google videos - you can't comment!

Google Assistant keeps hounding my phone - interrupting when I type messages/notes/comments

    During WW1!

    USA didn't join The League of Nations- yet Woodrow Wilson got a Nobel Peace Prize and was referred to as the Father of The League Of Nations

      On 10/2/1919 - Woodrow Wilson had a severe stroke and nobody knew. For 17 months he was incapacitated. https://youtu.be/EtbcmZgA1is

PART 2 🌺🌻🌹🌷🌸🌺🌻🌹 

Shared with James Corbett. 

@MaryGreeley says Earthquake monitors are being pulled from #YellowStone https://youtu.be/pwx1VOw_mhk


Does anyone else hope for the best? I sure do! https://youtu.be/zfsOdC3Fmqw


Scented soap on or off a rope - for gift-giving. https://youtu.be/qUadssG7CgU

It's a lye!

Brief History of soap, cool 10 min video by History Guy https://youtu.be/aOL330lir9I

Woodrow Wilson had a stroke on 10/2 --- incapacitated fotv17 months! Nobody knew!  https://youtu.be/EtbcmZgA1is

What this reflects is

#OperationBlowBackInYourFace - Trumpty Dumpty is sick

Jeff Censored Friday 10/2/2020 

I found these in my TRASH and can't remember what I did:


Watch "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" on YouTube



The Romanovs, video replays. Not really over 3 hrs long https://youtu.be/PLnYFdAhFLk

Thank you, Hon. @VladimirPutin24 ! This message is meaningful, empowering! ❤πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™❤🌹 #Easter2020 https://youtu.be/lkhNaayKHAc.

Take the Russia quiz on accomplished sports-men and women. It's only 3 to 5 min https://youtu.be/Th2yyKflTko

I found these in my Delete box and can't remember what I did:


The Romanovs, video replays. Not really over 3 hrs long https://youtu.be/PLnYFdAhFLk

Thank you, Hon. @VladimirPutin24 ! This message is meaningful, empowering! ❤πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™❤🌹 #Easter2020 https://youtu.be/lkhNaayKHAc.

Take the Russia quiz on accomplished sports-men and women. It's only 3 to 5 min https://youtu.be/Th2yyKflTko


Watch "Banksters Warn of Green Swan Collapse Unless They Get A Carbon Tax - #NewWorldNextWeek" on YouTube


If I could Tweet, I'd say

@Scottymechanic has a friend who loves driving like a maniac and why not #TheBestDefenseIsAGoodOffense https://youtu.be/JwFsNccuRhE

I've been conspiring to be one of the Corbett Report fans! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I had notes here. They were deleted by a hacker.

     @Really Graceful reports Twitter's "Birdwatch" agenda


10/6/2020 - Global Earthquake Update - Missouri is one of the hotspots! https://youtu.be/WQl4esayFQo

     I should have said "susceptible" spots because real hot spots are underground fires.

Pinhole found in occupied Russian spaceship. https://youtu.be/w85vL-P2CC8

Ever wonder why US named SS (Social Security) - maybe meant to own every one like Hitler's SS (Secret Service) police claimed, intended for #SlaveLabor #MassMurder

The Great Reset with @CorbettReport

Hillary All-Time Biggest 22 Crimes while in Public Office


At 17min. A video went viral about BRETT KAVANUGH frauding records for KENNETH STARR to cover up the murder of VINCENT FOSTER.


THEY THEN SCRIPTED THE BS STORY OF CHRISTINE FORD (Who not only enjoys 6 figures as a Psyche Director at Univ of CA but also is a CIA operative, like Rand Paul and many others are. #TakeDownCIA #RemoveAllJustices from US Supreme Court for proselytizing Paedophilia! They also do lot of lying! That's why Kavanaugh was "fit" for the job!


How to draw Jin Mori - god of HighSchool https://youtu.be/L2aUtJvrrmg

History Guy

Glasses, A Brief History Of Eyes, Concept Of Evolution, Why More People NEED glasses than NOT NEED glasses

    (Rand Paul, opthamologist, is an obvious CIA operative; Ron Paul was doubling as CIA agent as well as elected politician. Source: Dr. Ted Gunderson)


Michael W Smith

Lord, Let Your Light Shine Us

Lucid Dreamer

My comment: I'm angry too - this corruption must be held accountable!  https://youtu.be/hEYPFnS_tdI

@CorbettReport visits

Conscious Poetry with father-to-be #BerryWills @BerryWills

Auto racer spent too much time in the pit and lost race. https://youtu.be/vtxVvcoSbZM

Jimmy Fallon

What Are You Doing Wednesdays? https://youtu.be/7gk4gJ2Yddg

  Trump exposes Secret Service

If I could Tweet, I'd tweet this:


I loved the Pastor Kester story. You need to do a sequel. #IGotBusted https://youtu.be/Qaw8W03nfwQ


Dr. Carrie Madej is interviewed by Brighteon.com

Mike Adams website is Brighteon.com

   He provides his free ebook, The Global Reset

Dr. Carrie Madej

  @DrMadej - Twitter


Dr. Madej on Facebook

Look up documentary: DBT Roulette or DBT Vaccine Roulette


Group: DPT Disatisfied Patents Together

Henry Waxman pushed Vaccine Compensation Act . Jim Moody explained the Bill


Manly vs HHS

   Mike Hugo represented deceased child's parents

The compensation program was CORRUPTED since Day One

Dr. Brian Hooker And another doctor

Shared what happened to Whistleblowers exposing the Vaccinators

David Kirby, writer

  Wrote about mercury in vaccines

Homeland SECURITY bill included exonerating Eli Lilly for the harm they caused

Mary Holland, Atty


   Statistical slight of hand

   Scientific Fraud


  Money Laundering

DEW Watch - @Dutchsinse

  Here Dutch is just keeping track of earth activity yet frequently finds the beams that harm our earth, aka LASER WEAPONS. It's undeniable!




my comment: Don't forget the Bed is between Paleonymtology and Satanism/Witchcraft which also means they're f*ing liars. Rooted in #Skull&Bones Secret Society.

  Comment on a video:  My parents were married over 50 years. Last thing my mother said to my father, who was sick in a nursing home, "I'm looking for a boyfriend" and my father cried! I took the phone, hung up on her and she and my brother cane down and killed my father. They took advantage of him being unconscious when the doctor was taking the tube out of his lungs because his lungs were clear! My brother told me they were bleeding! I hoped the doctor would provide info but he didnt - obviously because my brother threatened to sue! He was lying about my father behind my back and said my father molested me. My father was law abiding and taken advantage of by my siblings - he installed free carpet for one sibling and she wanted Dad to die! They ran him out of town instead of getting him the healthcare he needed! They sold their souls to Satan! 

My brother claimed it was a spiritual experience! Had I known he was on 3 psyche meds, I would have never let my father out of my sight. My brother lied about coming down to help me get Dad in a nursing home. That brother must have committed crimes to be so eager to get rid of my father! 

It turned into a hoax because I believe Chinese INTELLIGENCE and others intercepted. They replaced the real bioweapon with the common cold, thus why Wuhan turned to coronavirus. Then the underground Satanists who planned to mass murder us, got their Satanic computer genie to tell them what the Plan C name should be and voila, 9/11 was morphed into COVID -19! The 19 was set to memorialize it's been 19 years since we mass murdered thousands (Yet Trump used Boeing laser weapons at Paradise, CA and mass murdered many - burned alive to ashes! 50,000 people were listed as missing!) Did anyone collect ashes to test for human remains?

Back to today, this video by @CorbettReport has shown that humor produces laughter, which is the best medicine. And he who laughs last laughs best #TheGreatReset #BePartOfTheSolution  https://youtu.be/lQT78suys8Y

Shared 10/9/2020

Earthquake Fault Zones 5Min with Mary Greeley https://youtu.be/CztqEEV1W90

ODYSEE.com - creator is being interviewed by @CorbettReport.

    Design By Intelligence vs

Agnosticism - "caught in a lie"

Lawrence Krause is bad for science- 17min video - makes me think he's typical for science, which is a shame!  https://youtu.be/bVkIX0e08-A.

Under The sea - mountain lake beds in Europe have their own unique ecosystems including living organisms https://youtu.be/s3646uo0Ruw

Eisenhower never voted yet ran for Prez and won. Can't wrap my head around this one.

Happy Halloweiner says @JeffDunham and friends


Nikola Tesla had created laser technology - to use as a tool to fix. Yet his patents were stolen by the Satanic Underground. Certainly that boat was hit with laser technology. Not an iceberg! This plot by JP Morgan was meant to get filthy rich and create the nefarious Federal Reserve, managed by Satanists!

There was a 2005 expedition that thoroughly examined the Titanic remains, as fragile as they were. They took many pictures. They found that a major piece must have blown off because it was a mile from the main portion of the ship. There was no question that it was Titanic, considering their structural knowledge between the Olympic and Titanic. I presume they were well aware that many believed they switched ships (Olympic was not unsinkable) with the intention to destroy and mass murder to make money. That intention is still so obvious today. This Deep State/Satanic Underground indeed were so aggressive on USA society, and still are using Coronavirus - I'm sure each generation expected to be "the one" to destroy USA - out of many!

@KBCreations Christmas Tree project from #DollarTree supplies https://youtu.be/ryiMJhIh0uk

@Scottymechanic. - In this case, Honda beat Toyota


The fate of Hand Goeble, brother of Hitler's propagandist https://youtu.be/cUoq1G5Yzq0

@art simple - How To draw Lemillion vs Overhaul 48min tutorial. https://youtu.be/Q6rBE9iDo2w

Finding Antique Treasures and repurposeming. https://youtu.be/yvjJBAjYVuE

Response to @ridgetimeline 2020 on YouTube

Regarding Hurricane Delta, and interesting wordplay considerations


 @ridgetimeline 2020  You're just the kind of like-minded people I try to keep in touch with! Yet I checked our your channel and was perplexed πŸ˜–. Every thing is pushing "Jesus is Coming" rather than "Let's be part of the solution" I was impressed you mentioned the wordplay with naming the Hurricane Delta - and the song Delta Dawn, etc. This is GEOENGINEERING and they have been doing this for decades, perfecting their tactics. WE MUST HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

Not sit and wait for Jesus to come because WE WILL NEVER KNOW WHEN THAT HAPPENS ANYWAY.

A caller on a livestream recently on Jeff Censored (this past Wednesday) emphatically said we need to stop the obsession with Jesus is Coming and replace it with "We are doing"! Maybe your channel is a psyop, and it's pathetic how many of them there are and when people like Jeff Censored - and even viewers like me call out the fakes  they suspend our accounts! That's just what Twitter did to me 3 weeks ago and I'll be fanned if I am going to remove tweets that were not illegal, offensive, or threatening. YOU EXPOSE YOURSELF AS A PSYOP IF YOU ARE ONE BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE ME TAKE TIME TO LOOK AT YOUR CHANNEL, COMMENTS, etc. 

Home Depot @At

Scarecrow project using flower pots

My comment -

Why not use empty plastic yogurt containers and the like and save your flower pots for flowers?

Drills could be simple manual drills which are very handy if you work with cardboard, etc

Bedtime? No. Daily? Yes. But

Have valerium root tea before going to sleep.

The History Guy

Peggy Eaton And The Petticoat Affair


Comment to @James Harp - I was secretary to the command staff of DivArty, processed all awards, typed up most of the commander's legislation/rules/Green Tab Notes and did a lot of personnel processing - I worked much harder than most of the secretaries on post because they were being activated. I was a GS3 Temporary, the other secretaries were mainly 5&6 and maybe a few 4's PERMANENT. I really liked what I was doing but got tired of being their slave. Not even benefits and did a LOT of time my supervisor would not even give me comp time for, treating me like I had to make up for something. Nevertheless, I made the most of the experience and had the pleasure of meeting ADA unit, stationed in NYC area yet trained with 10th Mtn Div. I stayed late, over hrs, to process awards so the full bird colonel could issue them to the airmen AND our participating military - the ADA officers personally thanked me.

I sure didn't want war. I met General Colin Powell in 1989. He was NSA or Joint Chiefs Of Staff - I think Joint Chiefs then. He approached me and I had quite a memorable conversation. His son Michael was almost killed in a jeep crash when in Germany and his daughter has the same name as mine. Colin Powell didn't want war; he pushed for more sanctions. Yet Bush had it rigged to make money off Saudis, which paid USA to be their mercenaries, which was unconstitutional. My friend Lauri's husband was a CW3 physician's assistant and called up. He had a helicopter license also. The worst single casualty event was FRIENDLY FIRE - the Artillery Barracks was accidentally bombed. Based on what I knew, those coordinates were programmed in by the computer specialist contractor. Terrible sad day for me. I was no longer working for them and had a permanent job with benefits. But my heart went out to all those who lost their lives from most likely what was rigged by the traitors to this country, who have a big influence in running this country.

Saddam Hussein was a secret CIA asset. He made womd for CIA. So when Colin Powell's intelligence found his factory and reported it, Bush strategically had it taken down, got mercenaries to buy it up and take it to Syria WHICH THEY WERE OCCUPYING, and there it remained hidden, some used to frame President Assad as a mass murderer attacking his own people, to destroy Syria. (These NWO's, members of Bohemian Club - which made a declaration of Interdependence in 1976, targeted 7 Middle East Countries to destroy.  Syria and Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan and Pakistan were five off the seven. NOT Saudi Arabia. I can't remember the other two. Maybe Jordan and another country. ...

In 2014 those womd were found in Syria - all placed in a multi-ton container and then placed on a retired navy ship, sunk in an undisclosed part of the ocean. Obama gave Hon. Powell 5 minutes to report it on PBS in a news flash and I am certainly glad to have had my TV on then - my TV was disabled after that. I haven't had a TV since and rely on social media. Some big news favorites are Corbett Report, Truthstream News - some were dropped like hot potatoes such as Gary Franci, Alex Jones, and another guy who are paid to play, thus compromised and full of hype. Just when I thought had a trustable source, they compromised themselves by reporting lies - obviously in pay to play schemes.

I'm on disability now. My life has been a roller coaster and the severe injuries I sustained when I was hit by a 20Ton sander truck (after telling off a stalking scumbag, probable sex trafficker trying to recruit me) and almost murdered. The attorney was obviously in on it.  My father found out the attorney's brother paid a hit man to murder the President Of Chile because he refused to sell Pepsi in his country. I kept that secret because the society was run by organized crime. Years later my father became very sick from cirrhosis of the liver though he wasn't a drinker. I was sure he was being poisoned. My siblings ran him out of town and did nothing to help him when he almost died in the hospital. A Muslim doctor saved his life, telling me on the phone that he couldn't understand why such a nice man didn't have family helping him. I left my job and went down to help him and the worst thing I could have done was try to engage my siblings. They made him die through deception and staying secretly aligned with the paedophile priest even though I told them he even broke into my father's apartment while I was at the nursing home with my father. The property mgt told me this, and said they didn't call police because they knew he was a priest. Yet he wouldn't answer the door and even turned the lights out when they rang is doorbell. These were condo-like apartments. Separate buildings. 

Most or all wars are rigged. Had it not been for Colin Powell being Secretary Of State when Bush tried to incite war using his false flag attack on USA on September 11, we would have ended up having Martial Law and most of us would have been murdered by Bush.

I know I'm taking a chance bad/evil people will read this.

Sunday with Wuaquikuna❤ 11Oct2020

COVID or RABID? Lets call the whole Trump thing off🎢🎡🎼 @FallonTonight https://youtu.be/JgRDuiR4slQ

Looking for a practical dowry? This Ford Escape is a great escape! LOL See what @Scottymechanic says about it - well, maybe hear πŸ‘‚ instead. I flunked #VictorBorga 101 😁


Welcome to the land of the derelicts, home of the depraved!   @TruthstreamNews https://youtu.be/a5rBc4GS06s



    Send your home sweet home promo video on her introduction and she will use it to begin her videos😁

    Update 25Oct2020 - apparently she changed her mind. Back to the old drawing board.


Bootheels and Honey Bees; forgotten history of Missouri


Brewery Family #Lemp broke up #Suicides #Feuds - I wonder if that name turned to Kemper ...

The only Female winner of The Medal of Honor deserves to be remembered!  https://youtu.be/VzObHsRsOx0

@Mary Greeley

Iceland's volcano is getting ready to erupt again. https://youtu.be/2yMExgF4tSk

    Update 25Oct2020: Mary put out a Trump-crafted video  incite war against Russia which angered me. US spends more than ten times on attack weapons than any other country! We are collapsing because people will do anything for a buck. Hopefully she will realize her pushing this agenda is only helping. Trump incite war on lies. Vladimir Putin finds himself so troubled that Russia is taking  a nationalism stand to assert themselves. US has  the st incompetent commander  chiefs for decades - which result in abuse of power, unnecessary loss of military life.

Shared 10/11/2020

2min video "Family is whoever you want it to be"



President Putin's birthday, 11 Oct 2020 https://youtu.be/wb_CNo_URGk

The History Guy

The M1 Helmet; changed to Kevlar in 1983. https://youtu.be/UzEgRtBl_lM



Kevlar is a heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber, related to other aramids such as Nomex and Technora. Developed by Stephanie Kwolek at DuPont in 1965, this high-strength material was used first commercially in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tires. Wikipedia

Fiber type: Synthetic fiber

Characteristics: Heat resistant, Strong

Typically used in: Glove, Bulletproof vest, Jacket, Sleeve, Chaps, Combat helmet, More

Parent material class: Synthetic fiber, Textile

Parent company: DuPont

    Kevlar has many applications, ranging from bicycle tires and racing sails to bulletproof vests, because of its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio; by this measure it is five times stronger than steel. It also is used to make modern marching drumheads that withstand high impact.


  But Kevlar is costly to produce, involving a complex process of spinning fibers and the use of sulfuric acid. ... The company plans to begin selling it by 2013 for less than $10 a pound, a small fraction of the cost of Kevlar.Oct 19, 2011

     NOTE! We're already actively using laser weapons, but nobody knew

material as armour for protection against bullets used in hand guns because of its impact resistance, high strength and low weight. These properties make Kevlar an ideal material to be used in bullet-proof vests as compared to other materials



Despite its strength and resilience, Kevlar also has some disadvantages which limits its efficiency. Kevlar fibers quickly absorb moisture, meaning it is more sensitive to its environment than other materials.

BUT DONT WORRY, the Washington politicians were already planning on sending soldiers to the Middle East anyway, where it's hot and dry! War is nothing but a politician's game to TAKE money, profit, destroy - and based on lies! 

        Ph 832-643-7071

Also check out ablative armor. – JBH Sep 14 '17 at 22:45


Depends overwhelmingly on the laser. – zxq9 Sep 15 '17 at 3:34


Aluminium foil :) – PaperBirdMaster Sep 15 '17 at 11:49


@PaperBirdMaster Here's a link to aluminium foil usage example, also related: microwave gun and this. I would use microwave gun against a guy-with-a-slowly-reloading-laser, and I would not do this without this suit – Sanya_Zol Sep 15 '17 at 17:41


Just a comment on the bullets. Why not use armor piercing bullets? I bet that in 500 years they could have an embedded chip and an explosive charge. If they miss, the embedded computer makes them explode before hitting the hull. If they hit even better, then it explodes inside the target. – Zan Lynx Sep 15 '17 at 19:59

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Thin films, mirrored surfaces, and destructive interference.

Thin films are exactly what they sound like: thin layers of stuff on different stuff. Since lasers shoot specific wavelengths of light, you need to find a material which is highly reflective in that wavelength, and deposit it on a person's clothes or armor. It may not be highly reflective in the visible spectrum, so it need not look like a shiny suit.

Reflective materials do not absorb the light, and the laser will be rendered mostly harmless to the target behind the film. Even if the mirror does heat up, the majority of the laser's energy can be redirected elsewhere. (For real mirrors, this can be >95% of the energy, making a laser a poor choice of weapon.)

Additionally, controlling the depth of an additional thin film can allow you to cancel out the waves reflecting off of the surface in a process called interference, so you protect yourself and neutralize the threat to others. It should be noted that this cancelling effect depends on the angle the laser hits, but will still reduce the overall intensity of a reflected beam!

For those who don't remember or know optical physics: interference does not violate any of the laws of thermodynamics, and is commonly taught in US high school physics courses and at least tangentially studied by anyone who has seen a soap bubble. Interference has been studied in great detail for a very long time: at least since the mid 19th century with wave theory and even by Newton in 1717. As you may well guess by now, it is very well established science, and we use interference in many modern applications. If you still have questions, ask any high-school physics teacher, a physics book, or a physicist. Alternatively, you can learn the basics of interference from this informative youtube video or this, or this and this article.

To summarize: this would be a anti-reflective layer providing the wave-cancellation effects with a highly reflective layer underneath.

These thin films can be chemically deposited on clothes and armor, and need not even be large plates. This could be sprayed on like any other cloth treatment, or be special layers added to the surface of the fabric.

Cancelling out the waves means not reflecting them. Not reflecting them means absorbing them. Absorbing them means heating. That's not what you want. The best you can do for protecting self and others is dispersing the light into all directions. – maaartinus Sep 14 '17 at 23:25


@maaartinus Read closer, or get a physics textbook! You can ask the physics stack exchange about the difference between "interference" (or "wave cancellation") and absorption: these are very different things! Try this link as well: physics.stackexchange.com/questions/214852/anti-glare-question or: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absorption_(electromagnetic_radiation) and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin-film_interference . – PipperChip Sep 15 '17 at 0:49


My physics is a bit rusty, but what I'm using is pretty basic. It's even called "the first law of thermodynamics". So just one question: What happens to the energy when the waves get cancelled? – maaartinus Sep 15 '17 at 4:03


@maaartinus If you measure the energy of the reflected and refracted waves, you'll find that the laws of thermodynamics are satisfied: energy in is equal to the energy out. There are still waves there: their effects are just "cancelled out," and the formal term for this is interference. I'm done trying to convince you of very basic and well established physics. Try this video: youtu.be/-ob7foUzXaY or this book: amazon.com/Optical-Physics-Babies-Baby-University/dp/1492656216/… – PipperChip Sep 15 '17 at 5:37


Nope. Thin films are not magic. Like all optical systems, they can reflect, transmit or absorb. Thin films are tuned to transmit with very low reflectance at specific wavelengths. If you put them in front of a mirror, they are just going to transmit that wavelength really well on its way in and on its way out. – Dancrumb Sep 15 '17 at 12:48

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Reflective armour will generally not avail you: weapon-grade lasers generally work in pulsed mode, where (say) a 1 KJ shot will be divided into 1,000 1 J pulses, 5 Β΅s apart from one another. The first pulse, though low-energy, will be high-powered (because it's very short, on the order of tens of nanoseconds, it causes the skin of the target to erupt in a small explosion which generates a bit of plasma going perpendicular to the surface, that is, in the direction of the laser beam.

The point of pulsing, then, is to wait for that cloud of plasma to disperse so the second pulse isn't absorbed by it, and it instead generates a second explosion on the bottom of the crater created by the first, and so on for all subsequent pulses.

Now, regarding mirrored surfaces, the problem is that they will not be perfectly reflective (say, pretend the efficiency Ξ·=99.5%), and that will cause it to absorb part of the pulses' energy and eventually (after 1100%−Ξ· pulses) it will have absorbed as much energy as it would have absorbed from the first pulse, had it been completely nonreflective. For Ξ·=99.5%, that's 200 pulses. At that point — actually, probably earlier, since it might need less than the power of a single pulse to do it — it blows up with a small explosion and creates a crater. The cratered suface, however, is no longer reflective (because it needs to be smooth in order to reflect specularly) and thus the other 800 pulses will hit the target as if the armor weren't reflective.

At these time scales, any currently-known material cannot conduct enough heat away to matter for these calculations, so you're better off trying to get a material which carries the energy away via plasma — probably some sort of carbon composite like fullerenes.

(A big thanks to Winchell Chung and his great Atomic Rockets site, where much of this information comes from)

     I suggest you do your own research should you be interested because this topic is highly complex - which leads me  believe the weapons will destroy the world. They have been around for decades. USA s obviously using them. They were used at Paradise, CA!

   The Satanists consider everyone to be disposable!


Corbett Report on IPFS - "Bookmark this"



Derrick Slopey - interviewed

AgoristHosting.com referenced

17min on how TV's started - and why computers replaced them. 

TV A Forgotten History @TheHistoryGuy

Scotty Kilmer's Garage Sale update #Cancelled - he's giving away #FreeStuff instead! Just post a nonoffensive comment on his video.

CG117 said: "Be yourself. Everyone else  is taken"  https://youtu.be/IKWa9HIZam0

Maverick is Coming Back, says Ford. @Scottymechanic says #GoodTimes - I had some too plus it saved my life when I was hit by a 20Ton 🚚 truck head-on.

Blancolirio Report


My comment

  Florida Marquis channel - two videos:

Florida Marquis channel - two videos:

#1 -

involving Nashville, TN 

    WTF- he deleted the one that made more sense!

#2 - this video 

I hope you two can share information because #AllExpertsMatter

Thank you

@artsimple - how to draw Jack Atlas 1 - this video 

Timeline video on history of demons. https://youtu.be/y3qkqv0KGhI

My comment: There have been many murders committed by people who say they were getting rid of demons. People who themselves have been mind controlled and drugged with psychotropes. Read "Are You There Alone" with CRITICAL THINKING. The author was contracted by Oprah - who obviously requested her to center the book on MTW tranny Oprah's wants, which is to push even more psychotropes and claim post partum is as common as baseball. WHICH IS A FREAKING LIE. The trannies lose their will when they are mutilated. They seek to please their handler. There are other ways in which psyops can effect a submission like this but it is not as strong or immediate. The subject ALLOWS this victimization!  I base my conclusions on observations and information from expert sources. Decide for yourself. And O discourage you to try to learn to be a psyop or be an expert on cultish mores. Just have an understanding so you can identify the enemy when they cross your path. BE YOURSELF. EVERYONE ELSE IS ALREADY TAKEN.

The killer was at large for decades - history repeats itself




For  preppers  are fixit uppers https://youtu.be/20rRXv6oPLQ

The History Guy

Hedy Lamar and The torpedo

My Resp comment:  @Bill W  @The History Guy - ECSTASY was the The propaganda publication? No wonder Sasha Shulgrin named the date rape drug he made in the 70's - Ecstasy - reflecting his higher, Satanic purpose.

The forgotten empire of Aksum by @TheHistoryGuy https://youtu.be/TKAd9IaMDIg

The Great Cranberry Scare of 1959 @TheHistoryGuy

My comment: 

Vaccinian microcarbon = cranberry. Holy crap!....Food scares - FDA - Pesticides - even fertilizers -- this cranberry scare of 1959 was opportunity for politicians to use dirty tactics to make money using fear porn, and also manipulate the masses by really using poisons as a weapon.

Mary Greeley reports updates on

Onagawa Nuke Plant

Fukashima Nuke Plant

"Kill Bates" was seen at Fukishima working on "fixing" it below sea level. I wonder what he really did. Like @Molly Littlewolf said here: We are in trouble with nukes on faults ....yet we really need to understand the causes and the effects. What influenced what. Why were these nukes approved to be on faultlines, for instance?

Play activity is certainly a vital part of life https://youtu.be/Od

   That includes thinking outside the box! https://youtu.be/tJfyHJ7kibs

   Mahjong exercise goes viral

*US Sanctions On CHINA*

Sanctions seem to just be a way to TAKE money - Donald Trump only paid $750 in taxes on his tax return - Washington DC only welcomes the career criminals!

Notice that China's profits (GDP, I think) has a 1% inspite of the Coronavirus Scam - they are not capitalizing on this fear porn, yet rising above it!

Why would a computer like that be left at a repair shop? IT WAS PROBABLY STOLEN!

Yes, Joe Biden is a freaking pathological liar - even lied about his wife and baby's death, what caused the car crash in 1972 (AFTER BIDEN won the election and became the youngest senator in history! #HailSatan #RiggedElections #LifeInsurance #PayToPlay

The two boys survived (Joe Biden III, Robert Biden) probably because their mother told them to take cover, unlatch seatbelts! They were obviously positioned on the floor, based on their injuries.






PubliusRoots.com - copy, share what you want. Make it  your own statement - the TRUTH needs to be spread! Not manipulated by Technocratic recycling techniques!

Obama had Biden change his sons' names to Beau Biden (BO, dog named Bo, Bowe Burgdahl,  and Boris Johnson "Bo" or "BoJo"...and more #wordplay for DECEPTION)

And "Hunter Biden" - their mom's maiden name was Hunter. More wordplay, mind control! The inference he is a hunter - implicates him to be an evil person!

Both Biden sons were used for Satanic Underground purposes!

Decide For Yourself! 0

That's the consequence of them surviving the car wreck of 1972!

An Architect's Guide through the plosions of WTC bldgs #September11 https://youtu.be/xW4Fms4fWgM

Great interview  #Dan Williams f #KiaTV with @CorbettReport #James Corbett 14October2020

Foster children have DECLINED? Thanks to CIA, Clintons, Bushes, Trumps, 1st al ramping up #ChildTrafficking!  https://youtu.be/OUapXybrLw0

The History Guy

Staten Island Quarantine War of 1858 https://youtu.be/ctwsQVgbbdI

Blast from the. SNL past! πŸ†https://youtu.be/IN68Ws_y8es

Will  real Czar Dmitry stand up? Never mind, we'll kill each of you fakes says Russia https://youtu.be/DD_ZaSZ_kao


Choo choo's story may finally get their break to stardome!

Justin Timberlake  is Mozart https://youtu.be/tgnHHP4gQCg

The SideProject

5 Treasures  history https://youtu.be/n4IKFdDHn30

Garage ripoff and recalls with @Scottymechanic

The History Guy

What turned  to be a 1916 case of severe carelessness- causing a huge explosion registering 5.5 on the rictor scale seem to have been opportunity to create false flags such as the Titanic. https://youtu.be/SlzjfxqosFA

JAMESTOWN SETTLEMENT my comment: The bicentennial celebration at Jamestown, NY was visited by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - at which time she was insulted by Bush, referring to her as old as Jamestown, something like that. Elections are obviously rigged.

The History Guy

The Australian slouch hat

Kirsten Dirksen

2012, Tiny House Movement Explained; beginning her venture in filming them https://youtu.be/lDcVrVA4bSQ

@artsimple - How to draw Goku

The History Guy


The Norweigian Rocket incident of 1995


Close call to nuclear war

US President was Bill Clinton

The Democrats have incited war the most. Republicans like Bushes have also yet the Republican Party has been known to aggressively resist what democrats incite. Trump, a lifelong Democrat until he ran for President, is doing many horrible things, as Obama had, to incite civil or international war. It's part of the nefarious NWO Plan.

  USS Roped and the U-85. https://youtu.be/soELSCW6oMw

Mary Greeley

Yellowstone closing early or first time in 50 years.  https://youtu.be/PMGufoWZDiY

Russia Insight

Putin bans raw lumber exports

   Why not? Just ban USA maybe. Maybe it will wake up the country  see how these massive laser attacks by Americans on Americans has to be stopped nd trackers should face justice! 

Lewis-Clark expedition

Meryweather Lewis got his name on his mother's maiden name

     When Joe Biden was Obama's VP - his son Robert BECAME Hunter, which was his mother's maiden name! Consider the mind control!

Media Monarchy

Cut your own records at home

     Does Trump really care about e forgotten man? - great 15 min video on this issue. https://youtu.be/HuZHBJC6n3o

Scotty Kilmer

This Honda Pilot floats on air even though it's old mouth to vote, drink, and flip off a bad driver! @Scottymechanic tells you why https://youtu.be/ysNcyGqteps

3hr movie: The Secret Of The Roan Irish

Jimmy lost at sea  a baby; years later discovered the seals raised him

I can't tweet this because even though this is Week Four, and Twitter indicated my account was suspended 12 hrs, changed it to 2 weeks - and indicate I can appeal, which is a lie when I tap in "appeal" - and frankly their branding themselves as the enforcers of Election 2020 is not just ridiculous, but unconstitutional.....

DONT VOTE! Both candidates are crooks and the one running as Joe Biden isn't even Joe Biden! Decide for yourself but research it like I have. PubliusRoots.com

Picturesque Gardens 8th @PAllenSmith  https://youtu.be/QRUrS1AP_jo

Are  any of these items on your Santa List?  @Scottymechanic could be your Santa this year!

Livestream on politics

The Problem and Solution

By Hans Herman-Hoppe

10/19/2020 Monday

My comment

He says the bad people rise to the top in democracies. That's what has happened in USA. Yet we're supposed to be a federal republic. Also, there is an implication of "The Devil Made Me Do it"

      Insurance is reduced if you have fire extinguishers-better yet an installed sprinkler system. Being armed against burglars should result in the same. Conceal & Carry is a great org for US gun owners

Fallon Tonight

Natalie Portman writes a childrens book, inspired by her daughter. https://youtu.be/OWm_VJZqywc

.The History Guy

The Battle of Britain and Artie Holmes Hurricane

My comment on Facebook

I agree! Julian Assange was in the belly of the beast- and now they are trying to feast on him even though his only objective was to tame with truth! 

Paul McCartney's new album - order it here - https://youtu.be/tMtFqPRdj7o

The History Guy πŸ‘¦

OMG, Sir Evelyn Wood had more lives than a cat! https://youtu.be/OrbFfd7m7Ik

Comment to Ted Irwin on Facebook:

Wow, and the Taliban were hired mercenaries. Bush hired mercenaries (aka terrorists, really) to take down Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons factory, built for CIA. That way, he could sabatoge Colin Powell for reporting they were making womd and have the audacity to blame the Kuwait War on Colin Powell even though Saudis were the ones who paid USA like hired mercenaries. This is just one of many examples of treasonous acts going unchecked because of the swamp - created by corrupted politicians! Trump isn't seeing the swamp, he's swimming in it daily! As a reminder, those womd were located in Syria in 2014. They were confirmed as products of Saddam Hussein, hired by CIA. They were placed in a multi-ton navy container, put in a retired ship, which was sunk in an undisclosed part of the ocean. Obama gave Colin Powell 5min to do a random news flash on PBS. Fortunately I had my TV on - which, BTW, was disabled after that. My landlord claimed "you can no longer use your TV here because we made a contract with Frintier (which used to be AT&T)  to only allow digital TV.  WTF

My Comment On Paul McCartney's channel

     @mar ta  This is SOCIAL MEDIA - not YOUR MEDIA. There is no pandemic! People have a right to know. Total deaths did not increase per capita from 2019 to 2020. WAKE UP. Sir Paul McCartney wasn't knighted to hide behind a rock.

macrotrends.net proves there is no pandemic, the death rate is normal for 2020.

The war that is going on right now is among intelligence. Bill Gates obviously tried to roll out a killer pandemic and was intercepted with a placebo. He then took alternative measures in attempt to mass murder, which isn't working out for him. And now the technocrats involved with this mass murder plan have to be taken down. Trump was impeached. Trump protects the crooks. NOBODY IN US SHOULD VOTE. #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceOctober2020



The History Guy πŸ‘¦

"Barbque is not just a past-time. It is an integral part of North American living"

@Scottymechanic - the consequence of buying a Lexus Nexus is: it may last longer than you! https://youtu.be/ouT-wkMeTa0

This artist has a tiny mobile house  and studio

@CorbettReport clickbait: How the EU stopped the pandemic

Policing a free society is like washing your floor with dirty water https://youtu.be/ztmXJf5S9Ds

Fallon Tonight

I bet Pence did better without him!  https://youtu.be/KDIq0j4V0ic


    ❤❤❤❤Mad Lib Theatre with Anthony Macke ❤❤❤❤

The History Guy πŸ‘¦

What happened  these bodies? Paying homage to the dead

Russia Insight

My comment: A number of people have claimed Titanic was made so no iceberg would be a problem if it hit one. Many of us believe that Titanic was hit with laser weapons, since they stole Nicola Tesla's patents😠 https://youtu.be/FY2gALZyMdE


Body Language - or Body Deceit? Watch out! 

My comment: But #DontBeFooled because body language is used as a cipher/code by Secret Societies, Satanic Underground

Daddy Yankee Music 🎡🎢🎼

4min video

Scotty Mechanic

Scotty is always part of the Solution! https://youtu.be/F4FoSf5GNcw



Seismic Report 22October2020

I subscribed to peacock but somebody knocked all my passwords off my computer block! I was mad as fur because I want to watch Adele and H.E.R. They slide me out of range like its a cyber game! Dang! I should show my Halloween fangs to rib their cages and stooge their stages! I'm a Roots fan and I don't take things standing down because I go deep into the ground. Yeah!

Black Thought

We're all going through the same thing!  https://youtu.be/iZQpHktq1P0


Mama's  got all the vaccines she needs right here! 🍷

You need a tool chest and here's why, says @Scottymechanic

Fallon Tonight

Mama Mia 3 rumors

   Anthony Mac he was impeached in 9th grade

Bright Insight

Ancient Egyptians

Lost alot of historical proofs

Join Jimmy's channel tomorrow.





Seth describes VP Pence as a "moose on rollerskates" - must be the bedtime fairytale story for his kids.


1. American Patriot

2. Built Economy in Indiana with a SURPLUS without relying on marijuana market

3. Good morals

4. Faithful to Oath Of Office

5. COMPETENT employees hired

6. Will not fire COMPETENT employees

7. Elections are rigged!

8. He is part of the SOLUTION

Fallon Tonight

Recap Trump and Biden #LastFaceoff #Debate

Filet Crochet Patterns

    This video is about.   Confederate RAM CSS Albemarie


My comment to BADGUY 1:  Do you think Obama gave a Congressional Medal of Honor to a dead person who didn't have children yet but they would probably be dead too - for any other reason but his narcissistic hunger to deceive the public? None of these dirtbags who belong to the satanic underground are worth a grain of salt! Obama care CRIPPLED the US Gov! Trump protects his fellow crooks and won't take it down because the satanic underground want to collapse the ecinomy, then rollout MARTIAL LAW and start killing people - esp since Bill Gates mass murder plan hasn't worked! They are always scheming and when the schemes fail, they scheme again! Satanism = Deception

    The History Of The Elevator https://youtu.be/rKkp53bn2w4

Corner To Corner Crochet

   YouTube tutorial video: https://youtu.be/JeX1BiJih5s

The History Guy

Secret Military branches:

US Public Health Commission Corps

National Atmospheric


Along with Army, Navy, USMC, Air Force, and Coast Guard

Today is about NOAH Corps - oldest Scientific Agency

   My question is, did CIA name them that to remind themselves they will be used and sunk?

My comment: If they have the perfect map, why is it the President of US allows the flat earthers to stand without being corrected by their own intelligence? Is it more important to incite war - be it civil or international - these sociopathic leaders don't seem to care. They just want the fire!



The Cambridge Five


The History Guy

PanAm Flight 6 - all on board survived crash in ocean https://youtu.be/FqRAOvz71B0

   3min video of Mr. And Mrs. History Guy 🌹 https://youtu.be/ry2qBPUSkQ8

The History Guy is fabulous! So nice to see his wife too!❤❤❤❤

Ms History Guy does a video on Rt66 because hubby has laryngitis. Nice snippet of Route 66! I saw a special on Viceland TV about 4 years ago (since then their reputation has fizzled) The quality was great, and it's tragic such a fine historical highway was tossed likectrash by the politicians. Many poverty-stricken people live all along that road with their self-made homes, huts, tents. https://youtu.be/zMkKYKVofHA

The doctor who introduced washing hands as a mrrhod to prevent infection was illicitly arrested, imprisoned, beaten, and died of Sepsis. No doubt reflects the pathetic greed since this doctor was SAVING, and they were CRAVING πŸ’°!



His New Home and Shop

Fallon Tonight

Freestylin' with the Roots

#Halloween πŸŽƒ 🍬 candy #BruceSpringstein #KittyBitesMe https://youtu.be/yXqz4chvbZ4

Illuminati music "Keep your faces to the sun, we're always on the run"


    A little more  too...


I'm a little prayer rock and this is what I'll do,

Just put me on your pillow until the day is through,

Then turn back the covers and climb into your bed,

And WHACK! Your little prayer rock will hit you on the head.

Then you will remember just as the day is through,

To kneel and say your prayers as you had wanted to.

Then after you are finished just drop me on the floor.

I'll see you through the nighttime to give you help once more.

When you get up the next morning, CLUNK! I'll stub your toe,

so you'll remember your morning prayers before you go.

Put me back upon your pillow when your bed is made,

And your little prayer rock will continue in your aid,

Because your Heavenly Father ❤ cares and loves you so,

He wants you to remember to talk to Him, you know. 🌻 


Columbus finally discovered America in his pocket 9min video. https://youtu.be/kpIfoQyI8xE


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Mrs. Krassenstein


Level 1:

BREAKING:  Trump is trying to defund the Police in NYC, Portland and Seattle, labelling them 'anarchist jurisdictions'.

We can not defund the police.




@History Guy - Lockheed SR-71 story - and read the comments! Erin video https://youtu.be/15BcGlxlh4g


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