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 As a precursor, I'm sharing notes from a few years ago - probably here in this blog for 2018, not sure. This info is particularly useful for today. 

November  #2

Paul Manafort was SATANIC Trump's dream come true! He just got caught!   https://youtu.be/jrQonu0oYZw
Paul Manafort was the leader of Trump's crimes running for President. (Personally, I don't think Trump was even planning to win, but Hillary got sick and the Satanic Underground told Trump he had to win, make it look like it was a close call....then they changed it because Trump needed  more public support!)
The very fact that Paul Manafort is dirty is WHY Trump had him as campaign manager! Just look at all the crap going down!  Kushner is another one! Ivanka is in on it. Roger Stone's an INFORMANT for America Talks, aka David Zublick - who is sucking all the kudos from David Zublick and will just leave him out in the streets after David reports his lie after lie (believing it's truth)  - and trashes his own reputation. Roger Stone has to be a Satanist.    

Father's Day 2018. God lives in.each of you.  https://youtu.be/S7lA0e55w4c

Neo-cons pushing for war with Iran and the truth about Iran https://youtu.be/FEf5iu5i-gw
11/3/2018. John Bolton obviously got the military grade explosives which blew up the WTCs and mass murdered thousands of people. He was Undersecretary of firearms and weaponry. Pompeo obviously owned a CIA front, Thayer Aerospace (Thayer - Bayer, it's all so creepy) and built the drones that looked like Boeing passenger planes. Real Boeing 747 is WIDER than the WTC. The drones were filled with explosives.
   Jake, let's hope warnings like yours will thwart the neocons for Trump and Trump will be impeached. https://youtu.be/FEf5iu5i-gw

   That's genius, how you put the puzzle pieces together. I bet the $1.4 billion in cash that Obama snuck over in cash was just to pay people off to help his billionaire buddy Babak Zanjani, who was sentenced to death just before the money was sent.  Yet Obama said, oh btw, I had to give Iran a ransom to get our Americans back - THREE MONTHS before, Amir Hekmati were released! So this was an IOU? Of course not! It was to help his cohort in crime, Babak Zanjani, who I hope does get executed! 

David Icke
Halloween, where did it come from? (Both pagan and,Christian beliefs. I'm not sure which country first)   https://youtu.be/vhRKwvjc-VE

Christmas history and Q&A   https://youtu.be/r-wmXynpRKg
My comment:  @41:15, David Icke lost me. Here he refutes Satanism, yet praises Trump who is a Satanist through and through. Fashoined ideology vs conclusions based on real research is what I am concerned about with David Icke now. Trump is ruining our country, and all the scumbags he's been attached to: Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Soros to name a few. In fact Soros paid for BOTH Trump's campaign and Hillary's campaign. Soros wrote off $315 million of financing Trump Tower. 

Mass Immigration turns your country into theirs.  https://youtu.be/awvOfhl97jg

My comment:   @Copper Kid - Trump IS a pagan, a Satanist, a deceiver. So wake up. Trump wants WAR. What he's succeeding at is losing the USA standing in Trade. Foreign countries don't want war, so they ignore Trump's attacks and increase their efforts to building trade with eachother and to hell with USA! Look at the career criminal Devil's Triangle perv Trump nominated for US Supreme Court, and the  crooked Senate Judiciary voted him in in!! YOU DON'T THINK THAT THE OTHER COUNTRIES DON'T KNOW Kavanaugh is a deliberate fraud and pervert who helps GW Bush and his half brother Bill Clinton stay out of prison, and get away with murder of Vincent Foster, and many others, including mass murder on September 11? The WTC began construction the year Clinton and Bush were born - one month apart from eachother.   USD will soon no longer be the international money of choice because of Trump and the Satanic minions who only cling to the crooks in other countries, like a multibillionaire Russian oligarch who is trying to take Vladimir Putin down, just like Rothschilds do to the British Monarchy. 

Freddie Mercury/Queen https://youtu.be/0OWPADFASFM
My comment:  Freddie Mercury did not have homosexual relationships until after Elton John's manager became his manager. It also appears to be that psychotropic drugs were prominent in his life at that time.  A manager who gets your band the business it deserves yet they go crazy with their money. Just some things to consider. 

Trump cancels summit in North Korea.   https://youtu.be/-ro3iR-qMg4

Out Of Darkness Into The Light

#12 - The Esoteric Rose Cross

July 2018 Mind Control Technology Is Real. aka Voice Of God Technology. https://youtu.be/P2IbeF8B0kc

Rewind: Hollywood Human Trafficking 2017 - Jake goes to Hollywood. https://youtu.be/oTDTqlEsb9E

Creeping fault increases several feet. Getting wider for unk reason. https://youtu.be/vSvqTS5uq2g

Vladimir Putin enjoys celebrating anniversary of creation of Russian military intelligence. https://youtu.be/zxTHV8lrZDo


November 2020

I posted October notes on my blog so I am starting this early

Music from Ecuador


Raimy and Carlos look like identical twins! ❤πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’› https://youtu.be/Wcfd16asNpE

Side Project

Saudi Arabia has secret reasons why it hasn't finished its multi-story tower https://youtu.be/Dn5sfazCbzs


Dr. Squatch soap is back at special discount! #SoapForMen


Castor Oil - 22 benefits https://youtu.be/l4bTk0GOBAc

   14 Practical home remedies

Movie: The Iron Orchard 2 hr. He gets rich quick in oil industry. The culture is superficial, cheats on wife, she divorces, has his baby, he doesn't know till he loses his shirt. https://youtu.be/cnGKKo8VHro

Movie: Mr. Church starring Eddie Murphy 1 1/2 hr. Excellent acting. Made me feel like I was there. https://youtu.be/7H4uz2Fq24Y

        Scotty Kilmer

Never buy this car unless...https://youtu.be/laigkGecCWQ

Movie: The Iron Mask

  A twin was born, heir to the throne. They discarded him like trash so only one heir existed. And now - they face the time

No masks will ever be needed again - a COLD REVOLUTION is taking place!

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio - watch and feel real hope permeate through your bones!

Live Free Or We will die!

A bloodless revolution is possible!

Jimmy Fallon Live On Kelly & Ryanhttps://youtu.be/4vOM1EoemhM

Movie: Penny Serenade

Looks from the 50's setting

I'm watching it now...


Dr. Squatch will defeat Dr. Scratch - better deal if you get it through Dutchsinse Channel


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Notes November 2020

Art Simple
How To Draw Future Trunks https://youtu.be/rzSNaGDBuCg

White Rose Resistance
Anti-Nazi Movement During WW2 and thereafter
Sophie Scholl: Last Days

Note to self: look up The Jones Plantation and subscribe to The Mirror
     And finish watching True Slave Stories https://youtu.be/KDZknemkwLo

Don't blame The Jews...Blame the ones who are part of the Satanic underground!  https://youtu.be/XLkon3dTgrw
Book suggestion: Culture Of Critique

Scotty Kilmer
Here's why Scotty's customer found himself a diamond #2005ToyotaSequoia https://youtu.be/L4QAcWpTW-c

Charles Schiavo on Facebook. Article - search

Movie: Shadowgate 2
End The Fed https://www.millennialmillie.com/post/shadow-gate-2-0-full-movie?fbclid=IwAR0ZGmSZofqADO0oeNDTN-Y0nWafPKOWd4EZZhfnlykNUUz5sZ7utzhDcpc
      This is an unreliable site to watch it from. Better to go YouTube. I had to stop watching because it was blocking my ability to even stop the film to take notes. Most likely they were hacking my device.

    1933 - an elected official, Congressman McFadden, wanted to End the Fed - and this is why:


The History Guy
The Beach Jumpers and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr https://youtu.be/lsN9o-07ML0
      To Mow Or Not To Mow, history of Lawns https://youtu.be/ozQSNdPzD48
     The Daily Mail and early aviators https://youtu.be/swIev-LlORQ
     Surrender Of Napoleon III  https://youtu.be/VcPuo6auA5o
      The madness of King Lutvig II https://youtu.be/TWCWQq-YNdI

Jimmy Fallon
2020 Election
My comment:  Neither screwball criminal should be voted for!
Biden is Hidin'
He probably tried killing his own family in 1972 and the two sons survived. His wife was distracted - no thanks to Biden even having it investigated.  Plus he lied about the car crash every time he spoke to someone. Including blaming the tractor trailer driver which she ran into when she was distracted. The boys' injuries were not consistent with being strapped in by the two-prong seatbelts that existed that day. They had bone and head injuries. The seatbelts would have killed them. That was common knowledge that seatbelts killed people. She obviously told them to take the seatbelts off and get on the floor. There was probably a man with a gun or laser weapon pointed at them. Not once did Biden tell the truth, he lied to fit the occasion.

Trump purchased tons of laser weapons  5 months before he torched Paradise, CA. Though Jake with Blackstone Intelligence reported it, showing the actual documentation, he clammed up when all hell broke loose when obviously Paradise, CA was hit by DEWs, including live people burned to ashes - over 50,000 people reported missing! That kept them off the death rate for that area!
PubliusRoots.com - this blog is not monetized, ad-free, and not monitored. You can't make comments on it. Copy what you want and share it. FYI.

    Hashtag #NewHalloweenTraditions
     My comments: I can't tweet because Twitter has suspended my account for 12 hrs to 2 weeks and now working on 6 weeks - CLAIMING THEY ARE ELECTION INFORMERS.

      Order Of The Scottish Rite - history
    dates itself from May 15, 1867. This was the date of the "Union of 1867", when it merged with the competing Cerneau "Supreme Council" in New York. The current Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States, was thus formed.

Who was the real king of Scotland? #MacBeth https://youtu.be/a9brhBvesEg

Comment On Facebook
The future and present of this Order of Scottish Rite is no longer defined as obsessed with witchcraft, deception, πŸ”₯ fire including laser weapons, arsen, nuclear weapons, cannibalism, depravity including using sex as a weapon.

Can we trust this new definition? What about the evil members who have gotten away with murder? Have they all congregated to the Illuminati? Or, what I believe, this is the beginning of THEIR end. We are no longer feeding  bad wolf!

Moss Mountain
Gardens with whimsy features and more with @PAllenSmith

My Response to a comment in notifications
 @gearmeister  Trump is a career criminal and murderer like Bushes (September 11)
and Clinton's (#ClintonBidyCount) and Obamas (#ObamaBodyCount)
50,000 missing from Paradise, CA mass murder, burning people to ashes! You're either being stupid or paid to be a troll. Maybe both, since all criminals lead to STUPID being their  weapon. PubliusRoots.com

Sage Of Quay Interviews Neil.Sanders 

    He, Sage Of Quay,  later commended Coleman's book, Committee of 300 - there  no list of 300 - there was no list! I have the book! 

I searched this because of Sage Of Quay interview above:

Neil Sanders, A powow about coronavirus...YT channel Fanfare..
2Hr interview with good resources in video description


November 2020

Russia Insight
Turkey's Erdogen vs France's Macron https://youtu.be/OwBO0pOobFA
So Macron tries to pick a fight with Erdogan, who "punches back" and USA takes sides with France. WTF At the least, they should have remained neutral! I consider it no coincidence that a few days later the obvious trigger-happy geoengineers created a massive earthquake in Turkey! Those who play pool like this should be considered treasonists!
    What to do with the Pandemic Agenda 
    I am perplexed why there aren't a vast number of people putting their big pants on to decide what to do about this fake pandemic. If we need to determine world powers, responsibilities, LET'S HAVE A DISCUSSION. No war. Discussion. USA is a socialist country. They need to hold the evil ones accountable. Crime does not pay. CIA should be taken down! USA cannot be the police of the world because they have primarily demonstrated over and over they are bullies. The military are not the President's mafia!  https://youtu.be/VLC7ovVdr_Y

2Hr powwow on Coronavirus with Neil Sanders https://youtu.be/im-nBMldNpE

Fallon Tonight
Audience Suggestion Box
 @Ali Gaines  We got a Trumpkin this year. Biden stays hidin' - which is better than spooking his wife in 1972 and causing the car wreck... Time to up the anty and #PresidentPenceNow - can't he?

The History Guy
This is why ALL WAR REFLECTS CRIME. WW2 was essentially orchestrated by criminal economists and criminal politicians. All to feed their pockets at the cost of citizens!  https://youtu.be/IoaLMwY41y8

Scotty Kilmer's new website!
Ask and you SHALL receive an answer! https://carkiller.com/community/

Mark Felton
The Red Baron of the NAZIs was buried Four Times https://youtu.be/icnG7ozhTLU

Joe Biden "won" election and just thereafter his wife was taking her 3 children Christmas shopping - I bet Joe Biden told her he would meet her since who would take a baby and two boys under 5 Christmas shopping alone?

She was distracted

And ran into a tractor trailer - why were her boys unlatched from their seatbelts? I presume she told them to get down on the floor! Was someone pointing a gun or laser at her? What did Joe Biden do with the life insurance? This was a major time for politicians to get drug and sex trafficking money. The CIA were so independently wealthy that they had a resort like Epstein Island! (Source: Robert Snogres)

How many others were making deals like this with the depraved satanic underground?

    Was this person an example of reaping benefits from crime money? https://www.forbes.com/profile/stephen-ross/

    Sasha Shulgrin made psychotropic drugs and was hired by CIA so they could traffick his drugs!

     Are social media channels more interested in keeping the corruption going than they are securing solutions? After all, they get weaned off like a baby bottle and lose profit!

    Most likely  the technocrats have nipped and tucked what they want to on internet - to protect their interests!

Posted 1Nov2020 

......my notes are posted 11/4/2020

Notes for November
(some from late October)

It's a beautiful song yet the Titanic was sunk by A Brit Bruce Ismay, AND especially an American, JP Morgan. They may have even used lasers, a patent stolen from Nikola Tesla. Oklahoma City Bombing, September 11, Paradise, CA are a few other examples of many Americans killed by Americans. 
Still,this song is about 
LOVE πŸ’πŸ’•❤️♥️πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’• NOT LOST πŸ’•❤️❤️πŸ’šπŸ˜… TO BE LOVED IS TO BE. https://youtu.be/Ui91xOcFVmk

@KBCreations - making a budget-friendly angel - nobody can make just one! 


drawing "Future Trunks" 

"Enjoy Your Own Funeral" - I bet my relatives wrote that based on their experience in forcing my father to die, telling medical staff he was a molester so they could have control - even though my father was the opposite. https://youtu.be/yJZpdpx7DJo

This family loves to take care of cats needing a home. https://youtu.be/cQWMCQDAmSw

Southwest Wildlife Foundation
34 min hunting with Belle

Wall hanging/storage project.  https://youtu.be/VRYkwjmSQ_w

17min flight with 8 yr old pilot does fantastic job on simulator! https://youtu.be/z0XZVV1Fijo

@MaryGreeley 4min video on devestating #Tsunami in Europe https://youtu.be/nExTkYt0Omg

Loom Knit 
Pocket Scarf 

Both are career criminals - lying, cheating, and they kill like Bush on Sep 11. Thousands of people were burned to ashes at Paradise, CA! Trump purchased tons of Boeing Lasers before Paradise was attacked. Biden probably had his family murdered to prove allegiance to Satanic Underground, including paying off election riggers with life insurance!   His two sons survived and he's used them to benefit the organized Satanic Underground criminals ever since. Wake the hell up, people! This skit was played well - great impressionists. We're $hit up the creek with either Biden or Trump! PubliusRoots.com 

Glen And Friends
1931 Election Day Cake
Looks tasty! 

    BYOT https://youtu.be/YARtbdvklDc #TortillaNight 
           @Miniac LOL πŸ˜† - you just gave Jimmy Fallon a skit idea: use the sound of making the tortilla a horror movie. https://youtu.be/YARtbdvklDc

Dark Footage 
Boeing in 727 Model scrapped in 1990's 
   My comment: And I'm sure the Boeing 727 model couldn't penetrate the WTC either! #Septenber11 #JusticeRising #AccountabilityMatters #NoMurderersLeftBehind

LOL! The Bubble Effect! It was a great chiropractic adjustment and Dr. Bergman made a champagn cork-bubble noise at the end! https://youtu.be/Jffbx_tN8Xw

Fallon Tonight 
Thank you ballot boxes, Halloween and other spooks 

Anthony Anderson and his Halloween πŸŽƒ Hangover #clickbait4u 

Dress up a door matt from Dollar Tree 
If you're still using them as Matt's, I suggest the paint be protected. Frankly, I suggest GAC 400, Golden, sold by Artists And Craftsman Store. They have a main store in NYC and last time I knew, you can order online. Also, this company is an employee-owned company located in New Berlin, NY. 13411-3616 877-847-6154 - this can also be used as a fabric stiffener.  

    Christmas Tree table decoration project 
   My comment: I've seen these tree stands used as Christmas card holders using string wrapped around for the cards to be inserted. A paper towel roll is used as the base and the tree parts are glued to the towel roll. You'll want to strengthen the roll you use by painting Gorilla wood glue or the like. Once dry, paint and put the parts together. The string is wrapped around the roll and the cards are well displayed - saves space and looks cute with the tree glued to it. You can also use a large can: such as a coffee can. Decorate and wrap the string all around where you want to place Christmas cards. The can can even be simply painted and sprinkled with glitter and coat with a craft coating like Mod Podge or school glue. You could also paint and apply school glue to surface, then apply a colored decorative dinner napkin. Paint the surface with more school glue and make sure it is completely adhered to the can. You'll be surprised on the results! You could even sprinkle glitter on the can before it dries. Takes at least a full day to dry and two days to cure. Make sure all can edges are well taped, covered so no one could get cut. Church bazars were my thing for years. Pompons seem to be out of style, which is too bad. Many easy projects can be made with pompons. My 5th grade class made money making and selling them - and our imaginations we used to make it the best part of the activity. https://youtu.be/pRSUY_7Pn-8

Fallon Tonight 
Lizard Warren is Guest 
Biden is Hidin'! - murder of Wife, Baby right after election was rigged for him! 1972! Two sons survived! 
There's #NoPandemic! 
#WarrenCommission only cared about FRAUDING JFK murder! 
Elizabeth Warren is a career criminal! 
Kamala Harris is a MTW dude! The T-word is more specific! Transhuminism is here! They use synthetic beehive effect by microchipping! Her damn dog WOULD be a better politician than Elizabeth Warren even if it's just "doing his business"!  
PubliusRoots com

Scott Jacobs - artist 
"Daddy's Girl" Scott's 2020 Sturgis Rally Painting 
    It's a funny thing when a Daddy's Girl doesn't grow up and abandons Daddy when he needs her adult help - and she enjoys him dying because it brings her public recognition.

Jimmy Fallon 
Five More Sleeps till Christmas 

Choo Choo's Story 
   Wally the Chipmunk spends time at the lake with her

Really Graceful 
Election Night Prediction 

DON'T GET FUM DUCK COLEMAN'S BOOK! No freaking committee members are even listed! So Sage Of Quay either didn't read it or is DELIBERATELY lying! I have no patience whatsoever with shills who are alternate psyops. https://youtu.be/sQcbiyS3Tss

Elisey Mysin 
Mozart Piano Concerto - This Russian boy is amazing! 

     JS Bach https://youtu.be/fdI1ampbBhI

Kelly Barlow gives HER take on the COPPA law
My comment: Michael Powell was the FTC Director. Best FTC Director this country ever had. Both he and his dad, Hon. Colin Powell (as Secretary of State) went full speed ahead when they began working for the Bush Administration. ABD Colin Powell made damn sure Bush wasn't going to declare war on the Sep11 false flag where he mass murdered thousands and got away with it! Colin Powell said he was resigning. Bush asked him to stay on long enough to secure the next election. Then Bush said he fired Powell!  
    Second comment: Kelly, there's a thing called APPEAL and renegotiations - the public won't know how much the settled for. As long as the politicians get paid, that's all that counts.

Glenn And Friends 
Broccoli cheese and rice bake with mushrooms πŸ˜…

President Putin Assures he will work with anyone who becomes leader of USA. 

Dr. John Bergman 
Cancer Treatment is meant to prolong, keep cancer going! 
    My comment: doctors lie about patients having cancer, put them on treatments that CAUSE cancer!

Find and buy later Corner-to-Corner Butterfly Afghan Crochet Pattern

Andre Rieu Concerts

In Europe

In NYC Christmas Time 

Music to sleep by 

Future Tech 
8 Inventions, my favorites are Remarkable II, Orbit Key Nest, ***AstroSlide 

Go wildlife 
It's not easy in the wild,says Martin Tyner

Glenn And Friends 
Best Turkey recipe ever 

Choo Choo's Story
4min visit https://youtu.be/qgvmfYsdB20

Wild elephants trumpet with joy when baby elephant is rescued

Comment on FreeToFindTruth Radio
Beau Biden was Joe Biden III - Obama had Joe Biden change sons" names to invoke familiarity with certain words. ie, Bowe Burgdahl, BO initials and poodle's name, BoJo is Boris Johnson, etc 

Art Simple 
This Demon Slayer is wearing a mask

Mary Greeley 
Active Volcano in Hawaii: Mona Loa 

Miss Potter, full movie
Somewhat like the Walton's setting, but I think her parents poisoned her fiance and killed him 

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