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PItstop November 2020

 As a precursor, I'm sharing notes from a few years ago - probably here in this blog for 2018, not sure. This info is particularly useful for today.  November  #2 Blackstone Paul Manafort was SATANIC Trump's dream come true! He just got caught! Paul Manafort was the leader of Trump's crimes running for President. (Personally, I don't think Trump was even planning to win, but Hillary got sick and the Satanic Underground told Trump he had to win, make it look like it was a close call....then they changed it because Trump needed  more public support!) The very fact that Paul Manafort is dirty is WHY Trump had him as campaign manager! Just look at all the crap going down!  Kushner is another one! Ivanka is in on it. Roger Stone's an INFORMANT for America Talks, aka David Zublick - who is sucking all the kudos from David Zublick and will just leave him out in the streets after David reports his lie after lie (believing it's truth)  -

Pitstop October 2020

  Pitstop Of Information October 2020  My Blog has been fixed...I will add pictures when I can.         My Notes - copy and share whatever you want. Make it your own statement. I'm no expert. I just care alot. That goes for anything in my blog.  LAWSUIT against the creator of the fake COVID-19 Test - this video is in German but the transcript is English. They provide link to download. Search:  EXCLUSIVE: giant class action against German inventors of PCR test. No pandemic without PCR test.        Antitrust attack, I responded this time: Get the hell off the platform I'm using, bastards! You're causing my phone to dusfunctiin is CRIMINAL!   "EXCLUSIVE: giant class action against German inventors of PCR test. No pandemic without PCR test" ... Transcript of video in English is linked on video BTS Home Premier from yesterday Youtube demonitizes his videos so THEY can snat