My blog is still being manipulated as far as format goes. I suggest you copy and paste, share what you want. The dirtbags who have altered my blog are spineless as Hitler. LINKS ON ANTITRUST HEARINGS. This is the link I watched covering Rep Sensenbrenner's interview/Commentary: Here's a good site: July 29, 2020 I don't know why Mr. Nadler is referred to. Mr. Cicciline was Chairman, not him. SECOND ANTTURST HEARING May be this one, not sure: July 29, 2020: THIS SEGMENT FROM THE FIRST ANTITRUST HEARING IS PARTICULARLY NOTEWORTHY. I DON'T HAVE IT WORD FOR WORD BUT IT IS CLOSE: Congressional Hearing on AntiTrust Laws involving the Superpower Technocrats This is a segment of this 5 ½ hr hearing. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner gets the floor and makes profound statements. Link: At 2 hr 38min or thereabouts: Mr. Sensenbrenner: Congress does a poor job in picking winners and losers. I’ve looked over a lot of the material that’s been assembled – for over a year on this bipartisan investigation and I have reached the conclusion that we do not need to change our antitrust laws. They’ve been working just fine. The question here is the question of ENFORCEMENT OF THOSE ANTITRUST LAWS. (2:35:23 on C-Span video) We’ve heard a lot about the Facebook Acquisition that happened in 2012. Obama’s FTC signed off on that – so regardless of what you think has happened at the time, the fact is this acquisition did pass the “smell test” for the regulators involved. Now, maybe they made a mistake – maybe something else happened. But I don’t know. But the fact is that there is not a problem with the law. Now back about 35 years ago, AT & T was broken up because it was determined one stop shops were monopolistic and AT & T was broken up because it was determined one stop shops were monopolistic and AT & T became --- you have to get your long distance service from your local phone company –- how that was monopolistic. The “baby Bells” were spun off – a whole lot has happened since then. There were mergers and acquisitions of the Telecom Industry – Technology Advanced a huge amount and guess what? Back to exactly where we were in 1984. So, this goes to show you the Congressional pressure is not the best. Now using the AT & T example, which I think was a big flop and counterproductive, let me ask Mr. Bezos, say the AT & T example was applied to Amazon – and you were required to spin stuff off so you might have no more of a one stop shop – but you have to go to separate places for books or groceries or videos or electronics – how are the consumers helped by that? Mr. Bezos: Sir, they would not be (helped) – that’s very clear. Mr. Sensenbrenner: Now Mr. Pichai, let me ask about Google. If you were forced to split up your business line, Ad Tech and YouTube, can you describe what happens to consumers there? Sundar Pichai: Congressman, Today they see prices free or falling and they get more choices than ever before. So I think it does them (current Google customers) well. Mr. Sensenbrenner: And you’re right there. So I’m not gonna be on this committee in the next Congress, I’m going to put my feet up and become a “Senior Statesman”. But. You know, let me say (2:38:06) that we have heard a whole lot of complaints about BIG TECH. Some of them are political on nature and I share they complaints and the concerns of Mr. Jordan and others. And others talk about allegedly anti-competitive activity. It seems to me that it’s not for Congress that legislates – to toss all of our antitrust laws in the precedent that is established or litigation over the last 100+ years – but it’s something where we ought to go back to the regulators – to the enforcers – have them make a determination on – whether or not the laws have been violated. I think the law is good on that. And we don’t need to throw it all in the waste basket. Yet there are some matters of concern – that we have heard from both sides of the the aisle, that I think need to be addressed – and if it requires an agency (2:39:08) like the FTC to say they’ve made mistakes in the past, so be it. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. And even government agencies do that. I yield back. (2:39:10 – Congresswoman Jayapal interviews and that is is a good interview; … Mr. Zuckerberg, you said by email to your management team, that moving faster and copying other apps could ‘prevent our competitors from getting footholds’….. 

I encourage you to watch these two Antitrust hearings. Watch them piecemeal. Get involved. Communicate) 

UPDATE 10/2/2020 - It is a heck of a lot of work, but I think I figured out how to undo what a hacker helped themself//selves to.  Hopefully these links are restored.  Now, it appears I have to go through every page and do the same thing.  KEEP CALM, BETTER DAYS AHEAD.  


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