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My blog is still being manipulated as far as format goes. I suggest you copy and paste, share what you want. The dirtbags who have altered my blog are spineless as Hitler. LINKS ON ANTITRUST HEARINGS. This is the link I watched covering Rep Sensenbrenner's interview/Commentary: Here's a good site: /antitrust-hearing-live-stream-time-date-apple-amazon-facebook-google-congress July 29, 2020 I don't know why Mr. Nadler is referred to. Mr. Cicciline was Chairman, not him. SECOND ANTTURST HEARING May be this one, not sure: July 29, 2020: _A THIS SEGMENT FROM THE FIRST ANTITRUST HEARING IS PARTICULARLY NOTEWORTHY. I DON'T HAVE IT WORD FOR WORD BUT IT IS CLOSE: Congressional Hearing on AntiTrust Laws involving the Superpower Technocrats This is a segment of this 5 ½ hr hearing. Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner gets the floor and makes prof


Photo Source: P. Allan Smith of MOSS MOUNTAIN FARM UPDATE 10/2/2020 - It is a heck of a lot of work, but I think I figured out how to undo what a hacker helped themself//selves to.  Hopefully these links are restored.  Now, it appears I have to go through every page and do the same thing.  KEEP CALM, BETTER DAYS AHEAD.   added 14Aug2020: Before you read the Small Claims info from my experiences, I wanted to share my recent effort to get Blogger to fix what they altered: THE ONLY THING LISTED ON MY BLOGGER ACCOUNT NOW, WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO GIVE ME FORMATTING OPTIONS, ETC, IS “REPORT” SO I SELECTED IT AND ANSWERED THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. 8/14/2020 What is URL of the post you want to report? * THIS IS MY BLOGPOST AND I AM THE ONE BEING ABUSED! Which community guideline do you believe it violates? REGULATED GOODS AND SERVICES We remove • Content that promotes or sells regulated goods and services, such as alcohol, gambling, pharmaceuticals and unapproved supplements, tobacco, firew