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TABLE OF CONTENTS ALPHABETIZED Introduction To My Experience And My Suggestions For Those Abused By The System 

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THERE ARE NO FORMAT OPTIONS AND I CANNOT ADD ANY PICTURES, ETC. THIS IS DUE TO CORRUPTION, MANIPULATION. i SUGGEST YOU JUST COPY THIS AND FORMAT IT TO YOUR LIKING SO YOU CAN READ IT, IF YOU ARE ABLE. i HAVE NO OTHER SOLUTION AT THIS TIME. REVISIT, MAYBE IT WILL BE SOLVED. THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AN HTML DOCUMENT. NONE OF MY BLOG WAS SET UP THAT WAY. AMONG OTHER BS MESSAGES, TO MANIPULATE, BLOGGER SAYS THIS: Blogger’s new interface is now available automatically. If you want to revert back to the legacy interface, use “Revert to legacy Blogger”. The legacy interface will be available until August 24. Please file any critical issues encountered. Read more. Note: Blogger keeps messing with the formatting of my blog to keep me from having the opportunity to share anything. It used to be my relatives were the corrupted beureaucrats venue. 

The prior sentence makes absolutely no sense at all.  Typical hacking - they may have just accessed my device left at home and changed it!  


I am physically disabled from severe trauma due to a 20-ton sander truck slamming into me, going the wrong direction on my side of the double-lane highway. It was a pretty cut and dry case yet the attorney I had made the case a No Fault Case, deceiving me that it meant “It’s not your fault and that is the term they use”. It is unfortunate that I had no sibling that would even talk to their insurance reps about this. A minister who was a past insurance salesman would not seek to find out for me either. There were no law libraries open to the public, no law books that were available when I tried to get help from the library. Everyone’s response was “Ask your attorney” rather than find out what the law really said. Talking to people in public was my only way. My father was self-employed and these spineless attorneys would harm in a heartbeat. a. As Dr. Sam Vaknin has said and supported with facts, the USA is a socialist country. Who do we have to thank for this? There are many causes for this erosion – a big chunk has to do with conspiring with the NAZI regime and even taking hundreds of these NAZIs into the USA for asylum, so they could actually erode our country, and TAKE MONEY. Many of the richest people in USA are Oligarchs and control the government. Right now, it doesn’t even matter who we have to thank for this. The point is #WeDoNotConsent. 

 And what are we going to do about it? They do not follow laws! I submitted two Petitions to Congress, Senate, and the White House: 1) Remove Trump Now and 2) Forego Election 2020 (stipulating that if Mike Pence is moved to be President of the United States, we should not have any Election for 2020 and rather use this time to #FixThisNation – instill ACCOUNTABILITY) WE ALREADY KNOW THESE GOVERNMENT PARASITES ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY FOR THEMSELVES. This creates an Economic Virus that has turned into an Economic Cancer. 2. Problem: MY STUDENT LOAN WAS NOT DISCHARGED DESPITE THE FACT I AM PERMANENTLY DISABLED FROM A CAR ACCIDENT THAT WAS NOT EVEN MY FAULT. a. I continued to focus on that one problem once I realized that the crimes committed by the school were not being held accountable. This is the school that CIA operative Christine Ford attended, SCSU. It is also the school that participated in the scheming of the FAKE Sandy Hook Shooting – which even the Connecticut politicians still publicly claim really occurred – allowing FAKE funerals, and constant lies. EVEN THOUGH THE FBI SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE REPORTED NOBODY DIED. His reporting was suppressed. I have no idea what the nefarious goings-on behind closed doors within the FBI system took place. Yet I must say that Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, both George Bushes, and now Trump have all committed many acts of TREASON yet Washington is so damned corrupted, they cover it all up. “You wash my hands, I’ll wash yours” No doubt they made lots of money on the mass murder of September 11, 2001 – on the Boeing Laser Weapon fires of Paradise, CA – which burned thousands of people alive to ashes (And Jaimee Lee’s fervent reporting should have won him Awards, and instead YouTube took his channel down. He had 60 to 90 videos, interviewing witnesses, experts, survivors, workers, and more. All that work TO HELP INFORM PEOPLE down the drain! His channel was A Plane Truth; and it is now A Plane Truth 4U. I don’t always agree with his reporting, yet I presume he changes subjects so they do not take his channel down. He seeks to make a living from it and does a good job; I certainly don’t begrudge him for that. Yet I do beg to differ on his methods in deciding to trust people – particularly those who seem obvious to me conspire with the Satanic Underground of Washington – THAT IS WHERE THE ROOT OF ALL TERRORISM IN THE WORLD LIES. 3. I cited laws I obtained from the Law Library. I reviewed the Student Loan Book published; I believe it was even titled SCLC Manual. It is haphazardly constructed to dissuade one from even locating anything. And it is not available electronically publicly – unless you are an attorney insider, of course. THERE IS NO TRANSPARENCY BECAUSE AT LEAST HALF OF THE TIME SPENT BY REPRESENTATIVES IS WRITING FRIVOLOUS LAWS WHICH ALREADY EXIST – this way of life is backfiring on them. Yet they also use the one tool which helps keep it going: FORCE. Targeting people they want to get rid of, for instance. Ruining people’s lives. Helping those who have done the most horrible things, rewarding them in Pay To Play Schemes. Morality is stripped away from Washington. 4. Despite Years of communicating to FedLoans, no one told me about the Office Of NelNet, which Obama secretly selected to process student loan discharges for Permanently Disabled people. I have Social Security Disability, but that is not good enough for them. They independently demanded I prove my disability – most likely because they granted many discharges even though those people had not even applied for Social Security Disability. WHERE IS THE ACCOUNTABILITY, THE TRANSPARENCY. THERE IS ONLY PAY-TO-PLAY SCHEMES. 5. Among many things stolen out of my apartment, they have stolen my flash drive case, which had the many documents I worked on. In fact, the landlord did not even change the door lock before I moved in, even though it is a legal requirement and I brought it up in court WHEN MY LANDLORD TRIED TO ILLEGALLY EVICT ME – after all, I am a Targeted Person, I am on their ShitList and too bad for me. That is the way of SOCIALISM. 6. I AM EXPLOITED BY PEOPLE WHO HAVE EVEN TAKEN PART IN MURDERING MY SICK FATHER OR PASSIVELY ALLOWED IT AND SAY, “He’s in a better place” – it has taken decades for the Truth to come out on the Jewish Holocaust, and the other 5 million Hitler mass murdered who were not Jews, yet little have we learned as a Public At Large. 7. Recently I received a letter from FAFSA, which referred to a case in California which was won. I should try to upload some letters on this blogpost. 8. This country’s government is designed to CREATE PROBLEMS, then FIX PROBLEMS. Then claim they are heroes. I am sure Dr. Vaknin has a social term for this, which may involve other complex terms as well. Narcissism, for instance – can be defined in one basic term yet be broken down to specifics based on the particular narcissist. 9. DON’T BE FOOLED. We all have choices. It is not excusable to say “Our President is a Puppet” because it defeats the purpose of ACCOUNTABILITY. CHECKS AND BALANCES is even a softer term which removes intent. But we don’t even have that! And the Accounting system managing money is almost a complete farce! 10. There is no “We The People” – it is “Us vs Them” – this is the effort to DIVIDE AND CONQUER LIKE HITLER DID. And what did he really accomplish? He destroyed livelihoods, Ruined businesses. Spurred violence. Propagandized the public so they didn’t know who or what to believe. Stole government money. Cheated by not paying taxes for decades and owed the German Government millions of dollars. And more. The concept of “being privileged” was an imaginary image yet supported by ten percent of the population, which was enough to control the other 90 percent. And we face this today. 11. I am stopping here with my statements today. I may add more, but I doubt it. It really is unpleasant to affirm how right you are and face a government that is outright criminal. I had perfect credit while running a business for just over three years yet my credit history was abolished in the system and they refused to take any information. Because my life was already set by the evil ones who control this country. Unless I behaved the way THEY wanted, my life would continue to be set, and my relatives paid homage to the evil ones who abused this type of power – particularly since one or some were affiliated with the CIA, which is the single most corrupted government agency and does nothing but commit crimes, considering themselves above the law, even when murdering people such as JFK and MLK. CIA is run by the Satanic Underground. Maybe they are the ones who even run the Satanic Underground now. This Satanic Underground has taken on many faces: Theocracy Society (which embedded German Cult beliefs into their school-of-thought; and conspired to create the New World Order that they collectively wanted. Creating other organizations helped them herd people. They had complete disregard for Humanity, for actually providing physical solutions to economic problems, which essentially would resolve the social problems. They considered themselves Privileged. They considered themselves endowed with a “spiritual knowledge” beyond that which can be gained from classroom thinking. This is an outright sociopathic way of thinking, yet they injected it into the governments and militaries so they could play their war games as gladiators, watching their own people be slaughtered – FOR WHAT? Their Ends Justify their Means. And yet there is no real Motive that is achievable, except for one which is self-involved and lives for the day. They add their motives to agendas to excuse the means. A house that is not built on solid ground, will fade away. Listen to Dr. Sam Vaknin, and those like him or who appreciate his works, to help get a personal RESET. Understand the mechanisms. It’s nothing personal. #WeNeedSolutions. Keep fighting your own personal fights. Hopefully there will be a pooling of various problems – such as housing, livelihoods, economy. The right to live is as plain as your face. Yet are you facing it? The mask agenda is part of their way to tell you that you don’t matter. The bottom line is there are many in government who have taken part in crimes directly and indirectly and are only caring about covering up for themselves and filling their pockets as much as they can. STAND UP TO IT. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. DON’T GIVE UP. 7/21/2020

2/9/2022 - Well, I just realized I don't have any information on the Student Loans.  I recall providing scanned documents, etc.  But the scumbags that trespass on my devices altered this whole blogpost.  I already ranted the above on at least one other blogpost.  It was probably copied and pasted, since there was no formatting.  I touched it up a little - but it really is all irrelevant here.  All I can say is that I need to return and fix this.  I suppose I could just unpublish it.  But I won't. 

Basically, in short, I was illegally kicked out of the schools and yet charged for school!  Also, I qualified for a $1,000 tax return for the first full year I attended school.  It was stolen from me!  For a brief time, I had an account at Chase Bank.  They lied about me cashing the check and depositing half of it.  I cashed a $501 reimbursement for transcripts I paid for FIVE YEARS prior to that!  That is the check that I deposited!  Lawrence Mark Hurley had been forging and stealing checks for probably the full 19 years he was at the Milford, CT courthouse. He also stole tens of thousands  - probably hundreds of thousands of dollars from the prosecutor's union - yet the judge defended Hurley and limited police to a three year audit and refused to allow them to audit more even though the evidence was overwhelming that he stole much more - probably millions and that would be why the judge suppressed the audits!  

So, Chase Bank lying about my IRS check is just typical FRAUD.  

There is no solution in a lawless state of Connecticut!  

They erroneously kicked me out of school and charged me!  I filed so many packets to the Dept of Ed, FAFSA, Fed Loans!  My files have been stolen by illegal intruders in my apartment!  The US Gov doesn't do their damn jobs and could give a crap!  It is all about SOCIALISM, NOT APPLICATION OF THE LAW!  

The bottom line is, as a disabled person, I have a right to have my education be paid for according to the law.  I had that right when I was almost killed back in the 70's, but the attorney told me I could not get any assistance because I was not interested in attending the Univ of PA, which is where HE wanted me to go - obviously to endanger me further and probably would not return alive!  

posted 2/9/2022


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