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 NOTE, BLOGGER IS MESSING WITH THE FORMAT OF MY BLOG. THEY HAVE REMOVED ALL THE OPTIONS FOR EDITING ALSO. WELCOME TO AMERICA. It is now 7/31/2020 and the lettering is improved some. I apologize if some of thse notes are repetitive here. I am doing one big Paste in a short while....6;26 p.m. They took away my opportunity to add pictures. Could be some people I stopped following decided to give me a hard time and complain since my blog is free and they want to make money. Most likely they will also be taking notes from my blog, I speculate. There are no other editing choices for me. I get so fed up with the internet TECHNOCRATS that I figure we were better off without it! _ - 7/21/2020 i HAD TO REMOVE ALL THE NOTES BECAUSE THEY WERE COMPROMISED AND NOT LEGIBLE. THIS MAY TAKE A FEW DAYS TO REBUILD TJOS BUT HERE ARE SOME NOTES NOW: Resp to @Zerohedge @Xi_Jin_Ping_CN @ViviBubbleTeaNY @samvaknin #Jeff Censored @VladimirPutin24 @HassanRouhani @brElizabethII How about China's DEFENDING themselves against SOCIALIST USA? Austan Goolsbee Retweeted Arindrajit Dube @arindube I mean people in Stockholm actually get mad if you stand on the wrong side of the escalator. And if these people weren't able to do herd immunity you think people visiting Disney World will do it? 5:39 PM · Jul 11, 2020·Twitter Web Ap You'll just have to search for this if you want to see what I responded to. #WorthYourWhile Maybe you should whisper in Trump's ear. That's what he likes. @mediamonarchy @Diamondthedave @BovierDon @FallonTonight @theroots @reallygraceful #JeffCensored @joeimbriano777 @janedueker Prof Dynarski @dynarski 3h Never piss off the proofreaders https://twitter.com/vermontgmg/status/1281997118748712961?s=12 Of course, Trumpty Dumpty Jr. Isn't Democrat anymore - he's a born again Republican so his Daddy's former life is a freaking blurr for those 70+ years. Betsy Wetsy must have been using a pictionary that day and didn't notice the typo before she went to her Romper Room for 😈. I stopped subscribing to the Miles Family because Anthony Miles lied to me and rumoured himself. He said he got the boxes I sent him for him and family members - then said he never got them (with a 'so what, it's only money' attitude) He could have picked them up still - there's more I could say. I can't believe someone who claims to be a forthright Christian would be such a liar, here I was enjoying being in the chat. That's why I sent the boxes. WTF They were sent in July, his 2 week vacation turned to 5 weeks. Yet still I don't have the boxes back and they said they were returned each week I call. Even my USPS complaint has expired. ### 25Oct2020 9:57pm Your Living Room Live 🎶🎵🎼🎻🎹 #AcousticMilestone 10July2020 :#HappyQuarantine2020 #MilesOfSmiles #MilesMusicMania 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀💛💛💛 Coal absorbs toxins. I use coal toothpaste and Recently purchased Coal Soap - a new line by a soap maker in UK- I love their lavender but this coal is fabulous too.. #Yardley @brElizabethII copy: #MilesMusicMania https://youtu.be/h0T3aDk-fD0 Speaking of algorithms, #TerryMiles, #MilesMusicMania - that bit about Dr u-no-who resulted in 5 phone notifications by #RemoveTrumpNow FYI awww and #NoBiden #PresidentPenceJuly2020 Buck Murray @buckmurray1 · 7m Someone was trying to evade her fate Ghislaine Maxwell ‘moved houses 36 times in a year’ until arrest for aiding sex fiend Jeffrey Epstein https://knewz.com/ghislaine-maxwell-epstein-house/… Replying to @buckmurray1 Maxwell is sister or cousin to Bill Gates' wife. Both Corbett Report and @reallygraceful have stated this. BTW, Trump AND Biden were no doubt in on Epstein Operations. https://knewz.com/ghislaine-maxwell-epstein-house/ So the current Deceiver In Chief plays the script he doesn't trust Fauci yet supported Fauci. And the fact Trump issued an unconstitutional Executive Order claiming everyone has to wear masks - just makes him all the more of a unpatriotic bafoon. #RemoveTrumpNow 3-min home building update @Diamondthedave and his wife. FABULOUS🌺 12July2020 https://youtu.be/ADb5d1R3C5g. Bill RiceRed apple @2muchfun4me · Jul 11 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put your punk posser president on his knees when he tried to confiscate our Personal Protection Equipment. He also kicked your punk president's butt in the NAFTA negotiations that he wanted to cancel and we got an even better terms. Thank you. https://pic.twitter.com/f3SlsqjrVP Replying to @2muchfun4me @timextim1 and @Blue_Texas2020 @Xi_Jin_Ping_CN #JeffCensored Bill Rice, you're probably a LGBT TRUMP TOLD TRUDEAU to go arrest the CEO of Huawei just to bully her& TRUDEAU did it! You're either one of the FAKE TRUMP ACCOUNTS or really stupid! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 PubliusRoots.com m. @samvaknin probably knows of this book which #CorbettReport and #DontTreadOnPeople share. Great 45min conversation #ReadIt https://youtu.be/cMlK1EM_UO8. @DiamondTheDave says in his own way: It's Just A Mask. https://youtu.be/c5d1ITYc_hE #JeffCensored Livestream from Monday, 13July2020 - great show if you want to know! https://youtu.be/NLH5lh9e95U Badass ManMasks by @FallonTonight #FallonAtHome #HappyQuarantine2020 https://youtu.be/Nq-zUSfIDeo Your Living Room Live! With @Acoustic Milestone #AnthonyMiles 13July2020 11a.m. EST 🎵🎼🎻🎹🎶#HappyQuarantine2020 https://youtu.be/4DOSdP3pi_A James,pls re-think: accusing @VP for pushing an anthrax agenda is like how Trump frames him using propaganda. Understand how intelligence works-he can't break the chain even when disagrees-bc of duty to office. Vagabond supports Trump #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 https://www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/nation/judge-to-hear-arguments-in-challenge-to-foreign-student-rule?__twitter_impression=true Joseph Cumming @josephcumming · 6m Trump administration rescinds rule on foreign students https://pbs.org/newshour/nation/judge-to-hear-arguments-in-challenge-to-foreign-student-rule… Replying to @josephcumming Trump will sabatoge anybody his #SatanicUnderground tells him to.Biden wife &daughter death in 1972 reflects Biden agreed to kill them if he wins election! Sons survived so he used them. Joe Biden3 prob #knewtoomuch about mva. @truthstreamnews has video on 100 #SecretSocieties @AE911Truth #CorbettReport #JeffCensored Once upon a time, I wrote a letter to a NYC contract architect firm about #WeNeedAnswers #Sep11 and his letter told me to get lost. And I just came across the letter and discovered they must use spy apps on their website. The End. zerohedge @zerohedge 32m Jeff Sessions loses Alabama Senate primary to former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville Replying to @zerohedge That's bc elections are all rigged! @JeffSessions is way more qualified! But Education and experience don't matter to Trumpty Dumpty - that's why Betsy Wetsy w just a Bachelor degree in Easy Peasy is Secry of Ed! WTF #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 All American Girl @AIIAmericanGirI 23m Tommy Tuberville defeats Jeff Sessions in Alabama GOP Senate runoff election https://foxnews.com/politics/tubverville-defeats-sessions-alabama-gop-senate-runoff… @FoxNews #AAG #AAG2020 Replying to @AIIAmericanGirI and @FoxNews Trump made that happen! He fired @JeffSessions to evade the law! Thousands of sealed indictments were waiting to be served, much from taking down #AlphaBay, which pissed Trump off. Hon. Sessions asked for military back up-Trump refused #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 9min message from @DiamondTheDave - keep your priorities straight and remember the P's ...Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pisspoor Performance. https://youtu.be/PtutEYjhkJk. Two-seater, four liter, six Greek carmakers wanna meet her - that's what #Chaos is all about says @Scottymechanic The New #Chaos Car https://youtu.be/K4Dv060mHqQ letmetapthatlikebutton @letmelikethat · Jul 10 When Bill Cooper exposed the government's malicious intent to keep their citizens slaves & oblivious to truth... Part 1 #questioneverything #suicide #deepstate #nwo #pizzagate #pedogate #frazzledrip #weinerslaptop #qanon #adrenochrome #exposed #jeffreyepstein #pedoisland https://pic.twitter.com/yUzNJGWBPP Replying to @letmelikethat @joeimbriano777 #JeffCensored @truthstreamnews #CorbettReport @bobforgovernor I agree. And listen to this half hour talk which emphasizes we need to reassess priorities https://youtu.be/nBaPd6ee07Q Mask Mania 1. Jimmy Fallon https://youtu.be/Nq-zUSfIDeo 2. DiamondTheDave https://youtu.be/c5d1ITYc_hE . Tweeted Meantime the majority of the rich in USA TAKE money, they don't MAKE money! Look at what's happened to the economy! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 PubliusRoots.com. Pake Your Tick.... #APlaneTruth4U Tweeted My comment: Celest what's her face is part of the Government-God you say is wrong. This is PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING. No thanks. https://youtu.be/fWJINMldW34 Happy FumDuck #WearAMask Day @FallonTonight @theroots https://youtu.be/5Pe-LK6dbaI @FallonTonight Jimmy looks like Url's father...I know who wouldn't like that! His real father: David Spade - @JeffDurham knows! https://youtu.be/WhvKGeiIHEg Trump pushed the Coronavirus Agenda,& signed illegal Executive Order for everyone to wear masks - but the White House didnt wear masks! He's now getting people to promote he never believed Fauci,he never though there was a PANDEMIC. WTF! #RemoveTrumpNow PubliusRoots.com. @Xi_Jin_Ping_CN @ViviBubbleTeaNY @brElizabethII - my guess is The Hague is a politically controlled agenda that never cared when China was really like that during ww1.Battle Of Chosen, for example. #ThatWasThen #ThisIsNow #ILoveChina PubliusRoots.com zerohedge @zerohedge · 1h Let us know when you replace "blacklist" in your user module will you? twitter.com/twittereng/sta… Quote Tweet Twitter Engineering @TwitterEng · Jul 2 We’re starting with a set of words we want to move away from using in favor of more inclusive language, such as: https://pic.twitter.com/6SMGd9celn Show this thread It's not just blacklisting - it's what they are Cortanna'ibg by scanning you and doing WHAT THE SOCIOPATHIC TECHNOCRATS program it for. Say if you support a decent leader, they mess with your words, they delete things, darken photos, etc. #JustSayin @JaneDueker @zerohedge A Navarro was "founder"-puppet of #ShermanCompanies for #Pam Sherman aka #SuburbanOutlaw aka #SatanicUnderground = #organizedcrime @Scottymechanic sings 🎹🎶🎵🎼🎻 "And I'm Leasy, Leasy like Sunday Mornin'" 🎵🎶🎼🎻🎹 https://youtu.be/zND_LUx31tM #China flooding obviously caused by #geoengineering as directed by sociopaths in USA! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 @XiJimPing PubliusRoots.com. @joeimbriano777 @BovierDon People of #Alabama, you'll regret that @jeffsessions didn't win the election,which was probably rigged4 Trump, who Protects The Crooks bc he's part of the #SatanicUnderground Gulen lives in USA, like NAZIS who exiled here! https://youtu.be/e8-DW47MG_s zerohedge @zerohedge · 21m TikTok Fined In South Korea For Collecting Data Of Children Under 14 Without Parental Consent https://zerohedge.com/technology/tiktok-fined-south-korea-collecting-data-children-under-14-without-parental-consent… Replying to @zerohedge Fined? Is that all? Looks like pedophile politics from USA got their grip on South Korea. Are they slaves to USA? Many believe that's why politicians incited the #KoreanWar. #BattleOfChosin - notice how much Satanist like Trump refer to being 'Chosen'? 6min of #Acoustic Milestone aka #AnthonyMiles and #TerryMiles #PianoDuet at #TrainStation rocks the place! https://youtu.be/tcbQeJOJuGo Dankashane, Dahhhlin' dankashane🎼🎵🎶🎹 sings @jimmyfallon live on @FallonTonight https://youtu.be/dvOA3ZHnY3k 4min with Jaimee Lee of #APlaneTruth4U - "Rage against the dying of the Light" https://youtu.be/rxF258hipbc @artsimple - How to draw Goku SSJ2 https://youtu.be/fBKtEAOtrGE. @JoeImbriano777 #TerryMiles #AcousticMilestone @reallygraceful #JeffCensored #KevinRMiles #ElsieMiles Out of MERCY, one. 🎶🎵🎼🎶🎵🎼Feel the joy. https://youtu.be/-F_W_zl61bI Another media the dust. They first reported the endemic genes fake - now are claiming Russia is along Vaccination patents and other BS! And now COVID so is a crisis. I stopped watching and unsubscribed! https://youtu.be/oqlapO7CUyc Another media the dust. They first reported the vaccinations are fake - now are claiming Russia is stealing Vaccination patents and other BS! And now COVID so is a crisis. I stopped watching and unsubscribed! https://youtu.be/oqlapO7CUyc gpovanman гпованман @gpovanman · 6h If BA were not planning to retire these aircraft for another four years, but are doing so immediately, this tells us a lot about what they think about the mid-term future. The new normal isn’t going to be anything like normal for years to come… https://bbc.com/news/business-53426886… Replying to @gpovanman My prior response was just deleted and I didn't delete it! @Prince William and @brElizabeth probably know there's an evil agenda by the PM taking place. They want to retire navy ships too, right? @SWFgowildlife This is what Google does to my phone,like change the keyboard so I can't fix what I type&can't change keyboard back.They keep saying my data is over when my sd card saves data. You want me to delete data, Google? I deleted Google apps. intheMatrixxx[ @intheMatrixxx · 1h There is a petition for @Potus to mandate masks unlawful. No. We have to act. We all need to contact our Governors , Sherriffs and local officials. Have we forgotten our power? Let’s get loud Patriots! twitter.com/bluebir6203481… Quote Tweet WWG1WGAFlag of United StatesEagleFrog face @Bluebir62034818 · 1h Replying to @intheMatrixxx and @realDonaldTrump Sign Potus’s mandate to make masks unlawful! RT! https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/potus-trump-sign-executive-order-make-mandatory-mask-wearing-unlawful @VP @RexxTillerson @JeffSessions. @reallygraceful #CorbettReport @truthstreamnews @JoeImbriano777 You FumDuck! Trump issued an executive order trying to require all citizens to wear masks! #RemoveTrumpNow #JeffCensored #PresidentPenceJuly2020 PubliusRoots.com Galgotha Crucible @GaLGoThA · Jul 15 Video by JeffCensored! @FreeRadioRevolu 'Manufactured emotional triggering' is just as REAL as childtrafficking. Why create fake videos? Cos they produce more confusion/division. So let's all stay aware. U are one brave woman, Polly. #Wayfair #WayfairGate https://youtu.be/AXoCYy9rwVY Replying to @GaLGoThA @99freemind and @FreeRadioRevolu 7/17/2020 #Jeff Censored who has his Sense Sword handy has a #MysteryGuest tonight! Coming right up! https://youtu.be/x8oO20x_lgU gpovanman гпованман @gpovanman · 4h Millions of people suffer extreme forms of deprivation under harsh authoritarian regimes that are allied to Washington. The Commission on #UnalienableRights Report reminds us of the urgent need for the U.S. to recognize human rights in our foreign policy. twitter.com/secpompeo/stat… Quote Tweet Replying to @gpovanman A Bradley https://www.PubliusRoots.com Gen #Soleimani was murdered and Pompeo claimed AFTER that he was the world's worst terrorist yet he wasn't even listed as a twrrorist with NDI and probably other agencies. Liars! They are the terrorists! They belong to Secret Societies which @truthstreamnews has reported on! Enjoy! I got this from @SamLyonsmusic website #SamLyons 🎵🎼🎻🎶🎵🎼🎻🎶❤💚💜💙💛 https://steelbridgesongfest.org. This 3+ hr series is a group of documentaries on the Russian Romanov empire. It's quite informative but slot of interruptions with ads. https://youtu.be/PLnYFdAhFLk ( gpovanman гпованман @gpovanman · 36m Quite obviously the UK judiciary were as inept as their leaders in London when it came to handing Hong Kong back to China in 1997. Leave means leave, not lurk in the background like a fart in a lift, polluting the environment with yesterday’s leftovers… https://scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/3093726/uk-judges-future-hong-kongs-top-court-cast-doubt… Replying to @gpovanman Top court is China now, due to wise actions by administration of @Xijimping_ bc Hong Kong couldn't control the rioters - Chinese military came in to enforce peace. BRILLIANT. They knew Trump was trying to incite war and no doubt Obama and Clinton are helping! #Treasonists @DiamondTheDave in Colorado spends 7min explaining #cilantro #coriander https://youtu.be/tqqbmd_8krs gpovanman гпованман @gpovanman · 53m Can you believe that illegal invaders are complaining that they’re being harassed by people who have a right to be there? Pick up your bags and leave. The US has no legal right whatsoever to be in Syria… twitter.com/brett_mcgurk/s… Quote Tweet Brett McGurk @brett_mcgurk · Jul 18 Trump plays golf as US forces in Syria now on a daily basis confront Russians thanks to his impetuous decision to abandon 2/3 of once-stable ground to Putin and Erdogan. Mr. President: Pick up the phone and tell Putin to stop harassing our troops.Down pointing backhand indexhttps://pic.twitter.com/hzuk Replying to @gpovanman A Bradley https://www.PubliusRoots.com DACAs probably. @jeffsessions wanted to fix that and more. Alabama better watch Tubberville bc they should impeach him if necessary. @Diamondthedave - Colorado cops attack man who was being a #GoodSamaritan https://youtu.be/jdvwL2Eov7Y. Ignorance is Bliss...#JaguarBird blames Queen ElizabethII when the problem is Media, and the Prime Minister! I didn't tweet this. I unlocked the video. I love Native Americans who are not social engineers. Ironically, the Jaguar car only looks the look but doesn't walk the walk/ride the ride. It's not worth fixing. Parts are not economical. https://youtu.be/6Pu1q0am91E Hey, hey he's a monkey!🎹🎶🎵🎼🎻 @jeffdunham https://youtu.be/zGcRCt-LqC0 zerohedge @zerohedge · 1h SAUDI KING SALMAN CHECKED INTO HOSPITAL FOR MEDICAL TESTS: SPA Replying to @zerohedge Don't tell me; they want to say the Saudi King has #Coronavirus - are they doing this to make him learn to obey their useless a$$es? #JeffCensored @Diamondthedave @scottjacobs_art - this home design is like a vacation - I wonder what they will do with the rest of their property. #LosAngeles https://youtu.be/yh1lQPgehSs Video NOT SHARED https://youtu.be/MqYlck0EBn4 My comment: Celeste Solum is a very suspicious character. Her husband was not even using a seatbelt at time of crash. He had 6 kids from prior marriage. No info about what happened to his first wife. Celeste was probably married before too. This cheeky Christian love-me love-me image is at the least unappealing and borderline repulsive. No, I don't trust her. Just see who she was connected to for 20+ years. Her criticisms are most likely part of an agenda. Otherwise she'd be 6 feet under. Husband's death was probably "collateral damage" by the Satanic Underground. https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2018/9/6/exclusive-doctors-reveal-details-of-neuroweapon-attacks-in-havana So Rex Tillerson contacted Dr. Giordano about DEWs attacking individuals in Havana in 2017...Why didn't the bells and whistles go off when Trump attacked Paradise, CA? https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2018/9/6/exclusive-doctors-reveal-details-of-neuroweapon-attacks-in-havana WTF I need to finish this later. zerohedge @zerohedge · 4m You're Probably Gonna Get It... https://zerohedge.com/political/youre-probably-gonna-get-it… Replying to @zerohedge I got it, alright-After posting on my blog, responding to #TomCotton, Senator, tweeting-spineless shills took me off internet! Protecting Their Partners In Crime! PubliusRoots.com - see month of June. I tried to update July Pitstop Of Information and was disconnected! #ExploreMinnesota @ComoConservatory #MinnesotaScienceCenter #camping #fishing - You're in good hands at @BrookdaleHealth 👍 Tweeted @Scottymechanic has your back - REALLY! Lets see what Dr. @johnbergman or #MotivationalDoc or my favorite chiro in MN @BrookdaleHealth says ☺ https://youtu.be/LsuE0t_gCgY The Romanov Empire in Russia - a very interesting series, 3 1/2 hrs https://youtu.be/PLnYFdAhFLk The Romanov Dynasty: Real Story, film series. Ending with the brutal execution of a good family Was this the rise of power by the Satanic Underground? Britain had a war in 1918. USA started the Spanish flu, which was started in North Carolina, blamed on Spain because they refused to participate in WW1. Was Russia also refusing? I don't recall them being mentioned in WW1. We have to understand #TheEnemyWithin https://youtu.be/PLnYFdAhFLk Video: The Genesis of the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic (He doesn't admit USA created it in North Carolina) @joeimbriano777 - follow-up on video. He obviously doesn't believe we are #DesignByIntelligence but of paranoia. (15sec video at 13min) Posted 7/20/2020🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

            Biden is just as evil as Trump is! They both belong to the same Satanic Underground! Biden was elected as the youngest senator EVER even though he had no unique qualifications. He owed a sacrifice and that was his whole family, I bet! His two sons survived! I bet when Joe Biden III became AG in Delaware he started doing some digging about the mva and realized it was probably attempted murder! Our country is filled with sociopaths who follow a Satanic agenda NO MATTER WHAT. We have to get rid of them all! Biden was involved with the Oklahoma City Bombing and wrote the antiterrorism act bill to push the agenda that it was an act of terrorism. No doubt it was - by CIA, et al! CIA pay off a lot of politicians. Ron Paul was a CIA agent, enjoying two salaries. He was kicked out of Russia because of it. No Doubt Rand Paul is also, and look how he lied about his neighbor - first saying he was punched in the face, then changing the story completely saying the neighbor hit him in the front yard and broke several ribs causing pleural effusion. Do you realize that requires a chest tube and hospitalization? Yet Rand Paul flew to Washington DC instead in open session! Our country is being taken over by sociopaths! I submitted my petitions to REMOVE TRUMP NOW and let Mike Pence take over. And to FOREGO ELECTION 2020 if Pence is President. We need time to clean up Washington before we have any more elections! They are always rigged! PubliusRoots.com


@RonPaul4Constit –

 I do not trust Ron Paul!  He is a CIA Agent!  Dr. Ted Gunderson exposed him. Ron Paul was kicked out of Russia because they knew he was a CIA agent.  They kill CIA agents. CIA are very evil and have only one agenda ultimately and that is to bring chaos to our society and turn it in to socialism – that is how it is operating now yet we can stand up to it be defending our Constitution from these scumbag politicians who only serve themselves – and that is what the Coronavirus Agenda is all about – THEY make money by taking money!  And they are breaking up millions of families, people are losing their homes and livelihood.  July 4 is a celebration of how the cultists who came to USA enjoyed spreading propaganda to get the country to go to war with Britain for no good reason.  Cultist Obama has claimed that one of his daughters named Sasha (look up Sasha Shulgrin, the psych drug maker that made CIA a lot of money in the 70’s and resulted in many deaths) supposedly has her birthday on July 4.  Those girls are not the Obama’s flesh and blood, yet they lie about it.  Michelle Obama couldn’t have children because she is a MTW transgender.  – my added note 

May 18

In 2008, the then-deceased Dunn’s daughter Pamela Hamill demanded an apology from Biden, according to Newark Post Online. He died in 1999. She was upset that Biden had claimed that Dunn was drinking, when police did not find such.

Not that I hold alot of confidence w Red State,this is for real: #RemoveTumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 - Biden probablyHad family murderedBy Wash Satanists

#JoeBiden Lied for Years About the Car Accident That Claimed the Life of His Wife and Daughter https://www.redstate.com/elizabeth-vaughn/2019/10/17/joe-biden-lied-years-car-accident-claimed-life-wife-daughter/ 



Before his current wife, Jill, Joe Biden was married to Neilia Biden, who died young in a car accident at the age of 30 along with the couple’s 1-year-old daughter Naomi. Over the years, Joe Biden has spoken openly about surviving the crushing grief he faced when Neilia and Naomi died – and, again, when his son Beau Biden died at 46-years-old from brain cancer.

Joe Biden brought up both family tragedies in the first Democrat debate when he talked about the need for better healthcare. “I can’t imagine what it would have been like not to have adequate healthcare,” he said, referencing his first wife and daughter’s deaths and how his two sons were injured.

When his son had terminal cancer, said Biden, “I can’t fathom what would happen if they had said the last six months you’re on your own.”

Beau and Hunter Biden, Joe’s sons, were Neilia Hunter Biden’s children with Joe Biden, although they were also very close to Jill Biden, who married the grieving Joe Biden in the 1970s.

Grief has helped forge Joe Biden’s character; Biden is now poised to enter the 2020 presidential race.

Here’s what you need to know about Neilia Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s first wife:

1. Neilia Biden Was Driving to Get a Family Christmas Tree When the Fatal Accident Unfolded

Joe Biden carrying his sons Beau and Hunter in the Summer of 1972 along with his first wife, Neilia. [Photo via AP] pic.twitter.com/GhtfSL0TNZ

— bernie lubell (@bernielubell) June 1, 2015






Keep in mind that most of this happened after Dunn’s death in 1999, too. Pamela Hamill, one of his seven children, went public with her anger after the story began getting repeated ad nauseam around the time of Biden’s nomination as Barack Obama’s vice-presidential candidate.

Replying to @OnlyKathy43210 and @Puppet70199422


Understand the Secret Societies are Cults and they are manipulators of our country. #TakeDownSecretSocieties Watch @truthstreamnews video on 100 Secret Societies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collegiate_secret_societies_in_North_America







, said: “This is a positive step from the UK Gov’t. “It’s clear that


is still playing constitutional games despite the coronavirus crisis, so the UK Gov’t needs to ensure the UK works for all of its citizens...”



-          Warning – this link uses cookies and I for one would not agree. I have enough internet problems as it is.

The PM of England care more about aligning with Scotland than serving its people in a peaceful and HONEST capacity.  The coronavirus hoax has to stop!  He and others he has aligned with will end up sapping much money from the crippled economy, which is ruining lives and destroying families all the more. 






This Is How Propaganda's Supposed To Work: 60% In US Believe Fake Russia Bounty Story https://zerohedge.com/political/how-its-supposed-work-60-us-believe-fake-russia-bounty-story




Replying to @zerohedge


            @HassanRouhani - Trump attacked China bc "we believe those ships to be dangerous"; he said the same about @presidentAssad Syria; he murdered #Soleimani using same tactic AND MORE! THIS IS WHAT HITLER DID! #HitlerKillingMachine


Who is Barbara Keane?  Father a police officer yet she fails to provide her maiden name!  CEO of Synchrony bank yet claims to be CEO also of another company same time?  Lots of weird stuff! 


This Barbara Keane (died and unmarried) daughter lived where Sandy Hook Shooting hoax was  https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/newstimes/obituary.aspx?n=barbara-a-keane&pid=125670811



Attorney says his child was a victim at the fake shooting. 

            His name is Lawrence Keane, and was counsel to a Gun Sporting Club.  Of all things to mention he was counsel to, they say that in the articles. 




 Lawrence Keane is listed


But this says he is highly-rated attorney in CT:  http://congressionalsportsmen.org/about/staff/lawrence-keane


I wonder who funds THIS org, which aligns in name with Professional Darts - I just stumbled on this - they say they PREVENT DISASTERS. I BET WHAT THEY DO IS LAUNDER MONEY! #NoAccountability @reallygraceful @mediamonarchy #JeffCensored @truthstreamnews



@zerohedge @Diamondthedave @BovierDon @bobforgovernor @mediamonarchy @truthstreamnews @dking36729 @desk_nhv Dr. Donegan gave a 3+hr talk on "1969 social engineering New World Order" agenda - here is the transcript created by @jeffrensei https://rense.com//general94/nwoplans.htm


They don’t provide their foundation’s info; they are just there and we are supposed to think they are legit.  https://www.pdc.org/about/

We help prevent hazards from becoming disasters and disasters from becoming catastrophes.

For more than 20 years, Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) has supported the most demanding government customers and nonprofits worldwide, sharing in the mission to save lives and reduce disaster risk. As an applied research center managed by the University of Hawaii, we are continuously developing new technologies and best practices to help our many global partners effectively mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. We work side by side with government agencies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and humanitarian relief organizations to conduct baseline risk and national disaster preparedness assessments, create mitigation strategies, support training and exercises, and to implement our powerful DisasterAWARE® technology. DisasterAWARE provides global risk intelligence, early warning, and largest collection of global, scientifically verified geospatial data and modeling tools for assessing risk and hazard impacts. Following the devastating effects of Hurricane Iniki to the Hawaiian Islands in 1992, Pacific Disaster Center was conceived as a center to improve systems of communication and technology for disaster prevention at home and beyond. PDC now serves a global audience, helping to increase disaster management capacity and embolden more effective decisions, policies, and actions for a safer world.







Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) is an applied science, information and technology center, working to reduce disaster risks and impacts on life, property, and the economies worldwide.

PDC's products and services are used to support sound decision making in disaster response and civil-military humanitarian assistance operations, as well as in disaster risk reduction, mitigation and planning. The Center is primarily engaged in:

·         Enhance Disaster early warning and decision support capabilities and technologies;

·         Advancing risk and vulnerability assessment (RVA), including socio-cultural analyses of risk;

·         Cultivating international working partnerships to support capacity building in developing countries through training and technical assistance;

·         Supporting humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations.


PDC was established by the U.S. Congress following Hurricane Iniki's devastation of the Hawaiian Island of Kauai in 1992, and became operational in 1996. Originally created to use information resources to mitigate the impacts of natural disasters in Hawai‘i, today PDC resources are used locally and globally by disaster and crisis management professionals, planners and executive decision makers, national governments, regional organizations, and International- and Non-Governmental Organizations (I/NGO).

The headquarters of PDC is located on the Island of Maui in Hawai‘i, with additional presence on the Island of Oahu, in Colorado and Washington, DC. PDC also maintains a project office at the Water Resource University in Hanoi, Vietnam. Since 2006, the University of Hawai‘i has been the managing partner of PDC.

PDC is a public/private partnership sponsored by the PDC Program Office (OSD-Policy). The content of the information here does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of the U.S. Government and no official Government endorsement should be inferred.

Major projects and activities of PDC[edit]

In its earliest years, PDC did the initial development and deployment of various applications and web-based tools for the use of disaster management professionals and the general public. Those tools have been maintained and further developed since, and have been deployed to more organizations and nations. The Center developed its first computerized decision support system for disaster managers within the U.S. military working in the Caribbean. PDC also support for humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan in 2002. Event-related efforts up from 1996 through 2003 included providing direct information-technology support for operations related to Hurricane Jimena threatening Hawaii, flooding and landslides in American SamoaSuper Typhoon Pongsona in Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands, Super Typhoon Lupit in the Philippines and Federated States of Micronesia; and numerous wildfires on Maui.

In the 2004-2005 period, PDC provided a wide range of support to the countries impacted by the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami (December 26, 2004), initiating a line of work and establishing partnerships that have continued ever since. PDC also engaged in developing and hosting the Asia Pacific Natural Hazards Information Network (APNHIN); conducting a multi-hazard urban risk assessment for Marikina City, Philippines; mapping flood hazards and conducting risk assessments for the Mekong River Basin; providing the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) with a Disaster Information Sharing and Communications Network (DISCNet); developing an earthquake atlas for Hawaii based on FEMA's HAZUS software; collaborating with the Maui High Performance Computing Center to develop an interactive, map-based interface for an ocean environmental database; customizing a wildfire rating system for Hawaii and mapping both wildfires and fire fuels; and developing a digital, geospatial database of critical infrastructure for Hawaii.

The efforts begun in immediate response to the Indian Ocean tsunami continued through the years 2005 and 2006, and eventually included a major technical assistance project, supported by USTDA, to provide Thailand with a decision support and early warning system. The growth of APNHIN and the ASEAN DISCNet continued, perhaps accelerated by ongoing tsunami-related activities. PDC collaborated with the South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission to develop a Tsunami Awareness Kit for the Pacific Islands. At this time, PDC, in partnership with Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative, also built and launched a worldwide “knowledge base” pooling the resources of 20 international populations centers. The Center developed new products for Hawaii and its counties including remote information services for Maui and a statewide regional secure server. As PDC's capabilities increased, the Center was involved in more and more exercises in Hawaii and across the Pacific, and was called upon all the more frequently to support activities in response to disasters. In this period, some of the major events were Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., multiple tropical cyclones in the Central Pacific, a major landslide on Leyte Island in the Philippines, and sustained severe weather and flooding in Hawaii.

During the years 2007-2009, while constantly improving and expanding the technical tools offered to disaster managers and the public, PDC also expanded the APNHIN program from Asia Pacific to global, rebranding it the Global Hazards Information Network (GHIN) and launched a worldwide Atlas, as well. Some of the major areas of focus for PDC were disaster planning and preparedness in Vietnam; tracking avian influenza, and later, Influenza A (H1N1) also called swine flu; assisting with responses to repeated (sometimes called “unprecedented”) severe weather in Hawaii; earthquakes each year in Indonesia, some of them spawning tsunamis; the Kiholo Bay earthquake in Hawaii; a major earthquake and tsunami in the Solomon Islands; and a fleet of tropical cyclones all across the Pacific, with many of them setting records of intensity and for the damage done. Among the notable storm events that engaged PDC most and longest were Tropical Cyclone Nargis, Burma, 2008; and a series of typhoons beginning with Ketsana, Philippines and throughout the region, 2009. For both of these events, PDC put a GIS and communications expert on the ground to work with United Nations teams and others, coordinating connections, developing maps and collaborating with PDC Maui to provide immediately useful maps, images and data products.

In the fall of 2009, the Pacific was plagued by disasters, and Pacific Disaster Center's resources were severely tested. In the six days from September 27 to October 1, the Center created and delivered products or otherwise provided direct support for the responses to Typhoon Ketsana, especially the storms devastating effects on Manila, Philippines; Typhoon Parma, which increased the disastrous flooding in Manila; Super Typhoon Melor, the worst effects of which were felt in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and in Japan; multiple earthquakes and a devastating tsunami in Samoa and American Samoa; and another cluster of earthquakes in West Sumatra, Indonesia. Just days after this “Week of Pacific Disasters,” there was an additional cluster of earthquakes, notably in Vanuatu where another tsunami was generated, and new tropical cyclones formed, as well.


 July 2020

gpovanman гпованман




It says a lot about Navalny’s intellect when he tells you that a referendum “is a big lie which does not reflect real public opinion in the country”. What does he suggest then? A lucky dip? A tombola? 

https://bbc.com/news/world-europe-53255964… https://pic.twitter.com/6Sw3SkL0lz

Replying to @gpovanman

He's reinventing words. That's what the Satanic Underground does. 





France Suspends Role In NATO Naval Mission, Outraged Over "Turkish Aggression" https://zerohedge.com/geopolitical/france-suspends-role-nato-naval-mission-outraged-over-turkish-aggression…

     Replying to @zerohedge

France wants to SANCTION 💰 💰Obama screwed Paris after he got NY to remove Insurance Dept& create Econ & Security! Won a lawsuit of $billions accusing France of improper exchange w Iran. Ocraphead was trying to incite war w Iran too. @HassanRouhani told him to go to hell once. 

Who knew - celery juice! https://youtu.be/bTHwkh7nHZE 

Vladimir Putin thanks his people for voting 7/1/2020 https://youtu.be/hrpzmMFeI-o 

Meeting of the minds is truly a blessing. There must be many who have felt such great emotion knowing that they have Vladimir Putin to continue the climb in their beautiful country. Based on circumstances which keep happening. I have a concern that these Technocracy sociopaths have created a secret app which listens and creates situations according to what it's programmed. And I am concerned this will lead to ultimate destruction. I hope you are not in that internet power grid to prevent such a thing. And maybe if Huwawei can buy Microsoft they can reverse and destroy this evil internet process if it does exist. Nevertheless we would be much better off if Huawei can buy Microsoft. And there are other companies which should be purchased since there is proof they TAKE money, they don't MAKE money. I am so greatly moved to watch the WW2 series title Soviet Storm. ((hugs))❤

Daily Music Live with #ElsieMiles Episode 89 2July2020 https://youtu.be/TCDvY9b6H1A. 

45min Your Living Room Live with #AcousticMilestone 2July2020 #HappyQuarantine2020 #MilesOfSmiles #MilesMusicMania https://youtu.be/svr_tkCqG3Q 


gpovanman гпованман




There’s a simple answer to that one, just bump up the tax that tech corporations pay to 25%. And then give Trump 180 days to “reconsider”… https://rt.com/business/494456-trump-france-tariffs-digital-tax/…

Replying to @gpovanman

NY sued Paris for billions and it was reported Lewindowski, First "Director" of Econ & Security, got quite a load. It was all about the #DevilsChessboard #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 PubliusRoots.com 





Judge Orders Jeffrey Epstein Accuser To Destroy Files https://zerohedge.com/political/judge-orders-jeffrey-epstein-accuser-destroy-files…

Replying to @zerohedge 

 Records fraud is rewarded by the courts in this country. I tweeted my blogpost on career criminal Brett Kavanaugh & only thing the USGov did was get Google to take down my ad-free unmonitored blog! Ppl I shared it w must have put pressure on them. PubliusRoots.com 




Jun 28



A global effort aimed at preventing and eliminating violence against women. Worldwide, women continue to face violence at epidemic proportions; WHO estimates that 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical and / or sexual violence. https://pic.twitter.com/2yE97EzZ4Q

Replying to @amnaaljowder22

@joeimbriano777 #CorbettReport



#Jeff Censored 

#TakeDown #WorldHealthOrg #CDC - bc #WeNeedAnswers not more problems! #sexualviolence  #PLANdemic Crimes Against Humanity https://youtu.be/eQLMQ2Q9_I8 

We all have nanobots in us - #APlaneTruth4U https://youtu.be/40aHGo6zm5c

     I was going to ask if the probiotics we need in our systems may look like that. But for a good 6+ months I've cut down on sugar alot, use honey and put the following in my food regimen: cinnamon, turmeric+dash of pepper, rosemary, real lemon, aloe, cider vinegar, lots of fresh produce, fermented foods esp sauerkraut(look up Dr. Sandor Katz and also Living Web Farms) ---well, I just took the graphics test and only 2 small fibers showrd. The rest was clear! ALSO I use charcoal for toothpaste. A new product Hello makes charcoal toothpaste which is easier than the powder. Put the powder in your pet's food occasionally. If you have an outdoor cat, you may want to use it every day. Like just 1/4 tsp to absorb toxins. 

What has a great tranny, rear wheel drive, over 200K miles and is in great shape? Says @Scottymechanic - no, my wife is much better looking..it's a #Nissan #XTerra ❤💚💜💙💛 https://youtu.be/c4FtOuLhaRE. 

@theroots @jimmyfallon @joeimbriano777 @mediamonarchy @BovierDon @desk_nhv - social causes-effects: pls take note no black ppl were/are allowed in these societies. YET were MLK's "friends" offered membership if they help the sniper murder him? 


Dr. Dexter King



Jan 23

Matthew 7:7-11 New International Version (NIV)

Ask, Seek, Knock

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who... https://facebook.com/1798212199/posts/10212822850964926/…

Replying to @dking36729 

Stars and Stripes




Despite the warning, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reaffirmed North Korea’s claim to not have had a single case of COVID-19, telling a ruling party meeting Thursday that the country has “thoroughly prevented the inroad of the malignant virus." https://stripes.com/news/pacific/kim-jong-un-urges-north-koreans-to-keep-up-virus-fight-1.636223…

Replying to @starsandstripes

@joeimbriano777 @gpovanman 

Sure, while most of the world stands down and don't make ppl wear masks. Jaimee Lee of #APlaneTruth4U 

just shared a video on it. #TwoMinuteWarning

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Dr. Dexter King



Jan 23

Matthew 7:7-11 New International Version (NIV)

Ask, Seek, Knock

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who... https://facebook.com/1798212199/posts/10212822850964926/…

Replying to @dking36729

A Bradley https://www.PubliusRoots.com

@NAACP @theroots @jimmyfallon @Scottymechanic 

@desk_nhv #Causes #Effects: pls take note,no black ppl were/are allowed inThese societies.YET were MLK's "friends" offered mmbrship ifThey helpThe sniper murder him?I seek bc #WeNeedAnswers #NoMoreBondage 


These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America


Choose Files



@prototype420 Trump murdered thousands at Paradise CA using Boeing Lasers. Burned alive to ashes! My phone was disrupted when I tried to post this comment and had to restart. 

Hello folks... #Wuauquikuna 🎹🎶🎵🎼🎻plays live every Saturday and Sunday and you can listen to replays like I did for hours while working on paperwork😂❤💚💜💙https://youtu.be/FWQYXYfW_P0. 

#Elsie Miles Daily Music Live Ep 91 #HapoyQuarantine2020 #MilesMusicMania #MilesOfSmiles https://youtu.be/UJ1XBGIsyoY. 

Grace Right-pointing magnifying glass




okay internet friends, what are we being distracted from today? 

Holy Grace feathers! My distraction is paperwork - Answer & Special Defenses on a Fraudulent Small Claim.  I'm countersuing. Look up #PamSherman,she claims story telling is better than truth bc ppl need to be entertained.She's also obv a Satanist - says she's a #SuburbanOutlaw 


gpovanman гпованман




Which per se means that Israel is behind at least some of the attacks. Not that Reuters is going to tell you that, though… https://reuters.com/article/us-iran-nuclear-natantz-israel/israel-says-not-necessarily-behind-all-iran-nuclear-site-incidents-idUSKBN246089

@joeimbriano777 Good point. I don't like seeing Isreal blamed but there must be a small faction working for the Oligarchs, who own most of the media in Isreal and slander @Netanyahu Operation #ChaosAndConfusion 


@Diamondthedave @StaticInTheAttic @mediamonarchy @reallygraceful 


Is it any wonder? #PLANdemic #booWHO #BetsyWetsy #CDCgottapee #FollowTheMoney #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 #TakeDown #SecretSocieties #Cults #Illuminati 

"They're trying to sell ya a Bill Of Goods" says @Scottymechanic #Dealerships #Shmealerships 



LIVESTREAMING NOW 🎹🎶🎵🎼🎻MONDAY 11am EST 6July2020 #AcousticMilestone https://youtu.be/ERX98sAUBt4. 

Your living room live - LIVESTREAMING now 🎶🎵🎼🎻🎹#AcousticMilestone 11am EST; 4pm UK time 7July2020 


4min 🎶🎹🎵🎼🎻soothing music by #Wuauquikuna 



gpovanman гпованман




There’s a narrative here. Western govts. have known that the place is rife with terrorists for years, yet when those terrorists are taken to task, it’s designated a crime. The sooner the terrorists are eliminated, the sooner Syria will be a country again… https://bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-53322857…

Replying to @gpovanman. 


gpovanman гпованман


·Trump bombed Syria 59 times but didn't touch ISIS occupied Syria so Pres @BarhamSalih successfully sent his bombers,&Trumped erroneously bombed Iraq! 

Sen Scott Jensen of MN

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KEYC) - State Sen. Scott Jensen says he’s being investigated by the Minnesota State Board of Medical Practice for some public comments he made as a doctor about the coronavirus.

The Chaska Republican criticized the Minnesota Department of Health for following federal guidelines on when doctors should characterize deaths as due to COVID-19. Jensen says he was fearful the death toll might be inflated in each state’s allocation of federal funds depended on the number of coronavirus deaths. He’s also been accused of spreading radical information about the flu and COVID-19.

“I saw the threats on social media, I’ve seen them for the last two or three months. I’ve seen them come from physicians. I’ve seen them come from people from all walks of life. They didn’t agree with me. They didn’t like it that I was trying to provide some context for the flu, for COVID-19. We’ve had some 35-40,000 cases of COVID-19 in Minnesota so far. According to the Department of Health people that might translate to ten times that many and if it does that’s 350,000 cases but in 2018 we have more than half a million Minnesotans with the flu,” says Jensen.

Jensen says he doesn’t know who filed a complaint with the board but says he will cooperate fully with the investigation.

Copyright 2020 KEYC. All rights reserved 





@ililjegren You're Not even an American, and Yet Scumbag politicians like Trump and Biden get you to collude and it's okay when it REALLY HAPPENS!  


Look for his video. Many are sharing it. 

Born 11/19/54

Father of 3 or 4

Attended Univ of MN

Senator Scott Jensen

95 University Ave W

Minnesota Senate Bldg 

Rm 3229

St Paul, MN 55155


Sophia Goetz, Leg Assistant 


Watertown Catalyst Med Clinic, P.A. 

205 Lewiis Ave S. 55388


Senate info office: 651-296-4837 

 He's being "investigated" for saying his opinion, that COVID is probably a sham and he's devastated that society buys into it. 

   To @JoeImbriano777 

Would be nice if you or someone else you know could interview him remotely on a livestream. 


Spencer Howard says Synchrony is awesome 7/7/2020.  WTF


Craig Spencer MD MPH




Today this administration tried telling you we’re better off without the World Health Organization, that we have the ‘lowest Mortality Rate in the World’, and that it’s safe to reopen schools as a pandemic rages across the country.

I’m here to tell you that’s all bullshit.

Replying to @Craig_A_Spencer

Well I'm here to tell you your damn propaganda on this fake #Coronavirus is DESTROYING HUMANITY. Obviously that destructive Hitler Machine is what puts money in in your pocket! You're obviously a ROTHSCHILD- welcome to OLIGARCHS


@joeimbriano777 @mediamonarchy @truthstreamnews @reallygraceful #JeffCensored 


#UK News says Trump is Great, then says Huawei used by NSA for voice-over tactics, yet Trump DECEIVES - murder of Ambassador #Du Wei - #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 https://youtu.be/gUFd2kpO8-A 

@joeimbriano777 @mediamonarchy @truthstreamnews @reallygraceful #JeffCensored 

#UKColumnNews says #Huawei used by NSA for voice-over tactics-Trump DECEIVES & says he hates Huawei #murder of Ambassador #Du Wei #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 https://youtu.be/gUFd2kpO8-A


So Britain just created its own national Homeland Security #DavidFrost  probably to pull more power from the Monarchy #TugOfWar #GodSaveTheQueen https://youtu.be/gUFd2kpO8-A

BRAIN MAPPING is on the menu! Shares #APlaneTruth4U


Senator Henson

 may be a plant for Trump. 

He says he's a Med doctor but works for the psych industry, which may just be trying to get more business by creating this scenario to draw people in to defend him. And use their info for drumming up more business. 







Replying to @zerohedge

@Xi_Jin_Ping_CN @VladimirPutin24 @HassanRouhani



You. do realize what a pathetic psyop this is bc Betsy Wetsy could order the schools open! #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJuly2020 PubliusRoots.com. 

martin wilkins



Jul 6

$16 orange juice by a CPC MP and the media has it front page news...$900m Liberal misappropriation of tax dollars to a charity with the PM’s wife and hardly a word in the media #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease #TrudeauCorruption #TrudeauWorstPM #TrudeauResignNow

Replying to @martinpwilkins

A Bradley https://www.PubliusRoots.com

martin wilkins



Jul 6

$16 orange juice by a CPC MP and the media has it front page news...$900m Liberal misappropriation of tax dollars to a charity with the PM’s wife and hardly a word in the media #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease #TrudeauCorruption #TrudeauWorstPM #TrudeauResignNow

Replying to @martinpwilkins

A Bradley https://www.PubliusRoots.com






Look what my orange juice looked like when it dried in a dish - looks like asrenachrome/blood gross! #MadeInUSA 

@VP My response to @funder 

This is just how two-faced you are! You claim pot an legalized, nothing wrong with it - you're only following a handed down script as a political puppet for Trump and the rest of the #SatanicUunderground

To @gpovanman

 If we don't hold the crime-infested Wahington Elite accountable there will be a NWO, alright! $ will probably be Chinese-China, Russia, & Iran wb superpowers & USA may even become a #ThirdWorldCountry! The Elite won't care. They'll take their money & run! https://youtu.be/w6KdaxcXOsk. 

1hr video shared by #APlaneTruth4U - this man's contemplations on #Tartarians  #WhatReallyHappened in global history - find the video #DeadMensSecrets https://youtu.be/w6KdaxcXOsk 

Understand who you're dealing with - you! Says Dr. @samvaknin. 34 min video. https://youtu.be/WQTA4RtnLi4 

@scottymechanic introduces the Toyota World Order, aka TWO https://youtu.be/wqfwlo1vVn8 

Hey #Jeff Censored - Peanut Puts White Power in its Place and more! @JeffDunham https://youtu.be/PqCsEhd5fWY 

gpovanman гпованман


Who was to know at that time that the US was running so many terrorist organizations? Fortunately today we know that the real terrorists are based in DC…

Quote Tweet




Jul 9

Remember When America Killed Moscow’s Soldiers

       What the US did in #Afghanistan after Moscow’s invasion,providing everything from land mines to Stinger missiles

Washington intended the death of Soviet military personnel 



#Russia #RussianBounty

        Replying to 


The USSR deployed military forces following a direct request by the Afghan government. 

USSR was afraid of losing Afghanistan. 

By late 1979, Islamists held 18 of 26 Afghan provinces, central government's armed forces were teetering on the brink of disintegration.






Used Vehicle Prices Spike By Record 9% YoY As Worried Consumers Abandon Mass Transit https://zerohedge.com/economics/used-vehicle-prices-spike-record-9-yoy-worried-consumers-abandon-mass-transit…

Replying to @zerohedge 💜

@ScottyKilmer is helping people, that's why! Follow his channel, friends. The More the Merrier! 💜💙💛💚❤ 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗

#TerryMiles 🎶🎵🎼🎹 just got company for Rex - it's ROLAND - I hope it doesn't get as hard of a time as @JohnRoland did when he began exposing the corruption in CT government!  The politicians all sabatoged him, abandoned him when he needed his rights in court.

Back when the leadership of the Republican Party pushed in secret to give amnesty to illegal immigrants, and they did, Senator Jeff Sessions stood almost alone in opposing it... With America’s heritage under attack, Jeff Sessions has stood up against the mob." - @TuckerCarlson https://pic.twitter.com/o1pKzzkmqO

Replying to @jeffsessions and @TuckerCarlson

Please, #Alabama VOTE FOR JEFF SESSIONS #JeffSessionsForAL bc In God He Trusts! 







We need smart ppl in Washington and the smart ppl of #Alabama will do that when they vote for @jeffsessions #TakeDownSatanists - Obama thinks he owns BAMA #DevilsChessboard are sociopaths! 

Article on DACA and Jeff Sessions says Congress should look at taking lawmaking power from US Supreme Court. 6/18/2020

Yellowhammer News

Sessions on Roberts upholding DACA: ‘He cast a disastrous vote’; Congress should look at withdrawing jurisdiction from the courts


Henry Thornton

11 hours ago

(Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Wikicommons, YHN)

In an interview with Yellowhammer News, former Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressed disappointment in Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts’ vote to uphold the DACA program and said that Congress should look at restricting the jurisdiction of the federal courts, which Sessions believes are consistently leaning leftward in their decisions.

Alabama’s former U.S. Senator, who is currently seeking the seat he once held, also expounded on a version of legislative relief for children brought to America illegally he believed could pass and argued his primary runoff opponent, former Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville, was soft on immigration.

Many of Sessions’ comments were in reference to the Obama-era Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program, which was instituted by executive order in 2012 and grants legal status to some immigrants brought to America illegally while under age 18. A 5-4 Supreme Court decision handed down Thursday blocked the Trump administration from eliminating the program. Around 700,00 immigrants have taken advantage of the program. Sessions had a role in beginning the process of the attempted repeal when he served as the Trump administration’s first attorney general.

Sessions, who as a U.S. Senator in 2005 voted to confirm Roberts, expressed dismay about several of the Chief Justice’s recent votes.

“He was the swing vote on Obamacare, upholding it, and he was the wrong vote yesterday on redefining sex, and he cast a disastrous vote today,” continued Sessions.

“I thought he was going to be one of the great justices we’ve ever had; he was the most impressive witness I’ve ever seen in my 20 years on the judiciary committee,” Sessions told Yellowhammer before adding that he was “deeply saddened” by Roberts recently.

Sessions further expressed frustration with what he sees as an ever-increasing leftward tilt to the decisions coming down from the federal judiciary.

“The decisions always are going left. … The American people are not going to go quietly to let them set social policy and other liberal agendas that Congress has not enacted,” the former attorney general said.

Yellowhammer News, who spoke with the former attorney general over the phone late Thursday afternoon, asked Sessions if he thought there was something he thought Congress should do to curtail the reach of the federal courts he saw as pushing an agenda.

“One of the things that’s out there is a pretty clear authority for Congress to withdraw jurisdiction from the courts,” responded Sessions, referencing a constitutional authority Congress has that is often termed “Jurisdiction Stripping.”

“Congress has been deferential to the courts, and there have never been enough votes to do that, but I think a lot of those kind of issues may come up,” continued the former senator.

“If they’re going to play the political game, then they’re in the game. If they’re going to advance social or political agendas then they have to answer for that,” concluded Sessions with respect to how he would address the courts if he returned to the Senate.

Many legal commentators have observed that the Supreme Court did not, in exact terms, uphold DACA, but rather found that the manner by which the Trump administration tried to repeal it violated the arbitrary and capricious standard for federal administration.

As such, Yellowhammer News asked Sessions if he believed the program could still be repealed with a new legal strategy.

“It remains a doable thing,” Sessions replied, noting that it would be a long and arduous process to maneuver the repeal through the federal bureaucracy.

In a statement earlier in the day on Thursday, Sessions attacked the manner in which DACA was implemented, objecting strongly to what he saw as a program created through “executive fiat” by then-President Obama. Those comments echoed what Sessions has argued about DACA since its creation in 2012.

Yellowhammer asked Sessions whether, methods of implementation aside, he supported the basic idea of allowing immigrant children, brought to America illegally while underage, to be granted legal status.

“I think that could be settled,” began Sessions cautiously. “There are ways it could work,” he noted later.

“You’d have to create a mechanism so it doesn’t happen again… the law has to be tight enough so that somebody who is 29 can’t say ‘I came here when I was 17,'” he outlined.

“You’ve got to be able to have more than just a statement that ‘I came here as a teenager,'” added Sessions.

“Probably a large percentage of these were older teens not young children and they came here to join an illegal relative often, or maybe a legal relative, and to burrow into the United States,” remarked the former attorney general.

Sessions argued that the legislative efforts brought up during his years in Congress were too broad and did not have strict enough standards for determining who had a legitimate claim for that type of program.

The former senator specifically mentioned that the DREAM Act, which he opposed in Congress, “put them on a path to citizenship, and I don’t think that’s the right procedure either.” He maintained there would have been votes for passage if the bill only granted legal status and made other concessions.

Yellowhammer News concluded the interview by asking Sessions how he thought the DACA issue and immigration more broadly would affect his July 14 runoff against Tuberville and the presidential election in November.

Sessions alleged that Tuberville is soft on immigration, and highlighted comments from Tuberville his campaign has been using that appear to indicate the coach is open to some immigration proposals.

Tuberville’s campaign posted on Facebook Thursday that he opposed the Supreme Court’s decision, and criticized Chief Justice John Roberts.

Sessions also knocked Tuberville for ties to consultant Rob Jesmer, who has made some anti-Trump comments in the past.

“I’m not sure how it will play out for the president,” remarked Sessions with respect to the immigration debate, before concluding, “I think eventually he can fix this, and I hope he will.”

Sessions will face Tuberville at the ballot box on July 14.

Henry Thornton is a staff writer for Yellowhammer News. You can contact him by email: henry@yellowhammernews.com or on Twitter @HenryThornton95

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