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Note, Second Petition to Forego Election is placed here because Blogger gives me no recourse, having blocked my ability to create a new post. 6/16/2020
FINAL Petition to Forego Election has been submitted to Congress 

Note, I hope to return with more notes regarding these issues,  yet the petitions have been submittind and I would greatly appreciate whatever participation you can can make, including making your own petition to your liking or endorse mine.  Thank you. 

Update 7/20/2020






Response to TOM COTTON 



Why the hell don't you petition to investigate the motor vehicle accident of 1972 which killed Biden's wife and baby and probably was meant to kill his sons also?  And why did he "Oh, BTW, my son has brain cancer and is dying" when his son may have LEARNED THE TRUTH WHILE ATTORNEY GENERAL IN DELAWARE, WHERE THE MVA OCCURRED?  And why doesn't it make a damn bit of difference to you that Biden LIED  about that mva - telling people that the man who was driving the tractor trailer was drunk when that was the farthest thing from the truth but you don't give a damn, right?  There is a sick understanding among you Washington politicians where you have an agreement of MAY THE BEST LIAR WIN.  


Hunter Biden is most likely the FARTHEST thing from being a Hunter – it is just to sooth Biden’s conscience since the wife who was probably MURDERED had the last name of Hunter before she married Joe Biden, Jr.  Everything is about Satanic Sacrifices in Washington – to climb the damn ladder of success!  I was brought up to know that is MURDER!  My father worked long, hard days to raise his family, always dodging the corrupted bullets!  He was much cared about in the community he chose to be a part of – NOT SECRET SOCIETIES, NOT SERVING THE GREEDY OLIGARCHS OR AFFILIATES OF OLIGARCHS WHO ARE ALSO PART OF THE ORGANIZED CRIME!


Jeff Sessions was taking down that crime – which made in INFAMOUS in Washington!  He and his affiliates took down the largest crime ring in the world – Alpha Bay, and had thousands of sealed indictments which should have been served and instead TRUMP TELLS SESSIONS HE WILL FIRE HIM. Trump tried to frame both Hon. Sessions and Vice President Pence as pedophiles – in retaliation for doing great jobs, administering justice, preserving what this country was built on!  There are many of us who are sick of this corruption! We know that the United States has been inciting wars, ruining countries and mass murdering for many years!  THAT IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!  Yet you cannot even address the wrong right in your backyard!  All you do is feed the corruption – link Hunter Biden with his father, so cover up of Joe Biden UNSUCCESSFULLY MURDERING HIS WHOLE FAMILY in 1972 would be covered up!  1972 had a lot going on with the Federal Reserve, the World Trade Center opening, and more!  All to feed your god WALL STREET.  This bullshit has to stop!






I am very disgusted with Washington, which for decades has been undermining what our government is all about - BUT YOU DON'T GIVE A DAMN!  IT IS ALL ABOUT FEEDING YOUR OWN POCKET!  




You could give a shit now!  Attaching a son who Joe Biden very likely unsuccessfully killed as a promise to the Satanic Underground  - to prove his submission to them AFTER they rigged the election so he could win because JOE BIDEN IS NOBODY SPECIAL; NO TALENTED PERSON - JUST A LYING DIRTBAG LIKE TRUMP IS WHO IS RUINING OUR COUNTRY AND SO WHAT - because 






I have a right to be a disgusted!  The corruption in Washington should result in a SEIZURE OF WASHINGTON! SEIGE AND INVESTIGATE EVERY DAMN ONE OF YOU BECAUSE YOU DO NOTHING BUT RUIN OUR COUNTRY! 




THEN - #ForegoElection2020 to #FixThisNation – Stop the #RiggedElections! #Accountability


Anne Bradley 


Email which I responded to:


RE: Petition to Investigate Joe and Hunter Biden
SUMMARY: Joe Biden boasted on television about withholding American aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine fired the prosecutor that was looking into Hunter Biden's company – the same thing Dems are baselessly accusing President Trump of doing.


It doesn't matter what President Trump does; all Democrats care about is impeachment because Hillary Clinton lost.

That's where you come in...we need to expose the truth Democrats are trying to bury.

Sign this petition if you agree: 
Joe & Hunter Biden's corruption needs to be investigated.

I need your help to get to the truth because the Democrats are singularly obsessed with impeaching President Trump even though they don't have any facts.


We know that a Ukrainian Oligarch didn't hire Hunter Biden as an expert in oil and gas. He paid Hunter Biden $83,000 a month because Hunter was the son of Vice President.


We know that in 2016 the Ukrainian prosecutor general was leading an investigation into the company who hired Hunter Biden.


We know that, as Vice President, Joe Biden bragged on television about pressuring the government of Ukraine to fire the prosecutor general by withholding more than $1 billion in U.S. loans.

Simply put -- Joe Biden did the very thing Democrats are baselessly accusing President Trump of doing!

Sign this petition if you agree: 
Joe & Hunter Biden's corruption needs to be investigated.

We need to get to the bottom of this ASAP – and I need 10,000 signatures in the next 48 hours.

Anne, will you be one of them?

Thank you,

Tom Cotton
United States Senator

Update 7/10/2020

President Trump’s Accomplishments? (BAD REPORT CARD!)


This Section is what I have stated in the Petition for you to consider and sign/endorse please

EDITED Petition: Remove Trump Now 6/23/2020



Previously Edited





2.  Donald Trump was impeached; yet instead of the senate taking action on the impeachment, they incompetently and deliberately held a hearing that was crafted as a means of delay and distraction.  They also would not allow a chat from the WhiteHouse streaming.  Those who wanted a voice had to go to Time Magazine Channel.  


3.  For several years, even decades, our country has been rivited by a conspiring group of politicians and beurocrats who have obviously been trying to take this country down, aligning with the Hitler Killer Machine.  (blog reference: "Remove Trump Now" Month of June 2020) We believe Trump is a Satanist, part of the Satanic Underground, of which has been often described by 

Dr. Ted Gunderson, 

Former FBI Section chief 

hero investigator on pedophilia cases 

hero investigator of  murder case of Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, CPT of USArmy Reserves

     (Very corrupted prosecution and lack of Judicial responsibility caused Dr. McDonald to be first convicted, then acquitted which requires a dismissal, yet the court once again resurrected the case after Dr. Gunderson was murdered and after Dr. McDonald's assets had substantially increased.  He did not remarry. Once again he was convicted even though they had an audio statement from one of the home invaders, obtained by Dr. Ted Gunderson, who admitted they murdered all of his family members at home in bed, simultaneously so no one would try to escape)

Dr. Gunderson  was poisoned with arsenic in the State where John DeCamp, CIA agent who went on to be a Senator (Nevada), and died shortly thereafter.   


4.  Hon. Jeff Sessions wrote Trump's political plan for his campaigning and Trump not only deviated from it but erroneously threatened to fire Jeff Sessions, even though he broke history by joining forces and taking down the largest crime ring in the world, Alpha Bay - which operated on the Deep Web (since Edward Snowden disclosed publically how to access this military top secret website, thus resulting first in a criminal website called "Silk Road" which was taken down and the creator is in prison for life) . In addition, Jeff Sessions was a most excellent Attorney General, administering Justice. The writer of this Petition claims he was the best AG this country has ever had. 


5. President Trump has on numerous occasions deliberately lied to the public and has deliberately deceived the public.  He is obviously connected to a certain group of individuals who are both inside and outside government yet not acting on the interest of the public, only interest of themselves.  They are both Republicans and Democrats and have nefariously meandered through the following administrations:  Bushes, Clinton, Obama, and now Trump.  They are destructive and created this Coronavirus Pandemic Agenda which has ruined businesses, caused tens of millions of people to be unemployed, caused millions to lose their homes and livelihoods.  There has been nothing consistent with Trump's statements, he flipflops with rhetoric, yet VP Pence has consistently said that this is not something to be worried about, though he has remained stedfast to his duities to his oath of office. 


6. The writer of this petition is a layperson who is unable to access the law library in order to be more legally accurate for this petition.  Yet it is pertinent that this petition is relayed, for the only published petitions which have been issued are ones created by the Democrat Party and they have a collective agenda to also undermine Vice President Pence if Donald Trump is removed.  This was stated as boasting comment by Scott Dworkin, a spokesperson for the Democrat Party in a Direct Message on Twitter and most likely in some of *his public (edited 6/23)  tweets.  Though this writer considers the internet to be overall compromised by nefarious technocrats, Donald Trump has declared Twitter to be an official form of communication. 


7. The writer of this petition believes that Donald Trump was directly and indirectly involved with murders.  This writer is only capable of referring to a few events, yet clearly this would open a Pandora's Box of many more, including (edit 6/23 due to alteration of original word 'including', changed to 'concluding') deliberate "accidents" 

a. The collapse of a brand new DOT bridge in Florida, after which Trump had given his 3-month salary to their department (which is another illicit act - mismanagement of funds/Pay to Play scheme.)  The writer believes that a few deaths resulted in this obviously evil, plotted event of the bridge collapse.  

b. Paradise, CA.  Donald Trump covered up the fires as referring to them as a campfire when even a layperson like this writer of this Petition was fully aware that campfires do not behave like that.  Her father was a volunteer fire policeman for 13 years and he helped create the first NY State Fire Police Association, of which he became Vice President of.  He wrote many letters and this writer recalls helping with mass mailings at home.  The writer of this petition was close to her father and proudly worked for her father in various jobs from the time she was 12 years old, primarily for his food service businesses, including his mobile catering service - all of which were safe.  The YouTube channel which created over 60 videos interviewing witnesses and experts on the Paradise, CA attack - was shut down.  This writer has a substantial list of links on those videos, yet those links are marked as taken down by YouTube.  They were posted in one of her "Pitstop of Information months in 2018.  The link will be provided in her blogpost of June 2020, "Remove Trump Now". 


c. Along with these aforementioned videos are videos created by others who were there at Paradise, CA.  A general consensus that thousands of people were burned alive to ashes was agreed upon.  Rev Franklin Graham distributed mailings with "The Ashes are beautiful" on the envelopes, which angered this writer and this writer sent him a letter telling him the impression she had of this depravity.  (note, the Hitler Killing Machine developed many similar tactics, most of which were "authored" by *Gerble and typed by two other supporters of Hitler while in the hotel-prison. Girble was Hitler's propagandist and also the real author of Mein Kampf, even though Hitler took credit for it.  (edited 6/23) Along with these videos on Paradise, CA,  by A Plane Truth (Jaimee Lee) were videos created by others who were at Paradise and a conclusion of thousands of victims were burned alive to ashes.  Thousands of cars were burned to just their framework.  The writer of this petition is sure Jeff Sessions would have been right on top of this and aggressively investigate the death and destruction - had it not been for the firing of Jeff Sessions, a convenient way for Trump to "dodge the bullet". Additionally, Hon. Rex Tillerson would have been able to issue investigation if just one foreign dignitary or citizen of a foreign country was listed as missing.  The firing of Rex Tillerson was an obvious intention to impede justice since Hon. Tillerson would have investigated timely.  As an additional piece of knowledge, a longstanding cult which may have been the Theocracy Society, hid a treasure in that Paradise, CA area, known to only a very few members.  At the time they planned to roll out a last phase of destruction to take over the USA , they were to get this saved treasure to assist in their nefarious plans.  This may be why Trump picked Paradise, CA to attack with the Boeing Laser Weapons.  

d. The George Floyd case. This case has taken so many turns and twists, it is obvious that Trump's handlers are dictating what to say and do to reflect a Hitler Killer Machine Jr. plan.  Note, many fake deaths were created to help Hitler's Henchmen escape. These somewhat-brilliantly pulled-off events were to convince the public -- obviously including corpse replacements - using the bodies of dead men who looked like each Henchman who faked a death.  This writer emphasizes that Officer Tippet was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald the same day he was charged with killing JFK even though he wasn't at the scene and he quickly put two and two together, realizing Officer Tippet was no threat to the public, as he was told, and was not going to kill JFK - they just wanted his body because he looked like JFK using the Hitler Killer Machine as a model.  Mr. Oswald was a CIA sniper, believing what he did was to serve and protect the country.  The CIA got the mafia attorney to murder Mr. Oswald in the public eye because that's what satanists do when they really hate someone.  It's an implied message to all, "You Could Be Next". These delusional sociopaths have had a longstanding belief system that THEY, not the actual government, have Supreme Authority over the USA, which this writer reminds all that it stands for UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Not incorporated.  If any country has supreme ruling over USA, it would be England, our Mother Country.  There has been argument that Spain is the real mother country since Spain’s Queen, who was the richest leader in the world at that time,  funded Christopher Columbus to explore the USA - and America is a Spanish name.  Yet they never really landed in US soil - they landed in the Caribbean.  Note, the USA greatly broke alliance with Spain when they created the Spanish flu in North Carolina and distributed it in phases, throughout the world, naming it the Spanish flu since Spain refused to participate in World War 1.  Upon the 200th anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown, NY Queen Elizabeth II went to this celebration and was degraded by one of the Bushes, *this writer believes it was GW Bush - not GHW Bush.  (there is much buzz that He was not given the exact same name as his father because Bill Clinton is he real first born, fathered as a Satanic Ritual.  Barbara Bush was daughter of Aleister Crowley)   He publically made a statement that Queen Elizabeth II was probably around when they settled too, something to that effect.  It was indeed a very disrespectful and abusive statement to say in Public and the last time Queen Elizabeth came to the USA.  

d(1)   It is common knowledge now that the case of George Floyd vs the Minneapolis officer, who was a friend of his, was rigged.  If he did die, he was remotely controlled by a computer chip or drugged or mind controlled by another method such as hypnosis.  They may have wanted him to behave in a certain manner and say certain things, such as "I can't breathe" rather than "get the hell off my neck, you're breaking it!"  Those like the writer of this petition, who have suffered real neck injury, fully understand how painful it is and breathing would be secondary since the trachea is in the front of the neck, not the back.  If Mr. Floyd couldn't breathe, he wouldn't be able to talk or his attempt to talk would result in *his mouth moving only.  His affected site was primarily the back of the neck, an area this writer knows all too well how much it can hurt.  This writer suffered a half of a whiplash, which is much worse than a whiplash.  Her neck was thrusted forward yet did not snap back into position and she had to live with an over-extended neck without treatment since the attorney who represented her only wanted to cover up the harm done to her since they were unsuccessful in murdering her to help the obvious sex trafficking pig.  This writer was in a cervical collar for two months in the hospital and bed ridden for one month more due to sever injury to her legs. The case was represented by the brother of Donald Kendall, who was CEO of PepsiCo and had hired a hitman to kill the President of Chile because he refused to sell Pepsi in his country.  (Now that a business official from India owns Pepsi, this writer is hopeful that this bad reputation has been rectified, including the prevention of contaminants being in the soda - since Bill Clinton deregulated the FDA and basically it was every man for himself when consumers ate food.  Most of the FDA were Monsanto executives who crossed over to government life and of course, retained a large amount of stock investments which they would want continuous profits on.  Today, June 8, 2020, a wake or memorial service was held for George Floyd and from viewing the livestream video, it was obvious they did have an open casket, though a number of people tried to study the body to see if there were any touch ups or plastic surgery, it was difficult due to the constant stream of people and the need for the line to continue moving.  Of all songs for a choir to sing, they sang one about Manifestation - which alludes to a Satanic ritual. Obviously, what we see is NOT what we get and President Trump covers up crimes as he is dictated by his obvious handlers, who were not elected with him. 

6/23/2020: note, this petition was altered and this writer had to edit it today. Additionally, the confirmation the petition was submitted on June 8 was removed from her email. This writer submitted a PETITION thereafter, titled "Forego Election 2020" yet this time when it was confirmed yesterday, a message referred to it as a letter, contrary to the reference to a PETITION for this aforesaid PETITION. 


The office of President is greatly compromised and thus reason to REMOVE TRUMP NOW. 

8. FALSE FLAG EVENTS, BRUTAL ATTACKS ON FOREIGN COUNTRIES.  False flag events include fake murders as well as murders. The writer of this petition claims, as with prior Presidents, that false flag events have been perpetrated through the Office of US President to achieve political and self-serving wants and nothing to do with service to the American public. They have murdered thousands of people (such as * when Japan bombed Hawaii's Pearl Harbor due to the set up by US propagandists, etc) and they have falsely reported deaths which enabled them to release trillions of dollars over decades - to include murders of JFK (actually murdered by MTW transgender Jackie Kennedy), Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Robert F. Kennedy, and JFK Jr. - these murders have never been sufficiently investigated or reported accurately.  It is of utmost disgrace that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's death has been so badly covered up. The writer of this petition has shared her notes with an educated and respected individual on YouTube this week, asking if he or someone he knows, may create at least an investigatory video which may lead to a full blown prosecution or, if the accused would be deceased, a full blown recording of the real conclusion, coming from the Office of Attorney General.  The King family *rightfully filed a lawsuit for MLK's wrongful death.  *Consequentially, though,  it took the heat off those who were right next to him and probably part of the set up to get him murdered.  They made a "heil Hitler" gesture right after he was shot, yet lied about saying they had to tell police where the bullet was shot from.  How would they know where the bullet came from?  And, most likely the man who shot MLK was a black man with long sideburns, and to put more twist in the story the police department made a last minute switch for an officer with long sideburns to patrol that area.  Most likely it was NOT that officer for numerous circumstantial reasons - the main being these men such as Al Sharpton claiming they had to tell the police officer where the bullet came from, so that officer was not able to be the shooter.  Most likely that shooter was a Black Panther, hired by CIA to disrupt and cause riots and give the Black Panthers more reason to incite violence and also give more attention to Malcolm X, who created his cult Nation of Islam, which the Muslim Brotherhood refused to recognize due to the violent methods, etc.  The writer of this petition believes that Jeff Sessions was uncovering cases from prior administrations as well as preparing the largest sting operation in history, as a result of the takedown of Alpha Bay and probably other circumstances.  He had thousands of sealed indictments and Donald Trump  refused him military backup to prevent a civil war.  Most likely the information obtained from NSA Mike Flynn (retired General) aided more administration of Justice by Hon. Jeff Sessions and PRESIDENT TRUMP WANTED TO SUPPRESS THE EFFORTS IN ADMINISTERING JUSTICE.  

b. BRUTAL ATTACKS ON FOREIGN COUNTRIES BASED ON LIES.  Among these brutal attacks would be Syria, Venezuala, Iran, and China.  Note, In 2014, the WOMD which Saddam Hussein had** was located in Syria and placed in a multi-ton container on a retired navy ship and sunk in the ocean.  (**(reported by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell - whom the writer of this petition claims was the best Secretary of State our country has ever had; and it is unfortunate that Hon. Rex Tillerson did not have the full opportunity to realize his potential due to Trump erroneously firing him when he was out of the country, in a tweet. Yet Trump continued to push this false narrative as method to get people to hate the country, the government and "it's time for a revolution and I am on your side" like Adolf Hitler did to Germany.  Bush, Clinton, Obama - all tried this according to what their handlers dictated.  IT IS WELL UNDERSTOOD THAT TRUMP AND HIS HANDLERS ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN TO INCITE WAR, YET OUR FOREIGN FRIENDS ARE AWARE THEY ARE BEING PROVOKED BY THE ENEMY WITHIN AND STAND DOWN - EVEN WHEN TRUMP HAS PEOPLE MURDERED.  Not only was General Solemeni hunted and brutally murdered, Trump attacked Iran with bombs.  General Solemeni was killed wrongfully just as Officer Tippet in Dallas, TX was. The ones who did the shooting were following orders and lied to about why.  China has been brutally attacked by geo-engineering. Attacks include recently numerous dams collapsing in the Pakistan area.  Also there was a plane crash in Pakistan.  Note, additionally Trump devised methods of entrapment to include later blaming China for attacking Paradise, CA with DEWs even though Trump purchased tons of Boeing Laser Weapons five months prior to the Paradise CA attack - and he pushed the Campfire story until he could no longer get away with it. And just like his tactic with the Coronavirus Agenda, he said, “I didn’t ever think it was a Campfire.”  It is unfortunate that the same video channel, Blackstone Intelligence, which reported the absurd purchases five months prior to the attack, clammed right up when this writer requested he make a statement on that.  Therefore this writer stopped following Blackstone Intelligence and unpublished the blog post she made on her blog before the Senate had Google steal her domain (appleofmyeyes) and take down her blog for 18 months since she tweeted her blogpost on Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate Judiciary. Google eventually allowed her to purchase a new domain.  During the 18 months this writer informed people what a setback it was, since she wanted to share notes so they could be reviewed and processed by researchers.  Edit 9June2020: This writer neglected to elaborate on Syria, which did not attack its people with anything,  (like Americans did to Americans on September 11, 2001!) - let alone use WOMD as Trump accused them of.  They were obviously false flags caused by USA-hired terrorists, probably using some of Saddam Hussein's leftover WOMD - though there was much left - ready to use in a WW3, although they were located and Hon. Colin Powell had them safely disposed of.  Trump dropped 59 bombs on Syria in one nefarious operation alone!  This plot was not part of the Trump campaign agenda, as written by Hon. Jeff Sessions.  Syria and Russia still stood down as far as war with USA was concerned.  Note, the chosen "59" was most likely plotted as a Satanic ritual against Hon. Rex Tillerson, since his office address bldg number is 59 in Texas.  The Satanists consider themselves as anti-heros. They are obviously sociopathic criminals!  Not one of those 59 attacked the ISIS headquarters in Syria!  Shortly thereafter, the President Barham Salih of Iraq, sent his bomber to destroy the ISIS headquarters since Trump was obviously protecting the crooks.   Trump THEN had the audacity to attack Iraq! Again, Iraq stood down from retaliating against USA, understanding the Enemy Within was at fault and not representing the will of the American population.     

c. Domestic events include murders and mass murders as well as geo-engineering the weather and causing earthquakes and other severe activity such as the mudslides in Michigan - which recently took out at least three poorly maintained dams.  The heavy flooding damaged or destroyed over 10,000 homes and polluted an immense area of Michigan.  Lake Michigan is known to be the most polluted lake of the Great Lakes.  Motor vehicle accidents which have no explanation other than they were obviously remotely controlled should be considered.  Numerous plane crashes before, during, and after  September 11 should be considered since Mike Pompeo was a CIA man and owned Thayer Aerospace - yet Trump appointed him as CIA Director anyway, despite the obvious underlying scandal which should have been further investigated.  And Mike Pompeo took Rex Tillerson's position as Secretary of State after leaving as CIA director before he was slapped with military charges since Secretary James Mattis of the Defense Department was able to get USMC to agree to bomb the CIA opium factories in Afghanistan as an attack on the War against illegal drugs - which Pompeo was covering up.  USMC also raided CIA offices which put Pompeo in desperate need of emergency immunity before Trump could fire more military generals and *Adjutant Generals to cover up the crimes.  Obama did the similar thing and no doubt had the same handlers telling him to.  Mike Pompeo enjoyed the emergency immunity by taking Rex Tillerson's job.  Note, Trump went to Rex Tillerson's office at Exxon, where he was CEO, and pleaded with him to be his Secretary of State if he won the election. Also note, George Soros funded Trump's campaign by writing off $250M in financing Trump Tower - one of the many reasons Trump does not disclose his tax reports, which is withholding information and this nondisclosure should be considered a violation of public trust.  This constant game of Devil's Chessboard is reflective of treason. Even if one event occurred, it would undoubtedly be reason to REMOVE TRUMP NOW.  


This is a PETITION, not a LETTER, as described by Congress  


Forego Election 2020


Petition to Forego Election 2020

Stipulated that VP Pence

has replaced Donald Trump as US President

Preliminary References

#DumpTrump and #NoBiden - they sit in the same tree...k-i-s-s-i-n-g..#Bromance with #Obama #RemoveTrumpNow #PresidentPenceJune2020 - This letter is filled with lies! We DEFEND; we cannot ATTACK! @mediamonarchy @joeimbriano777 – Tweet by this writer’s twitter account, @BaiAnNa2014

Film Series on Amazon Prime Kindle:  Inside Hitler’s Killing Machine

Film on Amazon Prime Kindle:  Last Secrets Of The Third Reich

Film Series  on Amazon Prime Kindle:  The Complete Story of Hitler And The NAZIs

Video:  “Joe Biden’s Top Ten Moments As Vice President” – these are the words of Joe Biden, no one else:

1.         Swearing in new members of US Senate

2.         When he reminded President Obama that the Affordable Care Act was a big f*cking deal

3.         When he changed the lives of every same-sex couple in America and supported their right to marry on Meet The Press.

4.         Embracing his inner child at the Biden Beach Boardwalk Bash.

5.         That time he confirmed the bromance was real.

6.         Wearing his famous aviators during his entire class day speech at Yale in 2015.

7.         He introduced a generation of Americans to the word “malarkey”.

8.         That time he confessed his love for ice cream at Jeni’s Splended Ice Cream in Columbus, OH.

9.         When POTUS called him his brother.

10.       When President Obama SURPRISED Biden with the Presidential Medal of Honor.

Joe Biden II was born in Wilmington, DE on 11/20/1946. 

The other candidate for Presidency 2020 is Donald Trump, born 6/14/1946 if the information on Google can be trusted since Trump has people alter information just like Obama did

Joe Biden II tried to run for U.S. President in 1987 but dropped out September 1987. He then ran for President 20 years later in 2007 and dropped out and became Obama’s running mate.  Apparently he was needed for “other matters” during those 20 years.

“As he campaigns for president, Joe Biden tells a moving but false war story” – Washington Post 8/29/2019

“Joe Biden’s draft record looks a lot like Donald Trump’s. Do Democrats care?” – Inside Sources; by Michael Graham on 6/9/2019

            I can’t breath …..where have we heard that before?

            “after he graduated college in the spring of 1968 and became eligible for the draft and – possibly – combat duty in Vietnam, he received a diagnosis that let him avoid military service – asthma”….”Just a few months before President Donald Trump received his now-infamous diagnosis of “bone spurs in the heels” former high school football star Biden got the same 1-Y draft deferment for asthma as a teenager. It was one of five deferments Biden received (the same number as notorious GOP draft dodger Dick Cheney) and allowed him to avoid being drafted at the height of the war. The year 1968 was one of the bloodiest of the Vietnam conflict with 296,406 Americans drafted into military service – the second highest during the war.”

Video:  1969: NOW Insider reveals social engineering & depopulation plan! – 4 hr 13 min on YouTube  


We The Undersigned/Endorsers, Petition Congress and Senate to forego Election 2020 for United States President only on the condition that Donald Trump is removed from office according to the Federal Laws of the United States, including  Amendments 25-27 covering certain impeachment conditions. 


The writer of this petition refers to the petition recently submitted:  Remove Trump Now, which is titled “Remove Trump Now” and can be found at #RemoveTrumpNow on Twitter, submitted June 8, 2020; edited on June 9.   It would be disasterous for either Donald Trump to continue to be President of the United States or his so-called opponent Joe Biden to become the President of the United States. Neither would even pass an official FBI background check.  Many of us realize they are longtime constituents and probably conspirators, including being associated with Jeffrey Epstein on a personal and Satanic basis, making visits to his island, also known as: Little St. James Island”.  Note, Scotland’s King James had the Christian Bible fully rewritten in the King James Version.  He belonged to the Order of the Scottish Right. He was a known Satanist.  The writer of this petition considers this underlying circumstance very serious to consider, as would professional criminal profilers.


1.       Vice President Mike Pence continues to be Donald Trump’s running mate for 2020.

          a.       Trump threatened to arrest VP Pence for pedophilia after VP Pence respectfully voiced his opinion that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was not properly confronted by Trump in a discussion with any grievances (which most likely would be false since Mike Pompeo needed emergency immunity because the USMC bombed his CIA opium factories in Afghanistan and also raided his CIA offices since Pompeo wasn’t doing his job to remove them himself.  Ironically, this occurred at the same timeframe “someone” created QAnon, which is obviously a CIA psyop. CIA’s office Address in Washington, DC is on Q Street – all refelective of the infamous “Devil’s Chessboard”). VP Pence said sending a tweet that Rex Tillerson was fired when he was out of the country was wrong. 

          b.           Mike Pence is not a pedophile.  He is a well-respected leader who made great achievements in Indiana, many of which have been reversed by evil doings since he left office as Governor of Indiana to serve the country in a new capacity.  Satanic technocrats abused power and inserted fake news into the internet to help support Donald Trump wants – to frame VP Pence.  This took place right after Trump signed an Executive Order on making arrests of pedophiles. 

 Note, Jeff Sessions requested Trump to provide military support to make arrests of pedophiles. and others (much from taking down Alpha Bay) yet Trump refused the military support.  Trump also refused military support to take down the child sex camps in Arizona, so the volunteer group, Veterans On Patrol – Team Pulaski, went down to remove them – many of which were abandoned the same day they arrived due to what was left behind.  Someone had tipped them off.  Devices to torture and murder children were found, along with bones of children who died as victims. Therefore these child sex camps were there for a very long time and making money for the “Enemy Within” this country. 

2.       Donald Trump acts on whims and has no doctrine he’s created and upholds, anymore than Obama or Clinton did.  This writer reminds those who view this that the Published “Obama Plan” was propaganda to persuade voters and upon comparing that book with the real activities of Obama, it can easily be seen that the book was only a media tool, not promise.  Our country’s financial circumstance was so badly bent by Obama that it was nearly breaking.  This Coronavirus Scheme, planned in Agenda 201 by Bill Gates, which Trump went along with because that was the Enemy Within’s plan.  Coronavirus was a new false flag “financial remedy” – just like the fake Sandy Hook Shooting and numerous other false flags which may or may not have included loss of life – even in the thousands as at Paradise, CA using Boeing Lasers which Trump Purchased five months before the attack and after he erroneously fired Hon. Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, and Hon. James Mattis, who was Secretary of Defense and would have apposed the unjustified purchasing. Retired General Mike Flynn, who was NSA was fired first and had death threats and more.   The termination was baseless yet the courts dragged it out for a number of years.  That was Trump’s advantage in playing Devil’s Chessboard. Retired General John Kelly was erroneously fired as Trump’s Chief of Staff.

3.       Vice President Pence is a very transparent leader and has principles he adheres to, which are inconsistent with Trump’s perverted sexual behavior (not known to the public until after the election, which may not have made any difference since both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were funded by George Soros.  Soros wrote off hundreds of millions of dollars financing the Trump Tower, as mentioned in the aforesaid Petition, and indeed one of many reasons why Trump fails to show his tax forms, which is a violation of election procedure.) Vice President Pence shows genuine sincerity and remains consistent with who he is and is unaffected by those who may try to convince him to compromise on his principles.  He governed Indiana with its economy as priority.  They were out of debt and had a surplus; thanks to then-Governor Pence’s talents and intelligence with his administration.

4.       Conceivably, Vice President Pence would be working for another four years in the White House if Trump won the election in November 2020.  So he’s lined up to continue in the White House. 

          a.       The campaigning came to a halt because of Donald Trump allowing the evil rollout of the fake Coronavirus, aka COVID-19 Agenda (which began in North Carolina (just as the Spanish flu did, which, unlike fake Coronavirus, killed 65 million or more people in the world, blaming Spain because they refused to participate in World War 1.) This Coronavirus Pandemic also disrupted Campaigning, which no doubt was considered a “wild card” for the “ Enemy Within” to use as a matter of convenience. This writer is looking at the black and white of things and claims neither party are able to deliver a successful 2020 campaign, even though they were nominated. 

5. Joe Biden is not qualified to be United States President, if this country uses actual standards and practices which are on record.  There is much scandal in his life, including family life.  What or who caused his first wife’s death and why, for instance. {1972, right after Biden won election as senator for the first time in his career. Though his children were not school age, he did not have his wife go to Washington with him. So where was he when she was distracted and swerved into a tractor trailer, a driver who had nothing to do with this and he passed away in the 80’s – while Joe Biden built lie after lie about the mva, including accusing the tractor trailer driver of being intoxicated.  That driver was not even cited for anything yet somehow the investigation was ended even though his wife was obviously distracted by someone. Both she and their 18 month old baby died and his two sons age 2 and 4 were severely injured.}   A common satanic practice is to “sacrifice” a spouse, when it is actually a cover for sociopaths to just murder their spouse.  This should be investigated well BEFORE Biden even runs for President. This writer has no confidence it was since he was already “part of the club”.  The suspicious death of his son Joe Biden III, is another issue.  Why would he be running for office if he had a brain tumor? According the reports involving Joe Biden III (which Joe Biden II publically renamed as “Beau” for some weird reason, which was probably a Satanic ritual since it rhymes with BO (Barack Obama), Bowe (Burgdahal, who was also a traitor of USA.  Bowe Burgdahl abandoned his post and obviously gave information to the terrorists, who were funded by CIA and killing Americans, inciting war.)  And Barack Obama named the poodle he purchased after Bowe Burgdahl abandoned his post “BO”.  There are probably more also.  Joe Biden III was campaigning for an office while having an undisclosed brain cancer and how long was this planned out?   Beau Biden supposedly died of this brain tumor (they flip flopped saying “brain cancer vs brain tumor”) and John Kerry’s daughter married the son of the Iranian administrator in charge of the “Iran Deal”, who became a neurologist specializing in brain tumors.  This is only an example of the scandal surrounding Joe Biden II’s life.  One more circumstance the writer of this petition will mention is in regard to the Oklahoma City Bombing – known to be caused by CIA operatives who were part of a bigger scandal, including destroying the criminal investigation files on Bill Clinton, which he got Janet Reno to transfer from Washington to Oklahoma City just before the convenient bombing intended to destroy all boxes unopened yet.  But one of the bombs did not go off and three boxes remained, though they were confiscated by an official who made three copies to share with other officials since a mass murder just occurred and the main culprit was probably the President of the United States since he allowed it. That man who made the copies as well as the two men who were to get them were all conveniently murdered.   Cody (Robert) Snogres, former CIA operative, was asked to be the bomber since he was their best explosive expert.  Cody refused and he was beaten so badly that he ended up fighting for his life in ICU for at least a month.  This beating disabled him and he was left without a job.  He said he would not bomb anything on US soil. That CIA worked on foreign issues, not domestic.  The writer of this petition has a blogpost titled “Robert Snogres”, which she fully transcribed a three hour interview with Cody. Hopefully by sharing this blog on this Petition, the Senate Judiciary or other Senators or Congressmen will not have her blog shut down again as a means of control and cover-up, not honor.  The former name of the blog was yet Google stole this writer’s paid domain to conspire with the Senate Judiciary – a typical standard of practice by the Connecticut Senators. The blog now is

Joe Biden then created an antiterrorism law, which was fortunately not passed, since Americans bombed the Murrow building in OK City.  It is a well-known fact that President G.W. Bush allowed Americans to attack the USA and mass murder thousands of airplane passengers and occupants and bystanders of the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001.  It was Joe Biden’s Antiterrorism Act from 1995 that reintroduced to the Senate Floor rather than discovering who REALLY caused the September 11 attack! This reflects a criminal strategy AGAINST the People of the United States.

6.       The writer of this petition strongly claims that neither Joe Biden or Donald Trump would pass an official FBI background check, unless the FBI has lowered its standards dramatically.  Yet Mike Pence would.

7.       Whatever personal costs which Joe Biden has incurred in running for President should be considered for compensation if Mr. Biden passes an official FBI background check, including a thorough investigation of the 1972 motor vehicle crash which killed his wife and baby daughter and Joe Biden did not take time off for grieving their deaths and even though his two sons were seriously injured and hospitalized.  He was sworn in to office less than a month after this horrible event, rather than request time off – he went full speed ahead. 

8.       We will have four years of opportunity to Fix This Nation with Mike Pence as President.  He should be allowed to create his own cabinet and other selections of personnel.  He will not be administering as Trump’s political shadow. He will not be wasting money or abusing power.  He will not be attacking foreign nations to incite war, like Trump has been doing – including murdering Iran’s General Solemeni and obviously allowing Mike Pompeo to murder China’s Ambassador Du Wei.  Mike Pence will select proper counsels and get the job done as a patriot of this nation, not as a traitor.  A Vice President is expected to be qualified for President.  Trump appointed many qualified in his cabinet with some exceptions.  Trump erroneously fired the most qualified and retained the exceptions  – even Rex Tillerson, who made more money as Exxon’s CEO, yet Trump pleaded with him to be his Secretary of State and most likely he hand-picked the other retired generals, all of whom he fired.  This indeed is a Modus Operandi.  Jeff Sessions was erroneously threatened to be fired.  Hon. Sessions went on Trump’s campaign, not being paid, and wrote Trump’s political agenda, shared to the public, assuring people he would fix the nation.  Trump deviated from that agenda and erroneously threatened to fire Jeff Sessions after Hon. Sessions made history by joining forces and taking down the largest world crime ring ever – Alpha Bay, which had at least 61,000 separate store fronts on its website in the Deep Web – which could be accessed because of Edward Snowden leaking out the way to access it.  China refused to allow Snowden in their country, yet he boldly traveled there, obviously expecting to meet with the crooked officials which Clintons and Obamas conspired with.  Yet Xi Jin Ping was President. His administration is not putting up with the corruption. The Chinese White Knights warned Illuminati members if they don’t disband and dissolve their cult and its practices, they will be destroyed.  The writer of this petition considers them heroes, for stepping in when this country needs it because the government is overall UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  Hon. Mike Pence forged successfully in making Indiana a state which was running self-sufficiently and thereby kept the crime rate down.  He’s the President we need now.  An election in November 2020 will waste money, be rigged as it always is – and just like in 2016, the 2 candidates are longtime collaborators.  They are following Hitler’s Agenda, not the US Constitution.  Not the Federalist Papers.  Not the Amendments. 

9.         Operation Hitler

“I have not come into the world to make man better, but to make use of their weaknesses.” – Hitler

It is this writer’s claim that Donald Trump and several others connected with the U.S. Government have aligned themselves with a viscious Satanic Underground, which he has obviously been a part of decades.  Source:  Ascent of Evil – The Story of MeinKampf (film)

A.        Protesting/Violent Demonstrations/Propaganda

Community Organizer

            (1)        Hitler interrupted a meeting of a Bavarian Governor.  He fired a pistol and made a speech. 16 people ended up being killed from this disruption.  Hitler was arrested for treason. Yet Hitler got away with this having only 8 or 9 months in a hotel which they called a prison. He wore his regular clothes and his conspirators worked right with him. Mein Kampf was written by his propagandist Girble, not Hitler.* The ones who typed it out were two individuals who worked for the NAZI revolution with Hitler. [edit]*

            (1). Donald Trump is allowing such violent behavior go on in the streets of the USA, just as Barack Obama did.  It is a political tool to weaken society.  Deaths are considered Satanic sacrifices.  The End Justifies The Means.  There is no fairness, no justice, if they can help it.

                        (b)  Hitler shot people on the spot if they were suspected of treason despite the fact he just got a “slap on the hand” for what he did, which resulted in 16 deaths.

                        (c)  Just like Obama, Donald Trump relies on Mass Media, the internet, books, and social engineering to control the public as he conspires with agendas, currently Agenda 201 was rolled out as a Cornavirus Pandemic, based all on lies.  Numerous sources are conveying to the public that it is fake and though the United States had plenty of opportunity to at the least challenge it, Trump did nothing of the sort BECAUSE IT WAS PLANNED BY AN UNDERGROUND TO TAKE OVER OF THE WORLD.  This is the Devil’s Chessboard working; not the U.S. Constitution!

(2)        The CIA is not being held accountable for all the crimes they have committed. They bombed Oklahoma City’s Murrow Building, not terrorists and Joe Biden fully was aware of this.  Obama was a CIA agent and no doubt remains in allegiance to the CIA as the Bushes and the Clintons have.  One source this writer can offer for this petition is her blogpost titled Robert Snogres.  It is a transcript of a three-hour interview.  He did most of the talking. 

(3)        Hitler’s party collapsed the economy.  All citizens were desperate to recover.  Hitler promised this in the 1930’s with deception.  Once he became the Chancellor, he was able to cause a fake need for Marshal Law, “The War Against the Jews”. 

                        (a).       The USA economy is immensely damaged by the Coronavirus fake Pandemic.  Those who conspired it don’t care because they are billionaires and even trillionaires, the Rothschild Empire.  Vice President Pence is not part of their group.

                        (b)        Roosevelt created a similar circumstance with a War Against Japanese. Placing them in camps, yet could not be so evil as Hitler simply because he would not get away with it.   

                        (c)        FEMA camps were rolled out by Bush after he took part in attacking the USA with September 11. 

(4)        Political Motivations result in criminal activity to persuade the public, using deliberate deception.

                        (a)        Trump is supporting the fakes, such as Paul Howard, who is at the end of his term and wants some kind of “hero” image to get re-elected in Georgia; covering up the truth of the completely out of the ordinary situation of a police officer shooting Raychard Brooks, which is an event which occurred shortly after the George Floyd incident in Minnesota. The covering up of a social engineering plan is typical and made based on Pay-to-Play or other deals such as “I can assure you will win the election; after all, George Soros and I are longtime buddies and he owns the machines”

(5)        Creation of Civil Unrest – inciting violence to control the Law Enforcement. Hitler was able to have his SS to replace the SA police and they became the Holocaust Machine that he wanted, mass murdering millions.

(6)        Hitler changed parties, then destroyed both parties and issued Marshal Law to be the Supreme Leader. Anyone who even seemed like they would not obey him would be shot or tortured and murdered in some other way. 

(a)        These strategies are also being used on the United States and Trump continues to do this as this secret underground tells him.  This is a very dangerous, deceptive dynamic for the people of the USA and one which needs to be stopped now.  By Removing Trump immediately, this will be a great achievement in putting this government in the right direction.  The underground Satanists have no regard for others. Their narcissistic behavior is deeply embedded, usually they have grown up with this and many are transgendered like pets are spayed and neutered -- to get them to be obedient.             

Trump was a Democrat in 2008 when Joseph Biden ran for President and became Obama’s running mate. 

2.         Media is Propaganda

            (a)        Hitler relied on media to first convince the public they could trust him because he would make Germany Great – after he became chancellor he collapsed the economy and began his mass murdering of a total of 11 million people – 6 million of whom were Jews.  Mein Kampf was typed by two others while Hitler was in prison.  And Girble, his propagandist, wrote it.  Hitler was a bafoon in his own “Reicht”!

            (a)        Trump, Obama, Clinton, and Bush – all relied on media to fool the public and they flipflopped when necessary to trick the public.  Their instability on truth is a FACT.  Operation Mockingbird was instilled to somehow justify propaganda yet it only proved that Washington, DC cared little if anything about adhering to the US Constitution.

3.         Hitler belonged to Satanic cults just as our Presidents have and do.  Trump is a longtime Satanist.  Mike Pence has already proven his morals are very similar to those of devout religious – Christians, Muslims, Hindu – because that is just how he is and he is transparent about this. He will not speak to a woman alone in an office other than his wife, for instance.  On the contrary, Trump has suspcicous and unhealthy relationships and enjoys cult behavior right in plain sight.

4.         The End Justifies the Means.  Both Hitler and Trump have broken military laws as well as violated the country’s constitution, and to justify the crimes, they lie. This sociopathic belief, as stated, is what makes/made them good liars – to a point.  And that point is now. 

5.         Tax Evasion.  Hitler never paid taxes and it was determined he owed millions in the 1940’s.  Trump has been repeatedly put in the hot seat about what he pays for taxes and he fails to answer and refuses to disclose his tax returns – both personal and business.  He has repeatedly claimed he only filed bankruptcy two or three times, yet this writer went to the Bridgeport, CT bankruptcy courthouse and found 13 cases alone in Connecticut, where he filed bankruptcy. He filed bankruptcy in NY and NJ and most like FL and other states.  Trump fails to answer and refuses to disclose his financial information, which is a typical requirement of Presidential Candidates. 

6.         Horrible Commander In Chief.  Hitler fired anyone who he thought looked like a threat and so does Trump.  He also strategically hired staff who he later fired or had charged with treason (which for THEM was the death penalty even though he got 9 months in a hotel which the German Dept of Corrections claimed was a prison) Trump attempted to charge VP Pence with pedophilia, and fired several of his best administrators, as already discussed in this Petition.  Hitler murdered military leaders with no excuse.  Trump murdered Iran’s General Soleimani and lied about why. He claimed General Soleimani was a mass murderer, yet the NSA did not have him listed as a terrorist.  He claimed his military organizations were terrorists.  Yet he failed to “rig” all records to cover his lies.  Trump bombed Iraq after Iraq’s President sent his bombers to bomb the ISIS Headquarters in Syria, which President Assad said were not welcome there.  Trump had just bombed Syria 59 times, killing civilians – and did not target ISIS Headquarters. Trump sought an evil revenge on the President of Iraq, Salim Bassam, after he destroyed CIA-funded ISIS headquarters, and bombed Iraq.  Trump lied about bombing Iraq because he was looking for Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, leader of ISIS – yet he claimed recently that General Soleimani was the worst terrorist in the world.  These are outright lies.  Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was killed by US-led forces and when anti-terrorism expert Dr. Seb Gorka tweeted this, Barack Obama had him fired as an anti-terrorism trainer for FBI and high ranking military.  Something horrible was done to Dr. Gorka as well. His demeanor was completely different. They probably extort him frequently, issue death threats frequently, and may have even murdered people close to him. 

8.         Cover-up of September 11, 2001, and Paradise, CA (to name a few)  and similarly Hitler covered up his mass murdering. Due to stronger methods of mind control and ability to distract the public with false flag events, etc. September 11 was easier for Bush to cover up for a while – yet now it is common knowledge that Americans murdered Americans and Washington DC is in such a depraved state, they mainly go along with it – for money, for power, for duty to office in a few circumstances. Thousands of people were burned alive to ashes at Paradise, CA.  The testimonies of witnesses were constant on YouTube; and their videos were taken down by Google.

9.         There are many more aligning tactics, of which military and socio-political experts could define and explain much better than this writer.  Trump’s attempts at creating “dirty politics” like Bush, Clinton, and Obama has greatly weakened because foreign countries have removed many or all of the “players” of this Devil’s Chessboard which the Satanic Underground created.  Trump is enjoying use of force – attacking rather than defending, thus corrupting foreign relations, using deceitful reasons that re not even logical, let alone legitimate! 


            This writer contends that the United States is on its last leg and needs to recover before the onset of war is more than imminent as it is now, it will be reality.  No doubt Iran, China and Russia will be allies and this writer claims even more countries will ally with them – the United States would be destroyed.  This writer recalls President Putin claiming that if North Korea, which Trump was actually making strange Satanic alliances with, dared to attack the USA, they would disappear – that is how fast and rigorous Russia would be to defend a country which failed to help Russia fight Hitler.  Trump and his conspirators need to be taken out of society, particularly out of Washington, DC.  They have been trying to create a NAZI party for many years and their sociopathic cult belief system is not only unwanted in the United States, it is Unconstitutional and indeed Crime Against Humanity.  Our hope rests in an administration that is transparent with conduct which is aligned with the Codes of Military Conduct which have been tried, tested, proven, and which aligns with Civilian Codes of Conduct as well as the Doctrines of the devoted leaders of past and present, such as Hon. Colin Powell- who developed a clear transparency by documenting his knowledge and expectations which were concurred with by those of equally-high intelligence. 

Prepared and submitted,

Anne M. Bradley

PO Box 206514

New Haven, CT 06520



In case you may be interested in my Personal Elaboration, as a lay person who has gone through hell in my life, here it is: 


I hope to be successful in creating a petition to Remove Trump Now, yet I struggle with invasion of my internet devices as well as other setbacks not my fault.  This society is a socialist society, not one which is free. It is completely unconstitutional, yet the politicians don’t care because they make money hand over fist by TAKING money.  And these same people evade taxes and bond with those they take money from by saying the government is the enemy and taxes are unfair, bla, bla bla. 

We cannot even type what we want – our words and letters get changed!  We can’t think what we want!  They constantly change our algorithms to fit THEIR whims.  It is all a part of dumbing down USA so the politicians don’t have “competition” and so they can keep rolling in the ultimate anarchist form of government which they Hitler Machine is used as a model. 

Understand the Mechanisms of

The Hitler Machine

"I have not come into the world to make man better, but to make use of their weaknesses" - Hitler

            For starters, watch the Amazon series titled, “Inside Hitler’s Killing Machine” and “Last Secrets of the Third Reich” – I have concerns that some facts were not verified, such as if Hitler and certain staff members really died.  Cyanide poisoning causes physical affects which would be visible on a corpse – these supposed corpses appeared to be sleeping.  Their clothes untouched.  That should have raised a red flag right there.  Yet for the most part, the films are excellent resources on the behavior because history is repeating itself right here in the USA.  Thanks to the fact that the greedy bastards brought in hundreds of NAZIs who freely walked our streets and banged as many women as they could to produce more NAZIs.  Rod Rosenstein and John Podesta are examples.  It only took 10% of the German population to bring so much destruction to the German people.  So understand that!  The fact they have internet and the top technocrats are strategically in place because they proved to the rich ones behind the scenes that they can rely on them to carry out their nefarious planning no matter what.  It was all by choice they enjoy these positions and they take part in the most horrible criminal activity, assimulating the Satanic depravity of the Hitler Machine. 

Changing names and identities is commonly used by these pathetic sociopaths.  There is no accountability! 

Committing crimes “for the sake of justice” is like murdering one’s father “because he doesn’t want to be a burden to us” WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION AND CLAIMING IT IS A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE to align with a known peodophile priest who my father told to stay away from him! 

Yet Hitler committed crimes and then enacted laws.  Sound familiar?  It should!  They do it all the time in this country, and would no doubt have flattened this country by now had it not been for a few good patriots who stand up to them.  WE NEED MORE!  WE NEED TO HAVE THESE PEOPLE OUT OF OFFICE AND OUT OF SOCIETY!  HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!

Adolf Hitler was just a political puppet who was “at the right time at the right place” to be supported to be a fictitious leader for Germany, when it was at a weak point.  He tried to take down the government and was arrested.  Had US not intervened, no doubt he would have been sentenced to death.  USA crooked politicians, tied to secret societies and cults wanted the Hitler Machine to make money.  Many of us know more details and those who do not understand the mechanisms should learn.  Don’t rely on the education system because teachers are more like puppets now more than ever since Betsy Wetsy Devos was appointed.  She is not even competent to be a teacher.  She only has a Bachelor Degree and has a false image.  And just like most of the political billionaires, they feed their businesses with government money and contracts. 

            Did Hitler really die?  Did his top General, General Rommel really die?  Did Rommel try to kill Hitler?  Of course he did not!  He was already part of the killing machine for years and could care less.  He, like the others in the Hitler Administration, were extreme narcissists and had no feelings for others.  Himler was particularly known for being a cultist and I think it was his wife was burned to death for being a witch.  They were all Satanists anyway.  Their cult sooths their consciences – something we are born with.  There are certain things we know are basically understand are wrong like theft.  How that is shaped in life depends on who shapes it.   





We are taught NOT to read. We don’t even have sufficient lighting to read due to the weak lightbulbs. They also use LEDs in an abusive manner oftentimes, as spy devices.  They are like the Wizard of Oz, hiding behind the curtain and manipulating people, watching people who don’t know they are being watched.  Some try to encourage the public to hate these films and claim the predictive programming is out of control.  There is good reasoning in that but I, for one, enjoyed watching the Wizard of Oz and consider it harmless entertainment.  Those who created the film used their talents.  Whoever they created the film for, whoever sponsored them to begin with, may have dictated certain things with certain motives.  They expose their own motives, so they defeat their purpose because we see through it. 

It is time to remove the sociopathic narcissists from the government in this country!  They do not have any accountability. They destroy a system of checks and balances.  They use FORCE in the most haneous ways, including murdering people they want to get out of their way socially.  And they get away with it because they consider themselves the law, not our written and approved law.  Therefore, our country is Lawless. 

This government in USA does not belong to the people.  It does not serve the people.  Pay to Play schemes create dysfunctional alliances.  Great people do not have the power to do the great things they hope for, to build this country.  They have had to constantly struggle on a platform of DECEIT and just hope they can thwart some of the evil that comes their way, sacrificing their own reputations and sometimes even lives.  The Clintons had two deputized FBI agents murdered when Trey Gowdy sent them to Arkansas with a warrant to investigate their library since Bill Clinton is a known peodophile as well as sex offender.  How can we even be proud of our country when leaders are such pathetic criminals to the core?  Harming the harmless makes them cowards, not leaders.  It also makes them criminals against Humanity.  Two boys that saw a cocaine drop from the helicopter which Bill Clinton had made to order and charged to the state government so he could traffic cocaine and probably other drugs, like hash and marijuana – were murdered and their dead bodies were put on the train track to try to cover up the murder (last names Henry and Ives) just because they told their parents what they saw, on their way home from going fishing. 

Obama had Larry Sinclair murdered because he went public about his and Barrack Obama’s homosexuality, about his murdering people, about sex trafficking, about him being a CIA man, and more. Barrack Obama is a fake!  He grew up in priviledged homes with maids.  Very likely “he” is a transgender and his acting is a self-gratification, a narcissism that the Satanists promote.  There may be some mind control involved, but he’s a big boy.  If he doesn’t like something, he should get help.  Otherwise, he enjoys being the fake that he is, probably with a computer chip in him that tells him what to do.   When his press conference was NOT released to the public in order to inform voters before the election in 2012, he began working for a radio station and had a talk show in Orlando, FL, which helped get the word out, yet only piecemeal.  THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIE. THEY ARE UNUSEFUL AND TAKE ALL THE ADVERTISING MONEY FOR THEMSELVES.  THEY ARE IMPLODING ON THEMSELVES YET TRUMP JUST CREATED A NEW PROPAGANDA MACHINE AND APPOINTED MICHAEL PACK AS LEADER. 

You can copy whatever you want from this blog and share to get the information out. 


                                                      WHAT IS YPO?  COVER FOR SATANISM?


WHO IS PAMELA JOHNSON?  I MADE SEARCHES.  Apparently Ms. Johnson is connected to  the owner of Sherman Companies.  Her maiden name is Sherman. She signs documents for them. They TAKE money. They don't MAKE money. They buy accounts, lie about them, and remind the account holders YOU OWE US MONEY AND PAY UP. DOESN'T MATTER IF OUR INFORMATION IS FALSE. Pam Johnson is Pam Sherman.  She signs their documents to make them "official" - SHE IS CLAIMING TO BE AN OUTLAW IN HER TRAINING. YET THOSE WORDS DO NOT PRINT FROM THE HEADING.

@truthstreamnews has a good video on "100 Secret Societies"; and don't forget, some like #YPO are right #InPlainSight @mediamonarchy #JeffCensored @joeimbriano777 @Scottymechanic

Tell a Story to make your pitch – it doesn’t have to be true, of course, you just have to tell it with feeling because that’s what people want:

And here is her 11 minute story to entertain people but it doesn’t matter if any of it is true or not.  Mecca is not really the holy city for Islam. Preta is.  Why is no one caring?  Because Saudi Arabia has the oil and that is why Mecca was backed as the holy city.  Considering the fact that Pam Johnson is President or has another high lieadership with YPO and they stand toe to toe with Fauci and WHO, CDC – to push the COVID agenda to us stupid sheeple, while raping the economy and destroying families, is it any wonder she would be losing popularity in USA and she has to go to the Middle East to soften them up for Trump to attack them again?  Will there be that many Muslims who will buy into her narrative? Oh sure, be an OUTLAW.  That seems so much more enticing than just doing a great job.  Take money, don’t make it.  She signed off on a FRAUDULENT document claiming I owe SHERMAN COMPANIES money on account – she wants to take my money.  Oh, Sherman Companies isn’t her company, the founder is Mr. Navaro – whose father was a rich college football coach, and I think a former pro-football player, which most of us realize is all rigged.  She was born “priviledged” and is she really producing?  All I see is her producing the wants of Secret Societies. Congratulations, sheeple. Here’s our bedtime story for the night: Don’t forget to hold on to those Satanic Ram Horns and drink some adrenachrome while you’re at it.



Internet is a communication service.  Yet these delusional technocrats have claimed they are a world power and therefore they are their own government.  They have stolen so much money from our economy, from us personally, and it feeds Wall Street which makes the nefarious rich richer and poor people poorer.  They are set to

Divide and Conquer

Steal our Money

Force changed ways of living

LIE, slander, and support unlawful acts such as unlawful arrests

            I can name a few:  Amanda Bowden in New Haven, CT.  Having a difficult childhood, she became a mother at an early age WHICH DOES NOT MAKE HER A CRIMINAL.  She in fact took care of her children and began going to Gateway Community College to forge a life for herself and kids to live on her own. She lived with her parent and step parent and it was good they supported her.  She had no prior arrests.  Yet the sociopathic social engineering shills picked on her because she was easy prey, they figured they could do whatever they want to exploit her publically and make a name for themselves, including putting Gateway College “on the map” with slander, libel, hype.  They used convicted offender who had pending charges as a witness.  They tapped her phone to entrap.  Tap to Entrap. And her parents apparently hadn’t a clue what to do but to hire an attorney who cared nothing about administering law, but feeding his pocket.  Amanda did NOT threaten to blow up Gateway Community College unless it was in jest! Yet that is just what the media propagandized without doing any investigation themselves and creating a false image of the witness, who they claimed they had to protect because of [totally harmless] Amanda!   

Raymond Clark did not kill his friend and co-worker Annie Le yet the spineless court officials only enjoyed lying and abusing power rather than implement Justice, Rules of Court, including Federal Rules of Court and the Criminal Procedure.  Yet he paid an attorney who just acted, deceived and even lied about what his rights were rather than uphold his innocence that was obvious as the daylight.  I met a close friend of the best man who was supposed to be at Annie Le’s wedding. He told me her body was chopped up and put in the large maintenance tool box, NOT IN THE WALL AS THE MEDIA LIED ABOUT. They lied about much more.  And yet Yale University turn their back on Raymond even though their motto is, “For God, for Country, for Yale” – and of course, they cover up for the career criminals who have even mass murdered thousands of people:  namely Bushes and Clintons and John Kerry, and there are more.  Harvard University has helped a lot of evil people as well.  And Alan Dershowitz is far from being even a reliable prosecutor, let alone a respectable leader who should have any right to right a law book which is quoted in the courtroom, on Prosecutorial Misconduct.  If anything, it should be titled as “How to be a Dishonest Prosecutor and Get Away with it” He cheated on his wife, sleeping with his secretary who was young enough to be his daughter. 

OPERATION HARVEY THE RABBIT.  They said shooters were there but didn’t really exist and got much media attention and it everybody is looking for Where’s Waldo and it’s okay they waste a god-awful amount of money to DECEIVE THE PUBLIC.  Adam Lanza was not even a real person. Nobody died at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which was a closed school.  And the media knew.  They lie. They are told what to say, how to act.  They are propagandists, not reporters!  There were no shooters at Yale, no shooter at Sandy Hook.  Yet Obama frauded the economy of over a trillion dollars! 

I could say more!  The fact is that this is a lawless society!  They arrest innocent, they cover up the most haneous crimes!  They contract murderers and help them get away with it!

INTERNET is a communication service only – yet the evil technocrats have abused their power and are destroying society with MIND CONTROL, SOCIAL ENGINEERING, FORCE. Washington reeks with DECEPTION – comprised of spineless shills who care nothing about doing good jobs and only want to TAKE. 





            Leaders like Hon. Colin Powell have made tremendous strides for this country yet the underlying machine is one of FORCE.  Hillary Clinton trashed THE POWELL DOCTRINE when she is as incompetent as Hitler was.  Hitler was only a corporal in the military and came close to being kicked out.  He was convicted of treason, though not sentenced to death as he did to anyone HE considered guilty of treason after he overthrew the government WHILE THE UNITED STATES DOES NOTHING BUT WAIT TO MAKE MORE MONEY THROUGH THE HITLER REGIME.  The US funded the Hitler Concentration Camps, funded the mass murders so mass murdering is nothing new in this country.  It is just happening on our soil and it makes many of us live in fear, in despair – and they get as many as possible to believe THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD because it is easier for them to reason out that way.  BULL SHIT!  GOD DID NOT DO THIS! MAN DID AND MAN IS MIMICKING WHAT IS IN THE BIBLE.  It may be the King James Version was nefariously intended to be a mind control machine yet when you see through the colors, you know that this book is still a holy book because the TRUTH SETS US FREE. 


This nefarious ideology is what they use as reason for committing the most haneous crimes.  Yet the Means is actually just as nefarious!  Nevertheless, the End NEVER justifies the Means!  Live a good life, be good to your fellow neighbors, and be at peace.  Academic approaches vs Quareling, rioting, force. 

Understand their tactics!  Use the concept of fire.  They are pyromaniacs who cause the fires, blame someone else, even nature, and even hide murders they commit.  When the public realizes the fires are really arsens, they change their tactics and say, “Yeah, we just realized ourselves and want to do something about it”  THEY ALREADY KNEW. THEY WERE THE ONES WHO SET THE FIRES. THEY WERE THE ONES WHO MURDERED! 

            And that goes for the CORONAVIRUS HOAX. 

            And that goes recently for the GEORGE FLOYD INCIDENT. They don’t care to relay to us the truth, so we don’t know if Floyd is dead or not and it is all about DECEIVING THE PUBLIC AND KEEPING THE BALL BOUNCING. Also known as SPIN! 

            By getting Floyd to say “I can’t breath” and several days later claim he tested positive for Coronavirus – is absolute BS!  Pay attention to the tactics!  If he did die, did they pull the computer chip out of him, which caused him to act a certain way?  The mayor did not validate anything. He just pushed an agenda. He is obviously an Oligarch.  Oligarchs are to the Jews as Mafia is to the Italians.  WAKE UP!  There are also Tartarians and many more because they are creating glamortized terror cells in the USA.  Once upon a time the USA allowed the crooked scientists, doctors and other leaders of the NAZI party – to infiltrate this country because they made them a lot of money in Germany through their crimes and they wanted to keep getting richer and richer! 



They don’t care about us!

Pay To Play is a big part of the political game

The Devil’s Chessboard is a big part of the political game

There should be no game! They are paid to do a job!

They don’t care about anything but Money, Power, Popularity

            And it is not just lying.  Iran’s General Solemeni was murdered by Trump and even though Trump lied about why he murdered him, the Congress and Senate don’t care.  They have a Means to fill their pathetic crooked greedy pockets with as much money as possible, that’s why.  The fact that Trump lied in public also makes this an additionally- harmful

SOLOMON/SOLEMENI.  Consider the possible ritual, too.  A man by the name of Rod Solomon, who was a history major at Univ of California but never took the final – because he had someone else doing his homework and used the excuse “I can’t type” as a reason.  That pretty much told me he was a fraud.  How did he join a group of attorneys when he has no degree?  I have said this a number of times and no doubt they took the time to plaster internet with false information, using the Technocrats to spread the false information to cover for SOLOMON.

l action.  It was proven that what he accused Solemeni of was not true.  Trump came up with more lies to say in public because that was proven to be a lie!

            Ambassador Due Wei was obviously murdered.  He had no heart condition and he was obviously poisoned at Pompeo’s request.  He stood up to Pompeo the liar, and disagreed.  Pompeo was seeing his own self for what he is and wanted to feed his ignorant narcissism by killing Ambassador Due Wei.  That is obvious to me. DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.






            I was hit by a 20-ton truck that was unsuccessful killing me when I was 18, on my way to work on a day I wasn’t scheduled for because the manager called and asked if I could leave my vacation because nobody else was available and he would pay me manager’s wages.  And I had just previously told a man by the name of Roger Huck to leave me alone, he was a pig, stalking me and calling me at my parent’s home.  I spoke to my father about this and he told me that yes, he was the son of the foster father he had, where he was made to sleep under the porch on straw – like Hitler did in his concentration camps having strawbeds.  His mother was quarantined with TB when he was 4, and his father was an alcoholic WHO NEVER HAD CIRRHOSIS AND DIED OF A HEART ATTACK OR STROKE.  (I really don’t like sharing details of my life on this blog because I will be exploited but I will say my father came down with hepatitis because of my sick sister, who he helped by going out of state and picking her son up; she refused to go.)

            There are many groups in the US who have perverted sex and align with the Hitler Machine. They also align with Satanism and those who align with Luciferianism claim that they are not Satanists and Lucifer is God who they pray to and it just gets creepier and creepier.  None of this behavior has any morals, they live for the day. They infiltrate churches, they destroy families, they serve themselves.  It may be part of a bigger picture, to socially control the masses.  There is no joy in their lifestyles and I really cannot understand why they do what they do.  But they exist and are a social threat.  They are the ones who promote transgendering, transhumanism. They even devised a way to force children to be transgendered through mind control, etc.  In my opinion, a complete waste of money and great hardship on society.  Let them have their space; most likely they had forced operations and this sociopathic government could care less.  God made is the way we are for a reason.  He also gave us opportunity to choose. When one is transgendered, they lose their will.  They struggle.  And it is a fact that many commit suicide.  These facts are being covered up by the media, et al now.  Our government has been trying to control us in much more severely depraved ways.  They glamortize the perversion. They allowed pedophilia right at the White House.  They cover up for the crooks and if you suspect anyone or share your opinion, they will silence you.  They took away my blog for almost two years when I shared what I was learning about Brett Kavanaugh – the videos going viral were shut down by Google/YouTube.  This serves the wants of the crooked politicians. I tweeted each member of the Judiciary of the Senate, attaching my blogpost on Brett Kavanaugh.  They don’t serve the people, they serve their sociopathic selves.  I am a concerned citizen and they silenced me. They also got a state trooper to assault and illicitly arrest me. The woman they mentioned was badly injured December of 2019 and has not been back to work.  She has several children and is a very nice person.  She submitted a complaint through her work because of the lies of that state trooper. She never even spoke to that trooper.  I am targeted.  I am hated only because I didn’t die when I was 18, to cover up the sex trafficker who probably made money for CIA. 

            Don’t let these social engineering bastards isolate you because they will in a heartbeat.  They will do anything they can to cover up their own crimes.  IT IS NOW TIME TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.  THEY HAVE RUINED MANY LIVES LIKE MINE. 

            I will be preparing two petitions to submit online to the USGov, as long as my efforts are not thwarted by the technocrats. 

            Petition to Remove Trump and enstate VP Pence as our President

            Petition to Dismiss Election 2020; enstating VP Pence and using this time to FIX THE BROKEN ELECTION SYSTEM WHICH IS ONLY RIGGED FOR THE SOCIOPATHIC POLITICIANS.  The cost of running for office takes out the opportunity for other very qualified people to run for office.  A level field of opportunity to run should be in place!  Almost 300 CEO’s have stepped down this year and it is because they know they have failed our economy and their only motives are to feed their pockets.  There is no accountability and THERE SHOULD BE ACCOUNTABILITY AUTOMATICALLY.  Those who have criminal records should be removed unless they have a hearing and win at a hearing!  Those who have not been transparent most likely are hiding crimes they committed.  There are so many more reasons why we need a legitimate election. Why do any of us even need to emphasize this?  It is just common sense! 

            VP Pence is a respectable and qualified leader. He is very interactive. He is by-the-book, he loves his family and they love him.  He verifies everything.  He loves this country.  This is our chance to RESET this country.  Trump has ruined it and Obamas, Clintons, and Bushes all look on and enjoy because they don’t care about our country.  They only care about feeding their pockets and can never take enough money. They want more! 

            I would like to see a Petition to take down CIA.  The agency was nefarious to begin with and had no good intentions. They are a cult. They are evil.  They are never to be trusted.  We don’t need Homeland Security either, unless they are deemed more effective than all these other police agencies and departments.  This country is set up to follow the Hitler Killing Machine Plan!  Those who know the accomplishments of the FBI realize they have a sound purpose yet the corruption that exists had much to do with the corrupted US Presidents we have had.  Janet Reno took the Clinton Criminal File Investigation out of Washington and transferred them to Oklahoma City just before she/they had CIA bomb the Murrow Building there.  The motives were numerous, of course.  After all, they could have just made the plane that those files were on crash somewhere – blow up in midair by attacking with a laser weapon.  They sure had laser weapons because Trump’s uncle, John G Trump made them his whole career after taking the Tesla Files, which is theft by US Gov.  There was no pre-agreement before his death.  Tesla knew his life was in danger and used a homing pigeon to communicate to someone.  He was a nice man, only doing all he could to make inventions to improve society.  Yet John G Trump and others turned them into killing machines.  He worked mainly for CIA. 

            I’ve shared enough thoughts here.  And maybe nobody will read it or try to exploit me.  I’ve already been exploited – a lot, in fact.  I decided to create this blog as my way of trying to save people time and being part of the solution. 





This blog post is created in my own words during my own struggle. I created a blog titled yet it was not only compromised by a hacker who 'works' for President Trump"s syndicate, but it added praises to Trump which I did not make. I created that blog solely in memory of my father, who was murdered by my brother Thomas P. Bradley (the planner),  the home invading  peodophile priest David Bentley of Albany, NY - my father ordered to stay away from him by letter which I took to the church,  the Zumbrunnens (Husband made War weaponry for Lockheed Martin)  who failed to be Power Of Attorneys on behalf of my father, yet rather tried to murder him on certain occasions and got mad at me for intercepting their plans! My father was afraid of them and said he do didn't want any trouble from them so he did not want to change power back f attorney to me. He was sick and made the best decisions he could for himself yet nobody was supporting his needs. They even made him suffer with a bed that was hard as a rock when my father had spinal problems along with being sick and probably poisoned since he rarely drank alcohol and yet was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the lover - this is what the satanic underground does! And that includes the CIA, which my uncle, retired MAJ in the USMC yet continued to work at the Pentagon, was obviously an operative for in Washington DC. He was also friends with USMC LTC Oliver North. He deceptively used my social security number when he purchased luxury car No. 2 for his wife, a Mercedes Benz. That way he evaded the sales tax costing a few thousand dollars - all without my permission and it destroyed my credit. I went down there to get a job yet he would not allow me to work. He just told me he only wanted me to work for the Federal Government and belittled me so much and I was stuck. I had to make the most of it. He ORDERED me to lie on my application, not tell anyone I successfully owned and operated my own business, etc. HE WAS LIKE HITLER and ironically always had two German Shepherd dogs that were trained to kill anyone who they didn't know if they approached him or his wife. As Long as they were called off, you could change your underwear and have an understanding you do what uncle Bob tells you to do, you're fine. A pretty uncomfortable setting in his mansion with a huge outdoors pool and workshop he refused to let me see. He framed pictures for a side business and I don't know what else. I  was almost killed when I was 18, shortly after his "foster brother" Roger Huck stalked me, an obvious sex trafficker who didn't think I realized who he was but my father had told me about the horrors he had when living there and was anxious to be in WW2 so he left when he was 15, cheating on his birth certificate. I don't know what they rigged with his younger brother, Uncle Bob. It was every man for himself after his mother was probably medically murdered since she was in quarantine for ten years with TB yet Germans were cured with TB during those times. She mysteriously died.  I know many Germans were cured because I've watched several holocaust testimonies. Anyway, I told Roger Huck to leave me alone, he was a pig when he called me at my father's house. Just after that my boss at the restaurant I was in vacation from, called me and said I was the only one he had who could do food preps. The others were sick. He said he would pay me manager's wages. I was almost murdered by the sander truck driver in Roger Huck's town. He hit me head on, on a double lane highway, going the opposite direction in my lane. AND he had a spotter who told him when I was coming to time it right. The attorney my mother signed papers for when I was in a coma, and my father was working, was evil. His brother Donald Kendall had the President Of Chile murdered because he refused to sell Pepsi in his country. My father found that out after I settled out of court because I couldn't find another attorney to take my case and my older siblings wouldn't help me with anything to get my rights. They just belittled me for "not doing what Attorney Kendall tells you to do." And that included setting me up with a man I dated who told me the same thing and when I found out he was closely related to a client of that attorney, who reaped $90,000 for his daughter's chipped knee and had his house modified into a physical therapy unit even though  was a few blocks from a real physical therapy unit. It was all about feeding the crooked players. My legs were crushed and had parts of the car in one leg. But they saved no evidence and said the reason why was, "You don't want to remember that" Frankly their problem was I survived! I was meantbto die to cover up for the sex trafficker, and probably drug trafficker too - both of which fed the CIA. 


AnneMarie said…

Just like with my TootsFromTootsie blog - only on a much larger scale, Trump has had his TECHNOCRACY minions to alter my Blogger to keep me from sharing REAL INFORMATION, REAL PROBLEMS.

Trump and Joe Biden are on the same page, just like he was with Hillary Clinton. BTW, Soros funded both Trump's and Hillary's campaigns four years ago. He wrote off about $250 million financing Trump Tower. It's information like this that keep Trump from sharing his tax information.

Biden probably had someone or may have been the one himself, who interfered with his wife's driving in 1972 - call it an agreement to prove how loyal he is to the Washington DC Satanic Underground, for rigging the election so he would become the youngest and undeserving senator to win in 1972.

His boys survived. Most likely his wife told them to unlatch their seatbelts and hide - someone may have been pointing a gun at their car. His wife swerved into the tractor trailor. YET FROM THEN ON, JOE BIDEN LIED ABOUT THE MVA RATHER THAN INVESTIGATE.


I WOULD BET THAT BEAU BIDEN WAS MURDERED ALSO. MAYBE HE WAS HIT WITH A LASER WEAPON AND HIS HEAD TURNED TO MUSH. Trump's uncle John G Trump made laser weapons for CIA and others in US Gov his whole career. He was a PhD physicist. He also stole a great number of Nicola Tesla's files. There were a total of 82 boxes when he died. Yet maybe 26 are all that they keep ON RECORD.

STEALING FILES IS A SATANIC UNDERGROUND ACHIEVEMENT AND THEY HAVE DONE THIS MANY TIMES - Edward Snowden and the solder whose last name was Manning (they got him to become a transgender as a plea deal) who was mind controlled by certain military during Satanic Tyrant Obama's reign, were both records thieves.


Those who have been in the government and left to just retire - cannot be trusted unless they went behind the scenes as whistleblowers and got protection for being whistleblowers. And we would not know. Those who show their faces and claim they are "exposing the government" are PLANTED PREDICTED PROGRAMMERS. Otherwise, they would be dead. They prove their loyalty to the Satanic Underground by having family members murdered.

WE DO NOT CONSENT! The Coronavirus is a hoax and it is modus operandi for the Spanish Flu - though these evil scumbags were halted obviously by intelligence, et al. Very likely they created an intended plague to murder people. They have no qualms murdering people. Over 50,000 people are missing from Paradise, CA - burned to ashes by Boeing Weapons which Trump purchased AFTER he erroneously fired Rex Tillerson and James Mattis, who quickly said he would submit a resignation, as is the proper procedure. BUT THERE IS ALSO THE PROCEDURE IN PROVING ANY OF THESE GREAT PEOPLE WHO TRUMP PREVIIOUSLY BEGGED TO BE IN HIS CABINET - TO PROVE THEY SHOWED ANY INCOMPETENCY, etc.

Hitler was only a corporal in the military. His award was fake. A group of people picked him to become leader so they could be the Shadow Government.

IF CAMPAIGNS AND ELECTIONS WERE FAIR, WE WOULDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM. Presidents can be career criminals and even be mass murderers right in office. We all know that now, especially when Sep11 occurred. And nobody talks about the thousands obviously murdered by DEWs at Paradise, CA because THEY MADE MONEY OFF IT.

AnneMarie said…

Comments were disabled. Yet Google changed the formatting to allow comments and I resent that. This blog is for people to visit and talk to someone else about.


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